Ask Away...: The Best Ways To Spend Your Personal Time

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Best Ways To Spend Your Personal Time

Personal time. It’s something we don’t get a lot of these days, and when we do, it’s usually only from about five minutes to an hour out of our days. When you’re a full time parent, and a full time worker, there’s a lot of responsibility on your plate. And yet, you need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself too! So once you’ve got the kids playing with the building blocks and not crowding around your phone, let’s focus on you and what you want to do. Here’s some quick and easy ways to settle yourself in for the bit of time you have alone.

Open Up a Journal

When it comes to spending time alone, a good way to make constructive use of it is to pick up a pen and start writing. Invest in a nice notebook that immediately makes you feel productive as soon as you touch it and you’re good to go!

Pick up some nice stationary as well, as being productive means you can be cutesy at the same time; the aesthetic always makes it feel like more of a project you want to devote your efforts to. Putting your thoughts down on a bit of paper can make your life feel a little less cluttered, and it means you’re going to be better at stating your own needs to other people when it comes to needing more time to yourself.

Open Up Your Unnecessary Apps Folder

We all have one on our phones! That makes relaxing into a fantasy world a lot easier than booting up the games system, digging out the HDMI cable again, and then forgetting where the game discs are. So when it comes to settling down with some you time, make sure you’re browsing the app store.

A good way to sink your teeth into the world of mobile gaming is to get a new empire in Final Fantasy 15. It’s a game beloved by many with hours of work for you to do; strategy games always do offer a nice challenge after all! If that’s not for you, there’s a lot of sudoku and classic word puzzle apps on the market for you to check out; we’ve all lost hours to those!

Get Outside

So instead of reclining on the sofa for a few more minutes, why not try taking a walk? Even just a few minutes up and down the block can have a lot of benefits for you, and it means you’re getting plenty of fresh air away from the commute and in your own time.

When you’ve got streets, fields, and downtown areas all to yourself, you’ve got a lot to try out with your walking shoes. The cardio exercise is going to be great for your legs, and you can decide how far to go each time!

There are a lot of good ways to spend your time, so make sure you’re indulging in them! Relaxing comes differently to different people after all.

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