Ask Away...: Design Tips For When The Kids Have Left The Nest

Friday, January 5, 2018

Design Tips For When The Kids Have Left The Nest

When the kids leave the nest, it can be a difficult time to come to terms with. You’ve been living with your children for the good part of two decades, and now that they’re leaving your home might not feel the same way in the slightest.

However, this does open up opportunities for you and your partner to free up the space and redefine how it’s generally used. Using a services such as The Renovation Company will allow you to ascertain a new lease of life for the free spaces you have been given. This is the time to experiment, and truly deck out your home in the way your tastes have fully developed over the years. You might also consider the following advice:

A Travel Hub

It’s likely that your children leaving the nest means that you and your spouse now have the opportunity to travel the world as a couple, finding adventures and crafting new memories for the golden chapter of your life. It’s likely that you’ll become so interested in travelling that your home serves as more of a hub for your various travel mementoes. So why not embed this into the decors of the property?

Using the free rooms that have opened up you may be able to decorate and develop a beautiful home atlas of the places you have visit, replete with daring paintings and themed ornamentation. For example, after visiting Africa you might go for the safari theme, and bring in rugs, fake horns and wall aesthetics prized in the locations you visited. This turns your home into a functional journal of all the places you have been, and the things you have learned while there.

A Creative Hub

To continue the theme of freedom (in that you have more room to play with,) why not consider designing your home to be a creative hub for your new ambitions? Opening up a room directly utilized for your large canvas painting can allow you more room to work with. Setting up a great speaker system, floor covers and a paint space can give you the full creative gambit of physically ‘dancing’ with the paint, something which is often not afforded to us in cramped home spaces. It might be that your husband can finally craft an instrument room with soundproofing to learn the apparatus they have been interested in for some time.

It could be that this is the time for you to craft that home cinema you have always wanted, replete with beautiful sofa seating and comfortable rugs in case your grandchildren would like to play. Dedicate your home to entertainment and artistic passion, and when you’re not travelling you’ll always have something to fall back on in a loving way.

Your home space is your home space, and no one can truly tell you what you’d like to do with it. So why not experiment? Find out what longing you’ve had in your heart for some time, and allow this later stage of your life to be dedicated to experiencing it, using the empty space as your freedom zone. We’re sure that you’ll experience a wonderful new lease of life with this in mind.

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