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Friday, April 20, 2018

Incredible Causes Of The Worst Body Pains

Did you know 11 percent of people in America suffer from chronic pain? It’s true, and you could be one of them. The worst part is that most of these people have no idea what’s causing their pain. There’s even a word used for people with pain like this, and that word is fibromyalgia. If you have fibromyalgia, there’s some bad news. It’s used by doctors to describe pain with a cause that they can’t find. In the case of this condition, many doctors believe it is purely psychological. However, other experts disagree and claim that there is a physical cause, we just haven’t found it yet.

Of course, fibromyalgia is just one cause of the pain that you might experience. Let’s look at some of the other incredible causes that make your back, your leg, your neck and your head, ache.

Is It All In My Head?

It could be. As weird as this sounds there is evidence to suggest that emotional issues can manifest as physical pain or a physical condition. For instance, you might be stressed due to pressures at work. This can manifest in a flinch or a tick that you simply can’t get rid of. It can even be quite painful. Alternatively, if you are having trouble in your relationship, you might find that pain develops in your lower back. Why does this happen? Researchers have suggested that it’s a way for your mind to deal with an issue head-on. If there’s a pain, it can be understood and dealt with. Luckily, like typical pains, these do tend to go away with meds and other traditional treatments. However, if you address the emotional cause, they will disappear completely.

A Broken Bed

It is possible that your bed is broken and you haven’t even realised it. If your bed is broken, it won’t be providing the right level of support, and it may be sinking down in certain areas. If this is happening, you can bet you will be waking up most mornings with severe pain in your back. Check underneath your bed to see if any of the panels are broken. You might even find it’s the mattress that has seen too much wear and tear. If that’s the case, you should consider replacing it all with a new panel bed. Due to their design, these can be very comfortable and provide the level of support that you need for your back.

Fatty Food

Finally, you might be surprised to hear that food can actually be the cause of chronic pain in your body. It’s absolutely true to say that certain foods have been linked by researchers to certain pain such as aches in the lower back. It seems to be particularly prominent for those who love their red meat. So, if you are constantly finding that your back aches, you might want to consider laying off those deluxe steaks when you eat out.

We hope you found this information interesting and perhaps even helpful when you’re trying to find the cause of your own body pains.

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Pixie's First Month As A Therapy Dog

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It's officially been one month since Pixie and I began volunteering for KPETS, a local pet therapy organization and we've had quite the experience!  

 It started off with a visit to a local school in an emotional support classroom setting and Pixie had a blast with the kids! It was a one time only thing but I hope we get to do more classroom visits in the future. 

Then we officially started our regular weekly visits to a local facility where Dementia patients live. 

 There are 4 residents that we are assigned to visit with and we love them.   After the first 2 visits I noticed that not only were our regular residents beginning to recognize and remember Pixie but other residents in the facility remember her.   I can't even walk down the hall anymore without a line of folks waiting to see her! 

Pixie loves laying with the residents and playing around.  It's a very rewarding experience.

We are also starting a monthly visit to a rehab facility and a nursing home. 

Of course whenever Pixie is done with her work she gets rewarded with a treat.  Right now I'm using Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats in Salmon Flavor from Chewy which I break up into smaller pieces for her.  She's usually exhausted after our visits so the protein in these treats gives her a high-protein boost.  I'm also very picky with treats because with Pixie's tiny size she can get gassy very easily.  I have no issues with that with Blue Wilderness Biscuits.  They have no by-product meals and no gluten, grains, corn, wheat, or soy.  If you're looking for a nice all natural treat for your meat loving dog, these are a great choice, especially for training. 


Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Top Expenditures To Budget For On Your RV Camping Trip

Easily the most important part of preparing for your RV camping trip, even if it’s not the most fun, is budgeting for each the expenditures.

One of the big appeals to RV camping trips as a family vacation is that they are significantly cheaper in comparison to alternatives such as flying or staying in hotels.

Nonetheless, this does not at all mean that RV trips are cheap, and you still will need to set aside a fair amount of money.

Here are the top expenditures you will need to budget for on your RV camping trip:

Renting The RV

The first and primary cost of the trip will be actually renting the RV. Outdoorsy is an excellent resource to help you find RV’s with the best rates in your area.

