Ask Away Blog: March 2018

A List of Ways to Prepare Your Home & Yard for Spring

Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring has sprung my friends and if you haven't tackled your Spring cleaning checklist yet then you better get started! Most of the Spring cleaning we do has to do with the inside of our home but what about our yard and the exterior area of our homes? Spring and Summer and even Fall are when we spend the most time outside and we tend to invite others over.  So wouldn't it make sense to take the steps to make sure your yard and the exterior of your home are prepared for the new seasons?   

Today I put together a list of things to do around your yard and home to help prepare for the nicer weather and any entertaining you may do. 

Weeding and Cleaning
Winter can wreak havoc on your yard and even the garden beds and mulched areas surrounding your house.  The first thing you'll need to do is clean up any sticks, branches, leaf piles, and debris that was left behind from Winter.  Wait for a dry day and use a leaf blower to clear leaves out from your mulched areas.  Try raking in the tricky spots and go around the walkways you have and sweep up any road salt or random pieces of trash.    Often times trash that makes it into your yard gets buried in the snow so don't be surprised if you end up finding some random papers or cups.   

You'll also want to do any weeding whether the weeds are dead from last year (You can still get an early start knowing where they grow) or they are already growing in this year. 

Those garden beds will look gorgeous with colorful flowers and healthy green shrubs but before you plant any annuals you'll need to mulch them.  Maybe you just need a few bags to mix in with what's currently there or maybe you need to mulch your beds in their entirety.  Either way, get a start now when it's not miserably hot out and you won't have to deal with it in the middle of the summer. Plus the sooner you mulch, the longer you have to enjoy it.

Washing the Exterior
Your home gets dirty on the outside especially when you have vinyl siding and it's a lighter color.  Power wash or hose down the exterior.  Look into cleaning solutions at your local hardware store as well.  Some people even need to wash their brick walls, fencing, and deck/patio surfaces. 

Wash and Set Up Outdoor Furniture
When you know the snow is gone for good it's time to break out any outdoor furniture you stowed away for the Winter.  Make sure you hose everything down or just wipe it down to remove dust, dirt, and any pollen.  And it's always a good idea to wipe down your outdoor furniture once a week in Spring because you'll continually have pollen buildup depending on where you live.  Some people even cover their furniture in the Spring when not in use.  This is also a good time to replace any damaged cushions or outdoor pillows.

Trim Trees and Shrubs
Now is the time to trim your branches because there are no leaves in the way and you can really see what looks scraggly and unhealthy.  Maybe you need to call a professional in for any actual trees and branches or maybe you can just do the smaller stuff yourself.  Trimming your shrubs at the right time helps them grow in nicer and they'll look great when they bloom. 

Check the Crevices
Inspect the exterior of your home including the windows and doors and look for any old or cracking caulk.  Replace weather stripping when necessary and be sure to clean out your gutters and downspouts.  Your gutters should be cleaned out regularly in the warm months so that you don't get clogs and you don't end up getting insect problems.  You'll notice that yellow jackets enjoy nesting in debris filled gutters. 

If you have lawn ornaments, yard flags, and any other outdoor décor in your entertaining spaces it's time to bring it back out.  String those outdoor patio lights back up and arrange your lawn gnomes.  This is my favorite thing to do in the Spring because it's when I officially know Winter and snow are a thing of the past.

Plan Your Flowers
Make a list of what flowers you want to purchase and where you will put them whether it's in a garden bed or a flower pot.  This is the fun part because your next step is to purchase the flowers when they're available and then plant them. 

Spring cleaning doesn't always mean the inside of your house so make sure you do your best on the outside too so that you can be proud to show your hard work off when guests are over. 

What is on your outside Spring cleaning checklist this year?

Can You Cut The Cost Of Car Ownership?

