Ask Away...: Buying A New Pet? How To Bunny-Proof Your Home

Friday, January 12, 2018

Buying A New Pet? How To Bunny-Proof Your Home

Everyone has heard of proofing their home for a new puppy or kitten to move in, however, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to owning a pet rabbit. One of the many symbols of Easter, pet rabbits are incredibly popular for younger children and those owners who would like a smaller pet due to space and convenience. Even though you can house a rabbit outside in the garden, they live a much happier life indoors with their owners as they are incredibly social creatures. Many pet shops will not allow you (Source) to buy just one rabbit on their own due to their social nature, so many owners will choose to have two or more rabbits to allow them companionship and bonding. Even though rabbits are smaller, they require just as much - if not more - responsibility as cats or dogs from their owners to ensure they have the longest and most happy life they could possibly have. You will need to know how to health check them regularly and have pet insurance for each rabbit as their yearly inoculations are quite pricey otherwise. It is also beneficial to their health and wellbeing to have each rabbit neutered or spayed as soon as possible. Rabbits, unlike cats or dogs, are prey animals so hide any injury or health problem as much as possible so that their health can decline incredibly quick if you are not clued into health checks and symptoms to look out for. Their indoor cages should be big enough for a rabbit to hop three times in any direction, however, they should not be confined to a cage for more than a few hours. Having a bunny-proof space for your rabbit to have free reign over will not only maximise their health and happiness but help you to recognise their comedic and loving personalities and bond with your pet even more. Here are a few things you will need to do to bunny-proof a space in your home for your fluffies.

1. Protect All Wires

Bunnies are natural born chewers - as this helps to keep their teeth at a comfortable size due to their continuous growth. It is necessary to always have some untreated wooden toys and sticks on hand to keep your bunnies occupied and give them something to gnaw on. However, it is common if they find a wire in their path that they will chomp down on it too. Getting some cheap plastic casing to conceal any visible and accessible wires in will help to avoid any wire-related mishaps or catastrophes.

2. Partition Some No Access Areas

Bunnies are quite dominant creatures for their small size - and you will have an alpha male/female of your group. He or she will genuinely think they have a right to access all of your house. Although this can be incredibly funny seeing them trying to squeeze through tight fits and hop onto too high of a surface - some areas of your home will not be bunny friendly. The bathroom, kitchen, and like most animals - they won’t be allowed in the bedrooms. Finding a suitable partition - whether it be a wire cage or baby gate - will help to keep your bunnies in their own space. Although, they may rattle the bars of any wire cage in protest - be prepared for that!

3. Buy A Cheap Rug

Bunnies can be trained just like a cat to use a litter box, or their cage, to go to the toilet. However, just like with a cat or dog, it can take time. If you have carpet, you may want to buy a cheap rug in order to protect it from staining. On the other hand, if you have hardwood flooring your bunnies may struggle to hop, bunny 500 (a happy-infused sprint) and binky (a funny jump they do to show they are incredibly happy). So putting a rug down will ensure your bunnies have the most fun - and you get the cutest videos of them binkying around.

It is always good to do a lot of in-depth research before you adopt or bring a pet home from the pet shop. If you are thinking of getting a rabbit - they make wonderful, friendly, adorable pets that will continuously bring you joy. You just have to make sure everything is pre-prepared for bringing them home, as it can be a nerve-wracking experience for them being introduced to a new space.

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  1. Not gonna lie, I would have ALL the bunnies if I could! Sadly, my current kitty prefers to be an only pet. BUT, if I finally get a farm someday... It's on!

    Susie |

    1. i always say if i win the lotto im buyin a big ol farm for all the animals!


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