How much can you anticipate to spend on renting an RV? It really depends on who you’re renting it from and on the size of your RV, but as a general rule, anticipate to spend around $100 on the low end and possible over $200 on the high end.

Assuming you spend around $150 a day renting an RV and are going on a week long RV trip, that means it would cost you around $1,050 to rent the RV for that week.


Fuel is another large expense for RV trips. It’s no secret that motorhomes are not exactly fuel efficient vehicles.

To calculate how much you’re going to be spending on fuel, you’ll need to take the length of miles of your trip and divide it by the miles per gallon rate of your particular RV. Then, you will take the resulting figure and multiple it by the price of gasoline.

On average, an RV should get around ten miles per gallon. With the average fuel prices of today hovering around $2.60, and assuming that you go on a one thousand mile long trip, you can expect to pay approximately $260 in fuel prices for this example.


RV campground fees are actually not quite as high as you may have anticipated. They can vary drastically in price, from as low as $15 a night to as high as $200 for the luxury and in-demand locations.

Most RV campgrounds, however, will cost in the vicinity of $30 to $50. There may also be added fees for having children and pets, though most don’t (FYI, if an RV park has added fees for kids and children, it’s likely a sign that they prefer you not have them).

If we take the middle number of $40 for a week long trip, that comes out to $280 for a full seven nights. It’s certainly cheaper than staying at a hotel.


You’ll need to budget for both the food you bring with you and the food you plan on buying restaurants. If you’re conscious of cost, bringing you own food will definitely be a cheaper option in comparison to eating out.

The good news about budgeting for food is that it is the expense you have the most control over. You don’t get to control how much your RV costs to rent or what the cost of fuel per gallon is, but you do get to choose which foods you want to bring with you so can keep the expense down as much as possible.

If there is another piece of advice to be given in regards to food on RV trips, it’s to plan each individual meal ahead of time, so you know exactly what you’ll be eating for each meal on each day. This is the only way you can truly take the total cost of food into account.

Budgeting For Your RV Trip

Budgeting is an important component of planning for any type of vacation. Make a list of each of these expenditures on an Excel spreadsheet and calculate how much you anticipate to spend on each one. Don’t allow any expense to be overlooked.

As a whole, going on an RV camping trip may actually not be as expensive as you think. If you’re extremely budget conscious and you want to go on the cheapest trip possible, with the cheapest RV rental, the cheapest food and campground, and with a short duration and travel distance between you and your destination, it is possible to spend less than a thousand dollars on a fun and memorable RV trip.

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Is Your Home Ready For A Natural Disaster?

We think we have enough of our plates at home without another threat to worry about. We’re forever thinking about keeping things organized, making payments, and trying to find subtle new ways in which to better the atmosphere and design of our rooms. But there’s something else lurking in the darkness, too: natural disasters! With the climate ever increasingly unpredictable, a lot of homes that were ordinarily under no threat at all have suddenly found themselves in a potential disaster zone.


Learn the Threats

Before you can figure out how you’re going to handle the threats to your home, you’ll need to figure out what the threats actually are. For example, have you been receiving more rainfall than usual, and is your home located at a low elevation? Then you’re likely at risk of some sort of flooding. Alternatively, you could have the opposite problem. Some places are getting hotter and drier than they’ve ever been. If you live in an area with a lot of dry trees around, then you might have an issue with wildfires during the summer months. Whatever the potential problem is, you’ll be in a good position to handle them once you know what they are.

Perform a Review

Just because the elements have gone a bit haywire, that doesn’t mean that your home is automatically under threat. You’ll only know about how well prepared your property is once you’ve performed a review. Walk around the home, and perform a risk-assessment: are there are any areas of the home that look especially vulnerable to the weather? If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then consider hiring a professional to conduct the review. They might just show you something that could save your home from disaster once it's been taken care of.

