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These Tips Will Calm Down Your Overexcited Puppy

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

When you first bring a new puppy home, there is no doubt that it will be very excited. It will want to meet everyone in its new family and will also spend a lot of time exploring its new home. After a few days it should start to settle down and be a lot more comfortable in its new life.

How To Put An Outfit Together | A Basic Styling Guide

How To Put An Outfit Together | A Basic Styling Guide

All too often I hear people say that they are terrible at putting together an outfit.  For some reason when we struggle like that, we just wear the same few outfits on a rotating schedule from our closet and everything else goes to waste.   Now, if you haven't already done a major purge of your wardrobe, make sure you get my free printable guide to purging your wardrobe to walk you through it.   When you have a closet full of only what you love most, you'll be able to put the best outfits together in no time! 

Once you've purged your wardrobe - it's time to learn how to put an outfit together.  I actually do my outfits for the week and hang them in groups by day in my closet so that I don't even have to give a second thought in the morning when I'm dressing for work.  If you use this guide to put an outfit together you will be able to easily do it the night before or even the day of. 

Books I Recommend You Read [June]

Monday, June 24, 2019

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I've been so busy these days so I don't get to read as much as I'd like to and I'm certainly not reading as much as I was in years before, but still...I wanted to share what I've been reading lately! 

How Managing Your Habits Can Dramatically Impact Your Sense of Well-Being

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Image via Pixabay

People, by and large, will go to extraordinary lengths to try and improve their sense of well-being, and to ensure that they are having the best possible experience in life.

Many of the practices and exercises that are most commonly recommended for improving well-being have to do with things like relaxation – for example, taking the time to soak in a hot bath every day after work, or making sure to have quality social events to look forward to on the weekend.

6 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

6 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket

I love throw blankets because they serve 2 purposes.  They look super cute and add decorative accents throughout your home but they also can be functional if you're chilly and need to pull a blanket over yourself while you watch TV.  Some people just keep throw blankets folded and shoved into a closet until they need them, but I have some basic ways to style them so they add to the overall style of your home.  

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