Ask Away...: March 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chewy 30 Day Challenge [Final Thoughts]

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This will be the final post of the 30 Day Challenge with Chewy on the Holistic Blend Dog Food. My first post was about my initial thoughts so this post is about some of the changes I've seen since starting this food. My second post was about the progress I had seen in them.  Today's post is about my final thoughts and the future.  

I fed my dogs the Chicken, Rice, & Vegetable All Life Stages Dry Dog Food.   I was go glad that they enjoyed it at every meal and ate their entire bowl.  I also loved that there was no upset tummies for the whole month they were on this food. 

I really liked their energy levels too and that makes me want to continue using Holistic Blend Dog Food.  I think the price is very fair for how much you get and how nutritionally dense it is  - it lasts longer than a food that's filled with junk.

I like that this food is all natural and holistic and I feel confident that my pups will continue their happy healthy lives if I keep going this route. 

Are you going to try Holistic Blend Dog Food?

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to Play the Stock Game: Why Are Others Selling Their Shares?

There’s a slightly disconcerting piece of advice out there when it comes to buying stocks. Here’s what you should keep in mind: the stock you’re buying is being sold by someone else. Unless you’re getting shares fresh from the company, then you’ve got to keep that in mind. Sounds redundant, right? Obviously, you’re buying something that someone else is selling. But think about it. Why is someone selling that stock?

The stock market is somewhat of a game between investors. It’s akin to chess in many ways. People forget about this aspect of the stock market. The person on the other side of this deal has decided, for whatever reason, that the best thing to do is get rid of that stock. Of course, you could assume that they really want the cash right now. But don’t always assume this.

The buying of a stock is what is said to begin the entire investment process. So it makes sense, in a way, that most advice about buying stock gives all its attention to that initial purchase. But what’s the point of buying stock? It’s to sell it. The sale is what actually brings the profit - or the loss - that was the inherent risk of buying it in the first place. So when someone sells stock, you need to pay attention. Think about it. People say that buying begins the process - but if no-one sells, then how do you buy?

So when you research a company, you need to think about why someone would sell shares in a company like this. It’s the question you should ask yourself when you’re checking the economic news. If you’re researching a pretty big and profitable company, then generally the answer is apparent. You only need to take a quick glance at Apple stock news to determine most are selling simply because they couldn’t wait to cash in. But, again, it’s not always that clear-cut.

So research the company and force yourself to consider negatives. Are the company losing market value? If they’ve not met their short-term earnings forecast after a set period, people will begin to sell. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy, though. It’s likely that you’re buying from investors who simply don’t want to weather that particular storm. It could still pay off for you in the long run! The fact is that the impact of a company’s failure to meet these forecasts can be greatly exaggerated.

A smarter move is to try to judge a company’s strength by comparing their valuation against the price of their stock. Look into an expert’s valuation of a company that you’re interested in. If it’s determined that the valuation doesn’t justify the price of their stock, then that will probably explain the desire to sell. You may find that different people offer different valuations, however.

The most reliable indicator of all, however, is a company’s price-to-earnings ratio. This is the company’s share price divided by its earnings per share. It’s one of the most important things to check when you’re buying stock and wondering why someone is selling theirs. If a company doesn’t have a good price-to-earnings ratio, then investors are going to sell. If you find that to be the reason, then you should strongly consider taking your investment elsewhere!

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2 of the Best Life Hacks in Your Car

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So if you are anything like me, you deal with a nearly dead battery with your phone and you struggle with finding where you parked your car when you're out shopping and running errands.    I generally spend a good 5 minutes roaming around parking lots looking for my car.  I don't have the time for that when I'm in a rush to put my shopping bags away and get home.  It's also terrible when it's dark out or when it's bad weather.   

The other issue I always have is charging my phone.  Unless I'm driving, I'm never around a charger long enough to get a full charge.  I can't stand not having a charged phone because I feel panicked as if I may not be able to use it in an urgent situation.

So my favorite life hack is ZUS.  That's right! ZUS is a smart car charger and car finder all in one!  

ZUS is designed in Germany and has a very attractive sleek look.  Compatible with Google Play and the Apple App Store, ZUS really helps light up the inside of your car with a top of the line lighting system. 

