Autumnlin at Philly Fashion Week

Friday, September 28, 2012

Last year I blogged that I was in love with the unique look from Autumnlin so I was excited to learn that Autumnlin would be at this show as well! The thing that I have always been fond of with Autumnlin is the gothy look that they pull off as classy and sexy.  Everything is so unique and almost futuristic. 

For this line, the models came out in a slow procession which enticed us all.  I noticed right away the spacy sleeves (as if they are from a world of the future) and the embellished style.

I fell in love with the cream dress and how it wrapped beautifully around the model's body!

Some of Autumnlin had a lot of foily looking embellishments wrapping around their dresses and they finished it off with some fantastic hair pieces and a dress that JUST covered the model.

I hope to attend more events where Autumnlin is showing because honestly, this is one of my favorite designers EVER and I have been saying that for two years now!!

Check back on Monday of next week when I share the first of the last 3 designers from Philly Fashion Week!

Todd Anthony at Philly Fashion Week

Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Todd Anthony came out at Philly Fashion Week I was instantly in love with the beautiful colors and the elegant fabrics!

I was amazed at how the mix of tiny polka dots, and pale blues and greens could go so well together! Brilliant! The men's suits were absolutely breathtaking.  The fabrics gave this line a spring feel.

A simple style was completely spiced up with a pale color or polka dots. 

What really impressed me was the orange, yellow, and coral colors. The flowy high waisted pants are a thing of present and hopefully the future.

The hats were fabulous and really helped finish off each look.

Way to go Todd Anthony and check back tomorrow when I cover yet another designer!

Outfit of the Day: PINK!!

I decided to be daring and although I was nervous, I'm glad I did this.  I used pink on the bottom and a bit of pink on my top and then toned it down with black flats.

It's actually not as overly bright as I thought it would be for in the office.
What I Wore:
Pink Skinny Jeans - Old Navy (similar here)

Black Flats - Aerosoles
Grey Heart Sweater- Old Navy (similar here)

I put together an easy to purchase look below for you: 

Heart Sweater and Pink Jeans

Do you have any pink you can be daring with?