Looking After Your White Gloss Furniture

Sunday, August 30, 2020



There is no denying the beauty of white gloss furniture. This type of furniture boasts a striking and stylish appearance while it also has the benefit of making a room look more spacious. Nevertheless, you do need to care for your furniture properly if this is going to be the case. Below, we reveal some top caring tips.

Why gloss furniture?

But first, let’s take a look at why gloss furniture has become so popular. From built in wardrobes to coffee tables, there are many different furniture pieces that are designed with a gloss finish today. But why has this still of furniture become so well-loved? Well, first of all, you cannot deny the beautiful and modern appearance of this type of furniture. However, the benefits extend a lot further than this.

A lot of people love gloss furniture because of its reflective surface, which can open up a room and make it appear a lot bigger. This is because the sun reflects off the surface of gloss furniture, bouncing back into the room so that the space looks more welcoming and roomier too.

Plus, gloss furniture is not as expensive as a lot of people assume. Many homeowners think this will be one of the more costlier furniture styles, but that is not the case. You can pick up some real bargains when it comes to this style of furniture, so it is definitely worth browsing around online.

How to clean your gloss furniture

First and foremost, it is imperative to avoid using any furniture sprays or chemicals, for example, furniture polishes or glass cleaners. This is because they will cause the surface of the high gloss furniture to deteriorate. Silicone-based cleaners result in the surface of the lacquer being covered in a greasy film, which is virtually impossible to get rid of. Moreover, the lacquer will deform if you use glass cleaners because they are too corrosive. Therefore, less is really more when cleaning gloss furniture.

So, what sort of products should you use? You will simply need a spray bottle that is filled with water, a pack of soft microfibre cloths, glass and polishing e-cloth, and a feather duster. An e-cloth is a lifesaver on those days when there seem to be more fingerprints on the furniture than usual.

Those products are all you need for standard day-to-day cleaning, but what happens when you spill something on your white gloss coffee table? The first rule is always to make sure you wipe it away immediately, otherwise, it will dry onto the surface. Use a little bit of water and a microfibre cloth for this. If you act quickly, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

As you can see, looking after white gloss furniture is more straightforward than you may realise. The key is to react to any stains immediately while you should also keep it simple in terms of the products you use. Stay away from chemical cleaners and alike; a cloth and some water will do the trick.

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My Favorite Room in My Home

Friday, August 28, 2020

My favorite room in my home is something I've wanted to share for a while. I call it my magick room because it's my little cave where I can go and do fun things or relaxing things or just go to decompress.  It used to be a spare bedroom but last year I ordered a couch, got rid of the bed, and got some gorgeous decor. It's also where I do all of my spiritual practices.

5 Great Ways to Lower Your Monthly Energy Bill

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Staying on top of your household’s budget requires carefully monitoring your energy usage and identifying unnecessary waste. Here are five helpful ways that you use energy more efficiently in your home and avoid overpaying for your monthly utility costs.
Don’t Tolerate an Inefficient HVAC System

When you try to be judicious with your temperature settings but your home’s HVAC system can barely keep up, you may need to get your system serviced. Periodic cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your system running efficiently. A system that isn’t properly cared for can cause an excessive drain on power, and it may run almost continuously if it isn't heating or cooling properly. For help with heating and air conditioning Denver, work with a service provider who can advise you how to make your system operate to the best of its capabilities.
Use a Programmable Thermostat

Being able to control your thermostat with a timer or having the capability to operate it remotely will enable you to avoid running your system any more than necessary. A smart thermostat can be incorporated into an existing HVAC system, and it can help you closely monitor your energy usage.
Install a Renewable Energy Source

You can get affordable solar panels to power some of your home’s appliances and dramatically reduce your ongoing expenses. This eco-friendly home improvement can also provide you with a valuable secondary power source in the event of a major outage affecting your area. Furthermore, it may entitle you to a tax deduction or an energy savings rebate.
Replace Outdated Appliances

An old refrigerator that runs constantly or an extremely old washer dryer combination with overworked motors create a continual drain on your electricity. Switching to new ENERGY STAR rated appliances will enable you to run your appliances with minimal yearly usage.
Perform an Energy Audit

Your local utility company may give you the option to view an estimated breakdown of each usage category or provide an energy analyzer tool online. You can also use a meter for electronics that provides a readout for the amount of energy used to power something over a given time period. You can collect clear energy usage information from an outlet over a time period of just a few days. Leaving the device plugged in an object over more time can help you identify how your habits impact your energy usage financially and consider ways in which modifying your habits can help you use less energy.

