My Happiness Project: May - Be Serious About Play - COMPLETE!

Friday, May 31, 2013

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My Happiness Project for the month of May was to Be Serious About Play.

Here were my goals and here's what I did with achieving them. 

Ways I will do this are:
1. Be goofy
2. Take time to play
3.  Do fun things more often

1. Be goofy.
I have become even more of a comedian for my coworkers which has brought us all even closer .  We  have a lot of inside jokes now and it really helps me enjoy my time in the office more!! 

2.  Take Time to Play.
I am always trying to be productive and get things done but I don't like spending my life rushing through the days and wishing the weeks by.  So now, I spend 15-20 minutes in the morning doing nothing but goofing around with my chihuahuas.  I don't blog or check my phone during that time...I simple relax and enjoy my fun time.  This puts me in a MUCH better mood for the entire day.

3. Do Fun Things More Often.
Every weekend I take it easy now UNLESS I actually have a commitment to take care of.   I now utilize my weeknights to get errands, etc.  done so that me and my boyfriend can enjoy our time together on the weekends.

Check back tomorrow for June's Happiness Project which is to Make Time for Friends!

Burju Shoes Review & *Giveaway* Ends 6/7

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Burju Shoes are fashion-inspired dance shoes that bring comfort and style along with flexibility.  They were designed by Burju Perez, a dancer/choreographer who knows first hand the importance of looking and feeling good while on the dance floor.  And you don't have to be a dancer to know this, because anyone who has been to a wedding or formal party where the night ends on the dance floor, KNOWS that you will pay for it the next day when you can hardly step on your aching feet.

All of the different styles, heel heights, colors, and designs are simply gorgeous and are great for any classy gown or cocktail dress you may wear!

 I received the Blank Mint Maria Shoes from Burju and I love that they are stiletto heels with a 4 inch height, because they are STILL comfortable and they look amazing! I absolutely love them! They are perfect for a classy occassion where standing and walking and lots of dancing will be involved! The crossing straps give this shoe a classy look and the color block look keeps up with the latest fashion trends.  The Sole is made of suede and there's extra cushion for comfort under the balls of your feet.

One winner will get a pair of their choice of shoes from Burju!

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Sally Hansen Gel Polish Review

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Sally Hansen has always been the leader in all of my favorite nail polishes and other nail products.  I've always been impressed by the quality, price, how long they last, and how fast they dry.  Over the years I have become more and more interested in gel polish rather than typical nail polish.  There are many benefits to gel polish.  It can last for up to 2 weeks and you won't get any chips.  It leaves a nice durable shiny look on your nails.  I have always been a fan of gel polish when I get manicures, and now I am so happy that Sally Hansen offers gel polishes and gel polish starter kits!

I received a Gel Polish in Light Pink from Sally Hansen.   I was so impressed how quickly it dried with LED Light and it was so easy to apply, just like a regular nail polish except a lot easier.  I love love love the light pink color, it looks natural like it's just a beautiful manicure, but it's such a great protective coating over my nails and they have been growing longer without breaking off since this gel polish protects them! Be sure to pick up your favorite color and try out the gel polish from Sally Hansen for yourself!

Week 17 on Nutrisystem

Week 17 on Nutrisystem is bittersweet because I'm nearing the end of my Nutrisystem journey but it has been wonderful.  When I look at my body now, weighing in at 117 lbs, after a 22.4 lb loss, I barely recognize myself, but I mean that in the best way possible.  My body has transformed with the loss of fat, to show off my muscle and my toned body and it's all thanks to Nutrisystem

As it was difficult in the beginning, I must say it was a difficult adjustment.  All of their food tastes so good and I loved the pasta dinners.  Since I didn't have to cut out pasta, I was in heaven.   Everything was laid out so easily, letting me know what foods I can eat at what times of the day and making grocery shopping for healthy snacks easier than ever!
Even when I felt like giving up, I would log onto Nutrisystem and read everyone's posts in the forums and I got motivated again.  It's normal to feel like giving up but with the support of others and people in similar situations, it's not hard to find the strength to keep going if you look hard enough!
I highly highly HIGHLY recommend trying Nutrisystem for a few months if you want to lose weight and eat healthier, even if it's just 10 pounds.  The things I learned about eating healthy are something I will carry with me forever and I will educate friends and colleagues about.  