ZUS plugs into your vehicle's lighter port and can auto detect your iPhone or Android device! Even if there are multiple phones in your car, ZUS can wirelessly charge them all!  It does so quicker than your average car charger.  And whenever you park your car, ZUS makes note of where you are.  Then when you are ready to find your car later, you just open the ZUS app and it will guide you to your car. 

I have to say that it was so easy to set up ZUS and the app.   I like things that are simple and user friendly.  My iPhone charged within 2 hours each time I used it and it's such a luxury to be guided to your car at the end of a long day of shopping.  I love that ZUS helps light up the interior of my car near the cup holders.  It's normally very dark in my car but this really made a big difference.  I absolutely LOVE ZUS!!!! 

To find out more about ZUS Smart Car Charger and Car Finder -

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our First Easter in Our Home {+ a Giveaway]

This year was our first Easter in our new home so I invited my mom, dad, brother, and Grandma over.  I love hosting things in our home because it's so easy for me.  I don't mind cooking and entertaining and ever since I used the KonMari Method, I don't have to worry about cleaning up the house aside from wiping down counters and running the vaccum. 

Our meal was ham, deviled eggs, homemade macaroni and cheese, gluten-free green bean casserole, and some rolls.  It was deeelish!   And for dessert we had apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

I also enjoyed mimosas all day which was fabulous! And of course I enjoyed a treat - Bauli Croissants! They are baked in an oven and absolutely delicious!! They come ready to eat and it's such a nice treat for breakfast or just as a dessert or a snack.  They have no preservatives and are naturally leavened.  And it's just 50 calories each for the minis!  Delicious!!  So last week was American Chocolate Week and to celebrate I have a giveaway from Bauli!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
How was your Easter? What did you eat?

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Monday, March 28, 2016

10 Pet Peeves You May Have as A Woman

Being a woman is a tough job and sometimes I find it comical how many of us share the same pet peeves on a daily basis so I wanted to make a fun post about it.  So without further ado here are some common pet peeves that you as a woman may have.

1\\Cords TwistingI don't know about you but the cord for my hair dryer and my flat iron are so twisted that they basically look licorice! I have no idea how to fix them but everytime I go to use them it seriously gets me so fired up.

2\\Bra Stabs
Yep, that's right - when your bra stabs you in the boob because the underwire has poked through. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

3\\Sneezing After Makeup
You get your eye make up absolutely perfect and then low and behold - you have to frickin sneeze!!

4\\Hair Ties Snapping
When you go to put your hair up and your hair tie snaps....and you don't have an extra!!!

5\\High Heel Wobble
When you're walking (in public, of course) and your heel buckles and you *almost* go down.  How embarassing! And then you have to quickly recover and act like nothing happened.

6\\Melted Chapstick
You always need it the most when it's accidentally been left in your car and is completely melted.  And if you still use it, well you basically just put a huge chunk all over your lips.

7\\Painting Your Nails
There is NEVER a good time for you to go hours without touching anything.  Because everyone knows, even when it's supposed to be dry, it won't be.

8\\Holes in Straws
I get a straw so I don't make lipstick marks on a cup. But no - the straw always has a hole!

9\\Being Seen at Your Worst
Everytime I have to run out at the last minute, no makeup, greasy hair, sometimes with a hole in my leggings - I will run into every single person I've ever met in my entire life. EVERY. TIME.

10\\Photos Lie
You will look so damn good, and you go to take a picture - and somehow it's not what you seen in the mirror. SO who is the liar...the mirror? or the photo???

Did I miss anything??

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Cleaning My Home for Easter Festivities

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Easter is just days away and I'm having my family over so I have been spending this week tidying and cleaning the house.   One of my favorite products is Invisible Glass.   Not only do I use it to clean the windows in my car, but I use it in several ways around the house.  

The reason I opt for Invisible Glass is because I always get a great streak-free shine with no haze left behind.  

In the Bathroom....

I use Invisible Glass to clean toothpaste splatters, fingerprints, water spots, and hair product build-up on the mirrors and I also like to shine the faucets with it.  The Reach & Clean Tool is great for cleaning tall mirrors and if you have glass shower doors it'll make cleaning those a whole lot easier! I want my guests to see a super shiny bathroom when they visit my house.

In the Kitchen...

I clean and buff stainless steel appliances with a microfiber cloth and some Invisible Glass which helps a lot with fingerprints on the refrigerator.  It's also great for cleaning glass cooktop stoves and it doesn't scratch the surface.   Once again, I want sparkles when my guests are over.

