10 Things I Learned from LuckyFABB

Thursday, October 31, 2013

LuckyFABB was quite an experience.   Both Day 1 and Day 2 were packed with information.  And I know not everyone could attend so I figured I would sum up a lot of what I learned into 10 different items.   So here it is: 

10 Things I Learned from LuckyFABB

1.  Don't let your traffic dictate your style.   Just because you had a specific topic in a post that totally upped your page views for the month, doesn't mean you should start posting about it all the time, ESPECIALLY if it's not what you normally cover.  Stay true to yourself and the traffic will come. 

2. Use attractive colors and images.  Use bright bold colors and beautiful photographs and pictures in your posts.   When you do an outfit post, take nice up close pictures of the bright accessories!

3. Never blog about something you don't like.   I love animals and almost everyone knows that about me, so I have had times when I had to refuse to work with a company because I didn't like how many fur coats they carried, etc.  In the end, you will feel better about yourself when you stay true to your voice and values. 

4. Spell check!!!   Eva Chen even said, the more you spell check, and the more you read and edit your posts before publishing, the more attractive your content is to readers.  

5. When designing your site, use mindless designs.   Keep it easy to look at so that people stay on your site.   Simple is sufficient! 

6.  When checking website stats, look at how much time people spend on your site.  If they don't stay on it very long, consider writing more interesting articles or making your site layout easier on the eyes.   

7. Don't be competitive.  Even if you blog about the same thing as someone else, be yourself and understand that your voice is what makes your blog unique.   Everyone brings something different to the table. 

8. Be Nice!   Being kind will never go out of style.   Be nice always, because in the end it always comes back around!

9.  Move your Blogroll to another page.   If your blogroll isn't very relevant to the overall content of your site, move it to a different page so it doesn't show up on the sidebar even when you aren't on the home screen. 

10.  Don't let your budget bring you down.   Who cares if your entire outfit in your post costs $40.   Fashion is fashion, and everything is equal.   

Tune in tomorrow for my post for anyone that wants to attend LuckyFABB in the future!

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An Upclose Look at the 2014 Mazda6

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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She's here! The 2014 Mazda6 in Blue Reflex was at my house at the beginning of this week.   So here's an upclose look at some of the details and features.  

 I'm already loving the halogen fog lights, LED combination taillights, power moonroof, rear lip spoiler, and adaptive front lighting system!  This is a bigger sized car compared to others I've driven in the past, but I still like that it's got a sleek smooth style. 

As you can already see, it has a nice sporty sleek look.   19 inch alloy wheels give a shiny spark to this already gorgeous car.  There's dual exhaust, rain sensing windshield wipers, side mirrors that are power AND heated, and adjustable seating for the driver.  This vehicle comes with Skyactiv technology.   

 Inside, you'll find comfortable rear seating in black leather trim.   There are also paddle shifters, a rearview camera, 4 way power passenger seat, cruise control, power door and window locks, keyless entry, climate control with rear seat vents, and amazing radio speakers!   

The interior is very spacious and I love the huge moonroof.   The controls are pretty easy to figure out and everything is laid out for maximum convenience.  

 Most convenient of all is the knob located near the center console, where you can easily keep your eye on the road, but still adjust the audio or Navigation!

The navigation system itself is conveniently located and very easy to operate.   All of the up front controls are pretty basic in their own way, but I love that there are endless options for everything, whether it's seat warmers, satellite radio tuning, or connecting your phone to Bluetooth. 

Inside and out this vehicle is amazing and has a nice sleek sporty look and feel.   Check back later this week when I go over the engine and safety features and next week I'll let you know how this thing drives!!!

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My Happiness Project - October - Pay Attention - COMPLETE

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My Happiness Project for the month of October was to ">Pay Attention.

Ways I did this were:
1. Meditate
2.Learn about Mindfulness.
3.Love myself more than ever before.

photo by 1541via PhotoRee

1. Meditate
I even took a course just to get Meditation down pat and it worked! The thing I love about it is the challenge at first, because you have to teach yourself and train your mind to be able to do it. I feel much happier now and less on edge even in stressful times. I feel I have better control of my mind.
2.  Learn about Mindfulness.
I was guilty of multitasking ALWAYS so I made sure to slow myself down. I didn't worry about doing 103948093284 things at once and instead just began doing what I enjoyed doing. Now I don't feel so rushy rushy all the time.

