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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Rat Happy

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Before you cringe and freak out, remember, don't believe the stuff you hear. Rats are amazing pets!   Ever since I was a teenager I've owned at least one rat at a time as a pet.  I love them so much because they remind me of dogs - they are smart, can be trained, and love interacting with humans.

It's so funny because people are quick to assume rats are dirty and icky but that's actually far from the truth. Domesticated rats are obsessively clean critters. In fact after a few minutes of handling Charlotte, she stops and cleans herself.  She has an organized cage where she stores food far away from where she uses the potty.

Rats are just so sweet and intelligent and for those of you that are planning to add a rat to your home, here are some great tips to help keep them happy!

Toys are Crucial
Toys help rats explore, embrace their instincts, and gives them something to do so they don't get bored. Rats can actually have failing health if they are bored, neglected, and lonely so the least you can do when you're not handling them is give them something fun. Charlotte loves her Lava Ledge from Chewy. It's basically a pumice rock and it's great for a variety of critters and attaches easily to the inside of their cage.  It has pet safe coloring, and  it allows rats to chew and keep their teeth filed down.   Charlotte uses hers daily! She also climbs all over it.

There are also wooden chews you can give rats, bells, crinkle toys, and when you let them out to play many a rat has become a fan of small stuffed animals and balls. I had a rat that used to roll a ball at me when I rolled it towards him. See, I told you they were smart!

Human Interaction is A Must
Rats LOVE interacting not only with other rats but with humans. They are naturally social creatures.  Start them young so they get used to handling.  I hold Charlotte at least once a day for 5-10 minutes and up to an hour on the days that I'm not super  busy.  She's perfectly content crawling up my arms and then sitting on my lap while I watch TV.

I always tell people that rats are great pets for kids because they don't get nippy.  Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and mice are actually not big fans of being handled and they can get uncomfortable and bitey.  A regularly handled rat is ecstatic to get some human attention.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration = Happiness
Just like any animal, rats need proper nutrition.  A quality pellet food will suffice and use nuts/berries as treats.  A food that is nothing but seeds and berries is actually comparable to a person eating junk food.  Also, always have fresh water in a water bottle available to your ratty.

I use treats as a reward after Charlotte has good behavior like when I hold her and she doesn't bite me, I make sure she gets a yogurt drop when I put her back in the cage.

Clean their Cage Once A Month
Rats are very low maintenance and a once a month cage cleaning is all it usually takes for Charlotte. I just have James hold her while I dump her old bedding into a garbage bag and then fill her cage with new fresh bedding. 

So as you can see, it's really not that hard to make a pet rat happy.  That's just another reason they make such great pets!

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Happy Halloween from My Wolfpack

Happy Halloween from...
 Rocky the Lumberjack

Pixie the Lion

Stella the little Mexican Chihuahua

Grace the Football player

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3 Reasons Why You Should Seek Expert Help After A Divorce

Divorce or separation can be very traumatic, with your emotions flying high as you try your best to remain on an even keel, and for many people, this can have a negative impact on their life. We are creatures of habit, and after many years of a married routine, to suddenly find yourself alone can simply be too much for some, and uncomfortable at best. Even though you might be alone, there are people who can help, and for those who are currently going through a painful divorce, here are just a few reasons why expert help is a good idea.

1.     Understanding the Human Psyche – The conscious mind can be a source of inspiration, yet it can also be the cause of extreme anxiety, and without discipline, your mind can wander down dark avenues. Buddhists liken the conscious mind to a naughty monkey, which is a good analogy, and if left to its own devices, the mind can be your worst enemy. There are things you can do to keep your mind busy, and if you make a point of thinking about the future in a positive way, your mind will be occupied with healthy thoughts and less likely to wander. Controlling the conscious mind would be part of a program that experts designed to help a person through emotional situations, and there are several steps to getting over a divorce, which if followed, will certainly make the experience a lot more bearable.

2.     Moral Support – This is always important in any situation, and especially so when going through a divorce. The feeling of being alone can be a catalyst for negativity to come calling, and with experts in your corner, this can be avoided, and with their support, you will find inner strength that you did not know you had. Talking to someone can be very beneficial, and someone with experience in dealing with divorce would always ensure that the conversation remained positive, and by focusing on a bright future, your spirits will be lifted. If you would like some further reading on the benefits of moral support, there are plenty of articles that examine ways we can support each other in times of crisis.

3.     Formulate a Plan for the Future – If you seek the right help, things will fall into place, and there are online experts who offer an intensive 21-day program that helps people to handle a divorce. These programs really do work, and by looking ahead rather than thinking about the past, things take on a positive light. Making plans is essential if you want to focus on the future, and with expert help, you will feel completely different and life will once more be enjoyable.

Going through a painful divorce can have drastic effects on a person, but with the right help, you can come through the ordeal and prepare to start a new and exciting chapter in your life. If you would like to know more about the specialist program, an online search will help you locate the website of a tried and trusted organisation who can help you to get through this very difficult time.

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