4 Guidelines for Fundraising

Monday, August 14, 2023

Fundraising is how a lot of organizations support their activities. Through this process, activities that were previously not possible because of cost, are possible. However, there are several guidelines that organizations need to follow when considering fundraising. Here are the most important guidelines. 

1. State Your Intentions

According to many professional fundraisers, make sure that you highlight if you are non-profit and what you plan to do with the funds. Explain whether the money is going towards supplies or operating expenses. Unless you have a specific long-term goal, you need to update your intentions yearly. Just make sure you don't spend too much time on fundraising and that you are still able to focus on these intentions. 

2. Search Locally

When you have a local focus, finding local donors is a great idea. Some fundraisers will be best suited for county-wide solicitation. Others should search for donors throughout the state. The key is to try to target donors in the area where you impact. 

3. Start Small

According to wealth management experts like Frederick Baerenz, first-time fundraisers should see their opportunity as more of a learning experience. That means you should start small and build on your experience as it grows. It takes organization and business skills to run a fundraiser. It also takes creativity. You will have individuals all working towards the same organization-wide goal.

However, your first one should not involve a lot of investment in advance. The less money you invest in your fundraiser, the less you lose if your first event is not successful. Good examples of starter ideas are bake sales, car washes and service auctions. Then, organize and advertise it with minimal expenses. 

4. Stay Safe

Professionals like Fred Baerenz also mention that you want to stay safe while soliciting funds. That means that going door-to-door is not the best idea in today's world. 

Fundraising is a great way for organizations to fund their charitable activities. When you have a local focus, you will probably have a great turnout from your local supporters. Follow these tips to have a successful fundraising campaign.

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