Ask Away...: How Cycling Could Change Your Life for the Better

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How Cycling Could Change Your Life for the Better

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Now, you may never have considered cycling at any point in your adult life. Perhaps it’s stored away as a nostalgic memory from childhood when you’d cycle from one block to another with your childhood friends. You might not have even touched a bicycle for over a decade or two! But it’s time to start considering incorporating this activity it into your lifestyle once more. Here are just a few ways that cycling really could change your life for the better.

Living a More Active Lifestyle

First things first, let’s focus on what is the main point of cycling for many of us: the exercise aspect. Cycling encourages you to be active and provides you with a thorough workout that comes hand in hand with numerous health benefits. Scientific studies have found that those who cycle are likely to live a longer and healthier life in general. Participating in it regularly is supposed to lower your blood pressure, and reduce your risk of developing heart disease, type two diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It also offers most of the benefits associated with jogging but is a much lower impact form of exercise, as the pressure placed on your joints is reduced.

Bringing Your Workout Indoors

We generally associate cycling with the great outdoors. But if the thought of working out in public or facing the elements sends a shiver down your spine, don’t worry. There are other cycling options out there! Consider investing in an exercise bike. This is a static form of bike that can be stored at home and provide you with the same workout that you’d partake in on a standard bicycle. In fact, you gain the extra benefits of being able to monitor exactly how long you’ve been pedalling for and if you invest in the best stationary bike you can find, you’re also likely to benefit from heart rate monitoring, different levels, and additional features such as rolling hills, or calorie burn settings.

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Boosting Your Social Life

Some of us like to cycle alone, but if you’re the social type, you could always use cycling as a way to boost your social life. Partner up with someone and go out on regular rides together. These could be short if the individual is in your local area, longer if you meet for extended rides on the weekends, or you could even arrange a cycling holiday. If you’re struggling to find someone who wants to hit the open road on two wheels with you, consider specialist sites such as Cycling Buddy. This page aims to create a global community of cyclists, putting you in touch with others who have similar interests. Whether you just want to chat about bikes, techniques and routes, or find someone to pair up with for your next trip, all of your needs should be catered to.

As you can see, cycling really can switch up your lifestyle when you take it seriously. Whether it benefits your health, motivation, or social regime, there’s bound to be some sort of benefit in it for anyone. So, try it out today!

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