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

Disclosure: Nutrisystem has provided me with their program free of charge for participating in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. There is no other monetary compensation and  all opinions are my own.

10 Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self

Thursday, May 30, 2013

At 26, I can safely say that I've learned a lot over the past 6 much so that if I could tell myself at age 20, the things I've learned now, I think I would have had a more peaceful 20-year-old mind.
So here is what I would tell my 20 year old self:

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1. Do NOT use your credit cards!!  - Especially not on things that make you feel good during stressful times.   Seriously, just cut those cards up NOW!! 

photo by EricGjerdevia PhotoRee

2. Put $20 into your savings every paycheck - just do it!!  After 6 years, you'll have over $3,000.00.

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3. Stop buying stuff you don't need.  Novelty stuff is silly and you'll end up throwing it away in several years anyways, trust me I know this! ;)

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4. Don't compare your body to anyone elses. You are supposed to be unique, so just embrace it!  

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5. Going out to bars is a waste of money and time.  Be more productive with your time and make better memories. 

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6. When it comes to relationships, don't waste time with anyone that isn't worth it.  Whether they are selfish, lazy, or abusive in any way shape or form. 

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7. It's okay to not be married already.  You're the smart one at such a young age.

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8.  Only worry about having 1 or 2 close friends.  The rest of them all disappear over the next few years anyways.

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9. Stay out of the sun.   Just do it.

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10. Enjoy every sunset you see, every flower you can smell, and every beautiful scene of nature you witness.  These are the things that throughout life will always give you a few moments of joy and peace. You won't remember them all, but it's okay.

What would you tell yourself?

Official Ask Away Guide to Surviving a Break Up in 5 "Easy" Steps

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We've all been there.  Numerous times!  Even if we are the one to break it off.   Break ups make you feel bad no matter what and whether it's guilt, shame, remorse, abandonment, heartbreak...every feeling makes it harder to survive them.  I'm living proof that life goes on after them, and so are most of you!  

So...without further ado....I present to you...

 the OFFICIAL Ask Away Guide to Surviving A Break Up in 5 "Easy" Steps. 

And let's be's never easy, but if you keep telling yourself it is, it will get easier faster. 

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1.  Separate Yourself

You need some time to decompress and separate yourself from the world in order to give yourself time to cope.  So for some of us that means isolating ourselves because we can deal with it better alone.  But for other's it means staying close to a friend for support. Make sure it's a friend who supports you but will ensure they hold you accountable for keeping the break up clean and not running back.

2.  Hold Yourself (Or have a friend hold you) Accountable for NOT contacting them
Every break up needs to have the opportunity for each person to get their final thoughts/words out so make sure you let that happen.  After that, let it be known that you need time away to not talk/communicate/see them.  

Then, either hold yourself accountable for doing this or designate a friend you can rely on to hold you accountable.  This means no texting, calling, Facebook stalking or IMing, and no Drive Bys!

3. Remove Reminders of the Relationship from your life

This is best to do about a week after the break up, maybe even sooner.   For me, I do it immediately, but that's just how I work.  Some people aren't ready in that time.  Remove any and all reminders from view.   This means, Clothes, Gifts, pictures, CDs, Facebook updates (hide them from your feed!), ANYTHING that reminds you of them or is theirs or from them.  

4.  Give yourself as fresh a start as possible  
ONce you get that feeling...and you know when you get it.. where you literally sigh a huge sigh of relief and feel ready to move on from the Remorseful/crappy feeling stage - tell yourself it's a new day and a new beginning and make yourself believe it by making everything in your life fresh.    Do this in a few simple ways:
 - Wash your bed sheets so there's no leftover smells on the pillow he slept on
- clean your room, declutter your apartment, scrub your home
- Clean out your car and make it all shiny and dust - free inside , it'll put you in a better mood
- Clean up your desk at work or your work station
- Rearrange your room/apartment/home and redo your closet so you can see ALL your clothes and try some new outfits.

