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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tasty Ingredients For Your Healthy Salads

Salads are a great addition to any healthy diet, and they can be super tasty as well. There are so many different vegetables and fruits that you can add to your salad. Each one will bring different nutrients to the dish. So you can tailor salads so that they are particularly rich in certain vitamins and minerals. Want to try something different in your next one? Here are some tasty ingredients that can make your salad super healthy.


There are lots of different lettuces, and each one can bring something different to your salad. One of the most common, iceberg lettuce is very crisp and fresh and is often a firm favorite of kids. Kale is another popular green leaf added to salads. It is super high in a number of vitamins, including C, K, and A. It is also thought to have excellent antioxidant properties and many people believe it can reduce the risk of cancers and heart disease.


Not many people consider carrots when they are building salads, but they are a fabulous addition! They are a great way to add some color to the dish, which can help make it look delicious and very tempting! They can also make your diet much healthier as some studies have shown that they can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. One of the best ways to include carrots is to grate them and mix in the shreds.


If you find that you are never quite full enough after a salad, it could be because you aren’t adding enough protein and fiber. One of the best sources of protein and fiber for salads is beans.Choose between kidney beans, black beans, and white beans. Or you can go all out and add a mixture! If you want, you could coat the beans in a spicy sauce before you add them to the salad. It’s a great way to add some extra flavor!


Your salad doesn’t just have to be fruit, veggies, and beans. You can also add some fish for an extra source of protein. Fish are rich in Vitamin B and Omega 3 fatty acids. These healthy fatty acids are important for our body to function properly and can help to relieve the pain caused by joint problems. Salmon is one of the healthiest fish. You can add either cooked or cured to your salad.


Avocado is seen as a very trendy fruit right now. You’ll see it on the menu of many hipster cafes and restaurants. Even if you aren’t that bothered about staying on trend, you should still be eating lots of avocado. It is quite high in calories. However, all its other amazing health benefits outweigh this. They are packed full of antioxidants so can help to prevent many illnesses. To add one to your salad, simply peel and take out the stone. Slice it and toss into your salad!

Hopefully, this post will have given you some excellent ideas to create a tasty and healthy salad!

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Caring For A Sick Dog

As all canine fur babies mums and dads will know, when they get sick it can be heartbreaking. Make it a little easier on them and yourself by using these tips.



One of the most obvious things, when a dog is ill is the mess they can make. Vomiting and diarrhea, need to be monitored closely as your dog can get dehydrated. Try limiting their food or only giving them bland food for 24 hours. If you are concerned, a trip to the vets might be in order.

Unwanted urination can also be a problem. For puppies in the process of being toilet trained, puppy pads, are a brilliant way of keeping the mess to a minimum. Puppy pads are squares of absorbent cloth, a bit like a spread out nappy. They are designed to soak up spills when your puppy can't quite make it to their next loo break.

If your adult fur baby is suffering incontinence problems, try a product like Propalin Syrup for dogs. It's for use particularly with spayed female dogs. If the incontinence has only recently started happening, go to the vets to get it checked out before you start medicating them at home.


Making sure your dog has a comfortable space to rest in, it is critical when they are ill. Bring them indoors, and keep them away from you other dogs in case they transmit any illness. As they have such sensitive hearing, it's important to keep them in a quiet space. Use their favourite bed too, so they have something familiar to comfort them.


It’s best if you don't allow your dog outside too much while they are ill. Vigorous exercise can worsen their condition, and you don't want to spread the problems to any other dogs. Depending on the illness, they still might want to go outside to the toilet, but make sure that you keep them on a short lead.

Preventing Illness

Some dog illnesses can be prevented by being more careful with your pet. Use proper equipment for fetch games, rather than sticks, which can be sharp and get caught in their throat. Keep any chemicals in high cupboards or shelves like you would do with children.

As much as you love your dog and want to treat them well, don't feed them human food. There are lots of food that we love that can have a bad effect on dogs health. Sweets can have sugar replacements in them, which are terrible for dogs kidneys. Meat on the bone is a bad idea as dogs can choke on small bones. Chocolate is also a no no, causing diarrhea and damage to your fur babies nervous system. Dogs are also lactose intolerant, so unless you want some serious diarrhea issues, keep them away from the cheese board.