Owning a car has quickly become a very natural and normal part of life. In fact, so many of us seem to own a car as standard. It’s not something that is overly seen as a luxury anymore. And that can be such a great thing. Because when you need to make sure that you’re able to get yourself from A to B, it’s great to know that you have your car there to do it. But at the same time, it’s hard not to admit that car ownership can be incredibly expensive. Even though you find it quite normal, you may have a huge portion of your monthly salary going towards keeping your car on the road. However, you can reduce that. So let’s take a look at how.

Shop Around For Insurance
One of the biggest expenses we all have is our car insurance. Depending on your age, your driving history, and the car that you drive, you may find that your insurance payments can be incredibly expensive. So one of the best things you can do is look to get a better deal. Even if you like the provider that you’re with, you should definitely look to compare prices when your insurance renews. By shopping around and even speaking to your current insurer to discuss deals with them, you should be able to bring this cost down year on year.

Switch To A Single Car HouseholdNext, you should think about what you could do to reduce your running costs as a household. One of the most obvious options of all is to switch to a single car household. If you’re trying to run two cars, then you’re dealing with two different sets of car payments, insurance payments, and running costs too. By having just one car for the family, you’ll instantly cut that down by at least half.

Buy A Used Alternative
But if you definitely need to both be on the road, if you have conflicting schedules for example, then you might want to think about getting a used alternative to what you already have. Perhaps even a motorcycle from somewhere such as
Texas Best Used Motorcycles could do the trick. That way, one of you can use the car, and the other can then take the bike when they need to nip out somewhere.

Buy An Economical Car
Maybe the reason it’s so expensive for you to be on the road is that you’re driving a car that is much more expensive to run than other cars. If this is the case, you’re going to want to look into
fuel-efficient car options. Choosing something more fuel efficient could be what you need to bring your average running costs down over the course of the year.

Skip A Day
Finally, you may also want to think about simply missing a day here and there. Of course, you’ll still have car and insurance payments to make, but you’ll be reducing your gas costs and stretching out the period of maintenance too. Walking, car sharing, or riding a bicycle are great alternatives for a few days each week.

Including Authentic Artisan Items In Your Home Décor

Thursday, March 29, 2018

There are a few interesting trends in the world of home décor worth exploring. First, is the use of incorporating artisan items into home design. The second part of this trend is shopping artisan retailers that engage in fair trade practices.

Thanks to sites that let you send money to Guatemala and other artisan havens around the world, you can even pay people directly for their work. This ensures that not only you’re getting something one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted, but that you’re paying a fair price for the amount of work that went into creating it.

The following are some things to keep in mind and tips if you want to integrate authentic artisan items into your home.

Use Artisan Items As a Statement Piece
When it comes to decorating a place in your home with artisan items, you may be nervous about going overboard with it. What’s better to do, rather than trying to fill every part of a room with artisan items is to choose a piece you really love and make it a focal point and a statement piece.

You can build the décor in the room around that piece, and it will ensure that it’s special and takes center stage, but it isn’t overwhelming.

Some designers recommend that if you do add artisan elements into your home, you do so in a way that’s focused on a central theme. Build the theme of your room around the concept of the artisan pieces you’re incorporating.

Find Pieces with a Story
For people who collect art, one of their favorite things is to know the pieces hanging in their home have a story. It’s the same idea not just with traditional art, but with anything that’s hand-crafted.

Look for retailers and creators that offer pieces that each have a unique story. There is a belief in retail that people don’t buy products and instead, they buy stories.

Give Back
So many retailers that offer artisan items from creators around the world also give back as part of each sale. If you want your purchase to have meaning, look for retailers that donate to the local community where items come from, or to a relevant charity.

One example of an organization that brings artisan crafts to shoppers around the world with a focus on giving back is called Ethical Fashion Guatemala. Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides a platform for local artists so that their work can be seen by the world.

The goal of Ethical Fashion Guatemala is to provide a platform and resource to artists whose designs or ideas were infringed on by sellers in the U.S. who copied their work, or paid low prices for items locally and then sold them in the U.S. at a high markup.

