Books I Recommend You Read [May]

Monday, May 31, 2021


 It's been great weather this month for reading on the porch and I read a few really great books. Check them out below!

Signs You Need a Pest Management Company

Thursday, May 27, 2021


If you have pests, you may think you can handle the situation yourself but there are some signs when it makes more sense to call in expert pest management

Property Damage

Have you noticed something gnawing on walls, clothing, or furniture? Are there tunnels running along the walls? Have you seen any chewed-up wiring? These are all signs of pest property damage. The cost of letting these pests go uncontrolled could be dangerous. Wires gnawed on by rodents can be the cause of electrical fires. Termites can make the structure of the home unsafe.

Urine and Droppings

If you notice wet urine spots or rodent droppings then you likely have rats or mice. Cockroach droppings look like ground pepper. Both can be health concerns for the pets and people in your home since rodents carry deadly diseases, as do droppings. A professional can make sure that these pests get evicted and don’t leave behind any disease. 

Rustling and Scratching Sounds

If you hear any rustling and scratching noises then you have rodents in the house. If the rustling is coming from inside the walls then there could be destructive termites or carpenter ants there. You may also hear squeaking and whining. 

Pest Sightings

For every pest you see, there are probably more nearby. In fact, by the time you see some pests then the infestations have grown large enough that some of the colony members are forced out of the overflowing nests and this is why you are now spotting them. 

Rodents of Unusual Size

Rats and mice are common invaders but larger rodents, such as squirrels, can also find their way into your home. When these animals are trapped and become frightened, they can cause damage to both you and your home. Professionals are educated and properly equipped to deal with these invaders. 

Fabric Damage

Bugs and rats can also attack fabrics, even furniture, and mattresses. If you find these signs then it means there are pests in the home. If you aren’t sure then check for holes on the fabric or scratch marks. Also check drawers, which are a perfect place for pests to hide, and you are likely to find this. 


Pests breed and grow fast so you will also want to see if there are nearby nests. If you do find the nests then it’s much easier to control the infestation and destroy the pests. Rats will typically build nests all throughout the home and bring small scraps to make a home. If you find areas in the home with grass, fabric, leaves, or paper then it’s likely a rat's nest. Check the walls of the home in order to see if they are hiding there. 

Strange Smells

While sounds are a good indicator, you should also pay attention to any unusual smells. For example, if you can smell something rotten in the kitchen that can’t be traced back to any expiring food, it’s likely you have some sort of pest infestation and you want pest management. 

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3 Signs You Need A Fresh Start


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Sometimes life wears you down - even the most successful, happy, lucky people experience fatigue with their situations. It can be easy to become bored or stressed out with your regular routine, or perhaps you have found yourself outgrowing certain situations or people that previously served you well.

A lot of people push back against the feeling that they need a fresh start, simply because they are scared. Listening to the urge to start afresh would mean uprooting your life and taking steps in a new direction - in short, it involves going out of your comfort zone.

Despite the fears you might experience at the idea of a fresh start, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the signs when they arrive. In this blog we will delve into three signs that you need a fresh start in your life.

You are becoming easily frustrated or irritated by small things.

It can be easy to get into the habit of negative thinking, and if you have fallen prey to this pattern, that doesn’t automatically mean you need a total life overhaul. However, feeling irritated or easily bogged down by the little things in life can signify that you are feeling hemmed in. If you were happy with how things were going in your current circumstances, you might not feel so easily sidelined by small inconveniences.

As we said, just because you are easily annoyed, it doesn’t mean you need to start researching cross country moving - although you could! It just means you might need to re-evaluate what is happening in your life that might be causing you anxiety or stress, and let that aspect of it go.

You daydream about living another life, away from the people or places you know.

This is a telltale sign that you aren’t happy living in the here and now. Everybody daydreams about living their fantasy life sometimes, and this is normal, even healthy, in moderation. Nevertheless, if you feel yourself drifting off into fantasy land every single day or for intense periods of time, it could be that your mind is telling you something’s not right.

