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Is Debt Consolidation with Barron Advisors Right for You?

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

So many people are throwing around the idea of debt consolidation but there are just as many people, if not more, that have no clue what debt consolidation really is and how it could potentially benefit them.   To put it simply, debt consolidation is when you obtain a new loan that takes the place of your current debt.  Sometimes it's a great choice and other times, there are other solutions to check out before consolidating your debt that way.  If you're already feeling overwhelmed, it's okay.  I'll explain everything about debt consolidation below so you can determine if it's the right choice for you. 

Habitual Health: Small Lifestyle Choices With A Dramatic Impact

selective focus of man hitting cigarette

The way that you live your life will always impact your body. The food you eat, the work you do, and the time you spending doing things like sleeping will shape you, leaving some people far more healthy than others. This leaves a lot of people putting huge amounts of effort into keeping fit and monitoring their health, with concerns that they will cause problems in the future. While going to the gym and maintaining a strict diet, though, a lot of people will hold onto the unhealthy habits which they’ve picked up over time.

Frugal Living Hacks to Save You Money Each Month

Frugal Living Hacks to Save You Money Each Month

I think most of us fail to realize how much money we could save each month if we cut back on our spending on a consistent basis.  But when most people think of cutting back on spending they associate that with not going shopping for clothing, etc.  But it goes way beyond that actually and today I am sharing some realistic frugal living hacks that can save you money each month! 

Simple Ways To Spruce Up The Bathroom

Monday, May 20, 2019

Now that a new season beckons and we have started our spring cleaning for the year, it is a great time to take a look at our home and see what things we can change and upgrade. The room which often gets overlooked in the house when decorating starts is the bathroom, and this can often lead to us keeping the same drab design for years on end. Today we are taking a look at the ways you can spruce up this part of the house.

How To SUCCESSFULLY Budget for A Vacation

How To SUCCESSFULLY Budget for A Vacation

Tis the season for vacations which means people are stressing out about how to quickly save up money.  But how do you know how much money to actually save for a vacation?  And how do you know what money you plan to spend on what activities? Well, you have to get a little organized.  So I'm going to share with you some tips that if you follow, you can be successful in planning and budgeting for a vacation. 

How I Stay Sweat-Proof in Spring

Friday, May 17, 2019

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If you know me personally, you can easily attest to the fact that I despise being hot and I can't stand humid weather.  So I struggle A LOT in Spring and Summer.  When it comes to my outfit, I usually try to wear something that's stylish but still breathable.   So today I'm letting you in on 2 little secrets that I wear underneath my clothing. 

Styling Your Yard with Flowers

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Styling Your Yard with Flowers

Flowers are a great way to style your yard and the front of your home which can be seen by basically anyone that passes by.  But some people tell me they just don't get it.  They don't know which flowers to put where and how many should go in one spot and why the flower pot they filled up has too many flowers in too small of a space.  Relax! I have a few helpful tips for styling your yard with flowers this Spring and Summer! 

3 Of The Most Common Hair Problems Solved

We all want to have luscious hair but unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy. A lot of people think that they’re the only one that has problems with their hair because everybody around them seems to look great. But they’re probably working hard to get it looking like that because they’ve got the same issues that you’re having. If you want your hair to look great, you need to learn how to deal with some of the hair problems that you’re likely to have at some point. These are some of the most common hair problems and how you can deal with them.

Is Your Family Ready For A Dog?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Dogs are truly amazing animals, so it's no wonder that many people love to keep them as pets.

However, as cute as they are, as loyal as they are, and as much fun as they are, they are also a big responsibility, so before you go rushing off to your nearest dog shelter to pick up a pooch, it's best to consider if you really should get a dog or not, because as tragic as it is, so many people get a dog without really thinking it through and then these poor dogs end up either on the street or in shelters - some of which are kill shelters, and this is a truly heartbreaking thing that could be avoided, so please take some time to really think about it before getting a dog and consider if it's the best thing for the dog or not.

7 Ways to Style a Jacket

7 Ways to Style a Jacket

Jackets are great this time of year before the heat and humidity hits and you can still get away with wearing layers.  I love jackets since you can obviously take them off and still have a put together outfit.  So today I'm showing you some ways to style a jacket. Use these suggestions to put together outfits from your own closet. 

How To Budget While Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Friday, May 10, 2019

How To Budget While Living Paycheck to Paycheck

So you've read the blog posts, books, and downloaded budget templates from all over the internet.  You're dead set on getting a budget set up and in place this time around.   But you keep putting it off day after day with the reasoning that you just can't afford to budget because you already live paycheck to paycheck.  

