Ask Away...: Five Car Maintenance Tips For When the Winter Is Over

Friday, February 16, 2018

Five Car Maintenance Tips For When the Winter Is Over

Having a car in the cold months is more essential than any other time. You will need to use it to safely get from A to B and to give the kids a lift to and from school on rainy days and during snowfall. You are more likely to use the lights, heating, and air conditioning during the winter months, and after they pass you can expect something to go wrong. Below you can find a few tips on how to make sure that your car is safe to drive after driving it in the cold weather for months.

Door Seals

In the cold weather, chances are that your car has experienced a drop and rise of temperature several times. Rain might have fallen and frozen on the external door seals, and could have damaged them. When the weather starts warming up, you might want to give your car a spring clean, too. This gives you the perfect opportunity to inspect the seals on the doors. Pour some water from the outside over the doors and check for leaks. Seals are not too expensive to replace, and making sure that your car is well insulated is essential.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Chances are you have used your heating and air conditioning every day during the winter months. Make sure it is working properly, and get your filters changed if necessary. You can get your air conditioning system inspected and refilled by a professional. Certain cars come with regular maintenance plans, so be sure to check Vauxhall Service Plans to find out whether or not this is covered under your current agreement.

Lights and Brake Lights

During the winter, we use our lights more, as the nights are darker, as well as the mornings. Take your time to carry out the essential checks, and look for faulty wiring and bulbs. Replacing these will not cost a fortune, but if you are caught without lights by the police, you can face a penalty. Being safe and being seen in your car is the best way of avoiding accidents.

Windshield Wipers

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Another part that often gets damaged due to the cold weather and freezing ice is the windshield wiper. It is likely that you will only have to replace the rubber, which is only a few dollars. You will, however, be able to stay safer when the sunny days come and you want to see through your windscreen without the dust and dirt causing a reflection. Check that your wipers are working fine electrically and mechanically, and get them fixed before the spring comes.


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It is likely that you are going to take more road trips in the spring and summer than you did in the winter. As your batteries are under more pressure during the cold months, it might be time to get them tested by a professional. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road, or asking people to jump start your car. Stay safe and get your car batteries checked.

The cold winter months put an extra pressure on our car. Carry out the above safety checks to make the most out of your spring and summer road trips.

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