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5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your Drab Decor


The COVID-19 left a lot of people in their homes staring at the same walls and decor for weeks. Life can get a little dull that way, and if you have found yourself bored with the look of your living room or bedroom, you aren’t alone. Even though many may be tight as you head back to work and try to find a normal post-COVID routine, there are several things you can do to instantly brighten and transform any room. Here’s your guide to starting small and recreating your home’s interior.
Address the Windows

A boring drapery that seemed to classic a decade ago needs to be replaced. While you can opt for another curtain or difference color valance, you can reach to a custom blinds Denver company for a more unique look. Find a blind that is functional and suited to the style of the home. Window treatments can dramatically change the tone of a room.
Throw Down a Rug

You can create a warm and cozy feeling to a room with a well-placed rug or two. Dark rooms become lighter with a cream or white-colored rug, but you can bring in deep blues or reds for a more dramatic feel. It will also feel good on your toes during cold winter days.
Bring in Some Nature

Greenery, potted plants, or a vase of flowers will bring fresh air and a fresh look to the room. If your thumb isn’t too green, you can find good quality fake floral arrangements or wreaths to hang up or set around. Make sure you don’t use a tired, old vase for your brilliant hues and subtle floral scents.
Brighten It Up

If your goal to brighten up the room, then do so through a new lamp or updated light fixtures. An antique lamp or oversized lampshade can add some visual interest, but why stop there. Add strip lighting under kitchen cabinets or change out brass-colored fixtures for a more modern look. Changing out your bulbs to LED or Edison style can also create new magic in the room.
Try a Coat of Paint

Though more time-consuming and laborious than the other suggestions, a new coat of paint will do wonder for any room. Work with trending colors or get creative and inspired by a vintage piece of art you own. You can paint trim, crown molding, and even the doors if you wanted.

These are simple ideas to bring new life to a room that seems more dull and drab by the day. They are pretty easy on the wallet as well, making them that much more appealing.

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30 Days of Journal Prompts

Journaling is an enriching thing to do no matter how many minutes a day you spend doing it.  But to help you out, I wanted to share some of my favorite journal prompts that I use in my own journal. Enjoy!

How to Deal With Uncertainty


person in red Converse All-Star low-top sneakers standing on fence


Uncertainty can come in many forms. You might feel unsure about the future, about health, about your career, or anything else that you think you have no control over. This uncertainty can severely impact our mental well being, and if you don’t deal with it properly, you risk being overwhelmed by these worries and anxiety. If you are encountering uncertainty, here are four ways you can deal with it.

Accept the Situation

Acceptance can be hard, no matter the scenario. It could be potential job cuts at work, or yourself, friend, or family member undergoing cancer treatment. However, now the uncertainty has arrived; there is nothing you can do about it. Rather than wallow and worry, you can take steps to realize that the situation is, mostly, out of your control. However, what is in your control is accepting how you feel and understand what could happen, even if these eventualities scare you. This makes you cope better with the uncertainty, and it will also help clear your head and reduce sudden emotional reactions that could make things worse.

Find Things to Be Grateful For

Being grateful is a wonderfully effective way to cope with uncertainty. Here, you don’t think about the future so much as you consider the past and the present. While it can be challenging to find things to be thankful for in times of uncertainty, you can always consider something. This can be things like your health or the fact you have a roof over your head, or they can be smaller little wins, like getting your favorite coffee or having sunny skies.

Think Of the Best-Case Scenario

In times of uncertainty, it is natural for your mind to go to the worst possible outcomes. You might lose your job or a loved one. However, these negative thoughts, while possibilities, will not do your mental health any good. Instead, consider the best case scenarios to help you get through the day. These What Ifs don’t always need to be doom and gloom, so start thinking of ways to celebrate once the uncertainty has passed.

Talk to Others About Your Fears

Bottling up your worries and fears will only hinder your ability to accept and cope with uncertainty, and you should have a supportive network of friends and family that you can talk to about how you feel. This network doesn’t need to give you the answers; they just need to listen to you. Even if you don’t want to talk to people you know, there are online communities that you can find. You could even start writing a journal to get your thoughts onto paper, which could help you find solutions to your problems rather than sitting worrying about everything.

