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Monday, September 24, 2018

Books I Recommend You Read [September]

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The Other Woman by Sandie Jones
Emily is going to marry Adam but his mother keeps getting in the way. She blatantly goes out of her way to drive the two apart and at the end the reason why comes out. Such a good read! 

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine
This book was great! It's about a woman that inserts herself into the life of a woman and her marriage and attempts to steal the husband away. Meanwhile, the woman is going through hell of her own and is more than happy to get out of her marriage.  And between the 3 of them there is A LOT of deception. This was a real juicy drama!

Indecent by Corinne Sullivan 
Imogene is a teacher at an all boys school and she has struggled with feeling loved and wanted all her life. So when she gets the attention of a student she goes with it. She becomes way more invested then she should be and things take a horrific turn. I love scandalous books like this.

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh
This was an amazing read about quite literally, getting ghosted. Sarah meets Eddie one afternoon and they spend an amazing week together head over heels in love.  She has to go away and he has to go away for a bit, but right after they part and she reaches out, she gets no responses.  He's ghosted her.   The story follows Sarah as she endures the pain and as it unfolds we begin to see Eddie's side. The reason for the ghosting is because of a big secret on both of their parts.  This book had me emotionally up and down until the end !

Girls Night Out by Liz Fenton
3 girls try to rekindle a friendship by going on a tropical vacay and then one ends up missing. No one can remember anything but as the memories come back the truth is revealed and it goes way beyond what happened to the one who is missing.

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman
A couple goes on their honeymoon and finds a suitcase full of cash and diamonds.  As they struggle to figure out what to do despite their consciences, it seems there's something shady going on between the two of them. Both of them have secrets and I did not expect the crazy ending!

The Intermission by Elyssa Friedland
This is a book about a couple (the story is told back and forth from each point of view) that is in a marriage lull and takes a temporary separation from each other.  One starts out happy about it while the other is sad.  Roles begin to reverse as things move along and it leaves you  wondering if they'll ever fix their relationship and get back together.  Loved this book!

What have you guys read lately?

Wonderful Winter Warming for Your Home

Now that summer has well and truly waved goodbye to, there are a few things you want to tick off your to-do list at home. Instead of opening up your windows and allowing the fresh air to breeze through the house, you will be looking to insulate your home more and find more efficient ways to heat your home. Your end of summer home checklist has well and truly begun and it is getting longer by the minute. You will need to spend a little bit of time focusing on the smaller details in your home. If you usually get caught out during the winter months, then now is the time to get prepared ahead of the game. These ideas are bound to make your home more cost effective in the winter months, so that you and your family can keep warm when the temperature drops. If you have small children it can be very stressful trying to keep your home warm all winter seasons, so these warming techniques will put your mind at ease and give you a comforting, cosy home as soon as Jack Frost strikes.

Windows and Doors

When winter approaches it is often essential to upgrade your windows or doors in order to conserve energy and reduce unwanted draughts or breezes. Replacement Windows with durable seals against water, air and noise reduction will help your home to feel warmer and cosier throughout the colder months. Choose a brand new style to inject new life into your home and enhance the winter vibes; you will quickly be able to notice the difference once you have reduced the airflow into your home.

Innovative Insulation

Insulating your home will help you to save on energy bills and will act as a barrier to heat loss. Newly fitted windows and doors will help with this, but there are also many other tweaks you can make to your home. Consider adding wall insulation, as this will help you save up to an extra twenty perfect of energy overall. Your flooring can also contribute to a tonne of heat loss during the winter, so consider thick carpets and rugs to help seal in the energy. You might want to consult the fitting company, who can recommend the best option for your personal circumstances.

Roof Repair

Cracks and gaps in your roof or ceiling will be the biggest cause of wasted energy in your home, so this is the most important aspect to fix before the cold weather hits. If you have a glass roof in a conservatory this will also be very important to insulate, because the energy lost in there will have a knock on effect when it comes to the rest of the temperature in your house.

Savvy Soft Furnishings

Making your furniture feel more comfy and cosy during the winter is one of the easiest changes you can make throughout your home. Instead of uninviting, bare leather sofas, invest in a warm fluffy throw and cushions to create a more wintery atmosphere. You should also consider changing up your duvet to a thicker model; this will help you stay warm during the cooler months. Change up your duvet and pillow covers to richer and warmer shades to add to the overall effect too.

Calm and Comforting Food

When winter starts to knock on the door, you often need to change up your eating habits whilst at home. You and your family crave more warm and comforting meals instead of sandwiches and salads in the summer. Treat yourself to a new and exciting cookbook and try out a different delicious recipe every evening. You will soon find a family favourite that you can keep reverting back to during the winter, whether it’s a nutritious soup or a hearty pasta dish.

Happy Heating

Now that the temperatures outside have dropped you don’t want to be battling with the thermostat every morning as your icy cold fingers and toes try to climb out of bed in the early hours. Tailor your heating timer to suit your daily routine; most households find it useful to have the heating on in the early hours for a couple of hours, and then it clicks back into action during the early afternoon. Every household will be completely different, so make sure you take your own personal needs into consideration

Accessories and Additions
There are many ways to accessorise for the winter, but candles and open wood fires are some of the most beautiful and warming additions to any household. Be careful when lighting any open flames and make sure you fully extinguish the candle or fire before heading to bed for the evening. There are a whole range of scented candles to choose from, whether it’s fresh pine or gingerbread, you’re bound to get that wintery feel.

wine glass filled with wine beside bottle on table

You should never feel worried about winter approaching; it’s an exciting time of year that brings families and friends together. If you can take some time out to get your home prepared now before the cold snap strikes you will be able to enjoy every element the winter weather brings. There is nothing more comforting than turning on your fire, sipping on a hot chocolate and snuggling underneath a blanket. The weather might not be super cold right now, but it can quickly creep up on us so make sure you don’t delay your mini home renovations for any longer. Whether you finally need to invest in new windows, improve your winter recipes or find innovative ways to insulate your home, you are bound to find the answer here. In an ideal world it would be just as inexpensive to maintain your home in the winter as it is during the summer months, but the cost of living is increasing dramatically. If you are worried about paying for your winter heating bills, then these insulation techniques will help you to reduce your costs for the upcoming season. You and your family deserve to have a peaceful, warm and happy winter, so prepare your home now and will have fewer worries in the near future.

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