About Me

Hi!! I'm Ellen.

I'm 37 and I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

I started Ask Away to give people a place to come for advice on a variety of topics like fashion (I love showing people how to make the most of what they already own), home d├ęcor (I'm constantly coming up with new ways to style my home), finance (seriously, I'm so frugal that we got married for under $2,500 in 2017!), and pets (I mean I have 4 Chihuahuas so DUH).

Along the way, I share my hilarious life tidbits like the time I was photographed on Google Earth laying out in my backyard getting a tan.  Seriously, that happened.

And I share things we can all relate to, like when you try to take an impressive photo of your newly styled couch but your dogs photobomb you!

This is my family...
Myself, James (My Husband), Grace, Rocky, Pixie, & Stella

This is our home that we bought in June 2015. I love my home.  In fact, I am obsessed with it.  It has everything I could ever want. We live a modest lifestyle and live way within our means.

These are my current dogs...
Daisy is 3 years old and she is our new alpha of our wolfpack. She was a pandemic puppy and the first new dog we introduced after unexpectedly losing Stella in 2020.  Daisy runs a tight ship and does NOT like when the other dogs act up.  Daisy is very smart and listens to everything we say and talk about. We notice her eavesdropping on our human conversations a lot.  She can piece together what we are talking about and then she starts reacting to it. You can find Daisy sitting at the front window keeping an eye on everything that goes by outside.

Layla is our sweet girl and she is very much a momma's girl.  She is almost 2.  She's also a sensitive girl and aims to please and does not like being scolded.  Her and Daisy are besties because for a while it was just the two of them surrounded by old dogs. Layla LOVES playing, running, going on walks, and wrestling with the other dogs.

Our tiny Tuco was born in 2023 and he's Layla's full blooded sibling.   They came from the same parents, just a different litter. He is a lot like her with his mannerisms.  Must be the genetics, of course! Tuco loves snuggling with us and his siblings.  He really adores Layla since she's his big sister and he follows her lead A LOT.

And these are my past dogs...


My Chihuahuas... 


Pixie is my special girl.  She was the first Chihuahua I ever got, back in 2005.  I picked her out when I was just 19.  I waited for weeks until she was old enough for the breeder to let her go.  She was so tiny.  I adored her.  I took her everywhere with me.  In 2007, Pixie was stolen during a home burglary, and I was devastated. It made the news, TV, radio, and newspaper.  I didn't give up and after 5 days, Pixie was recovered by police after a shoot out!! Crazy story huh? It's true!! And Pixie is unfazed by it all.  I blogged about her ordeal here. She loves everyone and is the happiest dog ever! In 2018, she became a certified therapy dog and we make weekly visits to a local memory care facility to visit our peeps! Pixie passed away in 2022 just a month shy of her 17th birthday.


After I got Pixie back, I realized I should probably get another Chihuahua in case anything ever happened to Pixie again.  Plus, dogs love company.  So I picked out Grace in 2007 from a breeder.  She is my little sidekick. She's uncomfortable sometimes around other people but she is always at my side.  Anything I ask of her, she will do!  She is a very obedient little girl and she graduated from Training Class in 2009! Grace passed away in 2023 at the age of 16. 


Oh, Sweet Stella. Stella came to me from a personal friend and breeder in 2010.  She has an amazing temperament and is just the sweetest thing.  I love bathing her because I get to blow dry her hair and give her "blow outs". She looks so puffy! LOL!  Stella loves to be carried, held, and loved! Stella also became a therapy dog in 2018 and she enjoys monthly visits to a retirement community where everyone fusses over her and makes her the center of attention. Stella passed away unexpectedly in 2020 at the age of 10 1/2.


Oh Rocky, my first boy ever.  Rocky was born in 2004 but I didn't get him till 2012.  He ran away from home and my mom found him.  Of all breeds to find, a Chihuahua! I took him in, and once we found the owners, they notified us that they were elderly and Rocky was getting to be a lot for them. So I adopted him! He is so sweet and kind.  Very obedient too!   Rocky was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease (a heart condition) but after a year and thanks to early detection and my bank account, we have it managed so well it's like he's a newborn pup! He acts super spunky and happy at all times!  Rocky passed away in 2023 at the ripe old age of 18 years and 8 months!

I hope you enjoy my blog!