Ask Away...: What Does Your Seating Style Say About You?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What Does Your Seating Style Say About You?

Never before has there been quite so many choices for a family home when it comes to seating. There are so many different styles and colors that it can be tricky to get everything just right to suit your decor. But what if you tackled the choice a different way? What if you chose your seating first, based on your character, mood, or use of the room? Then simply design the rest of your interior around that? Is sitting comfortably important enough to you to make it the focus of the room?

Lay Back For Relief

Recliners are perfect for that feet-up relaxing style. If you work on your feet all day, then it makes sense to choose this kind of practical sofa. After all, swollen ankles can get painful! Elevating them can relieve the swelling and help your legs to feel a lot better too. Of course, laying back like that can lead to drowsiness too! Now all you need to decide is whether you want a manual release or that slow electric recline.

Put your feet up in style. Pic source

Fun For All The Family

Let’s face it - sofas aren’t cheap, and family life can be tough on all your furniture. But if you really want something that is fun and can cater for wriggly little ones and lounging big ones, you might choose something like a bean bag sofa. If you’ve never seen one before, take a look at for some ideas for your own home. They come in a range of sizes, but the bigger, the better if you want to fit everyone on plus the dog!

Formal And Elegant

If you love to entertain and show off your beautiful interiors, then you need a sofa that has the wow factor. The Chesterfield button style is just the elegant look you might be looking for. You can choose fabric or leather finish. It is a firm seat with a low back so it’s not likely to be used for lounging around. But it looks very stylish and formal and could be just the thing to make a statement in your living room.

Corner suites offer viewing comfort for larger families. Pic source

Telly Addicts

If your family loves watching TV or movies at home together, then a corner suite could be just the thing. It gives everyone the chance to see the screen at a great angle even if the room isn’t very big. Some off a long seat with no back so you can put your feet up. If you want everyone’s back to feel supported opt for a 5 seater square corner. Some come with recliner function too so you can lay back and enjoy the movie as a family.

Are you a practical person that looks for comfort and support in their seating choices? Or maybe you’re after fun and play without worrying too much about design? Perhaps you’re keen to dress your room with elegant furniture and decor? Whatever your style, you can find the right sofa to create the room you love.

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