My experience with Sally Hansen Nail Stickers

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So my coworker and I alwys share coupons AND magazines.  So this week, we got to talking about an ad we saw in a magazine for those Sally Hansen Nail Stickers.  She said "Oh hey I have a $1 off coupon for those so if you want to use it, let me know how you like the stickers." So I figured I'd give it a shot.  I was in Giant (where I do all my grocery shopping) and I went into the beauty aisle and sure enough there were the nail stickers.  I probably wouldn't have bought them without the coupon, even though it was only $1.  The price came down to $7 and some odd sense, originally $8 and some odd sense.  So I decided to try them out!

The instructions were simple: Size up nail (there are 16 sizes to choose from in the package), remove stickers, place on nail and then use a cuticle tool (provided) to press the sticker down onto your nail. It really wasn't hard at all.  If you start to put it on the wrong way you can pull it up and off quickly and retry.  Then they give you this adorable little nail files which you use to file the excess off of your nail. It was A LOT easier than I expected.  After tweeting about it to some followers, they gave me some tips including the fact that I should put on clear coat over top of the stickers, just to ensure they stay on. I've had no problems with them. I put them on last night so I'll be taking my shower tonight and I'll see how they stay on but all during the day today I washed my hands and it didn't affect the nail stickers. 

I was also pleased with the selection of the designs they had. I really wanted the zebra strip but they didn't have it! :( Oh well, maybe next time.  It says that they stay on for up to 10 days but I'm hoping mine stay on for 2 full weeks.  Oh and another thing, they smell like nail polish at first lol! It was weird I guess I expected them to literally be stickers!  Anyways, if any of you have used these, let me know how your experience went!! And be sure to post some pics!

*Note: This post was not sponsored or endorse by Sally Hansen in any way shape or form.  This is my own personal review. I paid for the stickers with my own money.