Finally, along with looking for items that are made following fair trade practices and in a way that protects workers, think about looking for artisan items that are also environmentally sound. For example, look for artisans who make things with renewable products, or who use eco-friendly methods.

Ohhh That Dreaded Yearly Gyno Appointment

Oh ladies, you already know by the title of this post that you are NOT alone when it comes to dreading your gynecologist.  I mean seriously, what the heck!? No matter how many times you go, it's always so invasive and awkward.  Maybe the appointment itself isn't even as bad as the build up in the week or just the day beforehand.  

2 years ago I did a hilarious post about 15 reasons to dread your annual gyno exam and it was a big hit.  We all pretty much hate the same stuff.   Well, it was just that time of year again for me and this time I was so worked up that I did some internet research (lol) beforehand to see how exactly to relax more during your annual exam. 

Basically what I learned was popping 2 ibuprophen can help and to make it less uncomfortable during the apointment, bare down.  Yes, bare down aka push.  No, not like you're pooping per say, but just push "down there".  

So my appointment came and it was time to try out the methods I read about. 

So I get there, and when my name is called, I smile and walk on back.  She asks if I have to use the rest room (I already did) but I say yes.  I try again and then I stare in the mirror and try to talk myself into the appointment. You is smart, you is funny, you is kind, you has a strong vagina and you can do this! 

So I go into my exam room, get nakey, and sit on that damn crunchy paper.   Normally I sit there and ponder my existance and debate just running back out to my car screaming F THE WORLD! What are they gonna do? Arrest me for not getting a pap? But then I remember I need to get this so I can get my Birth Control prescription renewed so I decide I'm just gonna deal with it.  Normally I feel all uncomfortable and sweaty down there from sitting on that damn awkward paper for 15 minutes until they finally come in.  

So you know what? I decide I'm gonna lay my ass down and get comfy. I'm gonna take control!  So I shift my booty to the bottom of the exam table and lay down.  

That's when I noticed it...

There's a damned picture on the ceiling!!!  A picture that's likely supposed to make you relax.  It's legit a picture torn off of a calendar. I immediately Facebook it and that's when everyone starts commenting that they go to the same place but their picture is of something different like a horse in a pasture.  By this time I'm cracking the heck up!   

Then she comes in and it's go time.   She says "Oh you're all relaxed already! " Then she looks under the stupid sheet and says "And look at that you're already on the end of the table". Yep! Because I hate when they say "Okay, scoot down" because I know what comes next.  

So I try to do the bare down thing and it worked!   It was still uncomfortable for the mid evil looking speculum to go in but I also had popped 2 ibuprofen and I didn't even feel the scrapes from the pap samples!  And then after another probe with the fingers it was done!! It was seriously the best experience of all the years I've ever had!  I still hate it.  But I'm glad I had some tips.  

Then I looked in the mirror and saw how mussed up and disheveled I looked and couldn't stop laughing.

But it's really got me thinking.... I swear I need to just start an organization where I can get some rich people to donate money and I can use it to provide more "relaxing" things for the yearly exam.  How about having plants in the offices, and even a TV!? I would be so distracted!  And what about aromatherapy and nice music?   

And what about the ceiling?  Have someone paint a mural up there why don't ya?   We don't want to see shitty pictures of an island or a farm animal.  We want more. We demand better!!!   Give us crossword puzzles and books!  Distract us!  I don't even want to know what you're doing! 

I could go on and on! I hope this post makes you giggle and maybe you'll think of it at your next exam and it'll make it a little bit easier for you. 

But seriously ladies share your thoughts below! 

Miranda Kerr with Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere Bag

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

If you know Miranda Kerr, you know she has an absolute obsession with beautiful handbags. And, out of all the bags photographers have seen in rotation over the past few years,
her Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere bag is certainly the one she’s seen with the most!

Miranda Kerr is known for many roles as one of Australia’s most iconic models, but she really rose to prominence back in 2007 when she was featured as an Angel by Victoria’s Secret. She was the first woman to represent Australia in a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot, but that’s not the only thing she’s known for.

