Ask Away...: Bring Some Luxury To Your Living Room

Monday, January 22, 2018

Bring Some Luxury To Your Living Room

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Want to make your living room look more sophisticated? Here are a few classy touches that can immediately make your living room feel like it’s straight out of a mansion.

Hang some art
A painting on the wall can immediately bring a sense of classiness to the room. This could be placed above or opposite a TV, serving as an extra focal point in the room. Artwork can be anything that takes your fancy from a realistic landscape to an abstract piece. It could even be a painting with some personal value such as a location that means a lot to you or even a portrait of a family member or a pet.

Bring in some bespoke furniture
Bespoke furniture can help to bring unique character to your living room. Hand carved wooden chairs and coffee tables are ideal for bringing this unique touch. Their rustic look can help to contrast modern technology such as TVs and speakers. Amish furniture stores and antique shops are great places for finding hand-carved wooden chairs and tables. Other features could include real fur rugs or a wicker basket for putting in DVDs or magazines.

Add some plants
Some greenery can instantly liven up a drab living room. This could be something big like a potted palm tree or a fruticosa tree. Alternatively, it could be something small to put on a side table or windowsill such as a bonsai tree or a cactus. You could even embrace potted flowers to bring vibrant colours to the room. Plants will often need to be by the window to help them grow, so bear this in mind. 

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Upgrade your curtains
Some elegant drapes can also help to bring a touch of luxury to your room. These can look particularly effective if they trail down to the floor. Make sure that these are suited to the season – big thick curtains in winter will help to provide insulation. Curtains can be creatively used to make a window appear bigger by extending the curtain rail either side of the window.

Install a fireplace
A fireplace can instantly make a room feel more luxurious. Installing a real fireplace with a working chimney is a big and costly job that may not be suited to some properties. Electric fireplaces may not be as striking as the real thing, but can still add a sense of luxury. They’re less costly and can be made to produce heat just like a real fireplace. They’re also a lot less messy than the real thing! Some old houses may already have fireplaces that have since been blocked up – these could be converted back into a fireplace or turned into an electric fireplace.


  1. Hi! Great tips to elevate a home. Thank you for stopping my blog. Have a great week!

  2. We just added a nice plant to the living room and it totally brightens the space! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips.


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