Lastly, don't give your canine companions, human medicine. A dogs system is very different to that of a human and requires specific medicine. Not all human medicines are compatible with dogs, and they can do more harm than good.

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Multitasking Hacks for Everyday Wellness

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. #CentrumFunFlavors #CollectiveBias

So most of us think of multitasking when it comes to work tasks, errands, or chores around the house but multitasking can be used for everything in life including diet and physical activity.  Seriously!!

I am a busy busy girl.  I work full time, run my blog, take care of 4 dogs, have weekly errands and cleaning for my home, have plenty of friends to keep in touch with, have a full blown vegetable garden, a weekly fitness routine, AND a plethora of TV shows to stay caught up with.  Sure all these things may not be necessary in my life but I love them and they bring me joy. 

So why in the world would I ever want to stop doing some of them?  Instead, I embrace all my duties and my busy life and I multitask in a variety of ways for all aspects of my life.  So I'm going to show you exactly how it's done so you can do the same in your own life!

|Exercise + TV Shows|
I looooove my TV shows.  I can't even tell you how many I keep up with because there are literally just too many.  The only time that would ever be a problem is if I decide to sit and watch TV more often than I am physically active.  It's important to stay active.  I need to burn calories and break a sweat in order to get rid of all the stress and toxins from my day.  So instead of sitting on the couch to watch TV, I have a small TV in my basement gym where I can lift weights and use my elliptical all while watching TV.  Don't be fooled though, because this isn't JUST benefitting me for catching up on my shows, it also keeps me motivated to work out.  Rather than focus on how hard it is, I focus on the TV so that I get distracted and don't start obsessing over how many minutes I have left on the elliptical.

|Meal Planning + Budgets|
You should know by now that I am a huge fan of budgeting and every part of my life revolves around a budget.  So it should be no surprise to you that I balance my need to budget around my planned meals for the week.   I don't ever buy more than I need at the store because I only ever buy exactly what I need for each recipe for the upcoming week.  My grocery list is based off of my meals for the week and because of that I never spend extra money on impulse buys.  This is a great multitasking hack not just for my budget and saving time on figuring out what to eat, but also for my health.  I am able to plan healthier meals instead of impulsively ordering a pizza.

|Fashion + Time|
Being fashionable and looking put together can actually be very time consuming.  That's why I like to make a small effort ahead of time when it comes to my wardrobe.  Every Sunday I choose and set out all my outfits for the upcoming work week.  I even pick out the shoes and jewelry I'll wear each day so that when I'm getting ready for work in the morning I don't even have to use my brain to choose what to wear. 

|Being a Human and Being Healthy|
We are ALL human which means we make mistakes.  Sometimes we don't have the time, knowledge, or discipline to make the perfect choices for our diet.  I try my hardest to eat healthy and get all the vitamins and minerals my body needs on a daily basis but there are days that I can't do that so that's why I multitask by taking Centrum Vitamints Raspberry and Centrum Gummies

 It's easy to enjoy staying healthy with simple solutions like Centrum Gummies and Vitamints.  And when I say easy I mean I literally just pop them in each day and I know that I'm doing something to promote my overall health even if my diet for the day isn't reflecting that. The flavor helps make it easy to enjoy taking these each day!!

So head to the Vitamin section of Walmart and start striving everyday to stay healthier and happier with Centrum Gummies and Vitamints! Be sure to check out this coupon page as well and leave a comment below to let me know how you will start multitasking when it comes to your health and wellness!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Most Comfortable Workout Outfit in the World + A Giveaway!

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I workout a lot so I have a lot of workout clothing to choose from.  But just like with my dresses, tops, and jeans, I have a favorite pair of workout pants and a favorite sports bra.    All too often, I've worked out and then went about my day running errands and doing yard work before I shower, but after a couple hours I felt like my chest was going to explode. I'd feel squished and I had HUGE indents in my skin from my straps.  All I ever wanted was a super comfortable workout bra.   And finally I've found it!

