5 Signs it's Time to Hire Home Care Services

Wednesday, December 30, 2020



Providing care for an elderly parent or loved one can be challenging. It can sometimes feel stressful and pressuring to take on this new role. This can lead to caregiver fatigue and other issues. If you’re taking care of an elderly relative, there are a few telltale signs you might need some extra support. Home care services can take off some of the strain, and help your loved one with daily tasks, medication, and personal care.

Caregiver burnout

One of the signs you could use the support of home care services is caregiver burnout. Also known as caregiver fatigue, this is when the stress of caring for someone full time starts to take its toll on your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, this can also affect the caregiver’s ability to be there for their relative. It’s a good idea to hire home care assistance to give the caregiver a break from time to time. This will also improve their relationship with the patient.

Difficulty with personal hygiene

Another sign someone may need more help at home is if they’re starting to neglect their personal hygiene. It could be more difficult for them to bathe and get dressed for example, due to a number of medical conditions. In this case, pcs services can help. You can hire personal care services to help your elderly relative with these challenges in a kind and dignified way.

Increase in medication

It can be increasingly difficult to care for your parents if neither of you can keep track of their medications. If they're starting to get confused about when to take medications home care services can be useful. Often the nurses they send will have medical training and be experienced in different types of medication. They will be able to provide support and advice.

Daily tasks become challenging

Another of the main signs it's time to hire home care services is when daily tasks become challenging. Things like cooking, cleaning, and shopping can become increasingly difficult for elderly seniors. Home care services can help them carry out these tasks. This will help them to live at home for longer without full-time care. Home care services also provide support to family members who are struggling to keep on top of running errands for their relatives.

Desire to maintain independence

Hiring home care services is a way to promote their independence and allow elderly people to live at home for longer. With assistance with daily tasks, they can continue to take care of themselves safely which gives them confidence. The companionship involved is also beneficial to their mental wellbeing and they’re less likely to withdraw from society. This can help boost their cognitive function, mood, and improve their general mental health.

Making the decision to hire home care services can be a difficult one, but there are many benefits to the people involved in the long run. It takes some of the strain off the caregiver and provides support to both their elderly relative and their family.

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My Weightloss Journey


 So 2020...wow..... what a crazy time to be alive.  One of the things I decided to change this year was my health.  I definitely gained the quarantine 15 or whatever you want to call it, and come September I knew I needed to change things. 

Your Wardrobe Maintenance To Do List

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Since we're all stuck at home and it's Winter, now is a great time to go through your wardrobe to get things cleaned, fixed and repaired for when the nice weather is back and you are ready to show off your outfits in public.  Most people don't take advantage of this time of year to do a little maintenance to their wardrobe so here are some things you should consider.

5 Things That Can Happen When You Don't Get Enough Sleep

Monday, December 28, 2020


Most people understand that getting enough sleep each night is important. There are so many benefits, from feeling more energized to reducing your stress levels.

And, the reality is that most people want to get enough sleep. But, that doesn’t always feel possible. You might have an exceptionally busy life. Maybe you work full-time, or you’re a full-time parent. Maybe your schedule is always jam-packed. Or, maybe you have the best of intentions when it comes to getting enough sleep, but you find yourself staying up late playing on your phone or watching television.

Healthy adults need anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep each night. If you’re getting less than that, you could be facing some big problems. Not getting enough sleep can cause more than just tiredness. It can negatively impact your health.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few things that can happen when you don’t get enough sleep, so you can start to make it a priority.


1. It Can Lead to Accidents and Injuries

Did you know that sleep depravation is one of the most common causes of accidents on the job? When you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body isn’t functioning the way it should. Your reaction times are delayed, and you won’t be able to focus.

So, you’re putting yourself at a greater risk of making a mistake that could cost you, or others, their lives.

2. It Disrupts Your Thinking

Not only does a lack of sleep cause you to lose focus, but it can actually “dumb down” your thought processes.