Around the House...

I like my windows to be super clean with no streaks so Invisible Glass is perfect.  I use a side to side motion since circular motions just create static charge and attract dust and dirt to the surface. 

I really love the Reach & Clean Tool for the top parts of the windows.

And they also have these awesome Lens Wipes which are great for glasses, computer screens, tvs, and cameras!

And I have a special Easter gift for you! One lucky winner will get an Invisible Glass Prize Pack!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm Running Again!

Moving into our house last year took up a lot of time.  It wasn't just the moving itself, it was the settling in and getting things done around the house for the first several months.  Then Winter came and I lost all motivation to run. 

We are really lucky to have a gym room in our basement and I realized something that would help me for years to come.   If I start running now and continue till next winter, I can workout inside on the days it's too cold and on any rainy days.  This way I will be more likely to keep up with my routine.

The way it goes now is that I will start running or working out for an entire week and then bad weather will happen and I totally stop. It's been really frustrating! 

So I also did a thing...I bought a NordicTrack Elliptical and once it's delivered and set up I'm going to start using it on the days I can't run or workout outside.   I will be sure to let you know what I think of it.

Do you run? Have you  struggled with keeping on a running routine?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

5 Ways to Spend More Time With Your Dog this Spring

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Spring is a great time to get outdoors and be more active, but if you're obsessed with your dog like I am with my 4 chihuahuas, you want them to be part of almost every moment of your life.  So I decided to put together a few ways that you can spend more time with your dog!

[1] Grooming Outdoors

If your dogs don't mind being brushed and you're able to clip their nails yourself, what better place to do it then outside.  Sometimes dogs can be less annoyed with being brushed if they are outside because they get so distracted by all the smells and sounds.  Always make sure your dog is secure in a fenced in yard or on a leash while you groom them. 
[2]Car Rides
Some dogs LOVE to go on car rides so anytime you have a quick errand to run like going to the car wash or going through a drive through, consider bringing your dog along.  Once again, make sure your pooch is secured in an area of your vehicle where they can't distract you.

[3]Long Walks
Since the weather is warmer in the Spring, it's a great idea for both you and your pooch to go on longer walks and even walks in more scenic areas. 

[4]Lounging in the Yard
Whether you lay on a blanket or you have a patio with chairs, basking in the warm rays (with skin protection of course!) feels good for you and for your dog.  Have you ever noticed how dogs lay in sunshine spots that come into your house? So what better way to relax together than laying in the sunshine outside.

[5]Dog Park
Socialization is very important for dogs (and people) so if your dog seems to do well with others, why not make a stop at the local dog park!?

And don't forget that rewarding your dog for good behavior is very important.  I like to spoil mine with Blue Buffalo Grain Free Chicken Tenders from Chewy! These treats have no corn, wheat, or soy and are made with 100% USA Chicken in the USA.   My dogs love them and it keeps them occupied for a while so it's a great way to spoil them after a day of good behavior.

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My Book is on Amazon!!!

I have great news today!!! My book, Fixing Your Finances, is now available on Amazon!!!!


Please check it out! It's only $11.99!!

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Have No Fear, Sock-Free Saviors Are Here!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foot Petals for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
I absolutely love Spring for the sole fact that the footwear options are more comfortable and they let your feet feel more free.   If you're like me and you're on your feet a lot on a day to day basis, then you know how important it is to wear shoes that you not only love but you have to feel comfortable in them.  I've always struggled with Spring footwear however, because I get really uncomfortable when I don't wear socks with my shoes and then I end up with smelly feet and wet slippery toes.  National Walk to Work Day is April 1st, 2016 and I really plan to do a lot of walking on all my breaks throughout the day as well as taking a walk around the city at lunch.  I highly recommend that you all try to get on your feet as much as you can on April 1st, and before you freak out about having to feel uncomfortable that day, let me resassure you that Foot Petals Sock-free Saviors are here!
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That's right Foot Petals Sock-Free Saviors includes 1 pair of insoles that are made of odor-fighting materials.  They are ventilated to keep feet cool and dry and are great for sneakers, flats, boots, and any other closed-toe shoe.  They feature PORON® cushioning to absorb shock so you get all day comfort.  You can trim them to fit any shoe size with the guide on the back of the product and you can wash them on gentle cycle in cold water with no bleach.  Then you just lay them flat to dry.  This is so ideal for me because I love wearing flats in the Spring but I don't like having to go without socks and having embarassing stinky shoes and feet the rest of the day.

