The Leopard Print Craze

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am a victim of it, that's for sure.  Leopard print is everywhere.  I will admit, some people overdo it and it looks extremely tacky, but if you balance it out just right, leopard print can look so sexy!

I am more of a fan of leopard print accessories and handbags.  Although I like the dresses and outfits, I really enjoy being able add spice to an outfit simply from your leopard print nails, shoes, or purse.

It seems like anywhere you look, there's some sort of animal print design, which I think is great.  I am very much against furs so I will stick to the prints rather than wearing an actual animal's fut on me.

When it comes to leopard print shoes, I think they look great with a black dress.  Keep it simple and easy.

What do you think of the whole leopard craze?

Dog is Good Review and *Giveaway* Ended

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Is Good is the perfect place to find products to promote your love of dogs.  From hats and mugs, to tees and PJ’s Dog Is Good has some awesome products with funny and catchy sayings on them.  The greatest part is that with the sale of any of the Big Mutts Designs, Dog Is Good is donating a percentage to a variety of animal welfare organizations.  That means A LOT to me as I stand for everything having to do with helping out animals!

I received a shirt from Dog Is Good that says “I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie”.   It’s so cute and comfy.  It’s thin and it’s kind of like having two tees in one.  I love the fitted style of it and it’s pre shrunk but will still stretch a bit.  I love it and the colors are so pretty. I got a lot of compliments on it each time I’ve worn it! This shirt is part of the Big Mutts Designs so a portion of it’s sales will go to an animal welfare organization. 

Be sure to check out Dog Is Good today!

One reader will win a $25 Gift Certificate for Dog Is Good!

Pet Flys Review and *Giveaway* Ended

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pet Flys has the absolute most awesome selection of pet supplies EVER!!!!  From adorable pet carriers to stunning apparel, they have such high quality products for a great price.  I first heard about Pet Flys from my Chihuahua magazine I am subscribed too.  I was always amazed at how they offered the coolest most useful products for pets.  Everything they carry is so stylish, both for your furry friend and yourself!

Well, I got the chance to try out a Fifi Florette Puppy Sling Pouch. So freakin’ awesome!!!!  The Pouch comes with a metal adjustable shoulder slider, an anti-pill soft fleece inner lining, 3 pockets, and a safety chain.  It’s SO lightweight and has a hand washable liner.  I have three Chihuahuas so it gets very tricky to carry them sometimes.  We have Pixie, who goes slow down steps, Grace who goes fast, and Stella who isn’t really a fan of stairs.  The Puppy Sling Pouch makes it super easy to put Stella inside, and then carry Pixie in the other hand, while Grace runs down the stairs herself.  Also, Grace tends to get nervous when we are around a lot of people in a huge crowd, especially if they have dogs.  She loves this Sling Pouch because she can hang out right against me and feel safe, and not have to worry about other dogs approaching her or people nearly stepping on her.  I am so excited about this!! I love it and I use it as much as possible.  The Puppy Sling Pouch accommodates pets up to 19 pounds!!

One reader is going to win a Fifi Florette Puppy Sling Pouch of their own!

Bobbe Pin Review

Saturday, July 16, 2011

BobbePin has some of the trendiest and most stylish indie clothing and accessories for both men and women! I am a huge fan of unique but trendy styles and BobbePin has just that. I found a lot of cute plaid designs as well as floral prints. They carry many designer brands such as Freebird, J Shoes, Arka, Synergy, and RevelationByMe.

I received a Monoreno Hooded Jacket. I love it. It’s SO SO soft and can be worn as a jacket OR a top. It’s 100% cotton and really helps keep me cool in the summer. I was worried it would be too thin and see through but it definitely isn’t. I got so many compliments, especially about the hood, because it still looked so classy even with a hood. It has 2 mid-section pockets an elastic waist, a drawstring hem and tabbed sleeves. This looks like something straight out of a magazine that you see on the models in the runway photos. It’s sewn together so well and looks sooo good whether it’s being worn, or just on the hanger. Plus, it’s only $36, which is not a bad price at all!!!

Check out BobbePin today!!

I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Survey Sites that I have been using for years

Monday, July 11, 2011

I posted this a while back when I first started my blog, so I'm resposting now.  A perfect example of how beneficial these are is this.... On Friday, I realized I had $0 for groceries on my normal Monday trip... well Saturday I received a $50 survey check in the mail and I spent $60 at the grocery store today.  So then, I got home, bummed that I went over my $50 limit, only to find ANOTHER survey check in my mailbox from ANOTHER company in the amount of $20.  This really helps, especially in this economy...

