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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How To Grow Your Email Subscribers

As a blogger or even a small business owner, you should know by now how important it is to have an email newsletter whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or on an as needed basis.  Email newsletters keep your fans and readers informed when they can't make it directly to your website or blog or see you on social media.  The email gets directly to them in their inbox so they practically HAVE to see it.

So today I wanted to go over a few tips to help you grow your email subscribers.

1. Ask people to sign up.
Yes, it's as simple as that. Some people may not think to sign up until you ask. So post it on your social media along with a link to sign up at.  At the end of each blog post, make a one liner explaining why people should remember to subscribe to your newsletter. 

2. Offer something in return.
It can be a free printable, access to a cool tutorial, or even an ebook.  It always makes the offer to subscribe way more appealing when someone gets something in return.  You know how when you visit a kiosk somewhere and they tell you that you'll get a free pen for giving them your email address? Isn't that more appealing than if they gave you nothing?

3. Set an appropriate schedule.
Some people get annoyed with a new email every time you make a new blog post so set a decent schedule of a daily or weekly email that goes out.  If you post often then a daily or weekly email should be suffice.  If you post a couple times a month, a monthly email may be suffice.

4. Make it a bonus entry for a giveaway.
When you run giveaways on your blog or website, make sure you ask them to subscribe to your email newsletter for an extra entry.  It's a great way to stack new subscribers. Make sure they don't have to do any work of tracking down the place to sign up.  Just give them the link that takes them directly to the sign up space.

5. Let them know what they're signing up for.
It's ALWAYS a great idea to entice potential sign-ups but simply letting them know what they'll get.  If it's a daily email with beauty tips and a recap of your week's blog posts, LET THEM KNOW.

What makes YOU more likely to subscribe to someone's email list?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Keeping Calm with ThunderWorks

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I don't know about your pets but 3 of my 4 Chihuahuas are NOT a fan of fireworks and thunderstorms.  I mean they become little babies and follow me around trembling.  If I'm not home they'll hide.  Some people ask how I know they are showing signs and symptoms of anxiety. Well, it's easy.  Stella goes to a corner and stares at the wall. 

Grace pants excessively, holds a paw up, and gets real restless.  Or if I'm around she'll want to be snuggled right up against me.

Rocky puts his ears straight up and back and he will tremble and stare at me with buggy eyes. 

Oh and Pixie? She doesn't care. Not one bit.  Nothing phases her.

It's heartbreaking to watch and I always say I would try anything to make it easier on them.  So I did.  And I am so happy with the results from using ThunderWorks products. 

The first thing I tried is the Dog Pheromone Diffuser Kit. This uses calming pheromones to mimic the natural pheromones emitted by dogs and cats to calm themselves. It was actually tested to be over 90% effective for reducing anxiety and unwanted behavior that sometimes comes along with it. I'm lucky I don't see this in my dogs but some people have dogs that can get destructive or noisy.  This is a totally drug-free way to help your dog (or cat) feel less-stressed and safer.  You can use it in any room that your dog or cat uses the most.  It's great for problem barking, keeping pets calm when socializing or training, destructive chewing, loud noises like thunder and fireworks, and uneasiness that comes from being in a new home or environment.

It looks like your average air freshener/diffuser plug in so your guests probably won't even see it.  It's nice and discreet and only your dogs can smell it.

It goes good with pretty much any room d├ęcor so don't worry about that.  Once I started using it during the really bad thunderstorms we had a couple weeks ago I couldn't believe the difference.  Rocky kept sleeping, Stella stirred a bit but didn't go to a corner, and Grace didn't even react to the thunder.  It was loud too so this wasn't just a small storm that they may not have heard.

See? Grace doesn't even notice it's there.   I really love the fact that I don't have to dose my dogs with any medications or drugs to keep them calm and relaxed during scary and stressful moments anymore. 

The Thunderessence Dog Calming Essential Oil Drops were another awesome solution. These are 100% natural essential oils from Lavender, Chamomile, and Egyptian Geranium.  These are common oils that have been used for calming and health benefits in both humans and dogs.  They are perfect for at home, vet visits, car rides, and pretty much any stressful scenario. I actually like to put a drop or two right in their bedding at home or in their car seat blanket when we are travelling.  It's made vet visits so much easier and if I put a drop or two in their bedding when I know a thunderstorm is on it's way it seems to help them stay calm and happy and barely affected by the thunder.

You have to check out ThunderWorks anxiety products today so you can ensure your pets will be happy and stress free no matter what!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Crafting The Outfit That Will Help You To Nail That Job Interview

There’s no feeling more exquisitely terrifying than being called in for an all important job interview. This is an opportunity that could forever alter the trajectory of your career. It could unlock a new era of better pay, more reasonable conditions and more enjoyable work… Or it could be yet another false start that sees you bumped back to where you started, muddling through a job you’ve long fallen out of love with. While you will likely spend a lot of time preparing, learning about your prospective new employer, researching some salient facts to bring up and rehearsing your answers for questions you’re likely to be asked… Spare a thought for what you’ll be wearing.

What you wear matters

It might not be the dealbreaker, but what you wear makes a substantial contribution to the first impression the interviewer has of you. And, scary fact, it only takes
7 seconds for them to form that first impression. Once that’s made it can be pretty hard to unmake. Here are some ways in which you can subtly convey your confidence, professionalism and success in your outfit without coming across as a poser or narcissist...

Show your class

To paraphrase from a late ‘90s Oscar winner, if you’re to be successful, you have to project an image of success. Desperation is not an attractive quality in a candidate. You don’t want to look like you need the job, you’re doing pretty well on your own. Show a hint of class without being too ostentatious. A discrete flash of diamond from Blue Nile; check out, a slight hint of expensive perfume or glimmer of platinum on your hand can all convey class and success without being too showy.

The suit

Again, one can go too sharp with a suit at a job interview. Sure, the power suit is making a comeback, but you don’t want to blow your potential future away with the size of your shoulder pads. It’s best to be conservative with your suit and add style and character to your ensemble elsewhere. A dark two piece is always a winner. Gray, navy and black are all fine choices and you can add warmer and more vibrant colors in what you wear underneath.

The shoes

As tempting as it may be to own the room in your 5 inch heels, it’s generally recommended that you keep your heel length at no more than 2.5” even if you’re very petite. Overdo it with the heels and not only could it look like you’re overcompensating for an insecurity, you’ll be less comfortable and the way in which you walk could be impaired. Opt for a close toe pump and if you’re wearing a skirt, wear a nude pantyhose that is close in color to your natural skin tone.

Hair, makeup and nails

When it comes to hair it’s best to keep it conservative and natural. While bangs are okay, they should not cover your eyebrows as these account for a great deal of your expression. Choose neutral tones in your makeup, especially your lipstick and try not to deviate from your natural complexion. Keep your nails well manicured and trimmed down and by all means use color but avoid colors that are too bold.

Now you’re all set to knock ‘em dead. Good luck!

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