She’s also a big deal in Australia because anyone who shops at the David Jones department store chain has surely seen her. She is their representative model, and with a previous marriage to Orlando Bloom and a current marriage with slightly-lesser-known but no-less-handsome Evan Spiegel, she’s definitely remained in the highlights section of just about every relevant magazine on the newsstand.

If you see any candid shots of her out in public, it’s very likely you’ll see a black handbag adorning her arm. And, while she has a growing collection, it seems like her Louis Vuitton is her favorite go-to--and for good reason. Anyone who keeps up with designer labels knows that Louis Vuitton is at the top of the list of designer handbag makers. Originating in Paris, France back in the 1800s, LV has remained one of the most favorited hand bag makers in the world.

In addition to Miranda Kerr, you’ll see Louis Vuitton bags dangling on the arms of countless other celebrities too, like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Karlie Kloss, alongside countless others. 

Miranda Kerr is pretty open about her love for Louis Vuitton, exhibiting many of their handbag designs over the years. And, while it has led many fashion-forward fans to drooling over the look, most of them won’t be grabbing hold of their own anytime soon--at least not without a good deal of savings (or credit!).

Speedy Bandouliere Bag, for instance, costs more than $2,400 if you want to string one over your shoulder for yourself. But, if you happen to be on the market for one anyway, you’re in luck. A handful of websites do carry it, just look out for fakes!

And, before you close the deal, you might look at the many other photos of Miranda Kerr and the other hand bags in her collection if you’re looking for inspiration or trying to sport a similar look. Her Givenchy Lucrezia Micro Leather Satchel, for example, is among her other favorites.

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5 Basics for A Pet Rat

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You've seen me post before about my own pet rat Charlotte and how awesome she is as a pet.  I love rats and they are an amazing option if you want a furry critter for your kids or yourself.  But for those of you thinking about getting one, you may be wondering what all is required for a pet rat.  They are actually fairly cheap.  The most expensive thing you'll get for them is a cage in the beginning but their monthly upkeep is so easy and so affordable.  Today, I'll break it all down for you.  

1. A Sturdy Secure Cage
So you want something that has metal bars because trust me, rats love to climb.  It strengthens their little bodies.  It's also good for ventilation.  The cage Charlotte has actually comes with 3 different platform levels and little ramps that take her up and down.  She has a level at the top where she meets me to get her food, a level below that where she goes for her water bottle, and then the 3rd level which is where she sits when she wants to just see what's going on around her. 

2. Safe Bedding
The bottom of your rats cage should always have some sort of soft bedding for them to make a nest with and to cushion their feet. It also absorbs their waste.  NEVER use any sort of pine bedding as it causes severe respiratory issues when they breathe it in. My go to bedding is CareFresh Complete Small Animal Bedding from Chewy. It's safe for Charlotte and it works so well to absorb stuff and keep odors at bay. It's also great for her little nest bed that she makes. Bedding should be changed once or twice a month depending on how much waste accumulates.  Keep in mind rats are very clean animals so they don't like when their cage gets too dirty.  

3. Hay for Nesting and Eating
Charlotte likes to make a bed for herself everytime I refresh  her cage.  She also loves using hay to help hold it together and keep it sturdy. 

CareFresh Timothy Hay from Chewy is a great addition to your rat's cage. It's also nutritious for them to munch on.  It's full of protein, fiber, and fat.  It's harder to wear down than other cuts of hay since it's from the first cuts of fresh Timothy hay.  This makes it ideal for helping clean and maintain a rat's teeth which grow very rapidly. Plus the fiber in this hay helps with digestive health.  

