Outfit of the Day: Elegant Pattern

Friday, November 30, 2012

I just love this dress.  Yes that's right, a dress.  It has more of a blouse like top and I wasn't really feeling the top for such a chilly day so I threw a black cardigan on over it and added some turquoise tights to go with the turquoise color in the elegantly patterned dress. 

So What I Wore:
Boots - TJ Maxx
Dress -  Thrifted

Tights - Target
Cardigan -  Old Navy

How to Dress for a Funeral

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What to Wear to a Funeral

Yeah, even the title seems taboo, huh?  The reality is, fashion faux pas can happen anywhere, and in some cases, people may not care, but it may affect how you feel about yourself.  Slinking around embarrassed to see anyone because you feel like you dressed  totally inappropriately is not a good way to help console someone at a solemn event like a funeral.  So here are a few tips to help you.

Don’t wear bright colors
Oh, you have a fuscia blazer? That’s nice, but save it for a happier occasion.  Darker colors tend to help embrace someone’s sadness and it almost encourages them to accept their feelings for what they are going through.  It’s good for the coping and healing process, after all, that’s why funerals are held. 
Appropriate colors for a funeral are:
Forest Greens
Deep Reds

Shoes Matter
DO NOT wear stilettos, as it gives the wrong impression!!  Instead, stick to flats or low cut boots or mary jane type heels in black or brown.  Remember, there may be times where you have to stand for a while and you don’t want to look taboo for shifting around a lot, messing with your feet, and looking impatient.  Also, keep it realistic with walking because in some cases, cemetery services are held and you will look like a FOOL as your dagger heels sink into the ground and you cause a mini-scene.

Dresses and Skirts are okay
A dress or skirt is okay, as long as the length is at the knee (if you are wearing tights under it) or even below the knee if you aren’t.  Also, if it’s winter, Try to always wear tights under your skirt!

photo by robertjosiahvia PhotoRee
Showing  Skin.
If you have a sleeveless  dress try to wear a shawl or a wrap over it unless it’s warm out.  Otherwise, wear a cardigan to cover your shoulders and make sure your top is not too low cut at all.  That’s a huge distraction to, ahem, some men, and the other women will NOT appreciate it.  Yes, people can still be catty and dramatic even in someone’s time of mourning, so don’t add any fuel to ANY fires. 

The Official Ask Away Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

photo by tanakawhovia PhotoRee

The Furminator

This is ideal for someone who has a dog or cat with long OR short hair that sheds on the furniture, on their clothes, and everywhere else.  It's called the Furminator and it works wonders.  It's a professional grade grooming tool, which is basically a brush with a blade.  I highly suggest you purchase one from Amazon.   Very low pricing there.   And yes it WILL work!! Trust me, you will get tons and tons of hair out of your pet the first time.  It's amazing how much hair keeps coming out and it makes sense now that they seem to shed so well.
Cost - Depending on the dog's size $10-$20 on Amazon

Martingale Collar

The Martingale Collar is ideal for the dog that pulls it's way out of a regular collar.  Choker collars are used by some people but ideally they aren't 100% safe for all dogs, especially smaller dogs like Chihuahua's with sensitive throats.  The Martingale Collar tightens up in only one area so as not to choke your dog, but it tightens up enough that your dog can NOT slip out of it's leash.  I have one for Grace because when she panics when we are on a walk, she used to pull out of her collar and run away.  Since having one of these for over 2 years now, she has yet to successfully get away. You can choose either from large, medium, or small!
Cost - $7-10  on Amazon

Kids N Pets Cleaner

For someone who is cleaning up messes a lot, trust me you will fall in love with this product.  I even reviewed Kids N Pets before and now I won't stop buying it.  It's so affordable and it is the ONLY thing that works on set in stains and stains that won't come out with anything else.  It smells great too.   I SWEAR on this product. 

Cost - $14.99 for two on Amazon!