5. pamper yourself and enjoy YOU
Get a manicure or pedicure, get your hair done, go to a spa and get a massage, and schedule regular once a week dinners/drinks with your girlfriends.   Celebrate you and your freedom

Trust me, they all have a big impact on your state of mind!

Golden Island Jerky Review & *Giveaway* - Ends 6/5

Golden Island Jerky is something very unique and different when it comes to jerky.   Are you ready for these fantastic flavors?   Grilled BBQ, Chili Lime, Teriyaki, Korean BBQ, Mandarin Orange, and Hickory Black Pepper!  Delicious and there is certainly something for everyone out of that selection!!!

For Golden Island Island Jerky, their jerky making is a way to preserve meat without losing ANY of the flavor.     That's a big deal to me because sometimes I feel as if companies just rush through the jerky making process and end up with a dry, bland result.

I received a sample of each flavor and it was delicious and mouth watering.  The flavors were so luxurious and pure in each one.  My favorite was Mandarin Orange and Hickory Black Pepper! They were so so tender and juicy, and it was nice that they weren't overly chewy or tough!

These are great as a gift for someone who loves jerky, or for yourself if you want a stash of snacks for your work desk, your car, your gym bag, and around the house!!!

One winner will receive a 6 flavor pack of Jerky!

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Barts Cookies - The Best Cookie I've Ever Had

Monday, May 27, 2013

Okay, I have to tell you that I am going through some serious withdrawal and it's all thanks to Bart!!  Before I explain more, let me introduce you to Bart.

His name is Bart Smith and he is the maker of Barts Cookies aka the world's greatest cookies! He started baking cookies for everyone back in college and they made such a big deal out of them that he realized he was onto something.  Bart wears many hats, including an author, and a successful businessman!   So his cookies are great for clients, and even if you are just a regular person, you can find plenty of options to indulge in when it comes to ordering cookies from Bart. 

Bart was kind enough to send me samples of his cookies.  I tried the Milk/Dark Chocolate Chip cookies and the regular milk chocolate chip cookies.  Oh my gosh, DELICIOUS!  It reminds me of cookie dough, but yet it's fully baked, but it's still so chewy yet just firm enough!

I even let my dad try one and he said they are "ass kickin"!   The milk chocolate/dark chocolate chip combination was absolutely amazing and it was something I had never tried before.  I could not believe the quality of these cookies.   They are the perfect size, even the bigger one, but they weren't too overpowering with sweets, yet they were sweet enough that I could have eaten all of my samples in one sitting!  

I highly highly highly recommend you get cookies from Bart as a gift for someone or just to spoil yourself!!!  You will NOT regret it.  You can choose from different chocolate chip flavors, and from the different sizes!!   GO NOW and tell Bart I said Hello! :)

Organized Catch All Kitchen Pantry

Everyone has a pantry in the kitchen that they store a lot of commonly used items in.  For my house, it's flashlights, lightbulbs, candles, vases, and a few other odds and ends.   Since these are all important items I had to make them easily organized so that they would be easy to find and grab in a hurry.

First I separated the items into groups: batteries, tapes, string, light bulbs, candles, flashlights, vases, odds and ends, etc.   Then I found containers big enough for each grouping.  
And finally, I had to find a way to put them on convenient shelves.  I grouped items together.  Vases and string aren't used as often so they went on the top shelf.  The candles went on the next shelf, placed in plastic shoe boxes, with the large candles out by themselves. 

