Change the Way you Clean your Kitchen with These Top Tips

Thursday, April 30, 2020

If you want to make sure that your kitchen is clean and tidy then these tips will help you. After all, nobody has time to spend all day cleaning, but if you use the below hints then there’s no reason why you can’t get the job done in half the time.

DIY Orange Cleaner

If you want a DIY orange cleaner then there are a few ways that you can make one up yourself. This cleaner will work wonders on your greasy stove tops and sinks too. The only thing that you need to do is take the peel of a few oranges and add some plain white vinegar. Leave this for a number of weeks in a nice cool spot. When you do, you will then be able to transfer the solution to a spray bottle. At this point, you will need to add some water and then shake it up. Two parts water is usually enough here, and you can use it all around the home.

Is Surgery The Best Solution To Your Health Problem?

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Surgery exists to solve problems. There are lots of health issues in life that can potentially be solved with surgery. Or, let me rephrase that slightly. There area health issues where surgery is a treatment option. This doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to go under the knife, but you have the option of doing so if you want.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mother’s Day is coming up and whether you’re into the “commercial holidays” as some people say or you really do enjoy taking a day to spend time with your mother, here is a list of great gift ideas for all moms!

Books I Recommend You Read [April]

Monday, April 27, 2020

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Another month, a few books. Check out what I read below.

4 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When You're Stuck At Home

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Are you stuck at home? This could be due to an illness or it might be because, like a lot of the rest of the world, you’re in lockdown. Here are some of the mistakes that you definitely want to avoid in this situation.

Falling Out Of Your Typical Routine

One of the first mistakes that you must avoid is slipping out of your typical routine. People who work from home usually encounter this problem when they first adjust to their new lifestyle. After all, if you are working from home and there’s no commute and no need to get ready, it’s tempting to have an extra hour or two in bed. You can argue to yourself that this is just adding to the time that it takes to get to the office. Unfortunately, research shows that once you abandon your typical routine, you are far more likely to have issues with sleep which causes more significant problems such as a lack of energy. This could throw your routine further off balance.

7 Self-Care Practices for Everyday Life

Friday, April 24, 2020

Self-care is EVERYTHING these days. Life is crazy busy and overwhelming and if you aren’t caring for yourself you are doing yourself a great disservice. But too often we see self-care as an expensive spa day or a fancy new car to spoil ourselves, when in reality there are plenty of ways to practice self-care both large and small in your everyday life.

Get a Mani/Pedi

You don’t have to go to a nail salon. You can soak your feet in the bath yourself, paint your toenails, and add some polish on your finger nails. Or you can set money aside in your budget each month to get your nails done so you look good, feel good, and take an hour or two to just relax while someone else does the work and pampers you. Don’t neglect things that make you feel good like regular haircuts and other bodily maintenance.

Embrace Therapy

If you are seeing a therapist for ANY reason, congratulations because you’re committing a very important act of self-care and healing for yourself. That means you are prioritizing a need and actually doing something about it. Some people refuse therapy and never even admit they need help with things so if you are currently under the care of a good therapist, good job.


Yes, it’s as simple as that. You should never go an entire day and only eat 1 meal. It’s just not healthy. While it’s also important to eat whole and nutritious things, it’s okay if you can’t become the #1 meal prepper on your street right now. Just remember to take time for meals. If you plan to be running errands all day, bring a protein bar for lunch or looking for a healthy lunch spot to eat. When you neglect your basic human needs you’re not putting yourself first and practicing proper self-care.


This is another basic human need. Whether it’s a full 8 hours each night of sleep or an afternoon nap on the days you’re completely run down. Rest is vital for your health. It’s also important to take a day or two to do NOTHING when you feel rundown. Simply rest. Take a break. Let your body and brain recharge.


While rest is important, staying active when you’re able to is just as crucial. When you stop moving your body, it starts to break down. Take walk breaks during the work day, do basic exercises like jumping jacks at home, take a yoga class and learn to stretch, and get out and explore your town by walking, jogging, or biking.

