Ask Away...: The Kit Every Healthy Kitchen Should Have

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Kit Every Healthy Kitchen Should Have

Everyone knows that healthy eating starts in the kitchen. If you eat out all the time, then your diet is unlikely to be as healthy as it can be, and if your kitchen isn’t equipped for making healthy homemade meals, then you’re unlikely to keep control of your waistline and feed your family with optimum nutrition either.

So, if you want to ensure that you’re able to cook more healthy meals most of the time, after you’ve banished the junk from your kitchen and vowed to eat at home more often (if you eat out a lot), it is certainly worth investing in the following pieces of kit:

A Set of Chef’s Knives

The most basic tool that every kitchen should have is a good set of chef’s knives, like the ones reviewed at Cut it Fine. If you don’t have a good set of knives, which are diverse and very sharp, then it’ll be much more difficult to prepare all manner of homemade delicacies, especially if they involve meat, than it would be otherwise.

A Food Processor

A lot of people think that food processors have to be expensive because of the popularity of the pretty expensive Magimix, but as you can see at The Spruce, some of the best food processors are affordable, which is really good news because they are essential if you want to create healthy smoothies, guacamoles and dips like hummus, which are healthier alternatives to calorific butters and mayonnaise or sugar-laden ketchups. They can also create juice, help you bake your own bread, and well, do a million other things that will help to make you healthier!

A Good Garlic Press

Not only is garlic great for adding more flavor to a whole range of homemade dishes, but it is also a very healthy ingredient with antibiotic properties. If you have a cold, or you’re feeling sick, eating garlic will really help you to feel better fast, and having a good garlic press like the one from Rösle will make preparing it even easier - you don’t even have to peel, nor do you have to chop - just place the garlic inside and get going!

A Water Filter

Replacing your soda or coffee habit with more water (at least most of the time) is a fantastic way to ensure that you take in less calories, especially those from sugar, throughout the day needlessly, which will help you lose weight if you need to, help to stave off illnesses like diabetes and ensure you’re always well-hydrated and not foggy-headed. Having a water-filter which will make your water safe and tasty to drink, will really help with this. As will adding a little squeeze of lemon or lime juice to your drink.

Digital Kitchen Scales

Being able to correctly weigh the ingredients you use in your food is the only way to guarantee that your recipes (especially if you’re baking) come out right, but more importantly, they enable you to practice proper portion control for optimum health.

Have fun creating healthier meals with these kitchen essentials!

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