Ask Away...: We All Worry, But Can We Make It Easier On Ourselves?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

We All Worry, But Can We Make It Easier On Ourselves?

The word “security” alone brings about several positive connotations. Assuredness, stability, safety, ready for everything, sadly for us, in the modern world it it not so easy to feel very secure. Secure in many senses of course, but mostly on an existential level. We are creatures who worry, that’s that is our nature, and whether we like it or not, it’s hard-coded into our DNA. We care about the ones we love, about events that interest us, and often most prominently, we care about ourselves. Not because we are selfish per se, but it’s probably still our survival instinct kicking in and doing its job. Now, despite how insecure we might feel on a day to day basis in a world full of happenings and ads trying to make us feel bad about not having the latest supercar or the latest iPhone, it is indeed possible to feel more at ease. How you may ask? Well, if you are interested then just keep reading.

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You are not alone
Despite how lonely it may feel out in that concrete jungle sometimes, we walk the streets with hundreds, thousands and even millions of people who are just like us. Maybe not 100% carbon copies of ourselves, but they probably have somewhat similar goals in mind, are probably in the same situation as us, and if you got to know them, they might be nice people. Not to mention, your friends and loved ones are probably there for you more than you might think. Other than your loved ones, we may thank capitalism for encouraging businesses to go for any money-making opportunities they can find. This includes purchasable peace of mind. Well, maybe it’s not guaranteed peace of mind, nothing is a panacea nowadays, but it’s as close as it gets, and if you happen to have some money that you are willing to spend on it, then you can find some experienced car accident lawyers under this link Just about everyone drives a car in this day and age, so if you feel like having one less daily worry, in this case crashing your car, then look no further. This is not going to take away all your problems straight away, but it definitely is a good starting point.

Image source: Pexels

Find comfort in stability
Everyone’s heard the same old spiel about saving money. Saving money for the sake of saving money might often prove to be a less than appealing option for the average person, as it doesn’t provide any concrete payout. After all, most people want to live their life, rather than save up for living their life when they are old and have no energy to actually enjoy it. Despite that, this does not mean you should not save money at all. Some sort of savings will often prove to be a life-saver, as life tends to have this nasty habit of throwing us under the bus when we least expect it. Be it unexpected medical bills or the sudden need to move house, it’s hard to predict what life may have in store for us even tomorrow. It’s good to have a few thousand stashed away “just in case” something happens, but don’t be that person who refuses to buy a pizza with their friends because “they need to save”. Life is short, and while being able to be somewhat responsible is most definitely a virtue, don’t let it stop you from enjoying life.

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