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Pocket Pouch: What To Do With That Little Extra?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

You’ve done your taxes, you went on holiday, you put some away into your savings account ready for retirement, but you still have just a little left over. What to do with that wad of cash? You’ve already done what you needed to so now it's time to see if you can make that wad into two wads. Firstly in order to make sure you stand a good chance of making money, you need to let go of your fear of losing it. If you think with your heart instead of your head, you’re counteracting what your motives are in the first place; which is to make money! So what should you do with that little pocket pouch you have created?

Is There An Easy Way To Get On The Property Ladder?

A trip abroad is likely to be expensive. However, many of us can end up spending way more than we originally planned due to hidden fees and sly scams. If you’re on a tight budget and you can’t afford to pay for these surprise extras, here are just a few ways in which you can avoid them.

3 Products You Need in Your Skincare Routine

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Winter can mean absolute torture for your skin especially when it's cold and windy outside and the air inside is warm and dry.  I like to take this time of the year to remind you that it's very important at any age to take care of your skin and today I'm sharing a few of my favorite products that I really think you should add to your own skincare routing. 

New and Slimmer You? Here's What to Eat

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We all need a bit of help sometimes and especially when it comes to what we should be eating. It is such an essential part of living, after all, and getting stuck in our ways of eating seems just as natural as getting stuck in our ways of breathing or sleeping. You don’t know how to do it differently because you’ve never tried - and attempting it without any guidance is going to be quite tough.
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How To Budget For Emergencies

Have you got an emergency savings fund? Don’t panic if you don’t. It may shock you to know that almost half of all working adults do not have a backup account to cover their bills should something go wrong. If your refrigerator broke down, or your car broke down, or you fell ill and lost your job, what would you do to cover yourself?

The answer to that is that right now, you need to plan an emergency savings account. Anything in life could really hit you out of left field: you could lose your job. You could find yourself injured and unable to work ever again. You could find yourself broke and needing to repair your car. All of these things need your attention and you need to start building up a buffer between you and any of these issues with your saved cash.

You may well be sitting around and waiting for an outcome from an accident that put you out of work in the first place. Waiting for compensation from a personal injury lawyer can take time, though, and you need to have something in place to help you to pay your bills. With all of this in mind, you need to consider how you could start building your emergency savings account.
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