Being more present can be difficult, when the present reality isn’t making you happy. If you are drifting off into daydreams often, you should take a look at your situation, and perhaps admit it’s time for something to change. Turning your dreams into a reality can be tough, but it’s better than staying where you aren’t feeling fulfilled.

You feel like your life isn’t heading anywhere.

Just like the others in this list, feeling like your life isn’t heading anywhere is inevitable sometimes. Life isn’t always exciting all the time - sometimes things are kind of boring, and that's okay.

However, if this feeling sticks around for a while, it could be time for a shift. It might be that your job, relationship, housing situation or mental health needs some attention, and maybe even a big change.
Final Thoughts

Admitting that you need a new start can be difficult, but the moment you accept it, you’ll be starting your journey towards being the best version of yourself!

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Designing A New Baby Nursery Responsibly

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pregnancy is a long process where parents are given enough time to organize their home and personal life. Among other things, the couple should think carefully about the issue of a secure nursery. Most accidents are known to occur in the home, but many ignore the way the design of the room affects the way the baby will spend most of his day. Of course every room in the house should be secure towards the arrival of the baby, but there are still some special features to their bedrooms. This is the room where there is a huge comfy cot and all the cosiest blankets you can think of! Also, from a certain age the baby may move into their own space, so there is no room for compromise in terms of the appropriate furniture and safety accessories for them. If you have a small area, then you should consider 10 Easy Ideas For Setting Up A Nursery In Your Small Space- and so here are some additional tips to ensure that you create the best possible space for your baby!

Photo: Unsplash

This is how you choose the right furniture and layout

In the first stage, in order to create a safety room for the baby, you need to choose the appropriate furniture. Proper furniture that fits the size of the room will also allow parents to move around comfortably, access the baby whenever they need help and cope with daily tasks like changing diapers and feeding. In addition, the furniture should be in solid colors in order to make the room a pleasant place to stay. In the second stage, it is advisable to incorporate safety accessories around the playpen, bed, changing table or any place where the baby will be laying. Nowadays there are safety accessories that parents can get at baby stores or websites and their price is cheaper than you might think. If you are interested, you can also request a changing table as a gift with the option of locking drawers and make sure that such an option also exists on the wheels of the dresser or bed. Alternatively, you can use basic furniture and products but purchase the safety accessories separately: from the railing, through the fittings that are suitable for drawers in baby rooms to non-slip rugs. Even the little things have an effect on the level of safety in the baby's room. If you want to make the bedroom safer, you should cover electrical outlets and keep the bed away from shelves or objects that may fall. Finally, it is possible to incorporate a delicate reading lamp in the room to ensure that there is always lighting and not to forget to complete the atmosphere with wallpapers, curtains and stickers suitable for the wall. 

Paint for a nursery

Before you start designing the room, it is important to choose a color palette with which you can play with the design. You do not always have to use light blue and white and pink colors in candy-pastel shades. Be creative and think long term. A variety of base colors with neutral colors like white, beige, and cream can make the room relevant for years to come without you having to repaint everything. In this way you can also adapt the design of the baby room to the rest of the house. If you want to do something really special you can use different effects for painting walls like stickers that give a shimmering look, effects of clouds, stars etc.

If you still like pastel colors, it is recommended to paint one wall, and it will also be simpler to paint over it in the future. You can look at painting part of the wall, or painting geometric shapes. What can further bounce off the look of the wall is the addition of wall stickers in the shape of clouds, triangles, balloons or any other shape that fits the childish line. Nowadays there are also charming wallpapers whose pasting on the wall will already significantly bounce the overall look of the room, and you will only need a few more touches. It is of course important to use environmentally friendly paints that do not spread toxins and will harm your child's health.

Baby room accessories

The choice of accessories is very important in the design of a baby room, as they are the ones that give the final touches and the general atmosphere in the room. What items are important?

