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Why We Ignore Our Own Cries For Help

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

From a young age, many children are taught that crying is a bad or unhelpful thing. We’re taught this, to toughen us up to their dangers of the world. In some ways, you can see why the older generation may have done this. They went through very turbulent times both politically and economically. However, the more we understand about mental health, the more we should turn our back on this way of thinking. It can lead to one of the most unhelpful things of all; ignoring your own cries for support. You may have this trait in your personality but you’re most likely completely unaware of it. Here are a few ways how you could be self-regulating your cries for help.

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Getting good, quality sleep can make a huge difference in your life. Almost half the population has, at some point, had problems sleeping (Source: WebMD). Poor sleep has been linked to higher levels of depression, obesity, and heart disease.

How To Appreciate Nature in the Winter

Since the beginning of time, human beings have thrived in nature. But overtime, we’ve become more separated from it and it’s really taken a toll on us. Even just 20 minutes outside can brighten your mood and it’s actually better for your health. Why do you think your mother always told you to go outside and get some fresh air?

Why Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have to Weigh You Down

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Hearing loss is an irreversible condition that a lot of people in the world experience to some degree. However, a lot of people don’t understand that it’s a condition that doesn’t need to weigh you down. In this post, we’re going to be talking about how you can overcome hearing loss and even outright prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Tried and True Life Hacks

Monday, January 20, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you squeal inside when you stumble upon an article about life hacks. There’s always different ones each time it seems. Today I’m going to share some of my own lifehacks with you guys. These are ones that I’ve discovered elsewhere or just figured out myself that I use on a regular basis to save money, time, and energy or to just make life a bit easier.
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