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Why Leaving Breathing Room is Important When Organizing

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


If you watched The Home Edit on Netflix last year you likely heard them talking about leaving breathing room when you arrange your space after decluttering.  There are several reasons why this is so important so I wanted to highlight them today so that you can keep this in mind anytime you declutter a space no matter how big or small.

What Parents Need To Know About Our Permanent Teeth

Our teeth are something that many of us take for granted until there is a problem. Parents must teach their children about their teeth and the importance of caring for them. You can do this in many ways. It can be done in a fun and creative way, which is an excellent method to help engage with your child on the subject. Below are some of the facts you need to teach your kids and what they need to do to keep them shining bright and white.

How to Live Your Best Life and NOW

Monday, April 12, 2021


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For the majority of us, last year wasn’t our best year. However, when given lemons make lemonade, no? Let’s use the lessons of 2020 to live our best lives with these three recommendations.

Add Adventure to Your Life

If you want to improve your life, you must add change (a.k.a. adventure). By simply adding something new that is all-consuming there are three benefits. AND, if you are reluctant to embrace adventure, don’t worry. You don’t have to swim with sharks or jump out of a plane. An adventure can be a blind date, learning a second language, or traveling.

Reduce Pain and Stress

We all have pain and stress. It is the body’s way to tell us something isn’t right or that we need to change the way we are living. Depending on which type of pain and/or stress you are experiencing, you may need the help of therapy as well as pain management specialists. For joint pain, read this detailed post. For something more varied or severe, experts recommend the best pain management clinics near Boston.

Sleep is a Wonder Drug

The secret ingredient to living your best life is sleep. When we sleep, we repair injuries and wear and tear to our bodies. Additionally, we recharge our minds. If you are to evolve to your best self, you need a good night’s rest to do so and repetitively. Many have trouble sleeping. The best advice is to set a schedule and stick to it even on the weekends.

By following one, two, or all three suggestions, you will be well on your way to your best self. Here’s to you and your journey!

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Your Ultimate Home Deep Cleaning Checklist


If you are looking to burn some calories, kill some time stuck inside the house, and get your house neat and tidy, look no further because today I put together the ultimate checklist for deep cleaning your home based on what I do in my own home.  You can pretty much do these things with the supplies you already have so no need to go buy anything else.  Also, if you aren't sure how to tackle something, look it up online for easy tutorials to follow!

How To Prepare If You're Dealing with Divorce

Friday, April 9, 2021


This is a topic many people don't want to think about until they absolutely have to but when it comes to divorce, you must be prepared.  Life is unpredictable, and despite your best intentions,  there are times when you realize the path your heading towards isn't the one you originally planned when it comes to your marriage.  So whatever the reasons or circumstances surrounding your marriage, there are some things that everyone should be prepared to do when it comes to the possibility of divorce.  Hopefully reading this can help you and give you some insight and motivation on how to prepare for this new life path.

1. Hire A Divorce Attorney

Depending on where you live, you may have a lot of options in your area for a divorce attorney.   You want to find an attorney close to where you live so you can easily meet with them and go over things.  A good divorce attorney can help you navigate your future and it's important to have one even if you think you'll have an uncontested divorce. Like The Harris Firm states regarding uncontested divorce Huntsville Alabama, an uncontested divorce is when both parties agree on property, custody, and child custody, an attorney can help you get this arrangement going officially, which can make things easier on all parties involved. An attorney will explain the entire process to you and let you know what you can expect depending on your specific situation.  An attorney is always a smart choice.

2. Get Your Finances in Order
It's always a good idea to start putting money aside right away, especially if you are unsure how you will handle paying bills and finding a new place to live on your own.  That's obviously why I tell everyone that they need an Emergency Fund for big life changes such as divorce. You will also need to take a close look at your budget and make some major changes so that you are living within your means as a single person. This might also mean you need to pick up a second job, eliminate some money expenses, and even find a more affordable home for yourself. 

3. Tell Your Circle
When you are about to embark on a life changing journey, it's always important to surround yourself with people that love and support you.  You will likely need the support no matter how amicable the divorce is. Keep your most trusted friends and family in the loop with what's going on and don't worry about being embarrassed or feeling judged because your support group should love you and support you unconditionally. It's also important to tell someone you can trust at work, hopefully that's your boss, that you may be out of the office more often as you get your life in order.  

4. Keep A Level Head
No matter what reasons you have for embarking down this new path, stay reasonable and as calm as can be.  Don't make any rash decisions you may regret, or talk bad publicly about your spouse.  Take the advice of your lawyer on how to handle everything going on in your life. 

5. Make a List
So you will definitely need a master to do list of things you'll need to do for your divorce as well as any specific items you hope to get (maybe a bed set that you yourself purchased before you were married).   When your head is feeling overwhelmed, having everything in writing in the form of a checklist will be a lifesaver for you. Share everything with your attorney and leave nothing out.  It's important for you to cover all bases.

Hopefully you are prepared and have a handful of loved ones to support you along the way.

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Increasing The Value Of A Modern Home

Thursday, April 8, 2021


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The value of a home is dictated by a wide range of different factors. The location is important, but so is the size and style of the property, and there are loads of other areas that can influence this. Of course, this means that sellers can often take steps to improve the value of their place, giving them a better return and making the sales process more worthwhile. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to improve the value of a modern home, all without having to renovate the whole thing.

Adding Features

The features that come with a home can be one of the biggest factors when someone decides to buy it. You can add new features to your place, and there are countless options that can be used for this. Driveways, swimming pools, attic rooms, and a range of other features can be used to improve the value of your property. Making your home stand out is a very big part of this, making it worth more to the people who are looking for places in your area.

Improving Amenities

Modern homes come with countless amenities, and these can often be improved to make the value of your home go up. In a digitally connected world, the internet has never been more important, and this means that having fibre cables throughout your home can improve its value to some buyers. You can improve all of the amenities in your home, giving potential buyers something to get excited about without having to spend a fortune in the process.

Making Repairs

No one wants to buy a home that comes with loads of repair work, and this sort of issue can drastically hurt the value of a property. This is because the buyer will be worried that they will have to spend a fortune to resolve the issues, making it worth taking the time to make the repairs yourself. While this will cost money, you will usually make this back and more once you come to sell the place.

Fit & Finish

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the fit and finish of your home. While no one expects a perfect house when they are buying it from someone else, signs of living and wear and tear should be minimal. Painting scuffed walls, tightening loose fittings, and generally making sure that everything is as good as it can be will help to increase the value of your property. The home appraisal process can be complicated, but you can avoid the issues that many people face with a little bit of work.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of increasing the value of your modern home. This process is always worth it when you’re looking to make a sale, with most potential buyers looking to get the best they can out of their property purchase.

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