Ask Away...: Keep Your Dog From Feeling 'Ruff'!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Keep Your Dog From Feeling 'Ruff'!

There isn’t a good dog owner out there who isn’t conscious about the health of their pup, and it’s because of this care that dogs turn to humans for love and affection. You love your dog, and the one thing that you want for them is that they are healthy and happy because of it. Did you know a dog can tell when they are being looked after well? They are far calmer and more secure if you are conscientious about their health and all that it entails to look after it. You can keep your dog on the path to health with these tips:
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Vet Care. Taking your dog for their jabs and regular checkups is an essential part of their wellness. You should find a vet that you can trust and get to know, and you should be booking in routine appointments for the health of your dog at least twice a year. Puppies and elderly dogs should be seen more than younger dogs, and you should keep an eye on the health of your dog as they age. If you are booking appointments regularly, your vet can tell when things change and act on those changes where necessary.

Nutrition. Dogs need to eat the right balance of food and drink plenty of water to stay healthy. Diet is something that can have a direct impact on their coat and claws, as well as the health of their eyes. If your dog is having an issue in any of these areas including their gastrointestinal system, you can mostly put it down to diet. Get the right advice for the nutrition that your dog needs from your vet. To keep it balanced, add in homemade dog treats like these or a meaty bone for them to chew on.

Grooming. Grooming isn’t just about playfully painting your dog's’ nails, but about checking them over regularly for parasites. You can look online for the best Nexgard Spectra price and decide how many of these chews you should buy for your dog to keep internal and external parasites at bay. A clean coat that is regularly brushed is of great importance and it does so much for your dog to be groomed – they feel relaxed and looked after, and you have a secure and happy dog at the end of it.

Teeth. It’s very easy to forget that your dog need to have their teeth looked after, until you get blasted with fetid breath, that is! Plaque in dogs can lead to serious issues with their health, and you can work on brushing your dog’s teeth right now. Oral rinses, treats specific to dental care and professional cleanings are all things you can do to take care of their oral health.

A healthy dog is a happy one, and the healthier they are the longer they’ll be around to play with you. Be a good dog owner and care for their health as well as you would care for your own.

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