    4. Nutritious Food and Steady Water Supply
    You  may see a food brand that has lots of fruits and nuts and seeds in it.  That's technically like feeding junk food to your rat. That kind of stuff should only be given as treats.  I personally love Oxbow Regal Rat Food from Chewy for my rat. It's a low fat diet and it'll help prevent obesity which can be life-threatening for your rat.  Once a rat is older than 4 months old they require different nutrients and fat since they are less active.  They can't have the same amounts that baby rats get so a formula like this one is ideal.  It contains brown rice, oats, wheat, soy, fishmeal, and protein sources with healthy fats.   Rats should be fed once a day and should ALWAYS have fresh clean water.  A water bottle on the side of their cage will do just fine.

    5. Toys and Treats for Rewards
    Rats are so intelligent that they can get bored like we can.  Toys are a must.  Rats love things they can chew and things that make noise.  I have a wooden toy for Charlotte with a bell inside.  She loves playing with it in her cage when she's bored. We even have a little tunnel that she crawls through when I have her out in the evenings. 

    Treats are also a great way to reward your rat for behaving and listening to commands. Yes, that's right, you can train a rat.  There are plenty of online resources to teach you more about that.

    Most of all, your rat will thrive from attention that you give them because they love interacting with their owner. 

    Are you considering a pet rat in your house?

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    10 Cleaning Hacks with the Groovy Glove

    Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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    Cleaning on a regular basis can sometimes be inconvenient and also stressful.   Most of us can easily list 10 reasons that it's a pain whether it's because you knock stuff over when trying to dust your bookcase décor or it hurts your hand to hold onto a clump of paper towels and wipe vigorously. Trust me I get it.  That's why I'm always looking around for better ways to clean and do tasks that have many benefits.  

    Keeping a clean and tidy home means you have less dust/dander/allergens to irritate your family and you will find your home more enjoyable to be in when it's sparkly and clean.  It won't make you panic when the doorbell rings and a random neighbor wants to come in and visit.   

    I always love sharing new products I find that not only look cool but are very functional.  Today I am excited to explain the many ways to use the Groovy Glove!  The Groovy Glove is a microfiber glove that's designed to clean in difficult and hard to reach places while keeping your hard clean.  It can be used in the home, in the car, on people, and even on dogs!

    The Groovy Glove has SIX FINGERS so it can be worn on either hand on either side!  It's made of microfiber so it holds 600% of its weight in dirt, mud, and even water.  It has a nice elastic wrist cuff so it can be worn comfortably and has a neat little loop so you can hang it when storing it.   What makes it better than your average cleaning towel?  Well, the microfiber breaks down and captures dirt from the pores of whatever surface you're using it on.  Think of the fibers as little microscopic hooks that attract the dirt like a magnet.  Their microfiber is actually 100 times finer than a human hair and 10 times finer than silk!  The thinner fiber means that more fibers can be used on the fabric. 

    The Groovy Glove is not only practical when it comes to making cleaning easier on YOU but it's also better for the environment because you aren't using up paper towels.  And it comes in beige and black so you have your choice of color. 

    Dusting Fan Blades and Ceiling Lamps
    So you know how you struggle to clean off the things hanging from your ceiling? Well, the Groovy Glove has really solved that problem.  Thanks to this glove I'm now able to get all the nooks and crannies of my dining room lamp!

    Dusting Light Bulbs
    My other lamps throughout the house get very dusty and it's always so awkward trying to fit a rag or a feather duster under the shade or up against the bulb.  Now I just use the Groovy Glove to gently dust the light bulb and it's no longer hard to clean in it's entirety because the gloved hand I use fits completely around it.

    Dusting Delicate Objects on Display
    One of the main reasons we skip dusting on a regular basis is because it's a hassle to have to move decorative items on display and dust them without breaking them.   The glove makes it so easy to basically hold onto the object and dust it with the same hand! Now I'm dusting at least once or twice a week because of how easy it is. 

    Dusting Car Dash
    I don't know about you but my car dash kind of has an annoying and narrow angle where it meets the windshield.  And for some reason bunching up a dust rag is uncomfortable on my hands so this has made it much more convenient and comfortable to wipe down the dust from my front and rear dash. 

