My Hair + Naat Brazilian Keratin Daily Care

Friday, May 29, 2015

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So I have been using Naat Brazilian Keratin Daily Care on my hair the past few weeks and I am absolutely in love with it.  It works with all hair types to repair cuticle damage.   The Green Keratin is the main ingredient in this line and it helps seal hair cuticles to reduce volume and frizz.  That's perfect for summer humidity and my hair! It also strengthens hair fibers while leaving my hair shiny and soft. I can't believe how healthy my hair is now! It's also free of sodium chloride.  

The mask was such a treat for me to pamper myself with in the shower.  Honestly I feel like I got salon-quality results from using this line of products at home.  I also noticed my hair's volume was turned down a bit so I didn't have to leave the house feeling like I had my hair flying every which way because of the rainy weather or the humidity in the air. 

I also have to say the smell of this line is AMAZING!!!!   It stayed with me for several days after washing my hair.   Everyone has been commenting on the soft feel of my hair.  I am so in love!    I wash my hair every other day and sometimes every 3rd day.


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It's a Snap with Filter Snap

Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Did you know that the air in your house isn't as clean as you probably think it is? If you don't change your air filters often you are pretty much wasting energy and increasing your monthly energy bill by up to 15% percent!   Besides that, you are exposing yourself and your family members to some creepy pollutants!  Of course that means adding "Change air filter" to your Spring and Summer to do list.  When you own a home there are so many things to remember to do on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.   So why not make It easier with a filter subscription service like Filter Snap.  Here's how it works.  
Basically, you just tell the company your filter size, choose a filter quality (basic, standard, ultimate), and decide on a replacement schedule (1,2,3,6, or 12 months) and you'll get a new filter delivered to your door.   That's one less trip to make to the store and one less task to remember on your own.  By the time it arrives at your door, you will get the reminder you need to replace the air filter. 
I actually tested it out and got a deluxe filter for my dad. He is so happy with the fast delivery and so so happy with the quality.   It was so convenient and I consider it a luxury!   No need to run up to the home improvement store and get overwhelmed by all the options and prices.   Filter Snap makes it quick, simple, and easy!   The different types of filters are meant for the different needs of a household.   And if you don't know the size of yours, you can get help from the company.
Just another way to make your life easier.

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A Safer Tan with Cocoa Brown

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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So I did something huge recently.  I booked an appointment with a dermatologist.  I also stopped using tanning beds.   Of course I couldn't say goodbye to my tan that easily.  So I vowed to find a tanning product that was safe but would keep me tan and feeling great.   So I started to use Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturizer.  Until now, I have been afraid to use products like this because I was worried it would leave streaks or stain my hands and clothing.  
I am IN LOVE with this stuff!  Not only does it leave my skin soft and hydrated but it doesn't have an icky smell and helps me build my color up each day to a nice gentle bronze.  It's so easy to apply and it only takes a couple minutes until I can get dressed. I saw results within the first few days. 
Someone at work even told me it looks like I was at the beach!  Success!  It seems to work perfect with my complexion anyways and I love that a little goes a long way.   I am so in love with this Gradual Tanning Moisturizer!    I just wanted to share this little tip for those of you out there that want to do the same and be more careful with your skin and the sun!

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Run Around with Jo + Jax

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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I have been getting back into working out with kettle bells and running outside.   I love workout clothes because as long as they are stylish, they keep me motivated to exercise.    If you look good and feel good you will do a better job at getting in shape, that's how I feel.

This entire ensemble is from Jo + Jax. They have some of the most adorable items for working out.  Everything fits like a gem but still allows room to move around and breathe! I even wear these when I'm just running errands or cleaning the house because it's such a comfortable outfit! 

If you need more motivation to keep active I suggest checking out Jo + Jax and getting yourself a great selection of outfits to wear!

