Ask Away...: Creating A Beautiful Home Space In A Noisy Environment

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Creating A Beautiful Home Space In A Noisy Environment

So you’ve finally done it! You’ve purchased your dream home, and are now in the process of moving your family in. Congratulations! This is one of the most enjoyable times open to you now. You’ve brought your pet along, you’ve started to decorate, and all of your energy tariffs are working just fine. You finally have something to be very proud of, a home to call your home in every which way.

You settle your head down at night to relax in the first beautiful night of the new place. This is a historical and highly personal moment. And then it hits. The bar down the road begins its frivolities, and shouts can be heard all through the area. Cars drive past louder than you originally thought. Trains begin their services in the early morning and it shakes your home. You realize you’ve purchased a home in a very noisy area, and until now the excitement and general area didn’t seem
as loud as it is. This can put a serious dampener on your day.

But it’s not impossible to cater to these issues. If you have the ability, you can truly craft a reliable way to make this entire situation more agreeable. Using services such as Million Dollar Makeovers can help you in this regard.

Here are some handy tips:

Soundproof Doors

If you’re able to, finding soundproof doors can severely hamper the sound from one room to another. This is great if you identify that a loose door fitting is bringing in engine noise, or you simply want the sound to travel less far and easily. Also check the fittings on all doors in the house. Of course there’ll need to be gaps for your door to operate and open in the first place, but if the gaps are too wide then from a sound perspective there might as well not be any divider there in the first place. Improve what you can.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are not only useful to stop light from getting in while you’re asleep. The thickness can also really help sound dampen when you need it to the most. This is the first and most reliable solution to preventing your bedroom from being a victim of noise late at night. Drawing these when you’re not in the room can also lessen the noise pollution in other areas of the house.


Sometimes it’s our own pipes which betray us. Loud pipes can be very annoying, particularly when the central heating is on, or if someone flushes the toilet upstairs. Installing water hammer arrestors can be one of the best ways to ensure that the noise of your property isn’t coming from inside your home.

External solutions you can take including purchasing memory foam earplugs for ease of sleep, and petitioning the council resolves the noise pollution around your area. If you have neighbors in your area, it’s likely they are also irritated by the noise. If you’re able to do this, then the collective power of your voice will show as a priority for the local authority looking to keep the peace. This could mean threatening a bar with action, or looking at means to install speed limits on a road at night.

With these tips, your home should hopefully become the beautiful one you want, without overly worrying about noise.

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