Some people don't understand why people care about getting "nice" workout gear.  The thing is - when you look good you feel better and you are more likely to give it your all during a workout.  Plus, you want to be comfortable.  Wearing a ragged old worn out sports bra and pants that don't fit properly just distracts you and doesn't make you feel ready to kick butt.  In fact, it makes me grouchy.  That's why I make it such a big deal to get workout apparel that I absolutely love! It helps me look forward to working out because I can pick out an awesome outfit that not only looks good but feels amazing when I put it on!

The Adjustable Bra from Handful is so amazing.  First of all, the fabric is the softest ever! It's also quick drying and wicks away sweat so I don't feel so icky after my workout.  I love the removable pads and the flat seams on the inside.  The straps are really comfortable and can be kept as an X back or tied up as a halter.  This bra comes in a variety of colors too.   It allows me to move as much as I need to during a workout and I don't have to worry about anything popping out, a strap falling, or the bra riding up on me.

Now for workout pants I am obsessed with my Compression Capris from Physiclo! These capris have a built-in resistance technology that really help make my workouts more productive.  These are sleek and breathable and the inner elastic layers are like resistance bands around the legs.  They target quads, hamstrings, abductors, and glutes.  I can't believe how comfortable they are and they really do help me with my form and how hard I go when I do my workouts.  I can really feel a difference which is why these are one of my favorite workout capris EVER!

And I have a fantastic giveaway for you guys! One lucky winner will get a pair of compression capris from Physiclo!
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Beauty Routine

Just because you want to beautify yourself, doesn’t mean it has to take a million years! In actually fact, there are lots of ways to speed up your beauty routine on a daily basis. From your hair to your makeup, it’s all about knowing the tips and tricks. It’s also about practice, so you can get even speedier. Don’t worry; speeding things up doesn’t mean you have to cut corners! You can still achieve a flawless look in whatever it is you are beautifying. You just get to save a bit of time along the way!

Read on for six methods of speeding up your beauty routine. There is the consideration of hair removal, in order to save you time down the line. Also, a few tips regarding skincare. Finally, take a look at two ways to make your nails and eyelashes longer lasting.

Consider laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is a genius thing. Classed as cosmetic surgery, it is basically a fantastic way of removing unwanted hair without hardly any pain at all. Because your hair grows at different stages, you will need a few treatments over the course of a few months. But once that is done, you’ll be good to go for years! You can get laser hair removal done on your face, or arms, or legs. It is also safe to do it on your bikini line! Just imagine how much time you will save, today and in the future, not needing to wax or shave. It will speed up getting ready for parties in the summer where you will bare your legs. Plus, if you have laser hair removal on your armpits, you’ll never need to swap that no-sleeved top for a sleeved one when you’re a tad hairy again!

Use a once-a-day sunscreen
Do you get so bored of reapplying sunscreen several times a day when the sun is out. It’s understandable! Save time later in the day (and look after your skin) by using a once-a-day sunscreen. These are strong enough  that you only have to apply them once. Unless you get very sweaty, or wet, or rub your skin a lot with a towel, you’ll be protected all day.

Take care of your skin
It is an undisputable fact that makeup goes onto your skin easier if your skin is healthy. Lumps and bumps take more time to cover up. Dry skin absorbs the product quickly, and can make you look patchy. Oily skin will mean all of your hard work begins to disappear after just a few hours. However, if your skin is healthy, your makeup will be easier to apply, and it will last longer. Plus, the healthier your skin is, the less you will need (or want!) to cover it up. Unhealthy skin might need a moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer and powder. But if healthy skin might only need a tinted moisturizer; or one without any tint at all. So, increase your intake of water. Establish a cleansing routine that gets rid of any grime from the day (or night). Eat foods that feed your skin and help it flourish. Skip the ones that lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Finally, stop touching your face! You are only transferring dirt over, and this is not what you want!

Get shellac nails
Painting your nails takes time. If yours chip often, you might need to repaint them a few times a week. Instead, go for a long lasting manicure, which uses a polish that is chip resistant. Shellac polish is great if this is what you are looking for. Not only is it far sturdier than normal polish, but it is also super shiny. Plus it can last two weeks or even longer! If you’re picky and get bored easily, you may even like to change your colors several times a week! You can paint over Shellac if you really want to! It just won’t be as chip-resistant if you use normal polish to do so.