    Wiping Dog Paws
    Whenever I bathe my dogs their little legs and paws always stay so damp.  Regular bath towels are too bulky to get in all the nooks and crannies of their paw pads so this glove has worked wondered.  You can even use the Groovy Glove to wipe those dirty and wet paws off after your dog comes in from outside.  It'll make for less dirt tracked through the house and you won't have to worry about a doggy injury from slipping on wet paws.

    Scrub Stubborn Spots
    At least once a week I seem to have a spot on my counters that just won't wipe off and if I scrub too hard with paper towels it still won't budge.  This glove makes it so much easier for me to spot clean and use some elbow grease.

    Protect Nails and Skin from Cleaning Chemicals
    Cleaning products can take a toll on our nails by weakening them and stripping off the lovely polish we wear.  And these same chemicals can dry out and irritate your skin so what better reason to use the Groovy Glove than to protect your skin and nails.  You have a great barrier against harsh chemicals and your manicures will last longer!

    Clean Awkward Spills
    Have you ever spilled something and you struggle to dry the spill with regular towels? Well the Groovy Glove lets you once again get in all the nooks and crannies and you're using the shape of your hand in a more natural way to soak up the mess.

    Dry Glasses
    I love the ease of use when it comes to drying wine glasses and other glasses that regular towels don't seem to thoroughly dry.

    Waxing the Car
    If you use wax on your car regularly, this glove makes it soooooooo easy to use without having to grip onto a regular rag.  Wax on Wax off is even more enjoyable now!

    And if you use code AskAway20 you can get 20% off your order at!

    So what would you use the Groovy Glove to clean?


    Seemingly Normal Driving Actions That Could Put You In Grave Danger

    You might think that you’re a great driver, but are you really? Many drivers out there make regular driving errors, and they don’t even realize that they are doing it! In fact, there are lots of seemingly normal driving actions that could put you in grave danger if you don’t recognize and correct them right away.

    Here’s a list of things you might be doing that could be putting you in grave danger on the road:


    Using Your Phone As A Sat Nav

    Using your phone as a sat nav might seem like an innocent, and even smart way to get to where you’re going. However, it can also be dangerous. Paying too much attention to the sat nav, rather than the road and the signals can take your attention away from what’s really important. Plus, if you still have notifications come through, and even calls, you might be tempted to look at them or answer them. It’s best if you turn notifications off, and use your common sense as well as the phone to get to where you're going.

    Buy something to secure the phone to your windscreen or vents so that you don’t have to look away from the road too much. Better yet, have the sat nav voice tell you where you have to go. If you don’t need to use your phone as a sat nav, then just put it in the glovebox to avoid temptation.

    Becoming Angry At Other Drivers

    Road rage can be triggered by a number of things. Maybe you’re furious that another driver is going so slow, or they are changing lanes without indicating. Perhaps work pressure and other triggers like heavy traffic make your road road even worse.

    It has been proven that getting angry while driving, honking the horn, shouting abuse, and being hostile in general will put you at more of a risk of driving errors, and a number of accidents. Avoid aggressive driving by practicing calm and mindfulness as you drive the car. Usually, people aren't cutting you up or doing things to annoy you on purpose.

    Going At The Wrong Speed

    Maybe you’re going too fast, or you’re going to slow. Whatever the case, you have more of a chance of being injured in an auto accident from doing this. Speed limits were set out for a reason. Many people believe that they actually reduce their chances when going slow, but it can increase them. Drive at the speed limit and you will reduce your risk.

    Eating As You Drive

    Whether you’re eating a snack or a large meal doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be eating as you drive at all. This takes your attention away from the road and can cause unsteady driving. What would you do if you dropped your food? You’d definitely get distracted!

    Forgetting To Use Your Turn Signals

    Using turn signals is easy and quick, yet many people conveniently forget to use them. It doesn’t matter if there aren't many cars on the road or you don’t think you need to. It’s the law, so make sure you do it. You could easily collide with another vehicle for misleading them if you don’t.  

