Ask Away...: Making The Most Of Your Family Room

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Making The Most Of Your Family Room


The family room, lounge, living room, front room - whatever you like to call it, is such an important part of the home. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, but it's the family room where everyone gathers and relaxes. Talks over coffee, watches some TV, and simply just be with each other. It's a room that you want to ensure is comfortable, practical and welcoming, while still looking amazing. The best family room looks inviting, but everyone has different style ideas. You might love a minimalist room, a bohemian chic decor, or your aim might just be ultimate comfiness with cushions and throws everywhere. Regardless of your design preference, here are our tips on how to make the most out of your family room.


For ultimate comfort in any room you will want to cover any exposed floorboards with carpet or an area rug. Having carpeted flooring helps to absorb and preserve heat in the room, and the soft look gives the room a more comfortable look. Make sure that you use a decent underlay like DMX 1-STEP to ensure the preservation and correct fitting of the carpet. If you love your exposed floorboards but want to add some warmth to the room, or have a neutral carpet and want to add some color to the room, then look at an area rug. A rug can give the illusion of a larger room as well as adding depth and a contrast to the flooring underneath. Make sure that you get the right sized rug and that you invest in a non-slip underlay.


You can open up the space by choosing a neutral color for your walls - but cream or magnolia isn't for everyone, so add a feature wall with a colored paint or patterned wallpaper, or simply brighten the space with artwork and wall hangings. If you are hanging frames look at design ideas for placements - hanging things too high on the wall can make the proportions of the room seem off.


To avoid clutter use creative storage ideas to free up space. Simple cabinets, floating shelves and a storage ottoman can be ample space for storing you things. If you have kids, you might need to look into more storage ideas for toys and games that don't fit into their bedrooms. If you like to display your movies, records or books, then make sure you get the right shelving unit that will hold everything you have - you don't want to have a shelving unit packed with things and then an extra box or two tucked behind the sofa. Look at how to style a bookshelf to create a stylish look while being able to display your things in an uncluttered manner.


Buying bigger pieces rather than multiple smaller pieces of furniture can make a massive difference to the apparent size of the room. Rather than having a two seater sofa, two armchairs and a set of nesting tables in a small room, choose a larger sofa, perhaps a corner one with an ottoman that can double as a coffee table.


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