So What I Wore:
Leggings c/o Jo + Jax | Bra c/o Jo + Jax | Sneakers - Reebok
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How I Handle Oral Hygiene with My Dogs

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Yes, you read that right.  I love my Chihuahuas and their breath but that's because it smells great these days! That's because I make sure to brush their teeth and tongue twice a week every week!  Normally, that would be a huge ordeal. Rocky generally runs and hides under the bed if he sees a doggie toothbrush, and Stella refuses to open her mouth.   The reason oral hygiene is such a big deal for me is because oral health and heart health are directly connected in both humans and dogs.  Chihuahuas are already prone to having bad teeth so that already makes me worry about their heart health.  I do get their teeth cleaned regularly at the vets office but in order to cut back how many of those I need to keep their mouths in great shape in between.   Even when I brush their teeth on a regular basis they still have bacteria in their mouths that can cause bad breath, and let's be honest - puppy breath is cute in the beginning but not their entire lives!

So, I've started to use the Orapup Dog Tongue Brush starter kit. It comes with the tongue brush and 2 Lickies!  
The Orapup Dog Tongue Brush is designed to improve pet breath and help cure stinky breath without a toothbrush.  See, one of the sources of bad breath in dogs is bacteria on the tongue so the Orapup Dog Tongue Brush has soft, micro-pointed bristles that reach into the crevices of their tongue to remove the stinky bacteria.   To use, you just apply the Lickies (which contains natural enzymes and has anti-plaque benefits for improved oral health, onto the brush and let your dog lick.  When done, rinse off the brush and store it for later use.  I even stick the brush in the dishwasher once a week!
It's more like a treat for my dogs now. Grace loves it and tries to lick it till the last drop is gone.   I apply little bits at a time so that the other dogs don't try to get in on the action while it's her turn.  She could seriously lick the brush for hours if I would let her.
And look! It's a miracle! Rocky is actually letting me help him with his oral hygiene for once.  It's easy for me to hold the brush and sometimes I set it down for him and he holds it with his little paws as he licks away.  In fact...

He loves it so much that when I try to take it away he grabs it with his mouth and pulls it back.  I have been laughing so hard when he does this.  Honestly, cleaning their mouths is like bonding time now!   I'm still able to brush their teeth the regular way twice a week but I always worry that I don't get Rocky's teeth good enough.   Using the Orapup Dog Tongue Brush helps reinforce his fresh breath and get rid of icky bacteria!    The Lickies come in different flavors like Chicken and Beef & Bacon.  It really doesn't matter which flavor I use because my dogs love them both!

And guess what! If you use code DogGone25 you can get 25% off your next order through June 15th, 2015.

Do you find it challenging to clean your dog's teeth?    Will you try Orapup to make it easier?

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How To Emjoi Your Feet this Summer

Monday, May 25, 2015

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Summer weather means sandals and barefeet which means you don't want to be embarrassed when you are out and about.  Calluses and rough feet are not an attractive look on..well...anyone so I always make sure to properly prepare my feet for the summer weather.

1 | Wash them real good.
Feet sweat more in the summer so it's important that you wash your feet daily and when you're in the shower make sure you scrub them to remove dead skin and dried sweat.  Trust me, you will thank me later when you aren't embarrassed!

2 | Painted toenails.
Naked toes don't look as nice as painted ones so find a fun bright Summer color and paint away!!

3 | Keep them smooth.
I use Emjoi Micro-Pedi on a weekly basis to keep my feet gorgeous! It's sleek to hold, light weight and works so quick to hygienically remove hard cracked skin and calluses from the soles of your feet.  It's completely painless and it's actually fun to use.  There is even a manicure attachment that takes care of your nails as well as various rollers that work great on rough skin like elbows or hard to reach areas.  You can look on the Emjoi site to see what stores the Micro-Pedi can be found in. I love that I don't have to feat this tearing up my feet. It's battery powered and makes a nice little humming sound and turns on and off with the touch of a button.

What do you guys do to take care of your feet in the Summer?

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Um....So This Happened....