    How To Meet People After A Long Dating Absence


    It’s easy to neglect to maintain your dating life. It might be that you’re recently coming out of a long-term relationship and have needed a break. It could be that you’ve simply been busy with other matters. Some people might even find this effort to be a little anxiety-inducing. However, you are absolutely worth finding love, so neglecting it indefinitely can sometimes be the wrong choice to make. There is definitely somebody out there for you, and finding them could be the next adventure you embark on.

    However, heading out to meet people can sometimes feel quite artificial. For that reason, finding people in the most natural and balanced way possible can make the whole affair feel less ‘icky.’

    A few tips for doing just that are as follows:


    Getting involved in hobbies is the best way to meet new people. This might mean joining a hiking society, joining an amateur band in your local area and jamming out, or even hoping to volunteer to run your own hobby class. When you don’t make dating the main priority, but try to enrich yourself through many other pursuits, you become more attractive. Not only that, but you will likely expose yourself to many new people in an area you actually desire to be in.

    This is hard to understate. It’s one thing to meet someone at a bar, but someone you meet in your photography class could have a wide range of things in common with you. The first thing you should do to meet people is get out there, to do something you love with people you respect! As that progresses, you can be sure that sooner or later, someone that takes your eyes will turn up.

    Singles Dating

    Now, there are many ways to date. One is to approach people who take your eye and offer to take them out. So far, so good. However, if you want something a little easier and more adventurous to partake in, it might be that singles dating could work for you. This might mean mystery dating through an organization, speed dating, matchmaking or learning the ins and outs of phone dating could be for you.

    This is great because it sets both participants of the date at the same level from the beginning. There is no awkwardness, because the setup puts you both at the same level. You can joke about the experience and make the most of it. You are also matched with similar people, or people at least interested in seeing the value of another person. Much easier than trying to guess if someone is single from across the room.


    One of the best things to do when lacking a romantic partner is to be magnetic. This means working on yourself. Do things that make you feel excited and interested in the world around you. Find out things you don’t know. Always say yes to a new opportunity and adventure. Be sure to maintain your health. When you have all of this in place, you begin to respect yourself and enjoy being you. Then, over time, someone will see your worth. This is the most natural method on this list, and can often inform the other elements of advice given here.

    Before long, you’ll be living the life you want to live, with the love you want to love.

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    Books I Recommend You Read [March]

    Monday, March 26, 2018

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    I had a little bit of time to read this month so I do have just a few of my favs to share with you today! 

    The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn
    This is a thrilling read that I finished in a single weekend.  It's about a woman that sees a murder happen but when she tries to tell everyone, no one believes her. Then she starts questioning if she really saw what she thought she did.  SO GOOD!

    Sunburn by Laura Lippman
    This book was awesome! It was somewhat of a crime thriller mixed with a love affair and a lot of lies.  Two characters are coming together but both have a lot of secrets.  The main character Polly is hiding some serious stuff from her past but as the story unfolds you start to wonder who is really doing anything wrong.

    The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances
    This is an amazing thrilling read about a mom that is protective of her adult son when a new girlfriend comes into the picture.  She gets a weird vibe from her and her instincts tell her it's bad news.  It then becomes a horrific battle between the mother and the girlfriend. Who will win in the end?

    Brass by Xhenet Aliu
    This was an interesting novel to read. It's told by two of the main characters at different times and is a great look at what it's like to live in this country when you're not from here and what it's like when you are dating someone that's not from  here.

    The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. by Adelle Waldman
    This is a lighthearted and fun read about dating from a man's perspective.  Nathaniel is dating but also has ongoing friendships with other women and it's interesting to see how it all has an effect on him and those in his life.

    The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin
    This was a very interesting novel about 4 siblings that see a fortune teller as kids. She tells each of them when they will die.  The book explores how they may or may not live their lives differently knowing their death date and also if the woman spoke any truth. 

    What have you read lately?

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