3 Versatile Reasons to Own a 2014 Toyota Camry

Friday, May 30, 2014

I was provided with a vehicle for one week in order to write my review, however all opinions are my own.  Read my Disclosure Policy.

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Nothing is more important these days than the versatility of your daily driver so when you go to purchase a car, keep in mind these 3 versatile ways that the 2014 Toyota Camry is a great fit.

1. It's great for getting around town.

Not only does it zip in and out of parking spots with ease, but it's super easy to parallel park.  The windows give you plenty of room to see your surroundings but you won't even need to turn your head thanks to the in dash- back up camera.   

The handling of the 2014 Toyota Camry is fantastic! It did a great job with sharp curves and surprisingly, my shopping bags in the back seat didn't go spilling out onto the seats and floor.   And when you need to accelerate quickly or hit the brakes at a moment's notice, the Camry responded very well! 

2. You'll enjoy the technology!

At least I did!   The sound system is fantastic and it's very easy to use the simple LED screen.  Of course you can control
And not only will the passengers in the back seat feel comfortable but they'll enjoy the quality sound as well.   In fact, the seats are so comfy, it put some of my friends to sleep, despite the volume of the music!

3. It's budget-friendly.

You're wallet will thank you after each ride because the 2014 Toyota Camry was great on gas.  I even did half highway and half city driving and it still impressed me.
It was so spacious that it's easy to carpool in a vehicle such as this one, and once again that saves you money.

So those reasons are just some of the many that this is a great everyday car for the everyday person!

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Find Your Solemates + A Giveaway

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One of my favorite topics to blog about it fashion fixes and products that solve some of our biggest issues.  Well, Becca Brown had the same idea because when she was 17 and wore heels for the first time she was really uncomfortable.  During some prom photographs she couldn't stop wobbling as she stood out in the yard.  Her heels were digging into the grass and it made her realize that it's a huge issue. 

 So 10 years later when she was sitting next to Monica in Columbia Business Class, she shared her idea of creating a product for high heels so women won't be sinking into the grass when they wear them.  Monica understood this issue since she'd been attending a lot of weddings at that time and knew how frustrating it was to try to take photos in beautiful grass scenery simply because of the high heel issues.

Together they created Solemates High Heeler, and now Solemates are available in twelve styles in over 2,000 retail locations around the world. Solemates fit over your heels and are reusable and made in the USA.  They prevent your high heels from sinking into grass and they also protect them on cobblestones, bricks, grates, and wooden decks.  And another amazing benefit is that they can even prevent damage to antique floors and woven carpets.  This is a great way to preserve your shoes since the heels won't wear down so fast.   You can get Solemates in 3 different sizes: Narrow, Classic, and Wide and 4 different colors: Clear, Gold, Silver, and Black.  

 I wanted to give you a brief rundown of the other products offered by Solemates!

The S.O.S. Wedding Rescue Kit is perfect to keep you prepared for outdoor event emergencies.  It contains one pair of Classic Clear Solemates and all of the must-have fixers and fasteners such as:
Bobby Pins
Safety Pins
Ear Plugs

Shout Wipe
Elastic Hair Band
Nail File
Sewing Kit
Tampax Tampon
Breath Mint

It's great for weddings, graduation parties, and prom and it makes a fantastic gift!

The S.O.S. Shoe Recue Kit is great for shoe and foot related emergencies that can happen anywhere.  It contains a pair of Classic Lear Solemates and all of the other essentials such as:
Nail Clipper & File
Peppermint Foot Wipe
Shoe Cleansing Wipe
Nail Polish Remover Wipe
Anti-Skin Pads
Ball of Foot Cushions
Heel Cushions

Solemates even offers reusable 100% cotton bags that are perfect for traveling or protecting your shoes. 

And of course Solemates offers Anti-Ski Pads to give you traction on shoes that don't really come with any, Ball of foot cushions to pamper your tired feet, and Heel cushions to give protective support to the back of the heel.

A Box of Solemates Complete Collectioin contains 3 pairs oh High Heelers, one in each size.  This is greatfor elminating size confusion, plus most of us have heels in all different sizes.

One lucky winner will get a Solemates prize pack like the one above!

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My Pups Like to Live a Little

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I love spoiling my Chihuahuas so when I had the opportunity to review Halo Liv-A-Littles from Chewy.com I was excited!  These treats are 100% beef and full of protein!  Not only are they freeze-dried but they are perfect for cats AND dogs.  You can crumble them to use as a food topper or use them as a training reward. 

These treats are grain free and made from all natural beef.  And they are great for pets with sensitive stomachs.  My dogs flipped out over these. They loved them as an after dinner treat and when Rocky got picky about his food one day, I sprinkled some of this on top and he ate it right away! 

Definitely pick these up for your own babies!

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Outfit of the Day: J'adorable in Pink

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When I met Peter Som I loved  how down to earth he was, and that's exactly how I was feeling when I picked out this outfit of the day.

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So What I Wore:
Heels - Just Fab; Jeans - Celebrity Pink Jeans; J'adorable shirt - Peter Som for Kohls; Necklace - Urban Philosophy.

