BEARPAW Footwear Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway every Friday in December!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BEARPAW Footwear is currently holding a “Share the Love, Spread the Comfort” campaign. They will chose two nominated families every Friday until the end of December to receive a holiday gift basket including: BEARPAW boots for the entire family, 2 $250 gift cards and more.

If you know anyone who deserves to win it be sure to go to the below link and mention them!

Share the Love and Spread the Comfort!!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - My Favorites

I think it's safe to say last night's VS Fashion Show was a success, but when isn't it?

Well I especially loved the "dark angel" because ofcourse I like things much different.

There were some great wings, especially the super hero themed ones, and awesome performances by Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.  The models did great and they looked amazing in their outfits.

Which was your favorite look?

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 30}} - Dress For Your Skin Tone

Dress for your skin tone.

If you are very pale naturally, don't wear white.  If you are very very tan or dark skinned, stay away from browns that run together with your entire look.  Find a color that compliments your skin tone (one that people always say You look so good in that) and wear it, make that your primary color.

My Own Pet Balloon Review & *Giveaway* Ends 12/7

My Own Pet balloons are so awesome! They are balloons that come in the form of 27 different animals which includes dogs, horses, elephants, ducks, and dinosaurs to name just a few! When filled with helium, these pets have weighted feet that keeps them grounded so they can walk with the attached leash. It looks like the ducks waddle, the dogs walk behind you, and the ponies trot! These balloons have welded seams and inflation valves to minimize helium loss, and let them last a long time. They can be inflated at most florists, party and gift stores and many supermarkets and, in the event they become soft, they can even be refilled.

I received a pony balloon. It’s so cute! I always wanted my own horse! It seriously looked like it was trotting when I filled it with helium and walked it. I gave it to a friend’s daughter and she was ecstatic. She toted this thing around with her all over the house. I have never seen someone get so happy over a balloon!
You can purchase one for $14.95 on their website or you can win one here!!!

Jessica Simpson LOVES Leopard

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I guess it's a pretty good idea that Jessica Simpson's own line has a lot of leopard in it, because she certainly looks good in it.  When I see her in it, I always think to myself "Hm, I need more leopard, I should check out her line!"   Whether it's handbags, shoes, or clothing, she really knows how to rock it! Here are just a few photos of Jessica showing off her wild side!


And check this out.. I literally SCREAMED when I saw this.... I know I'll never have this bag but a girl can dream right? It's like the perfect mix of Louis and leopard! AHHHH!

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 29}} - Select A Style Icon

Choose a style icon

Is there a celeb whose wardrobe you adore?  Why not try to dress more like her.  Try to get comparable versions of pieces that your favorite celeb wears and add them to your wardrobe so your outfits are not all over the place, and instead more put together. 

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 28}} - Winter Fashion Staple

Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter  Fashion Staple.  Boots!  Whatever kind of boots you like, get them in brown, black, and gray!    Boots are great - whether they are high heel boots, flats, combat boots, fur boots, just get boots because they keep you warm and they look great with all those bulky winter outfits and coats. Review

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do you have your tree up yet? I do! But I'm always looking to add to it so when I got the chance to choose an ornament from I was thrilled. has a huge selection of Christmas Ornaments to choose from.  They have all different categories like hobbies, animals, and even music!

I chose the Equestrian Rider Ornament because I love riding horses. It is gorgeous and the perfect size for my tree. The ornaments are all fairly priced and this one was only $11.99.  If you have a loved one or family member that has a specific hobby, an ornament related to that is a great gift!

My Advice: Make your tree full of things that relate to you, your life, and your hobbies. It's more fun that way!

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 27}} - Layer Your Clothing Correctly

Layer your clothing correctly - Here's a great tip.  Don't you hate when you wear a cami underneath a regular shirt, and it bunches up in the middle? well, make sure that the cami is longer than the regular shirt.  Then make sure to spray some static guard on, and voila - they won't stick, and you'll have a nicely layered look.  Also, try not to wear too clunky of a belt or else it will be hard to get a great layered look.

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 26}} - Successfully Wear Leopard Print Shoes

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Successfully wear leopard print shoes.
You see them all the time, but I'm sure you tell yourself "No way can I rock those!".  Do you have a black shirt and dark blue skinny jeans? Well..then yes you can!

Check out yesterday's tip about washing your jeans to have them last longer.

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 25}}- Wash Your Jeans Correctly

Friday, November 25, 2011

Make your jeans last longer
 You don't have to wash them everyday. Especially if you are like me and you only wear them a few days a week for only a few hours at a time.  And when you do wash them, turn them inside out.  And hang them to dry.  Jeans are so expensive now a days, so make it worth it by helping them last as long as possible.

And check out yesterday's tip on how to understand the different types of jeans.