An Uncertain Road

If only one thing in life is certain, it is that you will encounter uncertainty during your life. However, this isn’t something that should negatively affect you. Instead, consider these solutions for coping with it, and you will be able to navigate this uncertainty with more confidence and comfort.

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Getting Your Home Healthy And Ready For Fall

Fall is fast approaching and, with it, a lot of people are expecting the weather to be more tumultuous and the rain heavier than most years to make up for the crazy heatwaves we’ve been experiencing. Here, we’re going to look at a range of ways you can get your home ready for all, both to make it safe and healthy for you and your family, and to give it those cozy vibes that can help you relax as the days get a little shorter and the nights a little darker.

Link - Pixabay License

Get the garden ready

By the time we get into fall, most of your gardening for the year is going to be done. A little tidying here and there, but mostly, everything’s going to get easier to manage. If you want to make it easier to manage come springtime, then you should consider fertilizing your lawn to protect it from freezing and getting patchy over winter. If you have any lawn or outdoor furniture, you might want to consider draining it and putting it away in the shed or whatever storage you have, as well. Leaving it out in fall weather can result in it becoming soaked and dirty, just giving you another task to do come the next year.

Take a look at your guttering

Your gutters are going to be put to work, draining a lot of water away from the roof. However, in the summer and fall, they are more vulnerable to being blocked by leaves, twigs, and other debris. When these blockages build-up, they can stop water from being effectively drained down the pipe. The water will instead look for the path of least resistance, which may mean a gap under the roof tile or a crack anywhere in the facade of the home. Over enough time, this can lead to a leak into the home. If it’s safe to reach it, then consider taking the time to clean your gutter and make sure that there are no blockages that could risk your home.

Check around the home for air leaks (and regular leaks)

We can expect to see a lot more rain and wind, meaning that any vulnerabilities in the boundary of your home are going to be tested to their limits. For that reason, if there’s any risk of air leaks or leaks, you should aim to patch them up. Feel around your doors and windows for signs of air leaks and be ready to caulk them if you discover them. However, the greatest danger can come from above, so be sure to get in touch with a roofing company to have them up there and check out for leaks or cracked/broken tiles. Even a little gap can result in a lot of water coming through the top of the home.

Make sure your HVAC is in good working order

The days are about to get a lot colder for most of us, meaning that we are most likely than ever to rely on the heating systems throughout the home. It might have been a while since you’ve turned them on, so give them a test run before the days get too cold to see how effective and efficient they are. Hearing any strange noises from them, spotting any cold spots, or simply finding that they’re not working? Then it might be time to call your HVAC engineer and get them to fix it. Even if it is working okay, if you haven’t had it serviced in a couple of years, it’s recommended you do so, simply to keep it efficient.

Aim for those cozy vibes

With the rain, wind, and darkening nights outside, it’s easy for our moods to take a turn. The seasons can affect our emotional health a lot more profoundly than some might imagine. For that reason, it’s worth taking the time to give the home an extra bit of comfy appeal. These DIY fall decor ideas can help you give your home that feeling of warmth, softness, and coziness that can be just the perfect thing for sitting back and enjoying the changing of the seasons. Surrounding yourself with the more beautiful aspects of nature such as changing leaf jars can help you see the lovelier side of the season a little more easily.

Hopefully, this fall sees everyone safe and healthy as we head into the end of the year. It’s been a weird, stressful year, but with the tips above we can at least make sure that we’re safe, comfortable, and healthy in our own homes.

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Books That Will Help You Crush YouTube

Monday, August 24, 2020


Pexels - CC0 License

YouTube changed the world - and practically nobody noticed. The video-sharing site began from humble beginnings, offering internet users a way to reach out to the community. Now it’s a massive platform, and tens of thousands of people make a living from it. Simply incredible!

Knowing how to make the most of YouTube, though, is a challenge. The average person who starts up a channel doesn’t get very far. You need to be both talented and committed - and able to command a niche.

Fortunately, many authors are on the case. They’ve written several books about succeeding on YouTube, covering topics from finding your audience to choosing the best ring lights. Here are some of the books any budding YouTuber needs to read.

