Outfit of the Day: Pretty for Date Night

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This outfit is actually from last month's date night but I have to say it was so beautiful and it made me feel super sexy!

This is the LuLaRoe Julia Dress. I can wear a size large but I like to size up to an XL because it gives more fabric around my midsection.  

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Staying Hydrated with VOSS + A Giveaway

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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 So one of the major things I've been working on now that I'm keeping active and eating more nutritiously is staying hydrated. But I have the same problem as everyone else.... water is boring to me.  And now that it's summer it's even more important that I stay hydrated. So I've been trying to mix things up and keep it interesting which is why I'm totally loving VOSS Limt Mint.  That's right - there's an actual new flavor of VOSS Water that joins their Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass flavors.  

Sparkling water is a favorite to so many people taht are looking for healthier alternatives to sweetened, high calorie drinks so it's no wonder VOSS knows what they are doing!   Plus, you can actually use VOSS as a mixer for fun mocktails and coctails.   Actually here's a recipe you can try with OR without alcohol.

1/2 cup VOSS Lime Mint Sparkling Water
1 cup seedless watermelon chunks
1 small wedge for garnish
1/2 lime, juiced
1/2 lime slice for garnish
2 mint leaves
1 mint leaf for garnish
1 tablespoon Agave Nectar
1/4 cup preferred tequila
Combine VOSS, watermelon, lime juice, mint leaves, and agave nectar in blender on high until frothy.   Fill a highball glass with ice and add tequila.  Pour watermelon mixture over the top and stire.
Garnish with watermelon, lime, and mint leaf.


There are plenty of fun ways to get creative.  I have even tossed some fruit slices into my VOSS water and enjoyed the fruity aftertaste. 

And one lucky winner will receive a case of VOSS LIME MINT to enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Books I Recommend You Read [May]

Monday, May 29, 2017

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 Another month, and more books. Plus we are getting into the nicer weather so there's no excuse NOT to head outside and read a good book. So check out the ones I've read recently.

What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler
This was an amazing book about a sexual assault that takes place at a party.   The main character has a new love interest but she can't seem to pin point where he was the night of the party when a fellow classmate was raped.   It's heartbreaking and honest.  A MUST READ!!

The Big Love by Sarah Dunn
This was a Sex and The City style read that basically explores the reality of relationships and when infidelity occurs.   It was comical and witty but also had a serious edge.  A nice, easy read.

Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan
This was a great read, rather long but I loved the real life references. it's basically about a kid that becomes famous for saving his school from another guy, who has some serious mental health issues.  Intertwined in the whole saga are the everyday dealing of high schoolers to drugs and sex.  

Startup by Doree Shafrir
This is a nice easy read about a few employees of a start up tech company and the scandal that comes in the industry.   One's trying to spread the word of an inappropriate relationship while another is trying to cover it up.  This was an entertaining read that gave me a peek of what it can be like to work in that industry.

Secrets to Happiness by Sarah Dunn
This is one of those amazing feel good novels.   I loved it! It reminded me a lot of a Sex and the City type plot (which is funny because I've totally said that about her last book) where it's a mishmash of a few people and the decisions they make and how some of them intersect. It's also a nice little novel that features happy/unhappy/and scandalous relationships.

A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell

This is by far one of my favorite books ever and I sure hope they make it into a movie. It reminds me very much of Gone Girl and the twists and turns that don't stop until the very very end.   It's basically about 3 people.   A husband and wife and their friend.  The wife goes missing then turns up dead. The husband and friend fall in love.  But something's not as it seems and to understand what's really going on they have to figure out who they want to trust. 

The Young Wives Club by Julie Pennell
This was an awesome read! It's about 4 women that are young and married and the crap they are dealing with.  It covers everything from marrying an older man, dealing with a husband's secrets, and keeping secrets of your own. A very lighthearted read!

Setting Free The Kites by Alex George 
This book was amazing.   I felt like I was watching it all in a movie as I read.   It's about 2 boys in Middle School in the 70's and how they form a bond.   One of them loses someone in the family first, and in a couple of years the other one loses someone.   They definitely share that in common.   There are some ups and downs during their friendship and even extreme tragedy.   I found it hard to put this book down.   I never wanted it to end.   Bravo to Alex George! What an amazing book!