Get semi-permanent eyelashes
Skip the morning routine of loading on eyeliner and mascara by getting semi-permanent eyelashes. They make your lashes look longer, thicker and curlier. Also known as eyelash extensions, they can last between one and two months. This depends on how carefully you look after them, and of course, the quality of the application. Not only are you saving time when applying makeup, but you also save time in the evening. They will look so lovely you won’t need to use products on them. This means no long-winded wiping it all off every night! Be warned; they’re pretty addictive. Once you’ve tried them, you may never be able to live without them again.

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What's So Great About Compression?!?

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Compression is all the rage these days when it comes to fitness.   But what IS compression?  Well, compression gear is designed to apply specific levels of pressure to whatever part of your body you're wearing it.  The pressure can help the contraction direction of your muscle fibers which can make your body more efficient and can reduce vibrations which is less traumatic to your muscles and makes them less fatigued.  One of the most well known brands of compression gear is Tommie Copper.  Tommie Copper sleeves and apparel are actually designed to be worn all day long. The 4 directional compression helps muscles recover and gives relief from everyday aches and pains.

All of Tommie Copper's products contain CopperZnergy fabric which is infused with copper and zinc.  CopperZnergy eliminates odors caused by microbes on the fabric and gives UPF 50+ protection from the sun!

So this is my go-to compression outfit and it's all from Tommie Copper.  The top is the Women's Compression Camisole with Adjustable Straps. The adjustable straps are perfect for me because I always like the option of making them perfect for my body.  The straps are nice and thin so they don't leave lines and this cami sits high on the hip so it doesn't ride up. It really helps me look nice and shapely when I layer it under another shirt.  It gives full torso compression and is super comfortable.
The Shaping Compression Legging has a contoured design that is very flattering. It smooths and shapes and the compression is at the waist, butt, thigh and knee.  These leggings are so supportive and I love the higher waistband.  They are also very breathable and I love the hidden key/phone pocket.
I feel like I have better form when I wear Tommie Copper Compression gear and afterwards my muscles don't feel so shredded and destroyed.

Have you guys ever worn compression gear? What did you think?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thinking Spring [OOTD]

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I wore this outfit to work the other day and everyone went crazy over it, mostly because of the sandals so I just had to share it on here.  I love pink so the other week I got a pink cardigan from New York & Company and I wore it with plain black and white.  To spice things up a bit I needed sheos that would compliment the cardigan. VOILA!

These are the Carina Iris Leather Thong Sandals from Alegria.  I am so obsessed with these. They have an adjustable hook and loop strap so they fit just perfect.  They are EXTREMELY comfortable with their cork, memory foam, and polyurethane footbed that fit the contours of my feet.

Of course the design is beautiful and I love the bright colors and the floral look.  These give me great arch support which is the number one thing I need in any shoe.

These are great because they are casual yet they really dress a look up.   I can't get over the comfort because most shoes that have a heel height over 1 inch are extremely uncomfortable for me.  It was like walking on air in these things.   They are for sure my new favorite pair of shoes that I own!   Check out Alegria for more adorable and comfortable footwear!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Use Social Media for the Good

Social media has changed the way that people interact with others. For many people, social media has made keeping in touch with family and friends, sharing pictures, playing games, and doing other things easier and much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, some people have used social media in a negative way. The following are some suggestions on how to use proper etiquette in social media.

Think about what you are actually posting before you hit post or tweet. Every single meal you eat or every random thought you have does not necessarily need to be posted. Also, think about what the end result may be. Your friends may love to see pictures that you post of Craig Revel Horwood on Twitter, but they likely do not want to hear about what a terrible day you had or see pictures of every meal you have eaten. Be considerate.

Something else to consider is the potential eyes that may see your profile and the tweets or posts you make. Obviously, what you post does not need to be boring. However, if a child, your pastor, your boss, or someone else respect saw what you posted, would you be embarrassed? Think about the effect it will have on others.

When considering how it will affect others, think about the profile picture you put up. It is more and more common to see individuals posting selfies. However, what you project about yourself when using a selfie may not really help you accomplish your goal. Smile like you mean it, and post something that you will not be embarrassed for colleagues and other professionals to see.

