Ask Away...: Bright Ideas For Your Gloomy Kitchen

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bright Ideas For Your Gloomy Kitchen

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Nobody wants a dark and dingy kitchen. Surveys have found that bright kitchens often add more value to a home. They’re also more practical – it’s hard to cook if you can’t see what you’re doing. Here are just a few ways to make your kitchen a brighter place.

Choose bright colours

The simplest way to brighten up your kitchen is to use bright colours. Consider investing in some kitchen remodelling and getting new cabinets made of a light wood or painted white. Glossy paints can add a brighter sheen. Be wary of using dark woods – whilst these can make your kitchen look more expensive, they could make a dark kitchen look gloomier.

Use reflective countertops

Consider your countertop material as this might be able to add some brightness to your kitchen. Laminated wood, reflective stone and chrome steel can all reflect natural light and make your kitchen brighter. Avoid dark woods or plastic materials that make your kitchen look dull. Old stone countertops may even create this impression. Be wary that reflective countertops don’t have to be expensive – there are plenty of artificial substitutes for marble and granite that can look just as shiny.

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Laminate your flooring

You should also consider your kitchen flooring. Laminated wood or polished ceramic are good choices for making your kitchen brighter. These surfaces are also easier to clean due to their protective layer and less prone to damage. You may be able to laminate an existing wooden floor, but you may find it easier to replace your floor entirely. You can buy drop-fit flooring that slots over the top of your existing floor – this is cheaper and easier to install.

Add more windows

Many kitchens are dark because they have few windows. Finding the space to expand a window might not be possible – you may have to remove a cabinet which might not make practical sense. One solution, if you don’t have a room above your kitchen, could be to install a skylight in the ceiling. This could help to flood the room with natural light during the day.

Add more lighting

Alternatively, you could wire in some more artificial lighting. For illuminating recesses and alcoves, consider adding spot lighting. You could also use track lighting – each light on the track can be positioned at a particular angle so that every corner of the kitchen is kept bright. Track lighting is more affordable than spot lighting, but spot lighting may give off a more modern and luxury appearance. There are two types of lighting to consider – warm and cool lighting. Warm lighting is brighter and well suited to kitchens with lots of natural woods, however it might be too glaring in kitchens with lots of reflective surfaces such as chrome steel and polished stone. Use cool lighting in these kitchens to bring a more gentle touch of brightness.

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