Take Precautions

It’s rare for the elements just to batter an area without warning. That’s why we have all of those weather stations! As such, you’ll be well-served for developing a plan for securing your most important belongings once the sirens of the coming weather have been sounded. If you’re
expecting heavy rainfall, then you should move all of your electrical items away from the ground floor. You may also wish to do things like invest in strong wind resistant shutters for your windows. The weather won’t be able to do your home much harm if there’s no way for it to get in!

Get Covered

It’s not what happens to you that counts; it’s how you respond that matters. When it comes to your home, that means making sure you’re sufficiently covered in case the worst should happen. Take a look at your home insurance policy, and make sure that it covers damage caused by the elements. If you don’t own your home, then you can get renters insurance from a company like
Amistad Insurance Services. Most renters don’t think to get insurance, but it can be invaluable in an emergency; many policies will put you up in alternative accommodation if your property is temporarily unlivable, for example.

Load up on Supplies

It can seem like the bad weather comes in one big rush, but this isn’t always the case - stormy weather can stick around for days! And you might just find that you’re trapped in your home for a while. This doesn’t automatically have to be bad news, however. If you have enough
supplies to see you through the weather, then you’ll be able to carry on until it's passed by and you can enter the outside world again. Load up your pantry with non-perishable goods, buy a few big bottles of water, and also a flashlight. You might just appreciate a few board games or a pack of cards, too.

Backup Important Documents

Your home is important, but the walls and roof are things that can be repaired and replaced. The real value of the home might just be what’s included inside. Take your important documents, for instance. Things like birth certificates, your laptop, and hard drives might be irreplaceable. For your hard copy items, make sure they’re kept in a secure spot, one that can’t be affected by water. For the digital stuff, make sure you’re keeping everything you absolutely need to keep in cloud storage, online.

Stay Up to Date

You never know what the weather is going to do in the future. The threats that exist today might cease, and be replaced by new ones. As such, you’ll be well-served by routinely reviewing your home’s defenses and making sure it’s protected from the new threats.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Give Your Wardrobe A Fresh Start || 5 Items To Replace

The weather's nice, the air is fresh, and you're more motivated to wear bright fun colors and patterns because Spring is finally here!  This is also the time when people get motivated to go through their closet and get rid of things they are no longer fond of as well as add some new items to freshen up your options.  But there are some items in your all-season wardrobe that get neglected and they are items that it's always worth refreshing.  So when you are tossing and donating the old and making a list of the new, don't neglect these 5 items that could use a good refresh!

We were are undergarments so much that we tend to just look past the stretching, tiny holes, or uncomfortable fit.  In fact some of us feel guilty getting new underwear or bras for ourselves.  Well, that has to stop.  Dump out your underwear drawer and line up your bras.  Get rid of anything with holes, anything that's shrunk too much, and anything that looks like you've had it for 20 years or more.  I'm telling you that when the clothing closest to your skin is fresh and new and fun, you will feel so much better.  Look at your bras and see if there's any parts coming apart or if the bras seem stretched and worn.  Then head out to the store and find the best deal possible on some fresh undies and sparkling new bras!

Socks get so neglected and even though they get holes in them sometimes we don't even notice.  The bottoms will be thinned out and until you step in a puddle inside your home in socks with a hole, you likely don't think to get rid of them.  Get out all of your socks and spread them on your bed.  Get rid of any that don't have matches, have holes, or are paper thin on the bottom.   Then make a shopping list of the ankle height, color, and material you need before you hit the store. 

Once again there's something to be said for feeling great even in the clothing you sleep in.  I wear the same couple sets of pajamas on a constant basis so they do wear out pretty quickly.  Inspect all your tops and bottoms for stretching, fraying fabric, and if anything squeezes and makes you uncomfortable it's gotta go!   Then look for anything that you NEVER wear and get rid of it.  I used to have tons of long sleeved pajama tops but never wore them because I get hot when I sleep, so why was I holding onto them?? Then get out there and get some new jammies!

Makeup can actually go bad.  So if you've had anything for over a couple of years it may be time to toss it.  Also ask yourself why you don't wear some of the unused makeup.  Maybe you just don't like the colors so then why are you still holding onto it?   I go through my makeup collection every 2 years.  I make a list of anything I'm running low on and then I stock up when I find coupons or deals. This is also a good time to wash makeup brushes and toss anything that's broken.