3. Love myself more than ever.
To start doing this, I had made a list of everything in my life currently going on..even if it was something not so great.. but when I wrote it down I made it into something great. Like if I was stuck on a major decision, I put down that I am so great that I have TWO choices for something. The second I stress or worry now I write down all the good things going on. I also have started writing an amazing love letter to myself. It's okay to do this stuff. I love myself a lot more than ever now. It's hard to explain but I just do!
Check back tomorrow for October's Happiness Project which is to Pay Attention!
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5 Relationship Red Flags

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photo by Robert Scalesvia PhotoRee

Here are 5 relationship red flags that should always be considered before you think you know someone well enough to get into a serious committed relationship with them.

Does he lose his temper often? Does he get mad at something that he can’t fix, does he flip out on his neighbors, does he aggressively pursue a stranger that’s rude to him in public?
These all could be signs that he could do the same to you. He may be on his best behavior now but everyone is at first… so be careful.

Is he jealous, controlling or needy? Does he spend ALL his free time with you?
If he easily neglects his own responsibilities like work duties, helping family out, or getting things done around his house, it could be a sign that he is very needy and very controlling.

Does he get jealous if you even look towards another guy?
It’s okay to get jealous inside but if you act on things and get angry or upset then that’s a HUGE red flag. Does he insult you?If he insults you at all… that’s a sign that he can easily pull that trick out anytime you upset him or during an argument. Low blows aren’t fair. And you don’t deserve to be insulted…EVER!

Did he have abuse in his home ever?
If he grew up in a family where a spouse was abused, he could have adopted that behavior and he could end up doing it to you. Once you know someone well enough, and their childhood, it’s easier to tell if this is the case.

Does he consider himself a failure?
Any guy who considers himself a failure is a huge red flag…. He will come FULL of emotional baggage and you’ll end up walking on eggshells.

What are some other relationship red flags you know of?

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My LuckyFABB Gift Bag Haul

I had the VIP seating and the All Access Gifting Suite in my ticket so I got to check out some brands up close and personal and even got some great items from them.   Also, be prepared to see more of these brands in the future on my blog! 

Super comfy foldable flats from Yosi Samra
Yosi Samra has a line of comfy ballet flats and loafers.  They are easy to carry in your purse, and super easy to wear!   I chose the lacey design and I love these! So comfy, I won't ever leave the house in heels without bringing these along as wel! 
I chose a gorgeous dark green necklace and I love the colorful pouch it came in! Thanks Julie Vos!
 When chatting with the PR girls at the Julie Vos booth I learned something really cool... Julie has 3 dogs of her own and she loves them so much she almost started a company named after them!!!   That's my kind of gal!   Julie Vos has rich color combinations of semiprecious stones that are set in gold.   The statement and stacking pieces are great for a night out, or everyday wear!

 L'Occitane is a brand that has amazing scents and beauty products.   I got to choose a fragrance and a candle and I am so glad I chose Fleur D'or & Acacia because it has a great floral Fall scent!
These are lightweight and dainty, perfect for me!
 Kendra Phillip is a jewelry brand started by two friends...Kendra and Phillip.   They have simple yet gorgeous pieces in the latest trendy patterns and styles.   I love these mini cuff bracelets. So comfy and easy to wear.  I can't stand bulky arm jewelry that gets in the way, so I will be wearing these A LOT!

 UGH... this handbag.... AMAZING!   It's from Galian which has a line of fashionable handbags and accessories at affordable prices.   I love handbags so I love getting affordable ones in between my super expensive ones.   I have never owned a messenger bag before and always wanted one so when I had the choice, I chose one!   I love this bag and have been using it ever since I came home! I can't even complain about one thing about it!  Way to go Galian!  Ellen Ross the handbag addict approves!
Quinn had an amazing selection of scarves and I chose this one with the orange pop of color.   This is going to be so cozy in the winter!

Poppin had some colorful and stylish office supplies so I grabbed some goodies including these two notebooks above!  Actually, one was in the gift bag, and the other I chose.   I also got a picture frame that I'll show you after I decorate it!

I also chatted with ModCloth and hope to work with them a lot in the future! 

Downstairs there were Brand Experiences and they were pretty packed so I only stopped at a few. 

