Ask Away...: Why Age Is No Obstacle If You’re Motivated to Learn

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Why Age Is No Obstacle If You’re Motivated to Learn

The internet is empowering people with all sorts of positive changes. For example, the rise of social media is breaking communicative boundaries that once existed in the world. People never expected to be able to speak with someone across the world when computers came into the picture, but through the power of technology and the global internet, we’ve been able to accomplish some amazing things–and we’re not stopping.

One of the most important advances that internet has brought us is breaking the boundary of knowledge. In the past, studying was conducted in educational institutes and there were occasionally private courses. Nowadays, it’s possible to log onto the internet and learn something through either videos, guides or even professional online courses.

The only thing preventing you from living a childhood dream or finding a new career path is your motivation, and this article is going to show you that age is no longer a boundary that prevents you from learning something new. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5, 15 or 55, the internet has the resources you need to live a more fulfilling life.

Learning From Others

Whether it’s a YouTube video, a guide written by a helpful person or even just assistance from chatting with someone more experienced than you, it’s possible to learn a lot from others on the internet even if they aren’t professional educators. YouTube has some fantastic educational channels that could teach you everything from complicated quantum science to creative needle felting. As long as you’re motivated and have a goal, you can learn virtually anything even just by watching how others do something through a video.

Learning Professionally

If you’d prefer something a little more professional, then why not consider learning online through a professional? You can study courses that will open up new career opportunities in the future, such as studying a master of arts in leadership online and then applying those new skills in your current workplace. It’s another positive thing to add to your resume and it’s much cheaper than going to university to study a similar course. It’s pinpointed and specialized to what you want to learn and the degree you get from it is immediately applicable to what you do.

Learning From Experience

And lastly, you can learn from experience on the internet. This is fantastic for creative arts such as writing, singing, drawing or even dancing. By showing others your work, you can receive tips, feedback and even advice from more experienced creators. This creates a wonderful sense of purpose and makes you feel like you belong somewhere. It creates a community that you can interact with, rely on for help and potentially even meet in the future. Internet communities are accepting of people because behind the screen, your age, race and gender don’t carry any meaning.

The internet is a wonderful place to learn and it breaks down any boundaries that once existed with sharing knowledge. If you’re motivated to study something, then utilize the internet as much as possible to create new opportunities in life.

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