Ask Away...: Why Savings Are A Luxury Lover's Best Friend

Friday, December 1, 2017

Why Savings Are A Luxury Lover's Best Friend

For a luxury lover, there is always that inevitable rush of excitement when purchasing a new YSL lipstick or a gorgeous red Coach bag - that everyone sees to have on their arm apart from you. However, as much as your monthly paycheck may allow the odd splurge here and there, saving up for the ultimate luxuries could be something that delights you even more than the fleeting excitement that disappears into the bottom of your handbag with your new lipstick. Here are some reasons that could leave you reaching for your saving app rather than your Apple Pay.                                                           (Source)

Is The Splurge Actually Worth It?   
When thinking of money try this trick out - think of it as how many hours worked to achieve it. Then compare those hours with the amount of the item you’re buying. For instance, if someone said to you “yes you can have that £250 item, but you’d have to work 32 hours to receive it” - would you still want it? It is something that you love enough to rework the number of hours it took you to earn that amount in the first place? Ask yourself - is your adrenaline rush you feel at the counter about the item or the act of purchasing? Holding out and saving up for things that you genuinely love, and will bring you delight every time you use or see them, is so much more valuable than the impulse buys and hauls that bring a pittance of the joy and exhilaration in comparison.  

Dreams Are Realities You Can Work Towards
You that know that embossed Burberry scarf you always wanted but have never been able to afford? And your dream houses that you’ve been drooling over on sites like, but are still convinced you’re destined for the apartment life forever? Well, they can be yours if you save hard enough. No matter how much you earn, you can always work towards and save for something no matter how much it costs. The harder you save, the more you want it, and it makes it so much more of an accomplishment when you finally to obtain it. Being honest with yourself about how much you're willing to work towards having an item, will ensure the purchase is something you’ll love for a lifetime, not just a week.

Credit Score Soars
Getting something luxury on finance is all well and good, but the effect it can have on your credit score should you not make your payments every month could be dire. Saving up is a surefire way of remaining debt free whilst also being able to acquire the things you love. Your credit score is really important if you want to buy a mortgage, or take out a loan to start up your own business, so it is a really good idea to keep an eye on it. Yes, it means you can't have the things you want instantly, but relish in the appreciation of it all when you’re finally able to get them.

Always remember that money spent is hours worked, and best of luck saving!

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  1. A major dislike of luxury brand cosmetics are they are usually hit and miss. It is not consistent in putting out great products. I always like to check review before I purchase because you realize at the product maybe a dud and you save your money.


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