And on the next shelf went light bulbs.  I even stored lightbulbs delicately in a little oval bin so that they can't get banged around and broken!!  Look at how nice and neat that looks!  
The Mom Creative
A Bowl Full of Lemons


Andrews Pet Palace Review & *Giveaway* Ends 5/31

Friday, May 24, 2013

I love my pets but sometimes it's a hassle to have to run the whole way to a specialty pet store to get their supplies.   This is why a website like Andrews Pet Palace is very convenient!  There are so many products for my pets and they are all wonderfully priced.   They get delivered right to your door and you never have to worry about running completely out of something and having to rush to the pet store late at night!

Andrews Pet Palace sent me a 14 pack of Advance Housebreaking Pads by Coastal Pet Products, which is great because with 4 chihuahuas, I am always in need of these.   However, these aren't just any pee pad, they actually turn blue when they get used! It's called Wet Check technology.   it makes it so much easier to know when to change the pad.  These pads were super absorbent even with 4 dogs!


And just because you don't have small dogs, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of these.  Big dogs have accidents when left home for an extended period of time, or if they get scared during a storm or during fireworks they can have accidents in the house.   Regardless, these are easy clean up for me and my pets because nothing leaked through, and nothing leaked off the pad.  I am very impressed by how well it contained the puddle!! I highly recommend these for any small or large dog owner, and especially for people with a new puppy!

One winner will get a 30 pack of pads!

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Week 16 on Nutrisystem

Week 16 has been great.    I look forward to my meals each day now and my energy levels are perfect!   I am weighing in again at 117 lbs and lost 22.4 lbs total on Nutrisystem

One of the great parts about Nutrisystem is that the meals are so fulfilling that you never feel like you're missing out.  Even when I go over to a friend's house, I bring a meal and I smile when they make a comment like "WOW, that looks great!" and start staring at my little meal! 

Since Memorial Day is here this weekend,  I made sure to prepare myself for the official start of summer and "tempting meals" at cookouts.  I will remember to exercise portion control and to make sure I choose healthy sides instead of sides that are packed with carbs, calories, etc. 

One of best parts about being on Nutrisystem was that I got my bikini body back simply because it was there the whole time but it was just covered in fat in my trouble areas.   I feel as if it literally fell off my body.   I feel healthy, I don't feel starved,  and I feel really good about myself now!!!!

Check back next week for my final Nutrisystem post!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

Disclosure: Nutrisystem has provided me with their program free of charge for participating in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. There is no other monetary compensation and  all opinions are my own.

AvoDerm Natural Premium Pet Food Challenge - Progress

I received AvoDerm products for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 
In case you don't remember my blog post about it,  I recently signed up for The AvoDerm Challenge.  When you sign up to take the challenge to see your pet's coat become shinier and healthier in six weeks, you also get a $5 coupon that you can use for your first bag!   You will also gain an entry to the sweepstakes to win a year's supply of AvoDerm for your pet! 

It's been a few weeks since I started feeding Rocky AvoDerm and he is loving it so far.  He is normally a picky eater but with this food, he runs right up to his bowl and eats it right away!

One of the first things I've noticed since feeding AvoDerm is that he isn't itching his neck as much and he doesn't like his paws anymore.  Sometimes dogs have allergic reactions to ingredients in their food which can make them lick and scratch themselves.  This is a great sign so far.   Also, my little guy isn't shedding nearly as much as he used to! It's great because I don't end up covered in fur when I leave for work in the morning after I snuggle him goodbye!

I love that his coat is getting shinier and I hope it's show dog-shiny by the end of this 6 weeks!!! 

Be sure to sign up for the challenge and follow Avoderm on Twitter so you can tweet them about your pet's progress!

Also, make sure you like Avoderm on Facebook so you don't miss any updates!