Workout Gear
If you work out on a regular basis chances are you need to refresh your workout wardrobe every couple of years.  Even though we wash these items, they can still harbor bacteria over time.  Check sports bras for the proper fit, replace any workout pants that are ridden with holes, and invest in some new tops to keep your wardrobe fun and motivating.  I'm telling you that when you have some cute outfits to wear, you're more likely to put them on and get moving!

When's the last time you refreshed any of these items in your wardrobe?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Some Things I'm Loving Lately for Spring

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From time to time I like to post a roundup of some of the products and things I'm really into and why.   Now that it's Spring and the weather is nice it's really got me motivated to embrace it.  Before it was like a tease with warm weather in March one week and then snow the next!

So check out some of the stuff I'm lovin'!

New Sandals from Third Oak
Third Oak is a relatively new brand of footwear responsibly made in America.  Their styles are meant to empower you but also embrace a more eco-conscious way of life.  They are made from a vegan bio-based material that comes from soy!   And using a recyclable material like this allows the brand to operate a closed-loop recycling process that will leave this great planet safe for future generations!  

The sad truth is that less than 1% of shoes are manufactured in the Unites States and even les than that are made responsibly.  But if you need even more of a reason to stock up on sandals from this brand, look no further. 

They are super stylish and come in awesome neutral colors and metallic too! I have Scout Moss Gold and I wear them with EVERYTHING.

They have a really good tread on the bottom and are shaped just enough that they support my arches and are very comfortable for all-day wear. 

I love that they are super stylish but very practical.   And at $30 a pair, they are very affordable for a long-lasting investment. 

T-Tapp for Fitness and Health

So if you know me in my real life, you've likely heard me talking about fascia and how instead of traditional massages, I opt for fascia release sessions.  Well I'm in Heaven now because I discovered T-Tapp.  It's a fascia exercise program that involves specific movements designed to activate muscles and it helps lengthen and strengthen muscle and bones.  It's also beneficial with lowering blood sugar, balancing hormones, cinching in the core, reducing inflammation, detoxing, and losing 1 to 2 sizes in a single month with just 15 minutes of workouts 3-4 times a week.  The best part is that there's NO equipment necessary and you can do it in the comfort of your own home with a DVD or online instructions.

I got the Posture Power DVD and the online Digital More Than A Workout Seminar and the Brush instructions (for a skin brush).  The More Than A Workout Seminar DVD was awesome and very helpful at explaining how and why Teresa's T-Tapp Method of muscle and fascia activation is so effective.  It's just one set of repetitions!!!   Teresa teaches exercises which were easy to follow and very easy to do but I could tell they were still effective.  She also showed me how to increase muscle activation throughout the day no matter what I'm doing, whether I'm working on my computer or waiting in line at the grocery store.  It was a very motivational DVD!

The Posture Power Walk DVD was so helpful.  It gives you 2 indoor walking workouts and helps you create a T-Tapp Method anytime you walk so you can work towards your inch and weight loss wherever and whenever.  It explains how full fiber activation of different muscles can help maximize their development and how it can actually sculpt your body.  I mean I walk enough as it is so there's no excuse for me to not adapt this method to my everyday life!

The CRT Skin Tightening Body Brush is awesome!  It's a stiff all natural body brush made from plant fibers that allow the stimulation of skin to help with exfoliation, detoxification, and improving circulation.  Think of it as a way of exercising your skin.  You can use it wet or dry. It really helps tighten and tone skin.  It feels super good to use so it was so easy to incorporate into my weekly routine.

So did it work? Well, I think so because I definitely don't fill out my clothing as much which means I must have lost an inch or two.  I noticed my belly feels a lot flatter and I've definitely toned up.

Also another thing I'm loving is how the weather is finally getting nicer!   I'm venturing out into the screened in porch more and the pups are really enjoying laying around.   And of course my rat Charlotte loves sitting in my lap on the porch.  If you have a critter like this, just know that they do enjoy the outdoor air as long as they are safe and secure. Don't let them roam around and risk having them run off or eat something that could be poisonous.  Having treats nearby can help.