Photo: Unsplash


Another common trend today is to put books in a special display that highlights them. It is possible to make special books for the newborn (there are books today that can be created especially by the baby's name) and this can create a personal and special dimension to the whole design.

Pillows in different shapes are also a trend that can not be ignored in the design of baby rooms. If you have chosen wallpaper or wall stickers in a certain way, you can continue to play with pillows. For example, if there are clouds on the walls you can choose a pillow in the shape of a cloud. If you have chosen stars you can choose a pillow in the shape of a star or moon, and so on.

The textile items give the softness and coziness effect that is important in designing a baby room. It is advisable to choose airy and thin curtains in light colors. You can choose bedding that matches or corresponds with shapes that have already been selected for the existing design. A soft and cozy rug will also add to the overall look. In the rug cut, you can choose a shaggy rug or a round rug knitted in thick knitting, which will add soft and delicate lines to the look of the space.

You can choose a soft and special lampshade for the main lighting, and combine a decorative plastic lamp in a certain way, such as a star lamp, cloud, etc. - again depending on the main themes you have chosen.

Lovely pictures can be found in design stores or at various shopping sites. Of course, you should choose pictures in shades that will match the other items you have chosen. Note that there are relatively large price ranges, and you can find beautiful pictures even at cheap prices on many shopping sites and in thrift stores. You should do a bit of research before entering into any new design; it’s good to be thrifty!

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Your Guide to Central Pennsylvania

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It's finally warm out and the next few months leave plenty of time to be enjoyed as you enjoy the outdoors or just enjoy running around town. 

Central Pennsylvania is a great place and whether you're just visiting or you've lived here all your life, there are plenty of things to do.  Sometimes we forget about places that are local simply because we don't see local stuff as "fun".  So if you need staycation ideas, day dates for you and your friends, or just something to do on your own, here are 25 things to do in Central Pennsylvania this Summer.

How To Make and Use a Vision Board

Monday, May 24, 2021


Vision boards have been around basically forever and can be used by anyone for any reason. A vision board is literally just that – a vision on a board. You use it to map out your goals and hopes for the future whether it’s the current year, your entire life, or just the next week. Traditionally, vision boards are made around January when people typically look ahead at what they want to manifest and achieve but you can do it any time of the year. Here’s how to get started.

Common auto insurance coverages

Friday, May 21, 2021

Vehicular accidents can happen to any person. If you get injured in a car accident, you may fear, feel frustrated, and get angry as a result. Even injuries that do not seem that bad initially can have long-term effects on your life. Between the pain and suffering, missing work, and the inability to do the things you enjoy, an injury can be devastating.

All vehicle drivers are required by law to have a minimum number of auto insurance coverages to start hitting the road. Failure to have these coverages may lead to dire penalties such as a fine and suspension of your driver's license and registration for months. Auto insurance is a contractual agreement between you and your Insurance company to cover you against financial loss if you are involved in an accident.

It is crucial to scout and obtain additional coverages to salvage your thousands of dollars if you are involved in an accident. An Auto insurance policy offers coverage for liability, property, and medical bill payments.

Acquiring appropriate auto insurance coverage can be a daunting task because of the wider variety of coverage options, thus confusing the consumers of these products. It is vital to understand the common types of coverage available on a car insurance policy before making a purchase decision.
Types of auto insurance coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage: This policy protects one against damages and losses in an accident apart from collisions. These risks include;
-Theft Fire
-Hailstorms and
-Damage by falling objects.

Collision coverage: This is a voluntary cover that caters for damages and losses resulting from collisions with another vehicle, tree, rock outcrops, or any other object.

Property damage liability: This policy caters to damages you cause to other people's property while driving.

Medical payment coverage: This policy covers medical bills for you and your passengers in your vehicle at the time of the accident.

Gap insurance coverage: This auto insurance policy covers your vehicle when it is badly stolen or damaged. It takes care of the difference between your car's outstanding loan and the current car's worth.

