Ask Away...: Give Your New Puppy The Best Start in Life

Friday, February 9, 2018

Give Your New Puppy The Best Start in Life

If you have a puppy or are thinking of getting one, then it is a really exciting time. A new member of the family, and that is what they instantly become like, is lots of fun for everyone. However, it can be a pretty big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Being able to provide them with everything that they need is a good way to give them the best start in life, to keep them happy and healthy.

But if you’re new to dog ownership, where do you start? Here are a few tips to help you on the way.


Providing Premium Nutrition

We all know that eating food is what keeps us going. And we also know that eating the wrong kinds of food can lead to us feeling sluggish and irritable. The same things can be said of dogs. If you are giving them cheap food that is processed and full of junk, then it is going to have a bad effect on their health and overall well-being. So make sure you are looking for the best dog food, the best grain free dog food, or are even making it yourself. Providing premium nutrition will make sure that your puppy can grow, learn, and play at their optimum level.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Like when you get a new baby in the house, a new puppy can get into all sorts and cause harm to them. So you need to puppy-proof the home, just as you would baby-proofing the home. This helps to keep them safe, and could include things like stair gates so that they don’t fall or injure themselves. Look for ways to give them a comfortable environment too. What is their bedding like? Will they have a kennel or an indoor cage as they start off in the home? Choose something that is well kitted out and comfortable so that they can be happy and get as much rest as they can.

See Your Vet

Being able to give your puppy the best start in life does involve making sure that they are healthy and well and protected as much as they can. So seeing your local vet regularly and having a close relationship is an important step in the first few weeks of your puppy’s life. Making sure that they get vaccinations is important too, and you could consider microchipping your puppy.

Choosing a Name

Being able to make your new puppy feel like part of the family is the best way to integrate it. And one of the first things that you can do is give your puppy a name. T can really personalize your pet, as well as help them to feel recognized. Using their name often will become familiar to them, and they will be able to listen to you when you call them, and it can help with their emotional wellbeing, as well as your bonding.

Have you got any tips that have helped you with a new puppy before? It would be great to hear what you think.


  1. It's so funny, when I was looking to rescue a new baby I was specifically looking for an older dog, one around the same age as the Monkey (8)and I did NOT want a puppy. I did not want to go through housebreaking and the chewing of everything in sight....yet I ended up with little Miss Molly who is 3 (they say) but had to be housebroken (she's almost there!) and definitely likes to put weird things in her mouth! I had to take a small piece of firewood away from her yesterday....and she thinks it is a game, she makes me chase her, the little rascal!!


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