I just keep a little bag of Kaytee Pop-A-Rounds from Chewy handy. This way Charlotte doesn't feel the need to eat random things and try to run off.   Kaytee Pop-A-Rounds are made of all natural ingredients and have nutritious ingredients like peanuts and are sweetened with honey.  Treats like this are a great way to fight off boredom whether they're in their cage or hanging out with you. Plus these snacks come in a resealable bag and have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

What are you loving lately?

Monday, April 16, 2018

5 Important Tools Every Business Needs

As a blogger, I basically run my own business which takes lots of discipline and knowledge of the proper tools.  Today I wanted to make a list of 5 important tools that every business needs and how they can benefit you. 

Some tools are easy to start using but others you may need to learn more about and embrace any available training.  And remember it's important to keep your employees and clients in the loop when you're trying out something new. 

1. Business Intelligence Software
In order to collect and analyze data you need a reliable software program for your embedded bi.  Look for something with interactive reporting and real-time analytics.  The better your software, the easier it is to get this crucial information together that will surely benefit your business.

2. Accounting Software
Using the right software for money can really make running a business more enjoyable because it takes away from the stress of trying to figure out finances on your own.  Accounting software can help track payments you make, income you get, and regular expenses.   Plus, at tax time it's always much easier to gather your information together since it's been organized and tracked all throughout the year. 

3. Meeting Software
Pick a platform or software to host meetings and webinars so that you can effectively communicate with clients, customers, and other employees.  You want something reliable and affordable but also something that everyone seems to agree on with usability.  

4. Scheduling & Calendar
It's crucial to use some sort of scheduling software or program that keeps your calendar organized and up to date.  You want something that can easily create meetings and appointments and invite others so they can use it as well.   Life can get really busy both at work and in your personal life and a reliable calendar can benefit you in both aspects of life.  When you're dependable to clients, you'll have a reputation that will spread to other potential business partners and customers.

5. Email
One of the keys to communication these days is email so it's only right to choose an email platform or program that is easy to use and meets all the needs of your specific business.  If you try one and it's not working out, consider switching to one that better suits your needs.  

So as you can see, there are many benefits to using the best software that suits your businesses needs. 

Avoiding The Common Causes Of Car Accidents

I’m sure that the majority of you will use your car on a daily basis. In fact, without it, you might start to feel a bit lost! As our vehicles have now become an important part of many people’s day-to-day routines, there are quite a few drivers out there who have started to take them for granted. As a result of various types of car negligence, it increases the risk of being involved in a road traffic incident.

There are a lot of different things that can cause car accidents, from careless driving to poor car maintenance. Of course, you will want to do as much as possible to prevent you and your family being involved in an accident, so it’s always a good idea to inform yourself of the main causes of accidents so that you can then figure out what it is you need to do to stay away from them.

Here are the most common causes for car accidents at the minute - make sure you don’t get caught up in them!


Drink And Drugs

One of the main thing that causes car crashes is a driver who is under the influence of drink or drugs. Alcohol is bad news for drivers as it will really reduce your reaction time and can also impair your senses. Even though it is ok to drive after one small glass of beer or wine, you should try and avoid alcohol altogether if you know that you will need to get behind the wheel afterwards. If you are found to be driving with too much alcohol in your blood stream, then you could be cautioned and fined by the police. They might even serve you with a DUI. Similarly, drugs can also impair your senses and reduce your reaction time, making you a big threat to other road users. So, try and always drive while completely sober!


Being Overcautious Behind The Wheel

Some drivers like to be cautious when they are in the driver’s seat. This may be for various reasons but it is usually because they are nervous or lack the necessary confidence that driving requires. They might even be very experienced drivers and think that being cautious on the road will keep them safe. Unfortunately, though, this isn't the case, and it can actually put them in more danger. That’s because they could slow down the flow of traffic and they could even become a hazard for other drivers who try to overtake them. So, it’s good to be a sensible driver - just don’t be too cautious!


