Happy Halloween - I was an 80's Rocker Chick! And My Pups were....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone and their kiddos had a great time tonight or whenever your Trick Or Treat night was!! My apartment complex obviously doesn't have Trick or Treaters but when I was out and about this evening I got the pleasure of seeing all the kids out. So cute! I saw this one boy with his dad and the boy had a huge box around himself, he was a Wii controller!   Awww!!!

So.... what was I?

An 80's rocker chick!!

Originally the costume was supposed to look like this...

But I didn't like how it was so "one piecey", so I folded the shirt part of it into the skirt.

Pink Cami - Express
Black Lace Tank - Fang
Boots - Buckle
Leggings - Mossimo from Target
Leather Jacket - Bebe

I was invited last week to attend a friend's Trick or Treat night party. My dogs were also invited!
Stella was a monkey slumber party pup, Pixie was a lion, and Grace was a football player.

And one last thing... the snacks at this party were awesome!! Check it out!

Yes that says Ellen Ross Illness Dip lol because I had been sick earlier in the week.

How was YOUR Halloween? What were you and what were your kids?  No matter what, I hope you had an amazing time!

Dog Halloween Costume Photo Contest - THE RESULTS ARE IN!

Well, the results are in.  Everyone was a winner to me. Every dog was seriously adorable!!  I am so glad I personally didn't have to pick a winner because I never would have been able to decide myself!
1st Place- 72 votes - Tequila  - $20 PayPal Cash! 

2nd Place - 42 votes - Louis Vuitton - $10 Macys Gift card

3rd Place - 40 votes - Kami - A couple baked goods (treats) for your pooch!

Thank you guys ALL so much for participating!! And thanks to all who voted.

I'm thinking we will do something like this again for Christmas maybe?  Or maybe just a winter theme of your pet or pets in the snow?!  Let me know your ideas!

A Fashion Tip A Day starts tomorrow!!!!

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Uncommon Goods Review & *Giveaway* Ended

Uncommon Goods is one of my newly found favorite websites! It has such unique and creative things for gifts or even to decorate around your home with.  It’s one of those sites that everything you get from it, people will say “Oh my gosh, where did you get that!”  They have little odds and ends and novelty items for around the office, around the home, and for entertaining and dining.  There is also some really unique & fun jewelry  to choose from at Uncommon Goods if you are looking for a special gift for someone!   And no, don’t worry, this stuff isn’t inappropriate, in fact Uncommon Goods has some GREAT gift ideas for Moms!   The Cute Gifts for Women are my favorite because I really did find several things I  would love from that category! You can see all those items here.

I received a Sock Monkey blanket and a Happy Birthday Pup Pie.  Stella’s birthday is in November, so we celebrated a bit early.  This Birthday pie is meat, wheat, corn, and soy free which was good for my dogs because they shed more when they have corn, wheat, or soy in their foods.   They really devoured this like it was the last one on Earth!

I am especially in love with my Sock Monkey blanket. It’s SO CUTE!!! 40” long x 30” wide, it’s soft and snuggly and is made in the same colors at the ever so famous sock monkey stuffed animal.  It’s actually made from leftover material that’s collected from apparel and upholstery factories.  So basically, this is also making a statement which is another reason why I like it!

 One lucky reader will win a $50 Gift Certificate!

Keeping Holidays Less Stressful for our Pets {{Interview with Cindy Wenger}}

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Holidays are a very hectic time for everyone which unfortunately makes it stressful for your pets as well.  When we take our pets to new homes, or travel with them in general we exose them to more risks then we even know of.  I for one have a dog that gets anxiety very easily.  So I was excited to get the oppurtunity to read up about Peaceable Kingdomwhich offers advice for pet owners on how to find and use holistic products to soothe our pets during the holidays.  I was super excited to get the chance to ask the founder, Cindy Wenger, a couple of questions! 