Friday, May 22, 2015

So, as many of you may already know, my plans after paying off my debt was to buy a house.   We have been looking for several weeks and it was so discouraging. Great homes were going off the market so fast and it was becoming nearly impossible to find a house with our main needs (and a few wants) and the perfect location.  So as of last Thursday evening I told my realtor, Amanda Marzella of Exit Realty,  that I was going to take a break for a little and give it some more time to wait for new houses to come on the market.  

Then Friday at work, a coworker asked me how the house search was coming and I explained that we just couldn't find anything "just right" for us so we were kind of putting it on hold for now.  Then I said "I know something perfect will pop up just for us."   Then I thought to myself "I bet I just jinxed myself."

So lo and behold I get back to my cubicle and I have an email notification from Amanda.  It's a house in my DREAM neighborhood.  Yes, back when I had my apartment I used to take walks in the surrounding neighborhood and imagine myself living in those houses. It's always been an ideal location and I've told people numerous times that my dream neighborhood would be that one.   I was so scared so I clicked into the listing and WOW - it had a 2 car garage AND new hardwood floors AND central air!!! I sent it to James right away, keeping in mind what Amanda had said just days before (If we find one we like we need to act FAST).   He agreed to a showing and Amanda had one set up for 6:30 that day. I was seriously thrilled and could barely focus at work.  The price of the house was a steal as well!  

We fell even more in love after the showing.   The inspection was yesterday (Thursday) so I wanted to wait till today to make sure everything was still going to go through.   Settlement is mid June... it's so true that "Life comes at you fast." These next few weeks will be a whirlwind but I can't wait. And I am so excited because I will have tons more posts from now on about the house, decorating, organizing, etc.   

So stay tuned.....

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Spruce Up Your Running Wardrobe with BOA USA + A Giveaway

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Running and working out can sometimes get a bit boring so to keep it fun I like to keep a bright and colorful wardrobe. It not only keeps me motivated but also when I look good I feel even better!   Especially when it comes to running, I like to keep what I wear colorful and full of fun patterns and prints. Not only does it make me stand out in a competitive race but I love glancing at my reflection in car mirrors as I dash by! 

Seriously, sometimes I even see other runners and I get real envious of their outfit and I really want to know where they got it from.  You can even tell when some of them have a brand new outfit on because they run like it! 

These are the BOA Women's Printed 1" Elite Split Running Shorts.  They give you a great range of motion when you're running. Nothing is more annoying than when you feel restricted.  They have a nice back panel that keeps you covered and the low rise fit is perfect.  So whether you are running in races or just for fun, you can utilize the internal key pocket or just enjoy the 100% microfiber polyester shell fabric. 

These patterns and prints are so fun and beautiful! I love the vibrant colors and the material is so lightweight and comfortable.  I am super picky with shorts because I have had ones that were too loose and too tight but this is perfect and right in between!

And one winner will get the Geo Grid Shorts (Left in 2nd pic) and the Tie Dye Shorts (Left in 1st pic) ! Good luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Spring/Summer Fashion Tips for Kids

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Warm weather is here! Hooray!!   I wanted to give you guys some inspiration and a few tips for dressing your kiddos for Spring and Summer   I used some of the adorable outfits I saw at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster for this post as well!

Tip 1 | Don't be afraid to mix prints and patterns.
A striped shirt over a flannel pattern shirt, like the above from Janie and Jack at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster,  is an adorable look for any kid. You can get more use out of the items in your child's closet when you start wearing 2 items that have prints or patterns.   Test stuff out by laying it out on the bed to see how it actually looks.

Tip 2 | Pair bold colored bottoms with a patterned top.
How cute is the outfit above from Janie and Jack at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster? A pair of bold colored red shorts is paired with an adorably patterned top with little sailboats on it.  If you match your bold colored bottoms with a color that appears in the top, it will make a nice combination.