Poor Car Maintenance

If your car isn't in a good condition, it could be very difficult to drive and will be a lot more likely to break down while you are out on the road. As a result, car owners should always take the time and effort to give their car the attention and maintenance that it needs. Don’t forget that your auto will probably need new brakes and tires after every 20,000-40,000 miles. Not replacing these will make it all too easy for the car to skid and it could also be a lot more difficult for you to bring it to a halt in enough time. At the very minimum, you need to get your tires and brakes checked on a regular basis, but don’t forget your car’s mirrors and lights as well. These all keep you safe out on the road and not having enough in place will put you and your passengers’ safety at risk.



Speeding is never a good idea, no matter how much of a rush you are in. In fact, you might find that if you cause a crash through speeding, your insurance provider might refuse to pay out your insurance. That means that you won’t be able to cover any maintenance or repairs with your cover. Every road that you drive down will have a speed restriction in place, and it is always crucial that you follow this and are never tempted to go over it. Doing so will only put you and any other road users that you pass at risk of being involved in a road traffic accident.


Inexperienced Drivers

I’ve already mentioned that overcautious drivers can sometimes cause car crashes, but they actually aren’t the only drivers out there who could put other road users at risk. Inexperienced drivers, and those who have only recently passed their driving test, are also a common cause of car accidents. There are a few reasons why this is. For starters, it could be because they fall into the overcautious pack of drivers and are trying to drive really carefully because they haven’t yet had time to build up their confidence behind the wheel. But there are other incidents when a crash has been caused for the complete opposite reason - the new driver got a bit too cocky and was driving a lot faster than what they should have.


Inclement Weather Conditions

Sometimes, there are some external factors that make for some very dangerous driving conditions and put all kinds of drivers at risk, no matter how experienced or confident they may be. Just take bad weather, for instance. Excess rain, snow, or ice could make the roads very slippy and skatey. All you would need to do is touch the brakes too heavily, and your car would slip and skid around. You may even lose all control of your vehicle. Thankfully, there are some bad weather driving courses that you might want to take. These improve your driving skills through inclement weather conditions. However, it is always a good idea to know when you shouldn’t take your car out. There might be some types of weather that make it too dangerous to drive in, and you will be a lot safer if you stick to using public transport instead.

Hopefully, now that you know what the main causes of car crashes are, you will never be at risk of causing one yourself.

How To Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Entertaining

If you are a homeowner or have any kind of cozy outdoor space, chances are you entertain people at your home at least once or twice a year outdoors.  That being said, there's still some things you can do to not only refresh and maintain your outdoor space but to liven it up a bit so that your guests have an even greater experience.  Here are a few ways to prepare your outdoor space for entertaining this year.

Wash and Scrub
Now is the time to get out there and deep clean everything.  If you left your patio furniture exposed to the elements over the winter you will likely have some grime built up on them.  Make sure you use a cleaning solution, a scrub bush, and a high powered hose setting to spray them down.  If you have siding in your outdoor area that seems pretty dirty, give it a good wash with your hose.  They even have cleaning solutions for siding that you can add to your hose nozzle as an attachment.  And of course if you have a patio make sure you sweep all the leaves and debris and then give a good spray with the garden hose.  Any patio furniture that is delicate like a glass table top should be sprayed down with cleaning solution and paper towels.  If you have furniture cushions or pillows you can also spray them with water (if they are water resistant) scrub gently with a brush and then leave them in the sun do dry.

Add Lighting
Outdoor lighting can be great but it can also attract bugs in the evening so I like to add subtle lighting that doesn't scream for the moths to come out.  Patio lights can be strung around the area where friends gather.  Solar power lanterns and garden stakes are a great way to light up the area and any walking paths and of course torches (with citronella to keep the bugs away), candles, and faux lanterns for the table tops also add a nice touch.

Add Protection
You can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather (did you sing that?! ) so always have some sort of protection from the elements.  We have a screened in porch which is great but sometimes the sun comes in at a nasty angle.  Install blinds in your sunporch to protect against the sun, get umbrellas for your patio for shade, and if you can, a retractable awning works wonders with rain.  
 Functional Décor
Decorations for your outdoor space can be great but sometimes they aren't practical.  Things will break and even the occasional patio chair pillow can get shredded by squirrels so make sure you choose items that are pretty but serve a purpose.  Garden stools are great for extra outdoor seating but can also serve as a place to rest a drink, a phone, or a plate.  Comfortable patio chairs with cushions are great and you can even get stackable chairs and just set cushions in them when in use.   When choosing furniture or décor, weather proof material is best.  If you go with wicker, make sure it's okay to leave it exposed to the elements!