Under-insured and Un-insured motorist insurance cover: This form of policy caters to costs related to injuries or damages to you or your car in an accident if the other party is uninsured or underinsured.

If your vehicle has been damaged in a car accident, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney. The attorney will make an auto damage report that will assist you in making a mobile auto claim. By contacting a car accident lawyer after an accident, you get assured of protection from insurance adjusters and private investigators who may want to hurt your case.

If you believe you may have grounds for filing a claim, you can discuss your situation with a car accident lawyer. By keeping good records of what happened and documenting your experiences after the act, you can build a better case and see that the insurance company appropriately handles your claim. An experienced car accident attorney will always do the best to assist victims in getting the best possible financial compensation.
What are the benefits of hiring a car accident attorney?
-Experienced accident attorneys have the necessary knowledge of the laws
-They will bargain and communicate on your behalf
-They will apply their experience and expertise to prove the negligence of the offending party
-They will collect sufficient pieces of evidence to support your case
-They will help your clients fill claims following the state rules and regulations
-Accurately value your monetary damage so that you cover all the costs associated
-A car accident attorney can help you stand up against scare tactics or strong-arm

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Staying Organized While Teleworking

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 So most people are either still teleworking or are being informed by their employer that it's going to be a more permanent thing now, which is great, but for some people, they are struggling trying to figure out how to get a work life balance in their home with their actual work space.  Here are some ways I stay organized while teleworking.

Exercising when you have asthma

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Asthma is a common condition that affects the lungs and airways, which can cause breathing difficulties. Typically, asthma starts in childhood and can remain a medical condition throughout adulthood. While you cannot cure asthma, it can be effectively managed, and most sufferers can lead a healthy life.

Given the effect asthma can have on the respiratory system, having asthma can make you reluctant to exercise, or you may feel like it’s holding you or your children back. No parent wants to see their child sat on the sidelines watching their friends play sports, just as no adult wants to be left behind either. It’s true, exercise can be more challenging with asthma, and you may have anxieties over how your asthma may inhibit activity. You’re not alone, it is a common worry amongst asthma patients and parents alike, but it is important to remember that exercising when you have asthma isn’t impossible. In fact, undertaking exercise may be beneficial for your asthma.

The benefits of regular exercise are well known. It can help maintain a healthy weight, which is vital for controlling your asthma. Cardiovascular exercise can increase your lung capacity and improve your cardiovascular health, and in turn, help to reduce breathlessness. Regular exercise will also support your immune system and help keep viruses and colds at bay. Viruses and colds that are often worsened by asthma. Finally, the feel-good effect of exercise is well documented, and chasing this endorphin high can help reduce low mood and fatigue often caused by asthma.

Photo credit; Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Where the benefits outweigh the risks, it’s easy to see why exercising is a good idea. If you still have anxieties over how exercising may affect your or your child’s asthma, you can take steps to alleviate your concerns and facilitate your exercise. Firstly knowing all the medications and triggers is vital. Keep all your prescriptions to hand. If you regularly use Cipla asthma pumps, then make sure that is the pump you take with you. If you require a prevention inhaler ensure you are taking it as prescribed. If you are prescribed tablets for your asthma, again, make sure you are taking them as prescribed and that they always travel with you when you exercise. If you should have an asthma attack when out exercising, having all your medication with you will make it easier should you need to be checked over by a physician. If it is not practical to take all of your medications on the run or to the pool, then at the very least, bring a list of the medicines you take daily.

When it comes to triggers, make sure you know the circumstances that are likely to make your asthma worse. Can the weather affect your asthma, or pollen? Be mindful of the circumstances and if your asthma is likely to be triggered when and where you are exercising. The more awareness and control you have over the circumstances the fewer anxieties you are likely to experience.