The Bissell Titanium SpotBot Pet

The Bissell Titanium SpotBot Pet is just the best gift ever! I also swear on this when it comes to cleaning up pet mess and even people met.  It's portable, easy to use, easy to fill and empty, and I have not one complaint!!!! I had one for years and years and finally got a newer one!! It costs $149.99 at Target, which is the best deal I've seen with it!

Outfit of the Day: Stripes

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am a huge fan of stripes and patterns, even in the cold weather months so I am especially fond of any dress that can combine solids and stripes.  As for the dress below, I chose the MikaRose MaryAnn Striped Top Dress because it has a solid bottom and striped top and is easy to wear alone or with tights and booties, as I did below.

So What I Wore:
Bracelet: ChicXpressions (here)
Dress: MikaRose (here
Booties: Marshalls
Real Girl Style Link Up

White Spikes at Becoming Elizabeth

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Becoming Elizabeth embraces the latest jewelry trends with spikes and tassles.  I love the colors as well.  The colors are so soft but still great for statement jewelry.

I received a White Spike Necklace from Becoming Elizabeth.  I absolutely love this necklace.  It looks so good with most of my outfits and it’s lightweight and comfortable.  Some necklace pinch my neck and my hair sets stuck in them but this is just dainty enough that it’s still a statement piece, without being bulky and a hassle.  The soft white color is so beautiful and gives it such a luxurious look!!!  I have been wearing it in a lot of photos for outfit posts so be sure to keep an eye out!! 

I also must say, the prices are very very fair at Becoming Elizabeth and if you want to embrace the spike trend with a subtle piece of jewelry, this is the ideal place to get it from!

Pet Loving Fashionista Prize Package for Blog POP!'s Christmas Wishes

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ask Away is participating in Blog POP!'s Christmas Wishes Giveaway Event on November 28,29, & 30!   I am so glad that Jenna from Momma Told Me  reached out to me to be part of it!  These giveaway packages offered during the event will be way better than the usual ones and it will be stuff you don't see in every giveaway event!  From fashion to food to kid's toys, there is something out there for everyone! I'm teaming up with a bunch of great bloggers like: Keenly Kristin, Momma Told Me, My Life With Rats and More, Still Blonde After All These Years, and Dad of Divas.

So far, I have some cool jewelry from The Trendy Boutique, a dog car seat from PetAutoSafety.com and something from Vancaro! Check back on Wednesday :)

The Official Ask Away Gift Guide for Central PA

I love giving gifts, but sometimes it seems pointless to get something for someone just because you need to find a gift.  This is especially the case when it's something that can be put aside eventually and forgotten about, like a decoration, jewelry, etc.

What I like to do these days is give services as a gift, especially local services.  So this is my official gift guide for anyone in Central Pa.

Custom Cuisine Personal Chef Services from Chef Lori Kerr 
For $32 a meal, you can give a gift certificate for this service to your parents, siblings, or practically anyone.  Chef Lori will come to their home, decide on a menu, and then come back at a scheduled date/time to prepare the meals in their home.  When she's done, you won't even be able to tell she was there because she uses all her own supplies and cleans up after herself.  I blogged about my experience with her personal chef services. A gift certificate for her services will not only save the recipient money from grocery store meals that week, but it will also give them a week of more free time and not having to plan out meals because Chef Lori does all that work for them!!
*This is a great gift to parents from all the kids if you all chip in together* 

Susquehanna Riverboat Ride
A gift certificate for a ride on the Susquehanna Riverboat is a great gift as the whole experience is enjoyable.  Stella and I got to experience this over the summer when I blogged about our day out on the Pride of the Susquehanna. Whether it's for a crab dinner, a mystery night cruise, a wine and cheese cruise, or even a pirate adventure for kids, you can choose from all different occassions.   What a perfect date night gift for your sister and brother in law! 

Wine from the Vineyard at Hershey
Not only can you go down yourself and purchase wine from this local vineyard, but you can even set up a VIP experience in the tasting room that you could give as a gift to someone.  It's a great change of scenery and I must say I really do love this place. I blogged about my amazing time at the Merlot Release Party in September! The people there are wonderful and will do their absolute best to give you the best experience possible!

