Ask Away...: Making the Full Switch to Digital Payments

Monday, January 29, 2018

Making the Full Switch to Digital Payments

If you’re like many people in the world that grew up using cash and coins, then you’ve probably been somewhat wary of completely switching your payment methods over to digital alternatives. After all, having some cash in your pocket is always nice to pay for things like toll bridges or for tipping waiting staff, but is it finally time to make the full switch to digital payments?

Coping With a Full Digital Switch

Not only is it safer to not carry too much cash around with you, but it’s also more efficient and elegant. Even phones nowadays have the functionality to take and receive payments, so you don’t even need to carry a wallet with you to pay for simple things.

The only issue with digital payments is coping with them and making the switch. It’s strange to take your phone out to pay for something and many people have yet to learn all of the new security concerns, and this gives digital payment methods a slight learning curve. However, it’s best to learn it sooner than later.

Just take a look at the infographic below to see just how quickly physical money is dying out in favour of digital payment methods. Sooner or later, we’re all going to be carrying around plastic instead of cash and if you’re late to the party, it’s going to be frustrating to make the switch and learn all of the new features and customs with digital payment methods.

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