Soft Surroundings Review & *Giveaway* Ends 12/2

Soft Surroundings is a website where you can find everything from Clothing and Jewelry to Home D├ęcor and Gift items. I love how organized their website is and they always have great deals. It’s a nice way to shop for everything all at one store.

I received a Paris Faux Fur Throw in chocolate. Not only does this look awesome on my couch, but it is sooo cozy and warm and I can’t keep my pups off of it!! It’s very easy to snuggle up to this and I like how the one side of it is a plush velvet. It helps it get a grip on my sofa when I drape it over the back side. It also comes in Camel and Ivory.

My Advice:  A good quality blanket helps keep you warm and a luxurious throw adds some class to your home.  Why not combine both!?

One reader will win a throw in the color of their choice!

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 24}} - Learn the Difference between Jean Styles

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Learn the difference between Jean styles.
Picking out a pair of jeans is no longer easy.  You now have a wall infront of you wear you have to choose between different styles, lengths, and cuts.  Do you even know what they all mean or what types of figures they are for? Here's your cheat sheet!
Boot Cut Jeans Boot cut jeans are greaton almost any body type!  They don't have a dramatic flare like bell bottoms.  They flare out slightly which makes them more comfortable on you, and flattering on your larger waisted figure.
Skinny Jeans Skinny jeans look best onsmaller figures and can accentuate your hips (if that's the look you're going for).  Skinny jeans generally have a lower waist line, and are great if you don't want a lot of bulk or if you wear boots as you can easily tuck them in.  I like them for when I wear pumps or heels because you can see the shoe, and not worry about tripping over the fabric in your jeans.

Flare Jeans Flare jeans are... well..  flared! Flared jeans are great if want to accentuate your flatter figure.  They are also great for Hourglass figures because they help accentuate your curves.  Flare jeans are great when you aren't trying to make a big statement with your shoes.

Straight Leg  Jeans  Straight leg jeans are just that.  They stay the same width the whole way down your leg.  Straight leg jeans are great for people who need comfort and flexibility.  These are great "casual jeans"

And check out yesterday's tip for dressing for an Athletic figure!

Roma Boots Review

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roma Boots keep your feet warm and dry by keeping your feet comfortable in a durable and practical pair of boots. Roma gives boots to children in underprivileged countries as well so they can have the luxury of staying warm and dry.    Footwear like this is a luxury, and I think many of us take it for granted.  This is why I love Roma!
Check out this touching video below to explain a bit more

I received a pair of Taupe Roma Boots.  They are so comfortable, easy to get on, and very durable.  They are the perfect weight as well, while some boots are way too heavy, these were great for walking briskly into work, or dealing with the snow.   

These boots are very easy to move around in and I like the color since it is neutral and goes with any outfit, not necessarily as a fashion accessory, but at least it doesn’t look bizarre! 

 With my boots I also receive a photograph of a group of kids in an underprivileged country, posing with their boots.  The picture didn’t mean much to me at first, but I hung it on my fridge.  Each day as I got something out of my fridge I would see the picture with all the smiling faces, all because of boots. Something we take for granted most days.  Something we spend WAY too much money on to have nearly useless shoes that look good, but really don’t protect our feet.  And here was a group of people that really couldn’t even afford the basic needs. I’m truly touched, and I keep the picture there so that it reminds me NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!

My Advice: Roma Boots are great for keeping your feet warm and dry, and  since they have such a good message behind them, you'll feel even better about wearing them.

I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Mohawk Home Review & *Giveaway* Ends 11/30

Mohawk Home is a great place to go when you are in need of any kind of flooring from laminate, ceramic tile, to hardwood, or just looking for a rug. Mohawk Home can be purchased at several different retailers such as :

I received this rug in Olive and I love it. It’s so soft and looks great in my bathroom! I really liked how soft and plushy it was. It also didn’t come off in little pieces like other rugs have. Sometimes it looks like my dogs got ahold of it. But not with the Mohawk Rug. I really like the color and the quality and I’ll be getting more rugs from Mohawk!

Now one lucky winner will get to choose any Mohawk Home bath mat up to $19.99 value from here

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 23}} - Dress For Your Figure - Athletic

Dress for your figure - Athletic
An athletic body is "boyish" in shape and is generally straight up and down.  What you want to do if you have this body figure is wear anything you can to create curves that you don't normally have.
What you want to wear:

Any top that has ruffles, rouches, or wraps around your bust. They help add "fullness"

Sleevless Tops and halters that show off your muscularly defined arms

Bootcut pants with a low rise
These will create curves
What you should NOT wear:
Straight cuts!  Boyfriend jeans are not a very good boyfriend!
*fashion tip** to WOW at the office, wear a ruffled top tucked into a high-waisted skirt.

