Ask Away...: How An Emotional Support Animal Could Help You if you Suffer from Anxiety

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How An Emotional Support Animal Could Help You if you Suffer from Anxiety

We all have down days from time to time, but unfortunately, some people experience them more than others. There are a lot of treatments out there for anxiety and this ranges from prescription medication to therapy or even a combination of the above. There is another option however, that not a lot of people are aware of. ESA stands for Emotional Support Animal and these pets are designed to help you relax while also helping you to overcome any anxiety that you have.

What is An ESA?

An ESA is a new concept and it is a pet that has been given or recommended to you as a part of your treatment plan. The ultimate aim of your support animal is to give you something positive that you can focus on. The end goal is that the animal will provide you with the emotional support that you need, when you need it. This is especially the case if you don’t always have friends or even family that you can rely on all of the time.


Who Can Get an ESA?

Almost any animal can be given to someone who needs emotional support. If the animal contributes to the wellbeing of the individual then there aren’t any restrictions at all when it comes to which type of animal can be used. Contrary to popular belief, emotional support animals don’t require any training at all and they don’t need any certification either. It is their job to provide support as opposed to any physical assistance so it is great for those who experience anxiety or even depression. If you want to find a good ESA overview then there are plenty of resources out there for you to learn from.

ESA for Anxiety

Home-visit nurses provide care to the elderly and even for the disabled. They do this in their own homes as opposed to in a nursing home. Emotional support animals are very similar to this, and they are prescribed to try and help those who experience a range of mental conditions so that they can overcome or even cope better with the disability that they have. In most cases, you won’t even need to dog-proof your home either, as they are well-trained before they are given to you. Service animals help those who are blind, so an easy way to understand an ESA is that they help those who suffer from a condition that is solely mental. Animals can’t speak and they have no idea what you are going through but they can help you by providing you with an outlet. They can give you someone to talk to when there is nobody else around and they won’t judge you either.

They can even ward off any feelings of anxiety by giving you affection or even attention. This creates a bond and you can even cuddle them at nights when the feelings really hit you. An ESA can ward off the feelings you experience and they can also give you a reason to venture out of the house or even to get off the sofa which can be very helpful if you’re feeling low or down in the dumps.

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