How To Plan The Best Family Christmas Ever

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


With the snowy weather right around the corner, Christmas is well and truly on the way. This thought may be something that ignites an ounce of dread inside you, yet thankfully you needn't suffer through the usual stress and struggle that's associated with planning the perfect family break. Fortunately, there are just a few key tips and tricks that you can make the most of to ensure that your Christmas celebrations can surpass expectations, and it couldn't be easier to begin organizing the best family fun today! So, if you're interested in finding out more, then simply read on to uncover some of the handiest hacks that make Christmas as relaxing and enjoyable as can be.

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Plan Your Meals In Advance

One of the most important steps that you should always aim to follow as Christmas creeps ever closer is to plan all of your meals in advance. Of course, breakfast and lunch are not as essential as your dinner shared with family in the evening, so you needn't plan your morning meals. However, taking the time to organize which kinds of foods you need to purchase and store at home will make your evenings run far more smoothly, and you will feel as though a weight has lifted from your shoulders when you no longer have to rummage around in an attempt to think up a recipe. Being able to grab the ingredients ready from your fridge or cupboard will cut hassle like nothing else can, so there's no time like the present to start planning your evening meals to eat without stress during the festive season.

Find Thoughtful Gifts

Though you may be under the impression that the more expensive a gift is then the better it will be received, more often than not this couldn't be further from the truth. Finding a thoughtful gift that proves you have had to put considerable time and effort into making the best decision will often be far more appreciated than a bog-standard present, and it shows that you genuinely care about their reaction and whether they will actually make use of the gift. Whether you decide to find personalized Christmas books for your nieces and nephews or an all-inclusive spa resort trip for your best girl friend, be sure to assess just how much your gesture will mean to the recipient to identify if you're making the right choice.

Make Entertainment Accessible

If you have a house full of kids to keep occupied during the Christmas holiday season then you're going to need to make entertainment as accessible as possible. This means stocking up on all of the best Christmas style films and shows, as well as board and card games and potentially a console of some kind that they can use for video or online gaming too. Having these options ready and waiting for your little ones to get involved with can make your life a whole lot easier, as you'll be able to focus on preparing food and wrapping presents instead.

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How To Be Prepared for Pet Emergencies


 Pet emergencies are the worst thing ever and they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, like weekends when your regular vet is closed, or even overnight! As someone who has owned dogs for the last 16 years, I figured I'd put together a post about how you can be more prepared for when emergencies do happen. 

The 4 Benefits of Putting Your Baby in Their Own Room Right Away

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


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Many parents find that for all of the plans they put in place, a lot of them go out the window as soon as the baby is born. A good example is that if you've worked so hard designing your baby's nursery but you end up bringing the baby into your room. But if you are sharing your room with your baby, there could be a number of problems. This is why it's so important to put your baby in their own room from birth. Here are some of the best reasons to do this right away.

You Will Always Be Able to Hear Them If They Wake Up

Some parents feel worried about putting the baby in their own room because they won't know if the baby wakes up, but this is what baby monitors are for! And with video baby monitors from Babysense, you will be able to see them as well. They are not far away, so if they do wake up, no doubt you will be out of bed like a shot!

The Baby Will Sleep Better in Their Own Bed

If you put the baby to sleep in their own bed, they will learn how to get more restorative sleep. Putting a baby to sleep in their bed as soon as they are born means that they will get better quality sleep, and therefore, they will be a more rested baby. Additionally, if you put the baby in your room and you snore, you are going to wake the baby, which means that everybody is going to have a restless night! At the very least, putting the baby in their own bed means that they won't have to put up with your slumber sounds!

Babies Can Learn How to Get Back to Sleep by Themselves

Babies go through sleep cycles as we do, and when we wake up, we roll over and go back to sleep. Baby sleep cycles approximately last 45 minutes, which means that they will do the same thing, but rather than getting up straight away and tending to them, giving them a few minutes to get themselves back to sleep will work wonders for them in the long run. Some babies don't even have the opportunity to get back to sleep because the parent is there as soon as the baby makes a noise. But this causes a lot of problems later in life and the baby is very likely going to turn into a child that has sleep issues.

It Makes Nap Time Easier

Finally, if the baby is constantly glued to you, you're not going to get anything done! By putting the baby in their bed, and putting them in their room for nap time means that when the baby is sleeping, you have a lot more time to get things done. But it also makes nap time easier for anybody else, meaning that you can get babysitters and you can get out of the house by yourself.

It's so important for babies to sleep in their room, not just for their sake, but for yours as well!