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3 Ways to Style the Alexa Dress from Baciano by Bacci

Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Baciano by Bacci is one of the world’s top luxury fashion specialty and novelty apparel manufacturers.  It provides wholesale women’s clothing and is known as a premier contemporary styled design house.  Originally it began with 2 stores in Los Angeles in 1986 but now you will find Bacci conducting business with over 800 stores worldwide.  Known for their world class customer service, Bacci wants every customer to have the best experience ever when it comes to looking good and feeling great.   

Bacci does a great job of capturing the Spring season’s bold prints and the Fall’s beautiful knits.   In fact, they actually design clothing for the 6 seasons of the apparel year which are Spring, Summer, Cruise Fall, Winter, and Holiday seasons. 

The dress I chose to style from Baciano by Bacci is a simple and elegant floral print summer dress.  It’s known as the Alexa dress and it’s absolutely gorgeous.   The Alexa dress has multiple prints of flowers with embellishments.  There’s even an invisible zipper on the side which makes it so much easier to slip on and off.  It’s 100% Polyester so it’s dry clean only.  I love the sleeveless style with the round neck, which makes it great for an evening affair but it’s still simple enough to wear during the day.  My favorite part about this dress is how soft it feels and how lightweight it is. 

 So here are 3 ways to style the Alexa Dress from Baciano by Bacci.
1.Paired with Wedge Sandals

Whenever you wear a dress that comes to around the knee, wedge sandals make your legs look lean and long so it’s a win-win.  I love matching a color from my outfit to my shoes, so that’s why I chose pink sandals.

2. Paired with Flat Sandals
I love wearing flat sandals when the weather is nice so I decided to use a splash of pink in these flat sandals and match it with the pink floral on the dress!
3.Paired with a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket gives a bit of edge to any look which is perfect for such a classy print. 

How would YOU style this dress?

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Livin' and Lovin' Blog Turns One + A Giveaway

A very Happy Blogiversary wish goes out to Livin' and Lovin' Blog for turning ONE!    And guess what... you can win a whole bunch of amazing goodies below!

Good luck!!!

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If You Loved The Secret, Wait Till You Read This Book!

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I'm sure you've seen me post on social media about the book The Secret and how effective it's been with my mindset lately.  So when I found out there's a book written by one of the contributors from The Secret, I was super excited to read it. 

It's called The Remembering Process and it's by Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale.  The Secret was about the Law of Attraction, but this book is about a new method you can use to maximize that law.  It's a way to invite both success and healing into your life!  At first I thought from the title that this book would be about how to remember things and keep my brain healthy, but boy was I wrong! It's even better than that... basically in the most simple terms I can use, this book is about "remembering" good things that happen to you in the future.   And by remembering them, they can be more likely to come your way. 

This very much reminds us to be present but also to see the future as positive.   There are basically six steps to The Remembering Process:
1. Relax

2. Agree with the Present Moment
3. Play, Trust, and Observe
4. Use Touchstones
5. Leap Into QuantumRemembering—the Unified State
6. Collect the Wisps

After reading this book I put the process into action in my own life and I've had amazing results.  I think of something I hope for, and then I play it out in my brain with all the details like what the good news is, where I was when I received it, what I ate that day, how I felt, etc.

Not only is this an easy read but it's an inspiring book that motivates you to take control of your own life.  It totally goes hand in hand with what I've already been doing from The Secret!

This is a MUST READ for everyone, no matter what your hopes and dreams for the future are!  

Just trust me!

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Comfortable Feet with currexSole

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For years I've struggled with foot issues, making it so uncomfortable to run that I've sacrificed a healthy exercise routine!  Fortunately for me there is an amazing insole out there called RUNPRO by currexSole that has an amazing specific fit that's in line with the current footwear science and technology.  These insoles won't interfere with shoe construction and their insoles move WITH your feed instead of restricting them. 


Their fitting system is based on foot type, body weight and leg/knee angles.  This is such an accurate way to get the right fit for your feet.
Wearing the right insole can help prevent injury to your legs and feet so it's always important to invest in a quality insole!

The RUNPRO insole is awesome because it's so lightweight and very supportive.  There was so much less fatigue in my feet and calf muscles after my jog.  These fit perfectly and discreetly into my favorite pair of sneakers too.   I was also impressed that they didn't cause my feet to sweat and they really made it more comfortable every step of the way down my road!  If you like working out and running you really need to invest in a good quality insole like RUNPRO from currexSole!


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Outfit of the Day: Upside Down Hearts + Denim

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I love the look of an upside down heart and I don't know why.  I was so happy when I found a shirt from N8 that had that exact design!

shop n8, denim vest, fashion, outfit, upside down heart tank

shop n8, denim vest, fashion, outfit, upside down heart tank
If you go to N8 and customize a design you can get a shirt that says whatever message you want to spread to the world!
shop n8, denim vest, fashion, outfit, upside down heart tank

shop n8, denim vest, fashion, outfit, upside down heart tank
I decided to add some edge  with a washed denim vest with ripped detail from Chicwish. It's so soft and comfortable and since it's sleeveless it's great for warmer weather.  
shop n8, denim vest, fashion, outfit, upside down heart tank

So What I Wore:
Shoes - Off Broadway Shoes; Tank - N8; Capris - Paris Blues;  washed denim vest with ripped detail - Chicwish.

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