And check out yesterday's post about dressing for an Hourglass Figure!

How to Look Great in Photographs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I saw this awesome article over at the Daily Makeover on how to look great in pictures, so I've decided to highlight the tips!

1. Chin Up
Keep your chin up - no, I mean literally!  It prevents you from showing the icky double chin, and it also helps you smile more naturally. Keep your chin away from your neck as well.  Remember on picture day when they always told you how to position your chin and head? Now you know why!

2. Stand at an Angle.
You will look taller and leaner if you aren't staring the camera head on. Always angle yourself and if you have a "good side", now is your chance to put that side out.

3. Mind your Hand Placement.
You know how the models in the lingerie catalogs always have their hand on their hip? Yep, do that! It makes your hips and your arms look great and toned.

4. Flash a genuine smile.
Think of the camera as a person and don't squint or squeeze to hard.  Someone once told me to put the tip of your tongue on the back of your two front teeth, and then close your bottom lip up so it covers your bottom teeth.  It's worked for me!

Check out the article for more tips!

A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 22}} - Dress for Your Figure - Hourglass

 Dress for your figure - Hourglass
An hourglass body has a curvy bust and hips and a smaller waistline.  With this, you want to embrace your look! 
What you want to wear is:
Anything that highlights your waist
Thick Belts that make your waistline appear even smaller work great, as well as any shirt with volume around the shoulder. 
Wrap Tops
Scoop necklines
Bootcut or Flare Pants
As long as they fit your thighs, you should be good
Do NOT wear:
Frills, ruffles, busy patterns, or anything boxy in shape.
**Fashion Tip** A vest that fits well and flares out at your waist will totally highlight your great body shape!

And check out yesterday's tip of dressing for your shape - the pear!

Channing & Co. Review & *Giveaway* Ends 11/29

Channing & Co. is a great place to go for unique and edgy jewelry. I like unique jewelry that can be worn everyday, and that’s exactly what you will find at Channing & Co. Forget those pieces that can only be worn with one outfit. The Jewelry at Channing & Co. is very versatile and stylish.

I am very much into bracelets that I can wear ALL the time. I even sleep in many of my bracelets. I received a gorgeous bracelet from Channing & Co. It’s so easy to put on. It has a slider string system where you slide them over to make it looser so you can slide it onto your wrist. Then slide them towards the center to make it tightly fit so it can’t come off.

My Advice: If you like unique jewelry that helps make a statement by being different, you really need to check out the selection at Channing & Co.!

One winner will receive the Green Tourmaline Vermeil Tree of Life Necklace! A $50 ARV!

American Music Awards - My Best Dressed List

Monday, November 21, 2011

Here are just a few of the celebs and their outfits that I loved from Sunday night's American Music Awards
I loved Selena Gomez's dress, and I think she looked so adorable next to Justin Bieber, however I was not a fan of his ensemble since he wore some interesting shoes. (I'll get into that tomorrow!)

My girl Katy Perry - always keeping it interesting.  I loved the unique dress and the shoes. For a girl with pink hair, she can pretty much pull off anything.

I was on the fence about Audrina Patridge's outfit.  I think she spilled out of it too much but I do think the dress is gorgeous.

What were some of your favorite looks?

Gourmet Gift Baskets Christmas Gifts & Get 2 Free Donations to Injured Soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center!

Christmas is approaching fast, and it’s very easy to become overwhelmed with the task of choosing and purchasing gifts for everyone on your list, especially if it’s something you are mailing. What if it doesn’t get there on time? What if you don’t have the time to properly package it and ship it? Well, Gourmet Gift Baskets just made this whole process easier for you! Gourmet Gift Baskets has a great selection of Christmas Gifts.

The great thing about sending a gift from Gourmet Gift Baskets is that there are so many to choose from. They have ones with snacks, candies, and nuts and even ones with beer samples! Have someone that loves fruit? Send a fruit basket! There’s even a cheesecake sampler!!

My Advice: Save time, money, and a lot of energy by sending out gift baskets to friends or relatives you may not see in person, or who don’t live close to you.

And this Holiday season let’s not forget the soldiers who fight for us everyday and aren’t able to be home with their loved ones. Gourmet Gift Baskets is doing something GREAT for injured soldiers at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. For writing this blog post on their website, they are donating 2 care packages to injured soldiers at Walter Reed! How awesome is that!!!

And even better… you can now have two gift baskets sent in YOUR name to injured soldiers at Walter Reed.

All you have to do is:

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One Blog Entry PER Blog…. If you run two blogs, you can do one post on each one of your blogs, but you can’t post two separate posts on the same blog. Email me if you are confused.

On December 10th, I’ll collect all the links, names, and email addresses and give them to my contact at Gourmet Gift Baskets so he can prepare the care packages!

Have fun and spread the news!