Another way to help undertake exercise and decrease worries over exercise is to find the right exercise for you, or your child. It may be that running simply takes too much of a toll on your asthma, and you prefer to walk. You could have a water baby who loves to swim and can spend hours splashing in the pool without causing their asthma to flare up. Other activities such as yoga and golf are a great way to raise the heart rate without adding undue stress to the respiratory system. Spend some time trialing different forms of exercise and find the one you love and best suits you. You will be more inclined to do it if you love it; Don’t let asthma be the reason for an inactive lifestyle.

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Getting Fit for Summer


Summer is basically here now so if you are ready to break out of the curse of 2020 and move forward, now is the time! Weight loss for women is a very touchy subject of course, but the advice I offer today is neutral and all of it can be tailored to fit your own personal goals as well as your own lifestyle.  Here's how you can work on getting fit for Summer.

Make Sure Your Budget Isn't Missing Any of These 14 Expense Categories


Whenever I explain to people how to set up a budget, they always ask how I know what categories to include. I tell them how I evaluate my spending in the months before and figure out where all my money went but still, there are always random expenses you completely forget about it until the time comes and you’re kicking yourself. Sometimes it’s because it’s such a rare expense that you forget it exists and other times it’s because the way you paid for it or the fact that you misplaced your receipt and you paid cash so there’s no online record. Either way, I’m helping you all out today by giving you a list or things that your budget could be missing. Ensuring every category is accounted for whether you pay into it monthly or weekly is a way to help avoid surprise expenses that cause you to tap into your savings or use a credit card.

How To Easily Manage Your Large Family

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


The decision to have a large family isn't one you should make hastily. While you may want to raise a big household due to sibling relationships, it is due to adoption and marriages for others. According to recent US statistics, approximately 6.8 million families live with more than three under 18 children in the household. While having a large family can have its perks, its challenges can be daunting sometimes. Assuming you have a considerably large family, here are four practical tips for efficient family management.

Keep a schedule

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Variety, they say, is a spice of life, yet that cannot be applied to a large family. Having a schedule that everyone can follow is necessary for ensuring family engagement. Irrespective of whether you have clutter to remove, laundry to do, or a favorite TV show to catch, a familiar routine is something the entire family can use. For example, things can be much simpler when you plan a day out with the whole family to have fun. This compelling yet straightforward tip will save you a ton of stress when your schedule changes and things get stressful. This is where everyone -mum and dad and the kids- must stick together.

Restrict certain activities

Music, sports, and clubs can be good experiences for your kids, and you can encourage them to be great team players and persevere. Yet too many activities can prompt an almost unmanageable situation. If you have younger kids, it is vital to restrict them to an activity or two at a time. Driving older kids can take on the added stress. Homeschooling families may have more time on their hands for extra activities. Add an activity per every child and see what works for your family.

Organize the chaos

Clutter can quickly get out of hand with a large family. This is why it is essential to organize your home and have a space for everything. For instance, you can have in and out baskets for the papers your kids need to be signed for the next day's school. You can have a hanger on your wall for your backpacks for easy grabbing the following day. Clutter can make your home quite uncomfortable, so it is essential to decide what you are keeping and what must be removed. This is even more practical when your household moving is around the corner. Go through the closet more frequently, pass down outgrown clothing to younger siblings if possible, or donate it to charity.

Assign your kids with chores

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Mums are great – they love to take on the home and household chores all by themselves. As adorable as that seems, you could be denying your kids some vital life skills if you don't get them on some household chores. Why risk burnout or mental breakdown when you have all the family involved in fun time in the kitchen? Assigning roles isn't a weakness but a means of keeping the family together and resourceful.

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How to Create a Glamorous New Look on a Budget


If you’re looking to treat yourself to a bit of a makeover, whether it’s a new wardrobe or beauty treatment, don’t worry, this doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of places you can buy stylish clothes on a budget and still create a stunning look. In fact, if you opt for thrift or vintage stores you can even find something more original. If you choose the right items, you can create more outfits for less, and even transform them with fun accessories. Here are a few ways to create a glamorous new look on a budget.