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How to Stick With Your Grocery Budget

Monday, September 27, 2021

Even if you are a pro at managing your money and avoiding impulse buys at the mall or clothing store, most of us can still agree that one part of our budget is always a struggle.   For some reason, the grocery store is full of temptation and since food is technically a necessity, it seems that it's easier for one to lose control when perusing the aisles.  

How to Carve Out a Space for Yourself at Home

Friday, September 24, 2021


Everyone should have their own private space, where they can get some peace and quiet. Sometimes you just need to think or get some time away from other people. However, it's not always easy to find somewhere you can have some time on your own. When you live with other people, whether it's your family or roommates, you might not have a space that you can call your own. But there are some steps that you could take if you want to have a space that's just for you, or that you can claim for yourself when you want to.

Set Up a Nook

Creating a little nook somewhere in your home can give you somewhere quiet to relax when you need it most. A nook could take on a variety of forms and might be located in a number of places in your home. A window seat is the perfect place for a relaxing nook, or even simply a space next to a window could work for you. Bay windows are ideal for this, so you might even want to consider installing one. Even a little alcove or a space under your stairs could make the perfect nook, where you can hide away if you want to.

Image from Pixabay - CC0 License

Create Space Outdoors

Outdoor space can make an excellent little hideaway if you're looking for somewhere to get some time to yourself. You could have a little seated area outdoors, whether it's on a balcony, patio, or deck. You could even consider setting up an outdoor space in a garden office or summerhouse, or perhaps a gazebo or under a pergola. Or you could consider adding a porch swing or a hammock to your outdoor space, both of which can make good places to relax. Sitting outdoors can be very relaxing, and it's a great way to hide from everyone else.

Have a Meditation Corner

Spending a few minutes meditating each day can be very good for your mental health, and it might even help you to be more physically healthy too. A quiet space to meditate can help you to get into the zone, and it doesn't take much to set up a space that you can use. You don't need an entire room, although it can help to have a "do not disturb" sign to keep other people away. Try having a blanket or mat that you can sit or lie on, something to play music, and maybe some candles or something else to create a pleasant fragrance.

Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

If you have nowhere else to go, your bedroom can make a perfectly fine sanctuary. You might find it helpful to create a little area that's separate from your bed so you have somewhere just for relaxation and reflection. It could be as simple as having a chair that you can curl up on or even somewhere to sit on the floor.

Even if you share your home with family or others, you can still find somewhere to relax when you want to.

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Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Thursday, September 23, 2021


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Whether you have a small budget to work with, or want to go all out on your next renovation, here are some of the best, and most affordable ideas to make your kitchen a space of luxury. Sometimes it is the most simple, and subtle changes to a space that enable a complete transformation. Besides, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house and the best place to make a statement.

Take a look at these simple ideas to inspire you when you next renovate your kitchen or just fancy a change. 

#1 Fresh paint

A fresh lick of paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a noticeable change to your kitchen without taking apart the whole thing. Fresh paint, whether it is a top-up of the same color or a completely different color, is always underestimated, and has the power to modernize an outdated kitchen.

#2 Fixtures and fittings

Although they may seem a minor part of your kitchen, it is the little things, such as fixtures and fittings, that can really bring a room together. Fixtures and fittings, such as door and cupboard handles, lights, light switches, and so on, can start to get old, outdated, and look dirty. Take some time to clean up, remove all the built-up grease and rust, or perhaps consider replacing them. Brand new and shiny fittings can make the world of difference, or get a different color to make more of a statement. Consider updating your lighting sources, too. LED lights from are a great option to brighten your kitchen space and transform the atmosphere.

#3 Backsplash

Backsplashes come in a range of sizes, colors, and styles. They are a great way to make a noticeable change to your kitchen while making it more practicable. You could opt for colored or patterned tiles, a copper backsplash to add warmth, or even a customized acrylic backsplash to suit the theme of your kitchen space with an image or bright color.
#4 New storage solutions

More often than not, the issue with your kitchen space is the storage. Without sufficient storage, there is lots of clutter that becomes frustrating and provides a need for a renovation. There are plenty of inspiring storage solutions, whether you intend to make them yourself or purchase them from a local store. Some of the best storage ideas for kitchen spaces are to install:

Rails to hang pots, pans, utensils, and cutting boards

Floating shelves

Fitted cabinets that extend into the corners and ceiling

Pull-out pantry

Build everything in, including the coffee maker, oven, microwave, water dispenser, etc.

These ideas are a great and easy way to decrease bulk and increase space. If you head to Pinterest, you can also find some interesting DIY solutions that teach you to repurpose old items, such as office supplies, to help you transform your kitchen space. Get creative with what you have, and see what you can come up with.