Read a Book
Getting lost in someone else’s story line is a great way to pamper yourself. Or if you indulge in a self help book, it’s a great way to grow as a human. Books are free at the library, so remember you don’t have to always spend money to take care of yourself.


As kids, we always played. Why should we stop now? Dance around to music while you cook dinner, make little crafts with whatever you have around your house, get an adult coloring book and color, and act goofy and laugh after a long stressful day.

Embrace your fun side and take time EVERYDAY for self-care!


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Tips to Be a Better Entrepreneur

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Being a blogger, I do think of myself as an entrepreneur since I have basically branded myself through my blog.  I am solely responsible for it's success and it's failure and for me, blogging is not just a hobby, it's a way to get extra income as well.  So if you're an entrepreneur in this day and age whether it's a founder of a company or just a small business owner, there are a few tips that can help you be the best entrepreneur you can be.

Get a FREE Printable Home Management Binder

Since my blog is always gaining new followers, I wanted to share a free printable from earlier in the year. This beautiful free printable home management binder is just what you need to have one central location for everything related to your home life. You can store contact numbers, financial information, and deal with project planning.

If You've Forgotten What True Relaxation Feels Like, You Need To Read This

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The modern world is not kind to our bodies. Not only does it assault them with all manner of junk food and toxic chemicals, but it also deprives us of our ancient ability to relax.

Ways to Simplify Your Beauty and Self-Care Routines

Monday, April 20, 2020

If you feel like your beauty and self-care routines are becoming too much of a burden for you, it might be a good idea to think about what you might be able to do to simplify them. Good beauty and self-care techniques matter but they don’t need to be complicated in order to be effective. In fact, the opposite is often true. Read on now if you want to find out more about how you can simplify your beauty and self-care routines today.

12 Tips And Tricks When It Comes To Looking After Your Elderly Relatives

Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay 

If you need to start looking after your elderly relatives but you don’t know where to begin then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’ve been doing odd jobs for them over the years or they’re only just starting to lose their independence, you need to be sure you’re doing all that you can to support them during this time. Whilst it may be difficult at first, there are lots of tips and tricks you can pick up to ensure you’re doing exactly that. From visiting them regularly to doing their shopping for them, the more you’re helping them the better. With that in mind, here are 12 tips and tricks when it comes to looking after your elderly relatives:

Help! What To Do When You Break A Tooth

If there is one health issue that no one wants to deal with, it's a broken tooth. Teeth are possibly the most unpredictable of all the body parts, and unless the Tooth Fairy is bringing you a golden coin under your pillow, the dentist is not something you think about!

There's nothing nice about biting into a juicy apple only to feel a piece of your tooth break in half, especially if you take exceptional care of your teeth, and you attend appointments at the dentist. The initial panic you feel when you feel that crack? That's the flash of worry because you know you now need to pay for treatment. Perhaps you need to book an appointment with Total Freedom Dental Implants Center to get the tooth replaced. A chipped or a broken tooth can happen to anyone, and it doesn't have to be because of an apple, either. What it does mean for you, though, is that you do need to get it repaired or see what your options may be in terms of getting your tooth looked into.
Close View of Woman With Red Lips Biting Gray Special Wrench

How to Take Care of the Earth

Earth Day should be every darn day, and you know why? Because if it weren’t for this fantastic planet, we wouldn’t exist. The Earth is the very thing that sustains life, so today I am dedicating this whole blog post to some wonderful ways you can take care of the Earth. These are things you can do on a small scale or spread the word to others and get everyone else to do the same so it’s a larger scale effort. Either way, just know that little acts are still important acts.

How to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Image by 영훈 박 from Pixabay.

Nobody wants to live in a messy space, but it can sometimes feel as if fighting the clutter is a never-ending battle. There’s always more mail coming, the kids’ toys and shoes are never in the right place, and stuff keeps piling up. However, you can take some simple steps to keep your home clutter-free, especially if you make it a priority to de-clutter regularly. 