I received AvoDerm products for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

PooPeePad - Great for Small Dogs!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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PooPeePad is a brand of training pads for dogs that are perfect for anyone that has small dogs or even a large dog that has problems with accidents in the house.  They offer training pads in different designs and sizes.  PooPeePad is a great company that's been around for over 20 years now.  When you buy their pads direct you save money.  They offer free delivery and they'll come in just 1 or 2 days!!   Their pads have sealed edges and tear-resistant top sheets.  There's even leak-proof backing which is not only important for your carpet but for your pet and your hands as well for when you clean them up. Their pads absorb up to twice as much as the leading competitors! 
 photo IMG_0971_zps79e303da.jpg  photo IMG_0970_zps677046fa.jpg  photo IMG_0969_zps7279ec0d.jpg  photo IMG_0968_zpscbf605a7.jpg  photo IMG_0967_zps14d4790b.jpg
I received Economy, Quilted, Deluxe, and Super Premium to try out with my pooches. The quilted was a favorite because I love how it absorbed the odor and smell best of all when it came to my dogs using it to "wee wee".  This is great for a multiple dog household.  Economy was great for pretty much anywhere and everywhere and it also did a fine job of absorbing the mess and holding the odor in.  

The deluxe size was very great for long periods of time so all of my pups had room to do their business without worrying about getting their paws messy.  And this also cut down on the chances of accidents off of the pads!   And the Super Premium was fantastic with maximum absorption.  I couldn't believe how much it made it look as if it had been barely used by all 4 dogs!!!

These are great and a must have even if your dog goes to the bathroom outside.  You never know when you might need it "just in case"!   

Organize Your Hair Tools with the Hot Iron Holster

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When it comes to organizing your beauty supplies it can be very overwhelming.   Let's see....women have cosmetics, lotions, facial routine products, hairbrushes, styling products, and styling tools, just to name SOME!  

So when I discovered the Hot Iron Holster I was thrilled! Not only is this a great organizing solution but it also helps with the issue of where to place your flat iron when it's still hot!

The Hot Iron Holster was created by a busy mom who finally came to her breaking point after the umpteenth time her hot curling iron slipped into the sink and her flat iron fell to the floor.   Not only are these safety hazzards, but they make your daily routine tha tmuch more frustrating.   She looked all over online to see if there was something she could use to hold her curling iron.  The only things she found were holders that required a countertop or a wall for mounting.  Since she didn't have a countertop she decided to use her sewing machine and a silicone oven mitt with a hot pad from the kitchen.  She stitched them together and filled it with coins to weigh it down.  It was pretty ugly but it worked.   And that's where the idea for the STYLISH Hot Iron Holster came from! You KNOW this product will work for you because of the way it was developed!

I received a hot pink Hot Iron Holster for review and it's a great addition to my organized beauty and haircare set up!  It's heat resistant and made of 100% silicone and all I had to do was press the flap onto my countertop and it gripped the surface.  If I need to remove it, I just have to lift it up....easy as that!

This was amazing when I needed to do some flat ironing to my hair, then stop and do something else, then do some more ironing.  I could set the hot iron in it and not worry about it burning or melting anything.  The Hot Iron Holster comes in black, white, purple, and pink so you have plenty of options to suit your preferences!

Ladies - THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!!

BodyMedia Fit Review

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BodyMedia is the leading on body monitoring system when it comes to tracking things like calories burned, sleep tracking, and activity monitoring.  If you want to have a healthy lifestyle it's always important to monitor and track these things, which is why for $119-$149 it's a great deal! 

 photo IMG_0950_zpsba6ce5d7.jpg Bodymedia actually began in Pittsburgh, PA when they developed wearable body monitors that give the person wearing it the information they can use to evaluate their lifestyle and make the changes they need to make in order to live as healthy as possible.  And BodyMedia is registered with the FDA and has been clinically proven to enhance users' weight loss by up to three times!

I received a CORE Armband from BodyMedia. It has a great small, sleek size and it can be worn as a wristband or clipped on to your pockets.   I love the design and you can even change the band on it if you want to be fashionable.  It was very easy to set up and all I needed to do was download the free mobile app for my iphone, which was free of charge.    This was so amazing to be able to see throughout the day how I was doing with burning calories, getting a good amount of sleep, and much more.  The data is easy to read and wasn't time consuming at all which is very important to me because I'm on the go a lot!