YouTube Secrets By Benji Travis And Sean Cannell

YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer by Benji Travis and Sean Cannell is the ideal book for anyone looking to set up a YouTube channel for entrepreneurial reasons. It takes the reader of a whistlestop tour of YouTube best practices, showing you a route to both influence and income.

Ultimately, the book is a guide designed to enable regular readers with useful ideas to monetize them effectively during the lockdown. It talks about the rules on the platform and some of the most successful business models.

YouTube Success Formula By Clark Kegley

This book by Kegley contains 31 tactics or increasing subscribers, viewers, and money. The author goes into great detail for each, helping to keep the book manageable while also providing the reader with actionable insights that they can use.

This book is nice because it reads more like a blog than a regular manual. For that reason, you get lessons in bitesize chunks and never feel overwhelmed.

YouTube: The 2020 Essential Guide To Grow Your YouTube Channel By John Anson

Suppose you’re looking for something relatively short that provides you with quick information on how to grow your YouTube business. In that case, John Anson has some helpful solutions for you. This book premises to increase subscriber counts by thousands of percentage points and ultimately replace your current income.

Crushing YouTube: How To Start A YouTube Channel, Launch Your YouTube Business And Make Money By Joseph Hogue

Pexels - CC0 License

What better way to learn about creating a fabulous YouTube channel than from somebody who’s already been there and done it?

Hogue managed to double his YouTube subscriber numbers in a matter of months back in 2012. Then he doubled his count again. And then again!

He sets himself up as living proof that pretty much anyone can set up a channel on YouTube and experience success. He shows how the average person can earn a considerable $3,500 per month in advertising income. And he points out how the sky is effectively the limit. The more compelling you make the content, the more people want to watch.

He lists the income streams that will make you money on the channel and the easy way to record videos, even if you’re camera-shy.

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Books I Recommend You Read [August]

As summer comes to an end,  I am grateful I had time to read some amazing books. Check them out!

Looking After Yourself: 5 Health Checks You Should Not Skip This Year

Saturday, August 22, 2020


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


Sometimes, we are so worried about climbing up the career ladder, seeing your business get off the ground, or looking after our families that we forget to p[roperly look after ourselves. It has never been as crucial to be able to count on a strong immune system and proper health.

While self-care is at the core of looking after your health, there are also some health checks that only a doctor can complete. Even if these can seem to us unnecessary when we are healthy, they could help you identify issues enough in advance to increase your chances of a fast recovery.
Check for Oral Health Issues With a Dentist

Firstly, pay a visit to your dentist. As we become older, looking after our oral health always becomes more important. Indeed, a problem with your jaw or missing teeth can affect your confidence and personal relationships.

You can also start noticing reduced jaw and mouth functioning as a consequence of poor dental health. Speaking to your dentist can help you pinpoint any issues and resolve them immediately. Whether they suggest treatments like laser protocol or implants, you can count on long-lasting solutions for the future.
Check for Eye or Vision Problems With an Optometrist

Another aspect that we tend to overlook often is our vision. However, vision problems like glaucoma are very common in individuals as they get older. In this case, understanding what are the roots of this issue beforehand can help you limit or avoid the damage that such a condition can cause.
Pay a Visit to Your Gynaecologist or Urologists

As this is considered an embarrassing check to face, many individuals - especially young ones - skip an annual visit altogether. However, visiting these professionals only if there is a problem to solve might mean that it can also be too late to prevent the damage of an illness.

For example, regular visits to the gynaecologist can help you spot the signs of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Ultimately, a Cervical Screening Test should be completed regularly and should be booked regularly after 25 years of age.
Check for Diabetes

Diabetes among the most common illnesses from which people suffer today. More than 100 million U.S individuals suffer from this condition, which can impact many aspects of everyday life and represent a threat to health and life expectancy. However, solutions and treatments are available if the illness is discovered and treated in time. Don’t skip a regular blood sugar test!
Don’t Forget About Regular Blood Tests

Lastly, take your time to undertake regular blood tests. While these are often commissioned by a doctor before a medical exam, you don’t necessarily have to wait to check the levels of nutrients and compounds in your blood. Ultimately, such a simple test can help you discover more about your health.

In some cases, a blood test can offer you indications about the type of diet you should be following or the treatments you should consider undertaking. Once you have the results of your test, speak to your family doctor to understand more about the different indicators and compounds levels.

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