Ask Away...: Revving Up Your Winter Car Wash

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Revving Up Your Winter Car Wash

During a hot and sun-filled weekend, there’s something satisfying about getting out and cleaning the car. Admittedly, it’s not a job many of us embrace. But, once the bubbles are flowing and the smell of fresh cut grass is all around, we soon get into the swing of things. Before we know it, we can sit back on our sun loungers and look at our newly shined beauties with love.

Fast forward to...well, now, and you’re looking at a very different scenario. While we can just about find the fun in summer washes, a winter wash is a whole other ball game. Who wants to go out in the freezing cold with a bucket of water? Sounds like a sure way to hypothermia, doesn’t it?

Yet, cleaning your car during the winter months is more important than at any other time of year. The harsh weather does real damage to your vehicle. And, if you leave the rain, ice, and mud in place, rust could soon follow. So, how can you manage the task without freezing to death? Here are a few ideas.

Take it through the car wash

It’s a surprisingly simple point, but one many of us forget is even an option. Car washes are open all year round, and you would do well to make use of it during the colder months. There’s no denying that the expense will set you back by the time spring rolls around. But, the money you spend will be less than the damage you could do to your car otherwise. If you’ve never used a professional car wash service, research what’s available in your local area and give it a go. If it saves your hands from dropping off, it’s a step worth taking.

Protect your investment

It’s also important to take steps to protect your car from the harsher aspects of winter. You can do this in a few different ways. If possible, it’s worth keeping your car under cover during winter months. A garage would be ideal, but if you don’t have one, a protective sheet will serve the same purpose. You could also invest in auto body tools which protect from the worst of the weather. Something as simple as a wax coating can work wonders for protecting your paint from grit, snow, and anything else it has to face.

Try not to drive when the weather’s bad

Of course, the most obvious way to keep your car in top condition is to stop driving it for the duration. But, that isn’t practical. However, it may be worth staying in when the weather’s terrible if you can. If possible, put off errands until the rain has stopped, and the roads have dried. Avoid heading out if you know snow has been forecast. Obviously, we sometimes have commitments which make this impossible. But, on trips you don’t need to take, check the weather before heading out. This way, you can avoid the harshest conditions which do the most damage.

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