Ask Away...: Beautiful Beginnings - Business Bests For Opening Your Own Salon

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Beautiful Beginnings - Business Bests For Opening Your Own Salon

There is so much to think about when starting your own hair or beauty salon. It involves a great deal of hard work and planning, but it’s also extremely rewarding and great fun.

Business Plan

First and foremost, you will need a business plan; it is pointless trying to set up a business without allocating time to the planning. You’ll need a plan for the immediate setup, then the first year, three years and five years. Your business plan needs to be meticulous and should be evaluated annually. A business plan is vital if you need to borrow money, and is a fabulous reminder how you measure up against your goals along the way.


Perhaps you need to secure a loan for your business? If so, how will you pay it back? Visit sites such as to get an idea of rates. Make sure you fully understand the terms of the loan and any interest payments.

When it comes to equipment, look at what you already have and what is still to buy? Factoring in equipment costs when compiling your cash flow forecast.

Set up a business bank account. Most banks will offer 18 months free banking, but this varies so find out what charges you can expect and when the free period finishes. You also need to think about types of payment and how you will record your transactions. Find out more about business bank accounts.

Selecting Your Staff

When choosing your team make sure you employ like-minded people who you can build a stable working relationship with. You will want to start small, perhaps even you as the sole member of staff to begin with. 

Naming Your Salon

Really take some time to think about your business's name. Make your company name something quirky and memorable. A good tip is that a name that beginning with one of the first letters of the alphabet results in it being listed higher in business directories, though this has no bearing on Google Searches.

The Price Is Right

How will you price up your services? It's a good idea to check out your competitors and research what services they are offering, as well as their prices. It would be a good idea to bring your costs in line, at least initially. As well as keeping up with your competition, ensure you keep up to date with upcoming trends in the industry so you can offer something new.

Your Clientele

Who will your patrons be? Decide if you are aiming for a specific age group? Are you hoping to attract local customers only? Once you have thought about this, how are you going to attract said clients? Look at where the best place to advertise would be, ie physical adverts in newspapers and leaflets or using the power of social media? Check each after a month and see which is working.

Build Your Brand

As an entrepreneur, when it comes to branding, create a striking logo to help differentiate your brand from others at a glance with bright fonts and colours.

Remember once your clients step through the door it is up to you to keep them. Work hard from the outset, and they will soon be back for more!


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