These are my 3 favorite places/services in Central PA so when I say that I am recommending these, I am promising you my word that I truly stand behind all 3 of these!  

Outfit of the Day: Green and Black

I absolutely love the look of a vibrant green pair of pants with a green statement piece of jewelry.  Black goes so well with green because it makes it look much more classy than it normally does.  By combining both of those colors through my entire outfit I was able to pull off a simple yet fabulous look!

So What I Wore:
Necklace - The Hills Jewelry (here)
Earrings - Pretty Punk Jewelry (here)
Shirt - TJ Maxx
Boots - Aerosoles (here)
Jeans - Old Navy (similar here)


Outfit of the Day: A Dress with a Pop of Pink

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just because it's cold out doesn't mean you have to store all of your dresses or skirts away.  A simple pair of magenta tights dressed this look up enough to be weather appropriate and very comfortable!

So What I Wore:
Dress - Chloe Dress from Soft Surroundings (here)

Booties - Marshalls (similar here)
Tights - Kohls
Necklace - Romwe

Do you own any colored tights? 

Outfit of the Day: Pink Polka Dots

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This is a great look for work.  The pink skinny jeans keep it fun, but the blazer gives you a professional polished look and the polka dots are just plain fun!

So What I Wore:
Boots - Marshalls (similar here)
Skinny Jeans - Old Navy
Polka Dot Top - Ross (similar here)
Blazer - Guess (Similar here)
Necklace - Romwe

Are you going to incorporate polka dots into more of your outfits?


3 Parts of a Perfect Handbag

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3 Things to look for In a Fall Handbag
I like to wear different handbags for different seasons and there’s a reason for that.  Handbags aren’t just an accessory, they are a tool.  A tool to everyday life that holds your things, keeps you safe, and comes everywhere with you.  That being said, here is some criteria to look for when shopping for a Fall handbag.

You want to look for a larger bag that is big enough to hold an umbrella, some gloves, and all your everyday items.   

Since sometimes it’s super chilly, it’s nice to have your hands free to put your gloves on.  When you aren’t wearing them, you have a bag that’s big enough to store them and if it’s raining (or flurrying) you want to be able to grab your umbrella and hold it with two hands so you need a bag that can fit everything else you may be holding.

Personally, I like leather or anything as close to that as I can get.  It lasts longer and it isn’t as likely to rip or tear whenever you bang it around when you take it off or put it on.

I also like a bag that has sturdy handles or straps.   I’ve had ones that are too thin or weak and they rip and tear right away.  If you are anything like me, you have a lot in your handbag so you NEED a sturdy bag.  Also, when it comes to shoulder drop – MAKE SURE it’s at least 6 inches.  This way, when you have a coat on, you can easily hold this on your arm or even on your shoulder.  Otherwise you are going to be stuck holding it in your hand and it could get in the way depending on what else you are carrying.

What makes YOUR perfect bag?

Thundershirt Review

My poor Chihuahuas, Grace and Rocky both have a crippling fear of thunderstorms.  Grace goes and hides under the covers of my bed everytime she hears it, or she tries to jump into my arms no matter what I’m doing.  Rocky will hide behind the couch, or if it’s late at night and he’s sleeping on the couch while I’m in bed upstairs, he comes in, and wakes me up by crying and fidgeting around up by my neck. 
As a doggy mom I feel so bad that there’s nothing more I can do to make him feel better.  But now there is.  The Thundershirt is seriously a life saver. It comes in all different sizes and it wraps around your pop and then velcroes shut to help them feel very secure.  The pressure has an amazing effect on them!  Over 80% of dogs show improvement, without needing expensive medication from the vet!  I can fit mine on both Rocky AND Grace.  It’s not just great for storms but also crate training, separation anxiety, leash pulling, hyper activity, and even fear of fireworks! 
Grace calmly laying with me in her Thundershirt during Hurricane Sandy

It didn’t take Rocky and Grace more than 5 minutes to get used to wearing it.  They love it now and they can both move around just fine in it.   It’s amazing and so easy to put on them and easy to take off.  I am so glad I got to try this out because I get so stressed everytime there’s a storm and now I can actually sleep through the night!!