What To Do If Your Home Floods

A flood can happen at your home because of the weather, burst pipes inside, or an overflowing river outside. Wherever it comes from, flood water can cause an enormous amount of damage that can be very expensive to put right. A lot of your things can be badly damaged too, which can be very upsetting. Here’s what to do if your home has been flooded.
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What You Need To Know About Compressed Air Filters

Friday, April 17, 2020

Air compressors are important equipment pieces to have in many industrial and home hobby settings because they provide power to essential tools such as impact wrenches, and airbrushes. These units need air filters to run and the right ones will help them run better for longer.

Life Lately

It’s Spring!!! I’m so happy! Figured it was time for another update of what’s going on in my life lately.

6 Trends in Hair and Makeup This Summer

Thursday, April 16, 2020

This year it’s important to be individual, creative, and to have fun with your look. There’s no shame in hiding colored hair or makeup tricks. It’s time to get bigger, bolder and more colorful this summer. Here are some looks that have been trending already this year.

What to Consider When Buying a Wig

There are many reasons someone may decide to buy a wig. Regardless of the reason, an ill-fitting or wrong wig deters from the impact one hopes to have by wearing one. Before you buy one, take these things into consideration to find the right one for you.

Going Vegan And Staying Fit; How Does It Work?

For anyone who still needs convincing, the popularity of events such as Veganuary and plant-based recipes demonstrates that more and more people are taking an interest in the vegan diet. If going vegan has been at the back of your mind, now’s the best time to try it.

When it comes to flavors, the plant-based diet is a lot more versatile than you might give it credit for. With simple transformations, you can enjoy your favorite dishes with a vegan twist. Your chili con carne can quickly become a chili sin carne, or even a chili con meat substitute. Your chai latte can be just as yummy with oat milk. But preserving the tastes you love isn’t enough. If you have a fitness routine, you may be worried that going vegan could reverse your hard work. Can you be vegan and stay fit?

How to Handle Your Expenses Being More Than Your Income with Hornet Partners

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How To Fix Your Expenses Being Greater Than Your Income

You're desperately staring at your budget , showing a very BIG negative number when it comes to your income MINUS your expenses. 

You are overwhelmed and feel so hopeless and though you've already tried to save money and curb spending, you know you need to do more.  Well you aren't alone and there are many ways to fix this. 

Hornet Partners offers some really great advice on how to lower your expenses which is a really great place to start.

How Can You Be Sure A Job Is Worth It For You?

Congratulations, you’ve scored yourself a new job! Maybe it’s one you’ve been dreaming of for a while, or maybe it’s a position that you can use to tide yourself over for the time being. Either way, it’s time to determine whether or not this new position is worth it, based on a few factors we go through in more detail below.

After all, jobs should serve you and your purposes as much as you serve your employer, and you shouldn’t be left bereft, especially when you’ve got regular money coming in the bank!

How To Practice Radical Self-Love

Self-love is a word that gets thrown around a lot without people really grasping the concept of it and putting into action in their everyday life. The thing is, practicing radical self-love is the greatest thing you can ever do to yourself because you’re literally prioritizing YOU and you’re showering yourself with love and positivity.

3 Cancer-Prevention Tips Everyone Should Follow

Monday, April 13, 2020

Cancer is one of the most frightening diseases on planet earth. While survival rates are increasing, it’s still a condition that nobody wants to be diagnosed with. Sadly, many people will get cancer, and there’s no way for them to avoid it. However, you can definitely reduce the chances of getting cancer, as well as putting yourself in a position where it’s easier to fight it off.

So, here are the cancer-prevention tips everyone should follow:
Source (CC0 License)

Earthing | What It Is + How It’s Changed My Life

Today I’m going to share something super magical and exciting with you that you may or may not have heard of before. It’s called Earthing and it has literally changed my life and helped heal me in so many ways, both physically and mentally.