What do you do to prepare your outdoor living space for entertaining?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

How To Mentally Stimulate Your Mind

Your mind is your source of wisdom. Your mind contributes to an entire being and who you are, and thus it’s best to take care of it at all times. In doing so, learn how to mentally stimulate your mind. This provides your brain with a challenge and can help further develop it. This is especially beneficial for children at an early age as they grow, and their mind broadens with time. The more challenges you undertake, the stronger your mind will get. One example of a mental stimulation could manifest itself in the form of brain exercises. Further, challenge your mind with puzzles and ensure you are getting enough sleep for a truly sharp mind.

Brain exercises

In order to have a sharp mind and avoid burning out, consider undertaking a few brain exercises. One example is memorization. Memorize a favorite song, poem or saying to reap the benefits of memorization skills. This will help your brain become a sponge the more you practice memorization. Moreover, read a book. Reading can help expand your vocabulary. Plus, similar to memorization, the more you read, the more information you will learn and the smarter you will become. This, in turn, stimulates your mind’s capabilities. Regular brain exercise improves the brain’s capabilities and skill factors and can help keep a healthy mind.

Challenge yourself

Through challenging yourself, you are training your mind to be a creative problem solver. This develops logical skillsets. An example activity includes the Escape Room Des Moines. Escape rooms are both a fun activity to do together with friends or family and improve cognitive skills. As participants, you are thrown in a room where you must learn to escape. You do so by solving the puzzles; cracking the codes and following the clues you are given in the room. Challenging your mind can improve brain function as you are using more brain cells and broadening its capabilities via the challenge. This is especially important for seniors, as challenging brain activity could help prevent dementia and other mental health issues.

Sleep will improve your mental health and thus stimulate your mind. There are a few tips to keep in mind in order to improve sleep patterns. Begin calming your mind at night by prepping for sleep. Get in comfortable pajamas, turn off the lights, turn off electronic devices and drink some chamomile tea. Practice breathing exercises and keep a consistent sleep schedule. In order to have a sharp mind the next day, you should sleep at least 7 hours the night before. Without enough sleep the night before, your mind will not be relaxed. Instead, it will be wired and exhausted. Your ability to focus on tasks the next day will drastically decline.

Mentally stimulating your mind is important for health and IQ. This article has mentioned that challenging your brain can help improve cognitive skills and in turn, would increase your IQ from doing so. Practice exercises on a daily basis that your brain would benefit from, such as reading and memorization skills, and last but not least, get enough sleep. These factors help contribute to a truly stimulated mind.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Chewy 30 Day Challenge | Rachael Ray Nutrish | Progress

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Last week I introduced you to my April Chewy 30 Day Challenge with Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Grain-Free Natural Wetlands Recipe from Chewy. As I said in my intro post, Rachael Ray Nutrish Wetlands Recipe has chicken, duck, and pheasant.  I have to say it's been a REALLY big hit in my household.  The dogs are loving the unique blend of the different protein sources.  They are used to chicken but duck and pheasant is a nice change for them.  The kibble is a great size and they've had no issues eating it even though they have small teeth.  

Their coats are really shiny after just two weeks of eating this food.   They were looking a bit dull this winter and I know that flax seed and fish meal has natural omegas and this food has plenty of them.  That means a healthy coat and skin and speaking of skin, I've noticed they aren't as itchy.  They aren't licking their paws as much either. 

Feeding a quality natural food has so many benefits no matter what breed of dog you own.

I know that fillers and artificial ingredients can irritate pets so I am confident that because Rachel Ray Nutrish is free of those types of ingredients, it's really benefitting the gang! 

I'm also super stoked that Pixie is doing excellent on this food because as a therapy dog team, we both need to have energy and feel good on our visits!

Check back in a couple of weeks to see my final thoughts!

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