Outfit of the Day: Champagne and Plum

Monday, November 19, 2012

I never used to wear anything that was of a brown tone.  For some reason in my mind I thought if I did I would have to wear boring colors with it.  But I was so wrong.  This champagne striped top that I've had for years, ended up going great with a plum skinny jeans.

So What I Wore:
Boots - Etienne Aigner from Marshalls (similar here)

Skinny Jeans - Celebrity Pink Jeans at Macys (here)
Champagne Striped Sweater - TJ Maxx (similar here)
Watch - Juicy Couture

Bracelet - 31 Bits
Necklace - Thrifted

How do you style a color like champagne? 


I met my Fitness Goals!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Okay so I figured I'd try a video blog real quick! So enjoy!!

And if you don't know what the Journey Gym is, check out the blog post I did on it!! 

PS Did you enjoy my video?  Should I do more? Let me know what you think guys! Thanks!!!

OUT Petcare Products Review

OUT Petcare is a brand that brings you effective and reliable products when it comes to caring for your pets and cleaning up after them.   I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out 3 different OUT products and I hope that my reviews of them help you make your next purchase.

OUT! Training Pads with Moisture Lock

Some people use training pads for new puppies, elderly dogs, or for small breeds.  I have 4 chihuahuas so I use the training pads on a daily basis for my dogs.   These training pads were perfect for several reasons:
1. They didn't leak. 
One of the main problems I've had in the past with certain training pad brands is that the urine and mess on them would leak or run off the sides or even through the pad.  This didn't happen at all here.  It was very easy for me to fold the soiled pad up and dispose of it.  Who wants to use a training pad that leaks through to your carpet? 

2.  They helped contain the smell.  These were great.  Nothing is more embarassing than company stopping over when your house is beginning to smell like there are 4 dogs in it! I'm usually great with keeping on top of this but sometimes life gets busy and I get a bit behind, just by a few hours.  These helped contain the odor and they absorbed the mess so it didn't stink!

3.  The absorbing material inside was evenly distributed.  I have purchased pads that actually have no filling in certain parts because they are all bumpy and uneven.  What's the point?  I am so greatful for these great training pads. 

Another product I got to try was the Oxy-Fast Stain Remover.  Yes, accidents still do happen, and so this was great for some of the worst accidents ever.  Whether it's blood, dirt, coffee, urine, or even vomit, this worked very fast to remove stains in their entirety and get rid of the odor so that if it was a territorial accident (urination) it wouldn't be as likely to happen again in the future especially in that same spot.

I really loved Out! Bone Dispenser  and Waste Pick Up Bags.  It conveniently attaches to a leash, belt loop, or whatever else you want to hook it too.  Then it's easy to tear off a bag when you need to clean up the mess.  They are certainly leak proof and keep the odor inside until you can get to a trash receptacle.  The Rainbow Pick-Up Bags were very colorful and it was an extra incentive for cleaning up the mess, if you even call that an incentive. 

A lot of these items are great gifts for someone with a new puppy or just for your everyday dog lover!!

MikaRose MaryAnn Striped Top Dress

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mikarose is a great company that makes beautiful dresses that are always work appropriate and modest enough that you can be comfortable and still look fabulous.    The patterns and warm hues and colors used in the Mikarose line are great on all different body types and are even great for different personalities.

I received a MaryAnn Striped Top Dress from MikaRose
.  It fits great and it looks great in warmer weather by itself, or with opaque black tights in the cold weather months.  I love the embellished collar on it which makes it so much easier to wear this dress.  It can be frustrating when you try to piece together an outfit with jewelry and other accessories so when it's all done for you and you don't need to worry about adding a scarf or statement neck piece, it's quite a relief!