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5 Tips for Having a Pleasant Winter At Home

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Winter isn't everyone's favorite season. After the highs of summer and the joy of spring, winter can feel a little too quiet and uninspiring. But it doesn't have to be that way. Most of it has to do with our mindset. If we can fully embrace the season rather than fight it, then we'll be on our way towards having a winter season that lifts our spirits rather than brings us down. Since the weather will be chilly, much of your enjoyment of the season will happen at home. In this blog, we'll take a look at some useful tips for having a winter at home that you love.

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Create a Cozy Space

Winter is a time to hibernate and restore the energy that we've exerted during the warmer months. If you're going to not only do this but also enjoy doing this, then you'll want to look at creating a cozy space at your property. If you have a comfortable couch, plenty of warm throws, intimate lighting, and so forth, then you'll have a space that's ideal for spending long days riding out the cold weather. If you don't know where to start, just think "comfort"!

Invest In Your Tech

Part of the reason why people prefer the warmer months over the colder ones is that there's more to do during spring and summer. Yet while that's true, it's not as if you just have to stare at the wall when the weather is cool. Invest in your home entertainment systems, and you'll have most everything that you need to stay entertained. If you don't yet have a smart TV, now could be the time to invest. There really is something magical about unwinding on the couch and having the option to watch whatever you feel like.

Staying Warm

While there are things you can do that'll allow you to have a fun and enjoyable winter, remember that in order for that to be the case, you'll first need to take care of the essentials. And during the winter, that means making sure that you and the family are kept toasty and warm! Before winter arrives, check that your plumbing is in full working condition. There's nothing worse than waking up on a cold winter's morning, stepping into the shower, and then realizing that you have an issue with your hot water.

In the Kitchen

Winter is for making warming, hearty meals! Invest in your kitchen, and you'll be able to spend long days making soups, stews, and all those other winter staples. You could make decor and infrastructure improvements -- whatever you need, basically, to spend time there. It'll keep you warm, and you'll be well-fed -- win-win!

Exterior Areas

Finally, be sure to check the outside of your property before any extreme weather hits. Storms and heavy snowfall can cause tree branches to break off -- and if they're located close to your home, then that could mean that they hit your property, which cause expensive -- and potentially dangerous -- damage.

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So There's A Toad in Your Garden [Some Basic Info About Toads]

So I figured I've been learning so much from our resident toads each year, that I wanted to put together a little post with some advice, information, on tips for those of you that get lucky enough to find a toad in your yard.

Top Things To Do Before You Decide To Get a Cosmetic Surgery

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


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Cosmetic surgery is one of the most common procedures in America. You can perform different types of cosmetic surgeries, but they all have something in common: there's no way to know if you're a good candidate for the procedure until it's too late. That is why it's essential to take some time and think about whether or not you want to get cosmetic surgery before making any decisions. Here are five things that people should do before they decide to get cosmetic surgery to live more comfortably without regretting their decision later on!
Be Mentally Prepared

Before you get your cosmetic surgery, it is crucial to be mentally prepared for the changes. The fact of the matter is, once these procedures are done on your face or body, they cannot be undone, and while most people's outcomes end up being positive, there are some cases where this might not always be the case. For this reason, you should make sure that you are ready for the changes beforehand.

Being mentally prepared also means that you should have the money saved in advance to pay for your surgery because not all cosmetic surgeries are cheap. The last thing you want is to get something done and then end up having financial problems when it comes time for payment or, worse, regret about what happened afterwards. It also helps if you find a good surgeon that you trust to do the job for you because if they aren't good at what they do, then that is another way your mental state might be negatively impacted.
Ensure You Are Financially Prepared

It is vital to make sure that you are financially ready for this significant life step. You need money saved up, as well as any loans cleared before having cosmetic surgery done. In addition, when undergoing a procedure, there may be additional expenses outside of the initial cost if complications occur or follow-up care is needed afterwards. This will include things like prescription medication and physical therapy, which can add thousands of dollars. So before you decide on cosmetic surgery, make sure that you're ready for the process, emotionally and financially.
Research and Learn About Your Surgery Specialist

Before deciding to get cosmetic surgery, you should research and learn about your surgeon. Researching the doctor is especially important if you are considering spending large amounts of money on surgical procedures because it's regarded as an investment in yourself. You want someone who has lots of experience and great expertise to provide the best outcome possible.

Researching your doctor is essential because it will give you peace of mind that they are the right person for the job. In addition, you can find out more about their background, including whether or not they have any awards and recognitions to show how good of a surgeon they are. It's also crucial to know if other doctors can do the surgery if your surgeon is not available for any reason.