I am just in love with this little thing and when I wear it everyone asks what it is and how to get one!!

My Couture Planet Review & *Giveaway* Ends 5/29

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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My Couture Planet is a woman-owned company from Massachusetts that makes fashion forward handbags and accessories using 100% recucled newspaper with headlines from fashion, art, culture, food, travel, and sports.  They come in different sizes and styles and it's a great way to be fashionable and represent the art of upcycling.   Everything is made in America and all available resources are utilized including natural resources, human resources, and repurposed resources. 

There are several different types of bags at My Couture Planet.  I love the clutch especially but the Coco bag is great because it has stylish plastic handles, and the large tote has regular lengthy handles which makes it great for everyday use. There is even a wristlet! How cool is that?!

 photo IMG_0964_zps498a64ff.jpg  photo IMG_0965_zps70dcc8e6.jpg  photo IMG_0966_zps467d0697.jpg I received a large tote from My Couture Planet. It's perfect for everyday use no matter what I carry in it and I love that it's easy to keep clean if I happen to spill something inside of it.  The headlines on it are awesome, real fashion news!! This is perfect for me since I have a fashion-related blog.   

One winner will receive a large tote as well!

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Organizing the Fridge

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well this past week, it was the fridge that needed tackled and let me tell you it was quite a mess.   I had to scrub and scrub to get some of the mess off of the shelves but in the end I made it look very pretty!

The best part was that after cleaning the whole fridge, it was nice to open it up and see the shiny glass.   

I organized like items together on the shelves:
Hot Sauce is all together.
Condiments such as Mayo and Ketchup are all together.
Dressing, marinades, and steak sauce are all in one shelf together.

On the bottom shelf I put large bottles that won't fit anywhere else.

For the top of the fridge, all of the heavy items like the milk gallons go on the right, and the smaller, lighter drinks go on the left.

The cheese drawer is where ALL the cheese goes and the fruits and veggies can now go in separate drawers!! 

Are you cleaning your fridge soon? What's your method? Leave a comment below!

The Mom Creative
A Bowl Full of Lemons

L'Occitane Radiance & Color Care Collection Review

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 photo IMG_0952_zps477e221a.jpg L'Occitane has an amazing Radiance & Color Care Line for color-treated hair.  It contains 5 essential oils to maintain vibrant hair color naturally.   It's frustrating for me because I know that everytime I wash my hair the color fades a little and I am always trying to ensure it still looks great and vibrant.  Well, now I can.   L'Ocitane Radiance & Color Care contains the oils: Bergamot, Palmarosa, Geranium, Rosemary, and Cedar.  It smells fantastic and made my scalp tingle in a soothing but subtle way.

It's also sulphate free which is important because it won't strip the color as it cleanses your hair.  There's even a UV Screen to protect your hair from the sun, which I always try to do anyways.   I love the texture of both the shampoo and the mask.  and a little went a long way when it came down to how much I needed to use.   The smell stayed in my hair for 2 days and my hair was so shiny and smooth.  I can definitely tell a difference in how hydrated my hair is now!

The mask is truly amazing because it literally just got soaked directly into my hair and it didn't weigh my strands down at all.  I use it once a week in order to protect the color and keep my hair looking and feeling great.   The Shampoo is great because it works itself into a nice lather and it rinsed out easily instead of gunking up my scalp like some products have.

I highly recommend this line for anyone with color-treated hair!

Make a Care Package for the Man in Your Life

Monday, May 20, 2013

Guys are hard enough to buy gifts for, especially when you deal with picky ones (cough::my dad::cough) so next time you need a gift for any man in your life, stop obsessing over what big ticket item you can get for him.   Instead...think small...and cheap....literally.   

Below is a simple guide to help you put together a unique and special care package for the special guy in your life!  

I even included the one I made for my boyfriend, James! He works so hard and is always putting in extra hours at his job and sometimes working part time on the side, and still he never complains or treats me anything less than amazing!   I was trying to think of a way to show him I care but also show him that I want to help him feel his best when he's working hard and have a way to remember that I care about him and appreciate his hard work. 

