Ask Away...: What Breed Should You Get?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

What Breed Should You Get?

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They truly do have the power to change your life. But make no mistake, dogs are for life. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll be a puppy forever and that they’ll be easy to look after. This is the mistake that so many people seem to make when it comes to having a dog. When they’re a puppy they’re the hardest to look after. They’re at the point where they need pretty much your whole attention, and much training will need to be done. They’re expensive as well. When you add up the cost of food each month, pet insurance, potential vet bills etc. it all adds up. But don’t let that put you off getting a dog. As long as you know you’re going to be committed to looking after one, and as long as you know you won’t only want it when it’s a puppy, then a dog is going to become your best friend before you know it. All they’re asking of you is your affection, and in return they’ll give you so much happiness back. What breed to get is sometimes a tricky one to decide. There are literally so many breeds with so many different good traits and bad. So to help you make sure you’re going to be making the right decision we’ve outlined some of the breeds we think you’ll love, and what owning one entails. Have a read on to find out more.

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German Shepherds

German shepherds are an extremely majestic, protective breed. Have one of these and you know they’ll have your back through thick and thin. The first thing you need to know is that they will grow big and strong. If you don’t train them well from a young age you’ll find yourself being pulled all over the place on walks, and jumped all over in the house. There’s a stigma around the breed being an aggressive breed that can’t be controlled. Dog walkers in particular are always wary when bumping into one of these just incase anything happens. Whilst dog bite lawyers do see a lot of cases that involve a german shepherd, they aren’t the worst breed for attacking other dogs or potentially even humans. They’re actually so kind natured and loving, it just depends how they’re raised. If they’re raised from a young age with a negative attitude towards dogs and humans, it’ll only manifest as they get older. But they do have many good traits. For one they’re extremely intelligent. They’re excellent for a game of fetch the ball and have boundless amounts of energy. You can either get long or short haired german shepherd. Most people prefer the longer haired more majestic looking shepherd, but the malting of the hair is a nightmare to deal with. Shorter haired ones are a lot easier in that respect. Due to their potentially aggressive nature, they sometimes aren’t the best to have around children. If you have one from a puppy they usually will be fine, and will often become your child's best friend in life. You just need to make sure that you’re training them with the right attitude right from the very beginning. Just make sure you’re giving them plenty of social interaction and you should be fine.

Golden Retriever

This is probably one of the cutest puppy dogs you’ll ever see. Their cute tiny faces will light up your day no matter what mood you’re in. They’re also one of the most loyal and loving breeds that’ll you come across. They’ll crave your affection no matter what, and they’ll never leave your side if you’re with them. They’re such an intelligent breed as well, you can train them ever so quickly. They’re generally friendly with every dog they come across as well as humans, they aren’t known for ever lashing out at another animal. They’re known more for their calm and gentle nature. They’d make an excellent pet if you have a family. They aren’t boisterous in any way, and they’ll often become your childs best friend as well as yours. They’re so aware of their own surroundings that even if you had a tiny baby they’d know to relax and stay calm around them. The only issue with this breed is they are prone to wear and tear as they get older. A lot of retrievers have hip and joint problems as they get older which can be troublesome for the both of you. Whilst this may not be your concern, vet bills can easily creep up and up as they grow older. Just like with the shepherds, their malting hair can be a bit of a pain, but nothing a good hoover can’t handle.


This breed is just lovely. Small and cute right from the very beginning. They aren’t as easy to train as retrievers, but they do look so adorable. They probably give the best puppy dog eyes that man has ever seen, so prepare to be a pushover when it comes to this breed. Their long ears have a tendency to get in the way sometimes, and will definitely slip into their water leaving a trail behind them. But all is easily cleaned up and it just adds to the cuteness. Despite their size, they are incredibly active and absolutely love children, so again would be the perfect family pet. They have a boundless amount of energy throughout most of their years, and are just so kind in nature. We said they’re hard to train due to their stubborness, which doesn’t fade as they grow older. If you’re going to go for this breed you need to have a bit of patience when it comes to training as well as other things. They do however have an excellent sense of smell, so use this to your advantage during the training stages.

So there you go, three different breeds of all shapes and sizes that we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with. Just make sure that you’re going to be committed for life before getting the dog.


  1. I am a firm believer of researching breeds before you get a dog b/c a lot of people end up going by what they think looks cute or is cool to have and then the dog ends up in the shelter or on Craigslist b/c they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Love the picture of the Dogue de Bourdeaux puppy! My mom is getting a Dogue de Bourdeaux mix puppy this month from a rescue in Texas that goes to puppy mill auctions throughout the year to try to get dogs and puppies out of puppy mills (and they rescue from other places and people too). They aren't 100% sure what breed the father was since they didn't know the mom was pregnant or that she could be pregnant when her owner surrendered her but all of the puppies strongly resemble their momma who is a purebred Dogue de Bourdeaux. My mom and step dad are very familiar with the breed since we used to own Bullmastiffs and my step dad used to breed Bullmastiffs and show them. I think Rory is going to scream with excitement when she sees their puppy and I can't wait!

    1. omg I can't wait to see photos of your moms dog!!! they are sooo cute!


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