Check out the video above for a brief overview.
I love how easy it is to cut my Foot Petals Sock-Free Saviors to size for my flats.  They are really comfortable, too!
 photo IMG_6103_zps8ml3rloi.jpg
You just place your foot on the insert to see what size you are then you trim it along the lines for that size.
 photo IMG_6102_zpsbnpa5zpo.jpg
Then you place  it inside your shoe!
 photo IMG_6104_zpsyiaeglp3.jpg
Here I am in my shoes with my Foot Petals Sock-Free Saviors inside!
 photo IMG_2668_zpsvns2rvsx.jpg
Make sure you check out Foot Petals Facebook page!
Visit Sponsors Site
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Looking for a Last Minute Easter Basket?

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It's crunch time now - Easter is just a week away!   So if you are looking for a last minute Easter Basket idea... look no further! has an amazing selection of Easter Baskets but my favorite is the Double Bunny Gift Basket! Everything comes so nicely packaged so it stays in tact.   

Inside you get the following:

(2) Bunnies with Ribbon Bow Ties - Two beautiful, ribbon-adorned bunnies that are handcrafted using the softest imaginable fabrics. 
  • Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettle Corn by - 1.4 oz. - Handcrafted gourmet popcorn that's dusted with sweet brown sugar and freshly ground cinnamon.
  • (2) Solid Double Crisp Chocolate Bunnies by Palmer - 4.25 oz. - Two delicious bunnies made of solid milk chocolate that are handcrafted by artisans in accordance with a centuries-old tradition.
  • (2 Packages) Peeps by Just Born - Assorted Colors - Brilliantly hued sugary confections of sweet, gooey marshmallows that are pressed into fun, festive Easter shapes.
  • (2) Jelly Beans by Buttercup Candy Shoppe - 3.5 oz. - Plump, oversized jelly beans in a vast array of rainbow colors that offer gourmet flavors created using the finest ingredients.
  • Blue Raspberry Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - This unique taffy will give you an explosion of tantalizing raspberry flavor with every bite. 
  • Sugar Cookies by Kimball Lake Bakery - 4 oz. - Delectable sugar cookies that are baked to crispy perfection to create a scrumptious bite-sized treat.
  • Watermelon Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - Sweet chewy candy that explodes with tangy watermelon flavor.
  • Peanut M&Ms by Mars - 1.69 oz. - The perfect combination of sweet and salty, these rich, bite-sized confections are created by drenching premium peanuts in creamy milk chocolate.
  • (2) Candy Necklaces by KOKO's - Multicolored necklaces in a variety of rainbow flavors are a must-have accessory for candy lovers.
  • Plain M&Ms by Mars - 1.69 oz. – The classic. Delicious chocolate center that is coated by a crunchy candy shell. 
  • Wild Berry Skittles by Wrigley - 2.17oz - Unique wild berry flavored center encased in a crunchy candy coating. 
  • Sour Patch Kids by Kraft Foods - 2 oz. - Soft and chewy candies with a perfect blend of sour and sweet, in a variety of flavors. 
  • Pocket Travel Tic Tac Toe - Classic tic tac toe game that comes in a convenient, easy to use size. 
  • Ring Flyer - This brightly colored frisbee disk will fly through the air with ease.

  • There is plenty of candy in this basket but not enough that makes it overwhelming so whether you get it for a child, a friend, a partner, or even yourself (no shame!), there is much to be enjoyed.  I'm just in love with the adorable bunnies!

    So hurry up and order one today so it gets delivered ASAP!

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    What I Wore to a March Wedding

    So in the beginning of the month I had to attend a wedding.  The ceremony was outside very briefly and everything else was indoors.  I wanted to wear a dress but I didn't have any longer ones that fit me so I decided to just wear a cardigan over a sleeveless, knee-length dress.  I love the emerald green color because it's perfect for cold weather but still embraces March and the beginning of Spring.

    The clutch is super special to me because it's my Grandma's! She actually gave it to me the one day and it's so cute!!!

    So What I Wore:
    Shoes - TJ Maxx | Dress - TJ Maxx | Cardigan - JC Penneys | Clutch - Gifted from my Grandmother.

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