Sleep and cognitive thinking go hand-in-hand. Without enough sleep, you’ll have difficulty concentrating, reasoning, and problem-solving. It can also be harder to remember things, even if you’re trying to draw on information you already know. Obviously, that makes it much harder to get through your day,w hether you’re trying to do your job or simply have a conversation with someone.

3. It Can Cause Your Health to Suffer

Most people understand some of the short-term health effects of sleep loss. You might feel less energy or fatigued. But, over time, not getting enough sleep can lead to more serious health issues, including an increased risk of:

Heart disease/heart failure


High blood pressure


Chronic sleep loss can severely affect your health, so if you consider yourself to have an issue like insomnia or you simply can’t get to sleep each night, finding ways to remedy your situation is important. You can try sleeping tips for a better night’s rest. But, in some cases, you may need to seek out the help of a doctor or professional to manage your sleep health.

4. It Impacts Your Mental Health

Sleep depravation does more than impact your physical health. It can play a large role in your mental health, too.

A lack of sleep can lead to depression or anxiety. In fact, those who suffer from insomnia are often also diagnosed with depression. Unfortunately, the two conditions are cyclical; not getting enough sleep can cause you to feel more depressed, and feelings of depression can lead to a lack of sleep.

If you feel as though your mental health is suffering due to a lack of sleep, it’s important to seek out the help of a professional as soon as possible.

5. It Can Cause Weight Gain

While the amount of time you sleep doesn’t directly cause you to gain weight, it can cause changes within your brain. Studies have shown that a loss of sleep can trigger the chemicals in your brain that make you feel hungry. It can also increase your appetite. So, you might find yourself snacking in the middle of the night, instead of sleeping. As a result, you’re more likely to put on weight.

Unfortunately, the type of stimulation caused by these chemicals is also more likely to make you crave high-fat, high-carb foods. Not only could you be putting yourself at risk of gaining weight, but if you’re constantly eating foods high in fat and carbohydrates, you could be contributing to even greater health issues, like diabetes or heart disease.

As you can see, a lack of sleep is more than just inconvenient or annoying. If it’s a persistent problem in your life, it’s important to remedy it as soon as possible. Do what you can to develop healthier sleep patterns and make getting the recommended 7-9 hours each night a priority. If you’re having trouble doing it on your own, consider working with your doctor or a sleep specialist for help.

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Books I Recommend You Read [December]

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It's been busy so I didn't have much time to read but here are a couple I really enjoyed.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny Recommends Natural Beauty Products

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Natural products are all the rage these days and for good reason.  It's important that when you take care of your body, beauty routine and even your hair, you use natural products that won't do damage to your skin and body.  I love using natural products even in the heat of the summer when it comes to choosing a good sunscreen.  Natural products don't have artificial ingredients and weird toxins, which is why Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny shared some of her favorite natural products.  Here are just some of the ones that you should definitely integrate into your natural beauty and skincare routine.

Supporting Someone With Addiction

If you have someone that you love that is suffering from an addiction, then you know it can be challenging to know what to do. Often a person with an addiction has erratic behavior, sometimes financial issues, and it can be challenging to understand how you can help them.

Here are some actionable steps that you can take to support someone in your life with addiction.

Photo by Matthew Waring on Unsplash


You might understand some parts of addiction; understanding the actual process and the diseases that hold over a person can be difficult. It’s easy to see that somebody has perhaps stolen money, they’ve got themselves into legal trouble, and blame their addiction.

But if you understand why and how that addiction happens and the impact on personality and rational thinking, it can be very helpful. Seek to educate yourself on the thing that they are addicted to, as well as the implications for them.

Specialty help

If your loved one is in a frame of mind where they want to take action on their addiction, you could help them to find help. There was usually specific and specialty help for each addiction. Each organization will have a range of services and a range of fees. Y

You may also be able to find a range of churches that have free counseling sessions and meetings.

American addiction Centers reviews have a wide range of information that can be very useful for getting people the treatment they need.

It can be very easy to give an addict money or enable their addiction without realizing that you are doing it. It is essential to recognize that an addict most likely cannot be rescued. Sometimes, they will need to experience the consequences of their disease, which is why education and specialty help it’s so important.