You should also ask around to see what other people have experienced with this doctor or clinic because you must find out how many times they've done the same procedure and whether or not there are happy customers who were satisfied with their outcome. You might consider working with specialists like Dr. Derek Steinbacher lawsuit for the best results.
Check for Non-Surgical Options

Before deciding to get cosmetic surgery, it's essential to make sure that you have checked for non-invasive and non-surgical options. While many people think of surgical procedures as the only way to fix specific issues on their face or body, there are many other ways to achieve a similar result.
Set Realistic Expectations

One of the best things you can do before getting cosmetic surgery is to set realistic expectations about what results will look like. It's essential that you know and accepts precisely how your body reacts to any form of medical intervention to avoid disappointment with your outcome. While it may sound simple enough, many people who get a cosmetic procedure are not prepared for how their body looks in the weeks after surgery.

Cosmetic surgeries should only be done when necessary for personal reasons or health concerns when it comes down to it. This way, you will be able to get the most for your money, and you will likely have a better outcome than if you were just looking for an easy way out.

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How To Build A Fall Wardrobe

Monday, September 20, 2021

How To Build A Fall Wardrobe

Fall is a great time of year not just because of the ideal weather but because it can be really easy to put a Fall wardrobe together with stuff you already have.  That's because Fall, just like Spring, is about layering or wearing pieces in different ways.  Something that you normally would wear as a t-shirt in Summer, can be worn with a jacket for the Fall. So if you are prepping your closet for Fall, make sure you take notes on how to build up your wardrobe.  

If you have fun with the seasons, and you incorporate them in your wardrobe, you'll find a whole new side to getting dressed in the morning that you absolutely love! 

1. Do a Boot Inventory
For Fall and even Winter you want to have different boots in different styles and colors.   I like to do it in threes.  I have 3 types of boots - booties, heeled boots, and flat boots, and in flat boots (the ones i wear most often) i have a dark brown, a neutral shade, and a black pair.  If you wear booties a lot you may want to have 3 colors in those.  

I also like to have a pair or two of casual combat boots and then some comfy lounging Uggs (real or fake of course).  Either way, these are a staple to my wardrobe because I can wear them in Fall, Winter, and even early Spring. 

Boots are great because they can give you a nice slim look when you pair tall boots with skinny jeans or leggings.   Booties look more fun and don't necessarily heat your legs and feet up too fast.  And comfy casual boots are great to slip in when you don't want to deal with laces. 

2. Invest in Tunics
If you have tunic tops in your closet at all, this is when you want to pull them out.  Tunics can be matched with jeans or leggings in the fall for a cute layered look.  If you have short sleeves and it's a chilly day, a jacket completes the look.  Tunics are great because sometimes they are sweater dresses and other times they are just really long tops. 

Sometimes I even take long dresses and make them into tunics by tying a knot on my front thigh and it shortens the length just enough to make it considered a tunic.  When you wear a really long tunic though, don't wear tall boots with it if it's going to touch the boots.  Then it just looks clunky and odd. Let a little skin (or legging) show! 

3. Scarves to Accessorize 
Scarves are a great way of accessorizing.  They can keep you warm but also take the place of jewelry.  The best part is, you can get scarves in SO many patterns and colors that it's a great way to add a pop to a plain neutral outfit. 

The other fun thing about scarves is you can tie and wear them however you wish and with what's most comfortable for you.  I sometimes pair a scarf with a jacket and simply tuck the scarf into the zipped up jacket. The possibilities are endless. The staple scarves I have in my wardrobe are leopard print, earthy colors with a simple pattern, and a bright pink one. 

4. Jackets are a Must
You absolutely need at least one denim jacket and one leather jacket in your Fall and Winter wardrobe.  It's perfect over ANY outfit whether it's casual or dressy.  It helps keep you warm but also adds dimension to your look.  Cropped jackets are great too since they are a bit less chunky. 

You don't have to break the bank with jackets either. Since they are fashionable they don't have to be full functional. It's okay if they don't have pockets and it's okay if they aren't the best quality.  It's one thing if you're investing in a winter coat, but a fashionable and lightweight jacket shouldn't break the bank.  Thrift stores are a great place to shop for jackets! 

5. Embrace Warm Colors
I love warm earthy tones in the Fall because it reminds me of the changing of the seasons and how the leaves are beautifully colored. The good news is that for some reason, earthy tones are easier to find in the stores as people don't snatch them up as quickly as the bright pinks and blues.  I stock up on earthy tones throughout the year then embrace them during the Fall by wearing them for the first time. 

Do you have a decent Fall wardrobe already? What's missing?

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