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Welcome!! For whatever reason you've come across my blog, I want to say hello and let you know what kind of stuff you can find here and where to go to find it.
On the right hand side of my blog you'll see several different categories. Each one has all the posts I've tagged with that category. Use those to navigate around based on category.
There are a few series in each category you may be interested in as well. 
My blog covers 4 main categories....
  • In my 20's, I had a HUGE amount of credit card debt. It was out of control and I was in very bad shape. Fast forward to now, where I'm debt free, own a house, and continue to stay on track to build up my savings fund and stay out of debt.
  • My Official Guide to Being On A Budget is a great way to get everything in order so you can become debt free like I did, and achieve ALL of your financial goals.
  • My Cash Envelope System is pretty impressive and has motivated others to really give it their all in the most creative ways when it comes to being careful how you spend your money.
  • I also wrote a book about my experience in an effort to help others achieve their financial goals! You can purchase Fixing Your Finances on Amazon!
Oh yea, and because I'm frugal AF, I blogged about how to get married for under $2,500!

  • I love posting about my dogs and what they're up to like pet therapy visits, health updates, favorite products, and tips for fellow pet owners. If you want to be learn more about my 4 Chihuahuas, check them out here.

Home Decor

  • I love fashion but I know it's expensive so I try to make the most of what I have already. I enjoy sharing outfit ideas and inspiration as well as ways to build up your own wardrobe by making smart investments for pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways.
The rest of the categories you will find on the right hand side of my blog are things I still write about often and if you ever want to see more of something just let me know! 
Happy Reading!

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