Always by Sarah Jio
This was a sweet and easy read about a woman who happens upon her ex-boyfriend aka the love of her life on the street as a homeless man.  While she's currently engaged, she has to decide how to help her ex and decide if she wants to continue with her engagement.     

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Outfit of the Day: Feather Obsession

I realized I have a thing for feathers. I mean seriously, I have more feather patterned tops and bottoms than any other pattern in my wardrobe. I love these because they are earthy colors.   The feathers on these leggings are very subtle.

It was a damp and rainy day when I took these photos so I had a layered look. I wore a mustard Classic T and a Sarah Cardigan.

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Outfit of the Day: Full of Purple

Friday, May 26, 2017

I know I generally criticize people for being too matchy matchy with colors but in my defense, the color of this LuLaRoe Irma is not at all matching ANY colors in the leggings. 

That being said, it still looks great together and that's why I encourage people to embrace different shades of the same color.

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Outfit of the Day: Maxi & Denim

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I am loving the LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt. Not only can you wear it as a strapless dress, but as a skirt you can do so many things.   I have seen people knot it at the bottom which I was going to try but I figured I'd just wear it loose since I already knotted the Classic T I'm wearing.

And yes, LuLaRoe has stuff OTHER THAN LEGGINGS!   Including adorable skirts and dresses which is what I'm really in love with.  Then I added a denim jacket to help give it a layered look but I also love the fact that it's cute even if I take it off!

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5 Tips for Dog Owners in May

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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 It's Spring and that means many many MANY things for your little pooch.   So I wanted to put together a brief blog post with some Spring tips!  From ticks to bad breath... let's get it started!

1. Treat Your Dog for Fleas and Ticks
This is a very very very important thing year round but espeically during the nicer months where your dog is outside more.   Whether it's a flea and tick treatment, a collar, or putting your dog in a bubble, I don't care - just make sure you are safeguarding your pooch!

2. Allergies
Allergies are a very real thing even for dogs.   Mine have been sneezing more after they hang out on the screened in porch.  So I make sure I'm vacuuming very often, keeping the house dust free, and on days when the pollen count is super high, I make sure to keep Rocky inside as much as possible since he has a heart issue.

3. Oral Hygiene
So this is the perfect time of year to keep your pup's oral hygiene in tip top shape because there's going to be a lot of panting with the warmer weather.   I always advise dog owners to brush their dog's teeth at least once a week and in between, make sure you supply them with a fun treat like Greenies from Chewy. They are the perfect size for a variety of dogs and they not only keep dogs occupied but they   help fight plaque and tartar build up and they freshen breath.  It's also a great way to maintain healthier teeth and gums.   They come in a lovely mint flavor and are made from soluble natural ingredients.

4. Water
Make sure your pooch is always provided fresh drinking wter especially on hot days or when coming in from playing in the yard.   Dehydration is a serious thing for both people and pets.

5. Vaccines
If you're one of those people that brings your dog to the park a lot, make sure they are up to date on the vaccines and they are properly registered with their tags.   Anytime dogs are around other dogs, there's the potential for a transfer of germs, fleas, ticks, and more.

What's your favorite tip for dog owners this month?

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Outfit of the Day: Floral Skirt

Monday, May 22, 2017

So I tried a new piece from the LuLaRoe line and it's the Lucy skirt and OMG am I ever in love.  It's got two layers to it - the bottom one being a silky black material, and then the top is a lace overlay with a print.

I paired it with a purple Classic T and knotted it towards the bottom.  This skirt is amazing for warm weather because it's flowy and lets the breeze in.  I seriously need 100 more of these! Have you tried any of the LuLaRoe skirts yet?

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Outfit of the Day: Pretty Pastels

Friday, May 19, 2017

I love wearing pastels, especially in the Spring so it's no surprise that these leggings with pastel colors are a new fav of mine!