She stresses the importance of doing your own research about what is truly best for your own pet before making a decision about what they need. It's very important to read labels and know what ingredients are in products before you give them to your pet.   Peaceable Kingdom Essentials products are great for this because they are 100% organic and their label has all of the ingredients so it's easy to discover what's in it! 

For dogs like Grace, that get anxiety very easily, Cindy recommends the Peaceable Kingdom Essentials Paws a Moment remedy.  It is organic and contains things like oat flowers and olive oil.  It is great to use if you are having company over or if you are going to someone elses house for the holidays. 
About Peaceable Kingdom Essentials: At Peaceable Kingdom Essentials we are committed to providing the most effective natural products and herbal remedies possible for your pets. Herbalist-owned and operated, Peaceable Kingdom Essentials offers earth friendly, superior quality (100% USDA Certified Organic) tinctures and natural pet products as well as delicious herbal teas for people. For more on Peaceable Kingdom Essentials please visit www.herbsforyourpets.com. Please friend us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PeaceableKingdomEssentials

* In rare cases, some herbs may interfere or react negatively with medications and other treatments. Be responsible. Consult with your vet before starting a new health regimen for your pets.

 And now here are some questions I asked Cindy!
Ask Away thanks Cindy for sharing this valuable information with it's readers!

1. What tips do you have for readers that are dealing with not only the stress of the holidays, but the stress of a new puppy?

*give your puppy a routine and he'll fit in- it also give the new pup a sense of security knowing what is happening and when
*teach your puppy and he'll respond and learn--be consistent- with the rules-don't confuse the puppy with inconsistency
*socialize your puppy and he'll be secure around people and other animals; *expose your puppy and he'll be comfortable regardless of what's around him.
be sure to provide him with a crate to serve as a safe place. It should be away from any hustle and bustle and food temptations.
stick to puppy food for the newcomer; table food, especially rich table food, is likely to upset his stomach.
make sure he gets outside to relieve himself in a timely fashion. Set an alarm if you need a reminder.
PUPPY PROOF your house: plants, electrical outlets/wires/Christmas lights, ornaments/ garland, keep dirty clothing in a hamper, put shoes away, etc.
don't let over-excited children give him grief.

2. What kind of situations do you recommend using Paws a Moment for?

P-A-M can be used for any situation that a pet is stressed about--thunderstorms, car rides or any other kind of traveling, animals that have been rescued, animals that were lost or missing and then found, vet/ groomer visits, traumatic situations----like Katrina or in a car accident--, dealing with a death of a owner/ or another animal buddy, introducing a new member of the family--baby/new pet, moving or relocating to a new place, ....whatever situations we find stressful our pets also can find stressful---you get the idea.

3. To readers that may not understand, how can you sum up the benefits of using herbal products for pets?

When used correctly, herbal medicine for pet care can can turn around the diminishing health of a sick or aging animal by:

Improving the functions of the body organs
Supporting overall body wellness
Strengthening the immune system

When available, animals have an innate ability to choose and eat wild herbs to prevent disease and promote healing.
Of course always seek advice from your vet before administering any type of medicine/product.

Ask Away met CRichman Freebies!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today, I had the great opportunity to hang out with fellow blogger Colleen from CRichman Freebies as she was passing through the area!   Also along for the fun was her chihuahua Bullet!! It was so cute to see him surrounded by my girls. He didn't know what to do!!It was a great time and Colleen is awesome (but I already knew that) so be sure to check out her blog where you can keep up with the latest deals and freebies (not spammy ones either!)

Reminder to vote for the Best Halloween Dog Costume!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

You can vote once per 24 hour period and voting ends 10/31. Share with your friends. Show these pups some love!

Guest Post: Organizing a Closet

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Organizing a closet is the first step to a becoming a frugal fashionista. If you love frugal fashions but also love shopping at high-end malls, these are the wardrobe planning tips to save you money. Get miles of style with fashion ideas that won’t cost you your shirt!