When using certain social media sites, it is possible to tag your friends. This will either identify your friends or provide more incentive for them to look at the picture or post you have put up. Of course, lots of your friends may be excited that you have put a picture of them up. However, be considerate. Would you want a picture of yourself in the same position, with the same pose, or with the same facial expression put up? Also, do not need to tag friends for each and every post you make. They will see it as the feed is refreshed.

Think about how others view you based on the things you post. Are you constantly complaining about your lot in life, poor customer service in restaurants, or other things that are bothering you? Social media can be used to complain about a bad restaurant experience. However, it's best to contact them and settle the issue. You can tell people how you're doing on social media, but you don't want to get a bad reputation

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5 Ways to Make Life Easier with A Small Dog

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It should be no surprise to any of you by now that I love small dogs.  I mean, I have 4 chihuahuas of my own.  It's very different than owning a large breed but it's just as rewarding.  That being said, I wanted to put a few tips together on how to make life easier with a small dog.

If you are one of those people that can't stand the idea of taking a dog outside all the time to go to the bathroom, a small dog may be better for you because they can actually go inside on potty pads.  The trick is, to make sure you get the right kind of potty pads, otherwise you will have an even bigger mess to clean up.  I always look for large, durable potty pads that hold liquid (and solids) very well.  I personally choose Frisco Potty Pads from Chewy.  They are fast drying and they have plenty of layers to lock in wetness and prevent it from going through to the floor beneath it.  They even have a built in dog attractant so that makes these excellent for potty training. 

Some little dogs have tendancy to slip out of collars or they have sensitive tracheas so collars can be dangerous because it can crush them.  Harnesses are a great choice and can make it even easier to control a hyper dog.  When my dogs are home and inside, they don't wear any type of collar because I don't want to risk them getting stuck on something.
Since there's always a risk of choking with standard size kibble, make sure you use a small breed formula of dog feed which has tinier bite sized pieces perfect for your pooch's tiny mouth.

Since small breed dogs tend to be on furniture more, their fur tends to get EVERYWHERE.  I highly recommed vacuuming twice a week, every week.  Trust me, it really helps get the fur off your furniture so it won't get on your clothing when you sit down.

Smaller dogs tend to get stinky not from themselves but from being touched and held by people all the time.  The oils from our skin and hands can make them greasy.  So if you notice it's about that time, make sure you bathe them!

What advice do you have for small dog owners?

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Medicine Safety Around the House (+ A Giveaway)

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Pretty much every one of us takes some sort of medication whether it's a vitamin or supplement or a prescription pill.  Many of us also have kids or houseguests and one of the important things to combine the two is keeping YOUR medications safe and away from others.   So today I wanted to introduce you to Med-Master Deluxe Steel Case, a steel medicine case that helps organize, secure, and protect medications from abuse, misuse, and theft.  It's from Penny Wise Office Products, one of the largest e-tailers of office supplies in the country, and they were excited to share this new product by MMF Industries with me! You can use it at home or if you're a healthcare professional and provide homecare services you may also find it very useful. 

Did you know that prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drug of American Teens 14 and older.  And of the people that abuse them, 70% say they get them from their family without their permission.  That's why something as simple as having a Med-Master case can help prevent overdose and prescription drug abuse. 

The Deluxe Steel Med Case has a programmable 3-digit combination lock to ensure no one can get in without the code.  It also has an LED 10x magnifying glass that is great for trying to read tiny labels in any lighting.   There's even a magnetic dry erase kit which you can use to keep track of refills, dosing, times, or any other special notes.     I also love the pill tray which is great for sorting and pouring and you can wash it in the dishwasher. 

The door opens 90 degrees and actually was made to act as a shelf to help sort and manage medicine right by the cabinet which eliminates the risk of leaving bottles unsecured.  I love the interior shelf. It's great for storage and keeping everything upright.  There's also a removable handle and it also comes with easy mount holes for secure wall placement! The batteries and hardware are all included and everything was so quick and easy to put together! This gives me so much peace of mind because I don't need to worry when friends bring over their kids or if people are in my house to use the restroom I know they can't get into my prescriptions. 

This product and thousands of others are available for free, next day delivery from Penny Wise.  They also offer a free full line catalog when you call 1-800-942-3311 or visit

And today one of you is going to win a Deluxe Steel Case of your own!
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