This is a simple Perfect T from LuLaRoe but it's very lightweight and flowy and I love that it can be worn all year round!

Are you a fan of pastels?

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My Busy LuLaRoe Party Weekend + How Carryout Courier Saved Me

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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So this weekend was a frickin blast! I hosted my first in-home LuLaRoe pop up and it was also a Tastefully Simple party because my soon to be cousin in law is a TS Consultant.

She seriously made an amazing spread!

So as for the LuLaRoe part... My friend and favorite consultant ever Miss Emily Jang and her friend and assistant Lillian, came the whole way from New Jersey! Not only does she have great customer service but she came the whole way out just so we could meet her in person!

Those are the leggings...

And that was the racks set up with tons of LuLa on them!! It was soooo freakin fun... but by the time it was over (it ran from 1-4pm) I was completely exhausted.   I didn't even want to think about dinner.   That's when Carryout Courier came to mind.   So Carryout Courier has actually been around since 1994.  They cater to York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg and they offer restaurant food delivery service for more than 70 restaurants.   And they will deliver to your home, your business, or even your hotel if you're just in town for the weekend.   You can place your order online or on the phone.

They even offer a full range of catering which is pretty amazing.  Sound too good to be true?  I'm serious!! It's a $4.99 processing fee for Harrisburg, Lancaster, or York delivery.   You still have to add gratuity but I mean come on - that's to be expected because these people bring this food right to your door! And the delivery time is generally 45 minutes to an hour.  They won't place the order with the restaurant until they have a driver available to pick up the meal. 

Those delicious burgers are from Arooga's.   We actually had ordered a day ahead of time with a delivery time of 6 pm. I knew I'd be crazy after my party, so we selected our food and got a confirmation.  Then right at 5:55 pm the driver came to my door. He was super friendly and our food was still warm and fresh. 

I seriously can't believe how much of a luxury this is.  I didn't even know this existed until the company reached out to me so I could feature them on here.   
Seriously - check them out today if you live in the area so you can see what restaurants work with them. There was some great ethnic food ones too!

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Outfit of the Day: Colors That Are Besties

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So here's a great fashion tip for everyone.... if the colors look pretty next to each other, chances are they will be besties when you wear them.   If you are looking for a top to wear with a pair of leggings or pants, simply hold the bottoms up to each item in your closet.  They do not have to actually be the same color!!!! I can't stress that enough.

So yes, purples go great with greens and blues.  Don't be afraid to try new things people! Step out of your boring comfort zone!

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A Garden Update....

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My garden is in full bloom and I'm so excited to share everything with you!

The one raised garden bed is going to be all lettuce.   But in the bigger bed I have a small section for Kale.   The Kale is shooting up like a charm and I just need to thin the seedlings (which I did right after I took this photo).

Last year I struggled with a zucchini plant that took over my entire garden bed so I'm doing containers this year. I just took two plastic storage bins and drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.  That way if the leaves get way too big I can still move these to another part of the yard so that there's lots of room for them to grow!

So I totally cheated. I tried to grow lettuce and peppers in my mini green house inside but it just didn't work.   So I went to the local nursery and bought several pepper plants. I did have 2 of my pepper seedlings that made it so I am potting them outside as well.

Here's what the garden area of my yard looks like. It's nice because everything sits against the house so it's warmer and more protected from the elements.

I also cheated and got tomato plants!  I have roma and juliet. I'm so excited!

The one weekend I decided to expand the stone area around the garden beds so I had more room to walk.  It was a lot of work to expand it because it involved buying the stone bags and dumping them all out and pushing them all around and digging up the grass and disposing of it.  ***Insert muscle flex***

Here are my romaine lettuces!

There is spinach and kale in this garden bed along with Sugar Snap Peas!

What are you planting in YOUR garden this year?

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Outfit of the Day: More Tribal!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Just last week I showed off my tribal leggings.  And I have more!  These have a lot of fun colors in them but no green.   But, green still looks good with it and because I despise being all matchy matchy, this is the perfect combo!!

The Perfect T from LuLaRoe is my go to top in the Spring!

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