DIY beauty treatments

Rather than heading to the spa, you could try these DIY beauty treatments. Simply keeping your nails freshly painted will leave you looking more elegant and you won’t have to spend money on manicures. You could also enjoy an evening of pampering yourself with a facial, massage, or hair mask. Bring the spa home and turn your place into a haven of tranquility. You’ll start to feel relaxed and rejuvenated already.

Choose the right hairstyle for you

If you want a new hairstyle or cut, choose the right one for you. This will mean you can splash out once at the salon hopefully without any regrets. You can then save money on fixing your hair in the future. There are also a range of cuts and styles that are easier and cheaper to maintain. You can check this ultimate natural hair type chart to find out which match your hair.

Declutter your closet

The first step to getting a new wardrobe is to get rid of your old, worn, and dated clothes. You may find some of these are still in a good condition, so you could either donate them, or organize a clothes swap with friends. This is a fun way to acquire new clothes, without spending any money. You might just find you’re bored of the items hanging in your closet, but one of your friends wants them. There are also many health benefits of decluttering. It’s very beneficial for your mental well-being as it’s a great way to de-stress. The results are also very satisfying. Before you get any new clothes, have a thorough look through your existing wardrobe.

Define your personal style

To avoid wasting money on clothes you’re never going to wear, it’s important to learn how to find your personal style. This will help you choose the best clothes for you. Look for items that suit your unique personality and go for the patterns and colors you like. This will help you put together outfits that you feel more comfortable in. After all, you’ll want to show off your new look when you go out. If you’re not sure what your personal style is you could try experimenting with different looks until you find the right fit, or get inspiration from current fashion trends.

Go for versatile items

If you want to spend less you need to look for versatile items. Don’t just go for tops that only match one skirt your own, for example. Find things you can mix and match and combine with different items depending on the occasion or the season. This way you can invest a little more in quality items that you’re likely to get the most use out of. You can also dress up or dress down your outfits with shoes and accessories.

Check out second-hand options

Second-hand or vintage stores are the best places to shop on a budget. If you really want to save money and avoid spending, look in your local thrift stores as well. You’ll be surprised how many items you can find in a new condition and you can get anything from vintage pieces to top designers. This is also a much easier way to create a more unique look, and not to mention better for the environment. You can look for original pieces that really reflect your unique character and style, and for a fraction of the price of new clothes.

Transform outfits with accessories

If you learn how to accessorize, you can transform any outfit. You can go a little bolder with accessories as it’s easier to match them. For example, if you’re going for a more elegant look you could opt for a statement necklace or bracelet. You could also layer these with a mix of lighter pieces. The way you accessorize can change the look of any ensemble. You can combine a smart dress with sneakers, or an ornate jacket depending on the occasion. You can accessorize on pretty much any budget and you can find fantastic pieces in thrift stores as well. Have a browse online for second-hand accessories to brighten up your outfits.

Wear comfortable shoes

Most of the shoe trends in 2021 relate to being comfortable. This is probably due to the work from home style many people have adopted. If you’re putting together new outfits, unless you’ve got an invitation with a strict code, go for comfortable shoes. This is a much more cost-effective option as you’ll get more use out of them and look after your feet. You can combine stylish sneakers with skirts, dresses, or pants, so go for comfort and versatility. This way you can spend more on a quality pair as well.

Always practice self-care

If you want to look and feel healthier, shopping for new outfits isn’t the only important thing. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle you will feel better inside and out. Embrace the outdoors and get plenty of exercise. The great thing is that leisure and activewear is in style at the moment so you could even invest in new gear for hiking or cycling. Try mindful activities like meditating or forest bathing, or find a new fun hobby. If you spend some time practicing self-care, this will boost your self-esteem and you’ll have more fun when you’re shopping. It’s important to treat yourself from time to time, and this will make you feel more confident.

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