If they are ready to get the help, you can support them in doing so, but it is essential that you do not enable their addiction as much as possible.

It might feel that this is very difficult because you wish to buy them food, I’ll give them money for rent, or help cover any legal fees. Sometimes, this can prolong the addiction, as it helps them avoid the severe consequences of what is going on.

you will also need help for yourself. Trying to get an addict through their addiction and out the other side can be a grueling process. It is essential to know that you two will need support to do this. There are a number of groups, most of which will be local, that can help you with resources, as well as learning coping mechanisms.

Being around other people who are also going to the same situation can make it feel less alone - and see people who are at different stages of the journey than yourself.

Supporting someone with an addiction can be one of the most challenging things you do. But making sure that you are armed with all the information and seeking support for yourself can be invaluable.

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4 Mistakes You Must Avoid With Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from issues with chronic pain? You’re not alone and there are millions of people across the country and indeed the world that experience some level of chronic pain in their life. There’s often no quick fix to this and chronic pain and can be a permanent part of your life which means that you need to adjust and learn how to cope. Along the way, there are also some mistakes that you will certainly have to avoid. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

Pexels Source CCO License

Failing To Weigh The Risks

If you have been suffering from chronic pain for a while and it’s getting worse then you will likely be open to exploring a variety of different treatment options. For instance, you might want to explore surgery choices which is an interesting possibility. However, it’s important to remember that surgery is dangerous and there are always possible complications. For instance, if it’s back surgery you could end up paralysed with no feeling. For some people the pain is so bad they are willing to take this chance however it’s always best to think about this carefully.

Not Getting Help

Be aware that chronic pain can impact various aspects of your life including your finances. There’s no shame or harm in asking for help here. In fact, it can be highly beneficial to get the support you need and that you are entitled to. If you are working then you should also make sure that you alert your boss to your situation and how it might be impacting you.

Relying Too Much On Meds

Meds are something that you won’t be able to avoid once your chronic pain becomes too severe. You’ll need meds to reduce the impact and ensure that it is manageable. However, you do need to make sure that you don’t rely on them too heavily. If this happens, then you could end up in a situation where you are addicted. If you think you might be addicted to pain meds, then an outpatient treatment center can often be the best solution. Experts here will help you cope with your pain on lower dosages and get you back on track. 

Do be aware if you are worried about using typical meds to treat your chronic pain, then you can consider alternatives such as delta 8 gummies. These have been shown to be highly effective for a wide variety of different patients suffering from chronic pain.

Forgetting About Your Mental Health

Finally, it’s easy to forget that your chronic pain probably is impacting your mental health. It’s common for people with chronic pain to suffer from depression or severe mental health issues. If you are worried about this, then you should consider booking regular appointments with a therapist. It can be helpful to talk to people about what you’re going through. Support groups can provide similar benefits and ensure that you are able to know that you are not alone and that you can lean on people around you other than your family.

We hope this helps you understand some of the difficulties that you can face when trying to deal with chronic pain and some of the problems that you will need to dodge completely to protect yourself and your health.

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How To Get The Kids 2021 School Ready

Monday, December 21, 2020



At this time of the year, we’re all starting to wind down for the holidays. It’s nice to get a little bit slower, enjoy some time with family, and just put the year to bed. Even if you do have busy plans with your family, you still get to enjoy much more relaxation and indulgence because it’s Christmas. However, there is going to come a time where you’re going to want to think ahead. Because the new year is on its way and we all want to make sure that we’re organized and ready for it. Especially if your kids are going back to school, it’s nice to be prepared so that you don’t feel stressed out or worried about it before it starts. If you’re not sure where to start, these five points should help you to get started.

Prepare Safely

To start with, you’re going to want to make sure that you are preparing for this to happen as safely as possible. Is it safe that you can send them back to school? Are there the right precautions in place? Then when you are sure, you might want to think about getting sanitiser and masks at the ready should you need them.