 Fabletics had some stylish workout and fitness apparel.   I have a voucher for an outfit from them that I'll show you after I purchase, but I love the water bottle they gave us!
 Charming Charlie sent us each home with 3 items of our choice so I chose the awesome horn necklace, the black and silver long necklace, and the sparkly chunky bangle. 
 Covet Fashion is a fun app where you can create looks and gain points by showing them off at shows!  And ShopSense is a great way for bloggers to monetize their content by featuring great designers and brands.  

Lagos Jewelry is gorgeous and offers a selection of luxurious pieces of jewelry.   I found this gem in a gift bag they gave me! Such a petite yet colorful bracelet!

Paige Denim sent us home with a gift bag goodie that I am in love with!   I wear it all the time already and it's SO COMFY!   My favorite flannel shirt ever is this one by Paige Denim! 

The All Access Gifting Suite and Brand Experiences were on Day 1.   But Day 2 was the gift bag day. 

The bag itself was from SnapSac and I have to say, the fact that it could hold ALLLLLLLLLL these goodies until I got home to Pennsylvania says something about the strength and durability of their bags! 

Here's a spread of the gift bag contents along with my Gifting Suite haul. 

And here are some of my favorite items from the bag! 

These twist bands are so cool!  They are from Twistband which makes gentle, dent free hairbands! Plus I love the blogger quote on the one!
 BirchBox gave me some goodies as well.  Dr. Brandt Skin Exfoliant to help keep my skin glowing, Ruffian Nail Lacquer, SarahPotempa Half-Up which will come in SO handy for hair styling, and an awesome cheek balm!   Oh and they also threw in a Birchbox exclusive - ChapStick Hydration Lock - perfect for winter! 
 Prima Donna gave me a gorgeous colorful necklace.  Such a great statement piece!
 Capwell & Co sent us home with another gorgeous statement piece... I love the coral color!
 Another fun subscription service... Julep Maven sent us home with a box containing glitter and shimmer polishes as well as a foot treatment and friction stick!
And I am absolutely in love with this.. something I have wanted for SO LONG! I can't wait to use my Beauty Blender!

 Alex and Ani.... yes they had a gift bag goody as well!  It was a gorgeous Turn Peace Up Charm Bracelet. So dainty and elegant! I love the color too!
 Gentle Fawn gave me a gorgeous Coffee Bean Print Scarf.  I love this and can't wait to style it! 

 I am so in love with this Minimergency Kit from Pinch Provisions.   It's perfect since I just was complaining about how bulky all my emergency items make my handbag!  I am soooooooo in love with this and was ecstatic when I saw it!  I hope to work with Pinch Provisions in the future on my blog as well! 

And this is pretty cool....  Movmt wallets are handmade from upcycled plastic bags.   What a great way to be fashionable and be kind to the environment!  
Melie Bianco has been a long time fav brand of mine and I was elated to find a gorgeous turquoise handbag in the gift bag! 

 And guess what... I have a gift for you!!

Julie Vos is giving my readers a 15% off discount from their website.  Just enter FABB15 at checkout. 


SnapSac is giving you guys 25% off any purchase with the code ASKAWAY25 valid through November 3oth.  

And one more thing... check back NEXT WEEK for a giveaway from me that will include a variety of my goodies from my LuckyFABB gift bag!!!!

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Lemi Shine Review

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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I have some great news for you about a new line of cleaning products...Lemi Shine! Lemi Shine cleaning products are a great way to help you get rid of nasty hard water stains and build up on your dishes and dinnerware. Most dishwasher detergents aren't formulated to remove hard water minerals during the main wash cycle so by adding Lemi Shine you can remove the water spots, stains, and film. It's easy and effective and it will make you feel better next time you are serving a meal to your guests!

I received samples from the Lemi Shine line and I have to say the machine cleaner was amazing. Great way to degunk and clean the buildup out of your dishwasher on a regular basis. I also love the little packs that you can toss in! They worked so well right away! And the original Lemi Shine and refill for it was great. The smell is nice and clean but when it's all said and done, you can't even tell I had to use anything on my dishes. I think everyone needs to incorporate these into their cleaning routine especially since this is something that a lot of people have trouble with - hard water!!! Check out Lemi Shine today!!

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