So when I was 19 I found this blog of all these survey sites that were free to join and paid legitimately good money. Each year I would find more and more. People don’t understand how it can be legitimate. Think of it this way, every time a new product is going to come out, why would the company waste all the time on it, if it’s going to be a flop, so by selecting a number of people to test it, study it, and rate it, they have a better idea of if it’s worth it and what kind of changes to make so that it is. I have been a member of all these sites for years and I find it entertaining and I really enjoy getting the awesome free samples of foods, perfumes, makeup, cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels, cereal, shampoos and conditioners, all kinds of stuff! It can be time consuming but if you dedicate an hour or two a day to this you won’t feel so overwhelmed. I know that the profiles may take a while to fill out but it is necessary in order to send you surveys that fit your specific needs. The sites I have below have NO SPAM. Any sites that have ever spammed me, I deleted my account from. Most of these sites either pay you by Paypal, points (converted to cash), mail checks, or gift cards and other prizes. A lot of these sites also have fan pages on Facebook and twitter which are pretty cool because you can get updates on what’s going on with the survey company. Let me know if you have any questions. - has a lot of products they send you, surveys are rather quick and easy to fill out. - Opinion Outpost is by far one of my favorites. You can accrue money very fast, as long as you qualify for the surveys. – my favorite site. They have the greatest number of surveys and the best compensation. You can cash out with Paypal. They also send a lot of free samples to try. – they email you LOTS of surveys on a daily basis after u get rolling and u cash out everytime you hit 20 bucks and then they’ll send you a gift card for a number of places. – takes longer to accrue your points but I just got a 50 dollar check from them once because I won their daily drawing. – love this one because they have lots of product tests too, I cash out pretty much every week so theres a lot of surveys available – sometimes they want you to sign up for offers, don’t bother, just take the surveys. They send the money to your paypal right away. This however, is one of the sites I rarely ever use anymore. – this one sends you LOTS of products and sends the money to your paypal right away. – this ones been slower lately but def sign up because it pays through paypal. – Survey Savvy is harder to qualify for sometimes but it pays pretty good per survey. – they have lots of surveys! I like to cash my points in for itunes credits. – another of my favs bc u can cash out very very often through paypal – This one sends you a couple surveys each day. Cash Crate!

My advice to any of you is to be patient. It took me a few months to get the hang of everything but it is worth it. the amounts I get I look at as gas money or grocery money for the week.

And of course, I am always here to help!

Canvas Press Review and *Giveaway* Ended

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Canvas Press is a company that gives you the opportunity to have your most precious memories (in photo form) printed out on a canvas in whatever color and size you choose.  All of their products are personally inspected before they leave the studio, so you will be contacted if there’s a problem making your canvas look great!

So as you may or may not know, my dogs are the little loves of my life!  I have so many pictures of them around my home, but when I got the opportunity to submit a photograph to Canvas Press to be printed on a canvas wrap I was thrilled.  Of course I chose a picture of one of my dogs.  This time I chose Pixie. 

Canvas Press did a beautiful job.  They have such great low prices and it’s so easy to upload a photo, center it, size it, etc.  You can get all different depths of pictures and you can select whether you want it in color, sepia, black and white, etc.  I was so excited when my canvas came in the mail! It looks awesome and so artistic just from being on canvas.  It was super easy to hang and I get compliments on it all of the time. 

One reader is going to win a 16 x 20 Gallery Wrap of their own!


1. You must publicly follow my blog.  On the right hand side of my blog where it says FOLLOWERS, click on FOLLOW.

2. You must “Like” Ask Away on Facebook (if you have it) at:

3. Like Canvas press on Facebook!/canvaspress

4. Go to and look around then come back and leave a comment here telling me which photo of yours you would submit for a canvas and why.

This contest starts today (Sunday, July 10th) and will end at 5pm EASTERN on Sunday, July 17th.

For additional entries:

1. Tweet about the contest including a link (1 entry, limit 1 per day)
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Contest valid in US Only.
After the contest, anyone who enters but doesn’t win, will receive a 10% off code to use on a future purchase from Canvas Press.

All giveaways end at 5pm EST on the date listed above. I will choose a winner within 48 hours of contest end.  The winner will be e-mailed and MUST reply within 48 hours or I will choose another winner.  Winner will be chosen by I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Tattoos Make Great Fashion Accessories

Monday, July 4, 2011

Think about it..... you are permanently decorated with art that expresses yourself.   Although I'm sure some people have their opinions about them, this post is to focus on how much they add to a person.   My favorite tattoo that I've seen lately (I wouldn't get it myself but that's okay) is the leopard print design on girls.  Whether it's part of a sleeve, or just by itself, I think it looks great!  Not everyone can rock a body covered in tattoos, but I know of several female celebrities that can!

The way I see it is, some people wear specific jewelry, or clothing with a statement or belief on it.  And some people wear that on their sleeve, literally!   The tricky thing is, you also have to match your outfit with you tattoos.  Most people with tattooed sleeves, wear sleeveless dresses and tops.  You also have to wear a more plain top, as to not look overwhelming mixed with the design of your tattoos. See, fashion is EVERYWHERE!

Kids N Pets Carpet Solution Review - The solution to all those tough stains!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm NEVER this enthusiastic about something but I am totally flipping out right now.  For years, and I mean YEARS, I have been trying to find a product that can get rid of set in pet carpet stains.  I've tried literally EVERYTHING out there, with no luck.  I began assuming it was the type of carpet I had, or that some stains just "can't come out".  Well, I was very hopefuly when I tried Kids 'N' Pets because their website has some raving reviews.  Sure enough, it worked! It took the stains out of my carpet 100% and the odors too!!!  But the best part about it is that this stuff is so cheap!! You can get it at Walmart for around $5!!!  I would just apply it to a stain, go do something and come back in an hour to begin sopping it up.  I have an old towel that I used and I was flipping out when the second I started to soak up the solution, it was lifting the yellow of the stain off the carpet.  It removed the entire stain AND the odor.   I have not a single complaint about this product and I began telling all my pet lover friends about it.   Plus, I got a mail in rebate when I bought 2 bottles of this stuff from Walmart!   I am telling you, if you use this stuff it WILL work!! Perfect for people with messy kids, or with pets that have accidents frequently in the same spot. 

If there is one product you try after seeing my reviews, PLEASE LET THIS BE IT!!
Check Kids 'N' Pets out on Facebook and Twitter also!

I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.