Know What They Need

But then, you’re also going to want to work out exactly what they need. Check their shoes and bags, any equipment or uniforms and clothes in general. As long as you know exactly what you need and you can then create a list and get started.


Shop Ahead Of Time

The next thing that you are going to want to do here is make sure that you are shopping well ahead of time. It’s likely that you know when they are due back into school, so you will want to ensure that you have all the supplies that they need. From finding reliable school shoes and a strong leather backpack, to books and specialist subject equipment, it’s good to get in now and do it. That way, you’ll feel more prepared.

Help Them

Another thing that you might want to do here, is think about helping your kids with their education. Of course, you may have been doing quite a bit of childcare lately, however you may also want to make sure that they are all on top of their schooling after the disruption this year. It’s always nice to make sure that they have things to do and stay entertained, but also it can be fun for you too.

Let Them Rest

Finally, you’re also going to want to think about letting them rest a little too. Because as much as you might want to make them feel prepared and ready for school again, it’s been a tough year and having some rest can be so important. So having pyjama days, having fun and playing games as a family, and just letting yourself relax and have some fun is so important. It will mean that they are excited, well-rested, and prepared for school in the new year.

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5 Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

Recent studies gathered by Readers Digest show that 48% of men fall in love faster than women, but the real question is, how do you stay in love? If you feel like your relationship with your significant other is losing its sizzle, maybe it’s time to switch things up. If you are stuck in the same old routine, here are five easy ways to rekindle the flame in your relationship, so it’s not smothered before it even starts.
1. Compliment One another

The Today Show reported that partners can magnify the sweetness in their relationship by devoting time to complementing one another. They even suggest that saying three nice things to your partner is one simple way to recreate a spark. Often, women tend to focus on the negative attributes in themselves, and men can help their partner feel appreciated when they highlight what they find attractive or enticing in them. Likewise, when women feel accepted, they are often more willing to pay the compliments forward, creating a more harmonized relationship.
2. Create Relationship Goals

People who set goals are 14% more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. So, if you want to bring the steamy or sizzle back into your relationship, creating some compatible goals may be the way to do it. The Dating Divas recommend goals that emphasize the following:
Reconnecting emotionally
Increasing physical affection
Performing service
Weekly spouse check-ins
Consistent sexual intimacy
3. Spice up the Bedroom

If you’re not careful, sex can lose its luster and end up being more of a chore than a fun outlet with your special someone, but there are ways to keep the fire in your relationship burning bright, and it can start in the bedroom. Fun lingerie and matching undies are a timeless way to keep the flame in your relationship burning hot. Incorporating new and exciting toys is also a great way to entice your partner. To keep things even more interesting, you can even try some sexy mad libs, games or toys.
4. Weekly Date Night

With the stress of daily life, sometimes date night can get put on the back burner, or you may resort to the same old thing every week, like dinner and a movie. Yet, doing something new and exciting is another way to bring the rush of adrenaline back into your relationship and build attraction. One way to ignite more excitement into your relationship is by coming up with ten new date ideas with your partner and five exotic places you want to visit. You may be surprised to discover a new-found commitment and an exhilaration for one another that was lost or didn't exist before.
5. Unplug from Electronics

While your phone may secretly be your best friend, your spouse or significant other should be. Interacting and engaging with your real-life best buddy, a.k.a, your spouse or partner, is crucial to having a successful and fulfilled relationship. Simply putting down your phone and disconnecting from technology can create lasting connections that may be fizzling out or fading. If technology is especially hard for you or your companion to get away from, you could make it a goal to unplug every day and spend time with one another more often.

While there may be many ways to keep you from a thriving relationship, it's essential to find the ones that strengthen it. You can add a little more sizzle to your ordinary routine by disconnecting from technology or simply spicing things up in the bedroom. Goal setting and praising one another are also fun ways to keep the love and commitment going strong in your relationship or marriage. When you put in the effort, your relationship can be the one you've always wanted.

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Our 2020 Holiday Card


It was a weird year for sure but here is our 2020 Holiday Card.  From my family to yours, I hope you make the best of it this year. <3

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