Step 1. Pick one part of his life like his hobby, his job, or his daily routine.

James works many hours and he works very hardI chose to make a care package that would help him when it came to working

2.  Make a list of items that pertain to that part of his life.    
Think of items that make him happy, make his life easier, or that he uses on a daily/weekly basis. 
 I chose items that deal with first aid, snacks, health, and feeling comfortable while at work.  
  • Shower Wipes - For hot days in the shop or outside 
  • Candy - For a simple pick me up and to give him some energy
  • Band-aids & Anti-Bac Ointment - Because he is always beating his hands and fingers up and I'm not there to treat them
  • Antacid Tablets - For when his stomach is upset and he's on the job
  • Hand Sanitizer - Because he and I both like to be as clean as we can be :-)    

3. Purchase, make, or gather up the items on that list.
 photo 78865cc5-1395-41fd-8c94-9a9013d6352c_zpsf322899d.jpg
I already had some of the items on hand but I also stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up small versions of some of the items such as band-aids, Ointment, Antacids, and I also bought the candy from there.  

4. Find a convenient way to package and present them to him with a basket, storage bin, tote, etc.  
 photo e1265ee5-2727-4411-9c64-69b20dd20aae_zpse1679059.jpg
Since I want him to be able to use his care package during the work day I made sure to get a durable, easy to store box, so I picked up a small plastic bin from the Dollar Tree and chose one with a blue lid to match the blue color of his car.  

5. Add a personal touch.
 photo 7d8e1487-d64a-47c1-8216-cd55f97af2d1_zpsac1ba243.jpg
I included a hand written note card with a sweet message.  I taped it to the inside of the lid so James can read it every time he opens his box.  

Talk about being creative!   What kind of theme would you have for your man's care package gift?
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Therafit Shoe Review & *Giveaway* Ends 5/27

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You are going to love Therafit Shoe, trust me!  All I can tell you is that they have solved my issues with running, walking, anything else I might do on my feet.  Therafit Shoe as a company has four ideas in mind with their shoes - Comfort, Customer, Charity, and Community.
Comfort - By combining a design inspired by European ideas with a patented technology with a fashionable comfortable shoe, they created a great shoe for women!   Dr. Lisa Masterson helped develop these shoes as well and she's from the Emmy award-winning series, The Doctors.   Therafit helps empower women by reminding us to embrace wellness in all parts of our lives.  Plus Therafit Shoe's technology gives your feet cushion and support and helps reduce the aches and pains that come from everyday life on our feet.
Customer - Therafit Shoe makes returns easy, and offer an easy to search website so you can pick the ideal shoe for yourself. 

Charity - Therafit Shoe has a  One Step Forward Giving Campaign. For every purchase, they donate to a charity partner of your choice.  Proceeds go directly to the organization with the focus on medical research, education, and preservation of our planet. 

Community - The Therafit Shoe community blog is a great social media program that engages and informs it's followers with support, humor, education, and connection!

 photo IMG_0958_zps09b30c45.jpg  photo IMG_0959_zps678e4d79.jpg  photo IMG_0960_zpsb56f443a.jpg  photo IMG_0961_zps3a3a9762.jpg  photo IMG_0963_zpscb1a9ef5.jpg What a great company!   And I received a pair of Black/Pink Deborah Womens Sneakers!  I love these. Not only are they beautiful and stylish but they are so comfortable and came with amazing instructions and a DVD to help explain everything to me. 


One winner will get a pair of shoes of their own from Therafit!  These shoes have a breathable mesh for comfort and support along iwth a shock-absorbing removable insole.   There's also a comfort pad insert and Cosmo fabric inside.   Then there's a compression molded insole and a shock absorbing wedge which you can adjust with the personal comfort adapters.   And then of course there's a long-lasting rubber sole on the outside. The colors are so girly and feminine and this has eliminated my curse of sore/achey feet at the end of a long week!!   I am so elated!

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