The Power of Saying No

Friday, April 10, 2020

No is a powerful word. No can stop something bad from happening, it can draw attention when you need help, and it can assert your power. When you say no to someone or something you’re giving them your thoughts and also a command. Unfortunately, these days it seems like everyone is hesitant to say no and we’re beginning to say yes simply for the fact that we feel bad saying no. Feel bad saying no?!?! Why should you feel bad because you make a choice!? So I wanted to talk about the power of saying no today in the hopes that you’ll feel more comfortable with it in the future.

Grow Your Business with Public Speaking

Thursday, April 9, 2020

When it comes to marketing and whatever  business or service you're trying to promote, we tend to think of social media and digital advertising.  But there's so many more outlets to advertise and one of them has been around as long as any of us have been alive.  You see with public speaking you are using a new tactic to engage and interact with people in real life to promote your offerings.  This isn’t a new tactic by any means because obviously before the internet, speaking was a huge way to spread the word to folks.

4 Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Accident

No matter how careful you are as a driver, we all run the same risk of being in an auto accident during our lifetime.  No matter how careful you are, there are still irresponsible and reckless drivers out there and at the end of the day, accidents do happen. So while you can't always predict if you'll be in an accident or not, you can still be prepared with how to handle a car accident if it does happen to you.  There are some important steps to take immediately following an accident that can make the situation turn out much better for you in the end.  So whatever you do, don't make these mistakes after an accident.

Stay Healthy Working From Home

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak, a whole lot more people are finding themselves working from home. Some are finding it a breeze while others are struggling more than they would have anticipated.

How To Style A Boat Dock

If you live near water, a boat dock can be a great addition to your outdoor space.  Whether you are decorating it for a specific season or you just want to maintain it year-round here are some great ways to spruce it up.

5 Ways to Boost Creativity

As a writer, creativity can be a struggle. If I’m tired or have a lot going on, it’s hard to get into the creative space in my mind that births amazing ideas. Musicians, artists, writers, and designers are all types of careers and hobbies that require creativity. So what happens when you’re in a rut with writer’s block or you just lost your mojo? Well, here are a few ways you can boost creativity and get back on track.

Understanding Carbon Monoxide Risks In Your Home

Monday, April 6, 2020

There are many things that pose a risk in the home. From fires to damp, there are many visible and obvious risks. One of the most dangerous, however, is something that is a little harder to detect - carbon monoxide.

Making the Most of Remote Working with Ladder Advisors

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Times are tough right now and if you have a job that requires you to work remotely from home, it can be quite a difficult adjustment.  Today I wanted to share some tips on how to make the most of remote working so you can have some routine, organization, and be able to focus on your job.

Debt & How To Deal - with Polk Advisors

Friday, April 3, 2020

Debt is no fun at all. It stresses you out, it rules your decisions, and it's a major source of frustration in relationships and family units. When it comes to financial goals,  most people have becoming debt free as one of their top goals.  But unfortunately, many people also feel overwhelmed and they don't know where to start with this financial goal.  Today I'm going to talk about how to deal with debt and how Polk Partners can help. 

Everything You Need To Know About Vegan CBD Edibles

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

CBD and veganism are two massive health trends that have risen in popularity over the last few years. If you’ve switched to a vegan diet, then you no longer want to consume any animal products. This has been shown to - potentially - deliver various health benefits. CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, and it also has been linked to lots of excellent benefits for your health.

Lucid Dreaming | What is it and How do you do it?

If you’ve ever heard of lucid dreaming before, you probably thought it was just some spooky thing people do when they can’t sleep or maybe it’s one of those wild dreams you have when you’re sick. The movie Inception covered lucid dreaming and maybe that’s all you know of it. So what is a lucid dream exactly and how can you trigger yourself to have one? Well, that’s what we’re getting into today!