Every frugal fashionista knows that going to the mall can be a little depressing when you’re on a tight budget. $100 jeans and $300 handbags are proof that many don’t mind the high cost of fashion.

If you enjoy the latest fashions, as I do, you know that the mall will have it. But without will-power and a clear plan of what you need, your day of “window shopping” can be a budget buster that you’ll be paying for months from now!

Here’s an idea: When you go to the mall, go with purpose.

I usually have something in mind that I need, or perhaps I go for a little “girl” time … coming home with nothing isn’t an option! So, what’s a frugal fashionista to do?

Before going to the mall, start by organizing your closet. The best time to go to the mall is after a deep cleaning closet organization extravaganza.

Organizing your closet before going to the mall is similar to eating before you go to the grocery store. If you’re famished in the grocery store, you’ll buy on impulse. What’s worse is that this extra food is usually junk food!

The same is true at the mall. If you’re starved for fashion, you’ll fill your bags with useless bobbles! So, organize your closet first.

The type of closet organization I’m talking about usually occurs at the change of the season when most clothing purchases occur.

Like many people, after Labor Day, I pull out my winter clothes and pack away my summer lot. The most important aspect of organizing a closet is taking a wardrobe planning inventory.

Wardrobe Planning Tips

A wardrobe inventory should contain a few key items:

1. A list of what you have; your basic items such as black skirts and blue suits.

2. A list of your lifestyle activities AND how many outfits you need for each activity. (i.e. If you golf often, you need more than one golf shirt. If you go to cocktail parties once a year, you only need one cocktail dress.)

3. A list of what items you need to purchase in order to have complete outfits for work and pleasure.

Organizing a Closet

First, I make note of all the wardrobe essentials I have and what I might need to replace for the coming season. I take photos on my Smartphone for reference when shopping.

Without this inventory, I might be tempted to buy a really cute black pencil skirt, when in fact; I already own a really cute black pencil skirt!

A good closet inventory reins me in because I can see what I already have and how little I really need!

Have you ever purchased a cocktail dress or business suit that sat in your closet with the tags on it? I have. I could have avoided this if I’d taken note of my wardrobe needs for my lifestyle.

Your lifestyle dictates your wardrobe planning needs. If you work from home, there’s no need to own 10 business suits. And if you’re in the office everyday, 10 pairs of jeans is simply too many.

Owning too many clothes can cost money in some hidden ways. The more crowded a closet, the more you’ll purchase. You end up buying clothes similar to what you already own simply because you can’t see what you have. This cosmic fashion joke propels unneeded purchases … the more you have, the more you need!

When organizing your closet, free yourself of clothing you don’t need: old bridesmaid dresses, decades-old suits, and maternity dresses you’ll never wear again are OUT! They’ll only hide the good stuff.

With your wardrobe inventory in hand, hit the mall. You can take note of what styles you like, but you don’t have to purchase them at retail prices … unless you feel you absolutely have too.

There are several online options for frugal fashions. Outlet and discount stores, and even vintage shops carry similar fashions that you find in high-end malls.

If you see a wonderful outfit on a mannequin, don’t be afraid to pull out that camera and take a snap shot. These photos will be helpful when hitting vintage clothing stores, and outlets.

You can also use your snap shots at home. See what pieces you already own that could be used as part of the outfit that inspires you. You may find that you already own similar clothing that could replicate the look with only an accessory or two.

The next time you leave the mall without shopping bags, you haven’t left empty handed! You’ll have inspiration for well thought-out wardrobe purchases when you come across a fashion deal. And, you’ll be a savvy shopper who knows what items to leave on the rack.

This article is by guest writer, Jennifer Scheffel. Jennifer writes on frugal living, the best grocery coupon websites, and saving money with coupons for www.best-grocery-coupon-websites.com. Jennifer is also a guest writer for www.onemoneydesign.com.

VOTE!! Dog Halloween Costume Photo Contest - Ends 10/31

You can vote once per 24 hour period! Click on each picture to enlarge in a new window! Good luck to all of you!! Everyone's a winner to me because they are all so precious!!