Tip 3 | Embrace bright colors.
Coral, orange, yellow, and lime green are just a few of the colors I saw a lot of at Crazy 8 at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster on my shopping trip.  When shopping for bathing suits or tankinis for your child, make sure to choose a fun color. 
Tip 5 | Layering on cooler days is okay.
Maybe you are going on a trip into the woods, or it's just a breezy day, so don't be afraid to layer.  In fact, you can even look at outfits like the one above at Crazy 8 at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster to find outfits that are sewn together so they look like your child is wearing multiple layers. It's actually easier to get dressed for them and they won't get as overheated since they don't have as many layers on. This is also a good idea when you want to protect them from ticks and bugs in the woods or when at a lake.
Tip 6 | Embrace graphics.
Graphic tops are so cute these days for kids.  The one above from Crazy 8 at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster is a great way to celebrate summer weather.  It's a nice casual option when you want your kid to be able to play around and not worry about getting dirty.

Also, be sure to take advantage of any preferred shopper deals and discounts. I signed up for the Preferred Shopper Card at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster and it allows me to get exclusive discounts and some of the major stores there! You can sign up for the one I have at the management office of Rockvale Outlets Lancaster or any participating store. You can also sign up here. You can see participating stores and register for your card and then just pick it up in person!
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3 Tips for Happy Dogs this Summer

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Being the animal lover I am, I felt the need to write up a few tips for all you dog owners out there so your pets can stay happy and healthy this summer.

Tip 1 | Reward them with treats.
Because it's nicer out, there will be more opportunities for them to misbehave like barking at other dogs outside or digging in the yard.   So when they are being good and they listen to you when you tell them to stop, give them a bite-sized reward like Blue Buffalo Tender Beef treats from Chewy.  These are all natural so they don't have any artificial flavors.  My dogs love them and gobble them right down.

Tip 2 | Keep them hydrated.
It's already hot for us but imagine having a fur coat like your doggies do.  This is why it's very important to keep fresh water out for them especially when they come back in from outside.  I recommend leaving a bowl of water outside in the yard as well while they are out laying in the sun.

Tip 3 | No Hot Cars!!
If you can leave your pet at home while you run errands, please do so!  Leaving your dog in a hot car is not fun or safe for them.  Even if the windows are cracked, you allow people access to tease them or try to put food through the window for them (I've seen it before).

Tip 4 | Check for ticks.
Anytime your dog is outside it gives ticks the opportunity to hop right on so make sure you always check your pets when they come inside. Also, getting on a weekly/monthly flea and tick treatment is a GREAT idea.

What other tips do you have for happy pups in the summer? 

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Memorial Day | Making Memories

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile.  All opinions are mine alone.  #MobileMemories #CollectiveBias

Memorial Day has long been a time that we celebrate the beginning of Summer and since most everyone has off work that Monday, there are so many ways to enjoy yourself for a long weekend.  Being that it's also the beginning of a new season, it's a great time to look over your budget and fine tune it by thinking of ways you can cut back on monthly bills.  It's also a great time to brainstorm on some inexpensive or free ways to enjoy Memorial Day.  One of the ways you can do this is by switching to Walmart Family Mobile and the Lowest Price Unlimited Plans.  I'm talking about Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web for you to document what you do this Summer.  It's just the perfect time to switch over because phone bills normally suck a lot of money out of our bank account every month. 

The Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88/ month (for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data.

I plan to use my Alcatel Evolve 2 to document the fun and free things I do over MY Memorial Day Weekend.   Here are my plans...
Relax by the Water
There's a creek in my backyard so I can't wait to sit by it and watch all the interesting birds and ducks go by.   It will be fun to take photos and share them on social media with my Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan!  This phone is so light weight that it's easy to hold for spur the moment photos.  
Enjoy the Weather
I plan to lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by and maybe even read a book.  I'll invite my friends to come join me and we can even have a picnic.   It's always fun when you spend a weekend with some of your closest friends!  