Celebrity Winter Coats

Ever wonder what celebs wear when they are out and about in the frigid winter air?  Well, here are some models/celebs with adorable jackets...They have just the right touch of fur, they are the right length, and they look great with a scarf!

And here are some, well...not so adorable looks! Sometimes they are just too long to look stylish. But then again, some people just don't care.  Hey, as long as you stay warm right?

Holy Trinity Bracelets at The Trendy Boutique

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've written about them before and I'm doing it again because I love the Holy Trinity Bracelets at The Trendy Boutique!

These bracelets make a great Christian gift for anyone in your life!  There are 3 silver beads on each.  They represent the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.  The cross and heart charms represent Jesus' love and all profits are donated to BrightPoint for Children, which helps provide basic and educational needs for children! Head on over and purchase one today!

My Sticker Face Review

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Sticker Face is a website where you can design your own sticker, with your face, your friend’s face, or whatever your little heart desires.  Their stickers are printed with high quality inks on to removable vinyl paper.  You can stick them anywhere!  They are even waterproof!   Maybe you have  problems in your household telling items apart in regards to whom they belong to. Well slap a sticker of the owner’s face on it and you’ll no longer have that problem!

I received a sheet of stickers with my face on them!  I chuckled when I opened the envelope, it was so weird seeing me on a sticker like that.  Making them was super easy on the My Sticker Face website.  It was a quick and easy process and you even get to center your picture and make any other edits necessary for completion.  What a great idea. These would be great for children or even for classrooms!!!!! 

Head on over and get a sheet today!!

I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Melie Bianco at Silvia's Handbags

I always enjoy shopping at Silvia's Handbags because I can find the best selection of high quality designer bags like Melie Bianco! Just look at all the cute styles!

All the bags have a gorgeous lining inside and are very durable.  I have had my own Melie for a few months now and despite my hard use, it has held up great.  I love nice bags, but I can't afford the $800 dollar ones from the outlets.  This is way more my style, and way more affordable. Check them out today!

Calling all DOG OWNERS! Ask Away - Dog Halloween Photo Contest

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pixie in her lion costume. GRRRRR

Okay, so Halloween is coming and from today (Wednesday, October 19th) through next Wednesday (October 26th) Ask Away is accepting photos of your pooch in a Halloween Costume.

After all the submissions are in... I will post them for everyone to vote on.  On Halloween (October 31st) the winners will be announced.  You will want to spread the word to friends and family to vote for your pooch.  Voting will be super easy! They won't need to register for anything or sign up for anything.

Your picture can be original, funny, cute, scary, or just a plain picture of your dog in a random costume!  I want this to be fun for everyone, and a way for everyone to show off their furry friend.

How To Enter?
Send a photo of your dog or dogs in a Halloween costume (Can be from any year, doesn't have to be this year) to EllenR886@gmail.com
and include two things:

  1. Your first name
  2. Your dog's name

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. 
1st Place - $20 PayPal Cash! 
2nd Place - $10 Macys Gift card
3rd Place - A couple baked goods (treats) for your pooch!

Each dog can only be entered once.  But if you have multiple dogs and separate photos you can enter them separately.  If you send me a group photo, that counts as one for each dog so you can't submit a separate one.

Ugg Boots... Guys hate em, Girls love em!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I don't own a pair myself, but I own boots similar, so everyone calls them Uggs anyways, but my point is...I love these boots!  And for some reason, guys always roll their eyes about it.  Maybe it's because their girlfriend's always make such a huge deal about them, maybe it's because they demand to have Uggs for Christmas, and no other brand... whatever it is... Uggs are hot! And they are great for the Fall/Winter season!

But did you know, Ugg Australia has more than just the typical signature boot.  Check out these hot styles below!!   While, these are very expensive, you can get inspired and search your local department store for cheaper yet similar styles!