Road Trip
I like taking little day trips around town to go walk around City Island or hiking.  It will be fun to pack up the car for the day, use my GPS, and just head to some place fun and free! Plus it will give me some fun photos to share with friends on social media.  And of course I'll have a reliable phone if I need to call anyone because I'm lost.... just kidding, or am I? The good news is I will have great 4G LTE Service from Walmart Family Mobile!

Walk the Dogs
It will be nice to get all 4 dogs outside and go to the park where I can walk them around together and stop for impromptu photo shoots with my Alcatel Evolve 2.   I love taking photos of my pups and I always get lots of likes on social media when a photo of them goes up.   I like to try to slow down in life and enjoy the little moments and this will certainly be one of them.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change.  Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

You can find the Alcatel Evolve 2 and the Walmart Family Mobile section in the electronics section of Walmart, where the cellular phone aisle is.

So that's how I'm spending my Memorial Day, how will you spend yours?
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5 Ways to Save Time in the Morning

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Many of us wake up and are rushed around from the moment our feet hit the floor to the moment we walk out the door to head to work.  A hectic morning can be very stressful and can set a negative tone for the day so I put together 5 ways to save time in the morning.

1 | Choose Your Outfit the Night Before
I personally plan my outfits a week in advance,

2 | Have a Morning Routine
Establish a routine of things you do every morning. When you do the same thing every day you make a habit of it.  If you get up, read the paper, feed the dog, check emails, THEN get ready for work, you'll continue planning enough time (hopefully) to do all of those things.

3 | Keep Keys, Purses, and Work Bags Near the Door
Keep your keys, purse, and any work bag you may have right near the door that you walk through to leave in the morning so that you can grab everything you need on the way out.  This is also great because you can put a sticky note on your items to remind you of something else, like getting your lunch out of the fridge.

4 | Don't Hit Snooze
Hitting snooze just make you more groggy when you finally get up and it gets you into the habit of procrastinating.   Set your alarm for a time that your feet MUST hit the floor.  If you have to, sit your alarm across the room so that you have to physically get out of bed to get to it.

5 | Pack a Lunch the Night Before
Having a lunch packed and ready in the fridge the night before can really save you meal prep time, trust me!

Which of these tips are you going to use to save some time in your mornings?

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Easy, Breezy, + Beautiful

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I love maxi dresses lately.   This is one of my favorite dresses ever!

So What I Wore:
Maxi Dress - Peter Som for Kohls

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Make an Impact with State Farm Neighborhood Assist

Monday, May 18, 2015

I participated in an Influencer Activation for State Farm Neighborhood Assist.  I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #SFNeighborhoodassist 

A lot of bad things are going on in this country today that are constantly being highlighted on the news and in the media.   We tend to sit around and complain about how everything seems so terrible but when asked to do something about it, most people think that's impossible.  How can one person make an impact?  It's not really about one person making an impact, but really a group of people that all want the same thing. 

These days parents are putting a lot of pressure on themselves to provide a safe community in which to raise children so they will do anything necessary to ensure their hometowns thrive.  Well, State Farm Neighborhood Assist wants to help make a difference in our communities as well by giving grants to the causes that mean the most to us.  That's right - YOU get to vote for your favorite cause!!    I did!    I voted for Dropout Reengagement in Philadelphia.  40 causes will be chosen to win so make sure you vote here and spread the word on Facebook for others to vote! 

By coming together and voting for causes - we can help make a positive impact in the community!  The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program invites people to submit a community cause they are passionate about and can rally behind it for a chance to win one of 40 $25,000 grants exclusively through Facebook to make their passion come to life!  State Farm Neighborhood Assist is great because it connects individuals and communities with local non-profits to help build safer, stronger, better-educated communities.  You can learn more by visiting

The Youth Advisory Board is a board of 30 students ages 17-20 from all over the United States. For 2 years they serve a term and implement a $5 million-a-year service-learning initiative to help address issues that are important to youth and communities.    This is a youth-driven board which is a great way to work on a brighter future for everyone! 

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