Valid reason, right? 
Stop right there! I'm going to explain to you why you definitely need a budget to STOP you from living paycheck to paycheck and how you can budget while living paycheck to paycheck.  

6 Crucial Home Maintenance Tasks That Can Save You Money

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Maintaining your home is a lot of work. If you’ve ever rented property on the past, you will know how much more time and money becoming a homeowner takes. You can’t expect your landlord to carry out this maintenance or pay for someone else to do it, because you simply don’t have one. This is why many homeowners put off or ignore this work. However, this can cause more bother in the long run. With that in mind, here are five home maintenance jobs that can save you money.

Smooth Skin in 6 Simple Steps

How one achieves smooth skin can vary depending on a number of factors. A routine that makes your skin beautiful may not work for your best friend, for example. Everybody is different, everybody has a different skin type, and everybody reacts differently to products. That being said, there are 6 simple steps below that should help you to improve your skin texture and enjoy smoother, more beautiful skin. Take a look:

Everything You Need To Know About Debt Consolidation with August Funding

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Are you overwhelmed with debt? Do you have multiple debts with all types of due dates and fees and interest rates?   Do you feel like you'll never get ahead?  Well, you aren't alone and that's why debt consolidation exists.  Debt consolidation is, simply put, taking out a new loan that replaces your current debt.  But how do you know if you will benefit from debt consolidation and if it's worth a shot?  Today, I put together a post with everything you need to know about debt consolidation! 

Could You Offer a Home to a Disabled Dog?

Image Credit: Pexels

When you choose a dog, you should look for someone who will fit in with your family, offer you plenty of love and fun and improve your lifestyle. But all too often, disabled pets are overlooked because they may require a little more care and attention. This is a real shame because disabled dogs are just as loving and fun and truly deserve a happy home life too.

For many people, the idea of looking after a disabled pet is quite daunting. However, the reality is that as long as you have enough time and you are willing to adjust to suit their needs - something you would do for a new pup in any case - there is no reason that you can’t have a fulfilling relationship.

So You Want To Buy A House...

Becoming a homeowner is one of the greatest feelings in the world because you actually OWN something and it's completely your own space.   I'll never forget the day in 2015 that we moved into our first home, which will be our forever home.  It was so liberating and even though it was scary because obviously now we had a mortgage to pay, the freedom outweighed the fear. 

Unfortunately, it can be an overwhelming feeling when you decide you want to buy your own home so I put together a few tips to make sure you're ready. 

How To Style Your Outdoor Living Space

How To Style Your Outdoor Living Space

I'm sure by now you've seen plenty of photos of my screened in porch because not only am I obsessed with it but I personally think I did a great job styling it.   So people always ask "how can I style my space as cute as yours?".  Well, it's not all that hard so I figured I'd do a blog post on the basics of how to style your space whether it's a patio or a porch like mine.  

Go On, Take Another Look At Your Budget

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Most of us, even if we’re earning a fair amount each month, think that all we seemingly do is pay for things and get on top of our bills. When you think about it, that can be relatively true. But the feeling of being ‘cash strapped,’ while it might not seem so, is often the case from those in the working class to those in higher income brackets. This is because when we earn a certain amount, we tailor our surroundings to match, and our quality of life raises or falls as a result.

Most of us keep a budget each month. This budget helps us keep our earnings in check, and can give us that sense of security. It’s important to stay prudent with your financial matters, because then you know exactly if your living standards are better or worse than what you can support. But even with the tightest budget, you may be able to squeeze out some value. Go on, take another look with some of our helpful advice in mind. You might be surprised as to what you can achieve.

A Few of My Favorite Life Hacks

I love finding new life hacks, but I especially love sharing them with others.  These aren't the same kind of life hacks you'll find on Pinterest, though.  These are hardcore life hacks that will help you throughout life when you need it the most.  If you read these over and keep them in your brain, hopefully they'll pop right out if you ever find yourself in certain predicaments. 

How To Prepare If You Think Divorce Is In Your Future

This may be an uncomfortable post to read but with everything going on in the world these days, especially for women that are trying to gain their independence I wanted to make this post in the hopes that at least one person will read it and it will help them.  Life is unpredictable, and there are times when you realize the path your heading towards isn't the one you originally planned.  Maybe you got married with the hopes of staying together forever but things just aren't working out that way.  That's why there are some things that everyone should be prepared to do as they prepare for the possibility of divorce. 

Can You Better Protect Your Finances?

There are a lot of things in the modern world that can cause many of us a great deal of stress and anxiety. Sadly, a lot of these things aren't the kinds of things that we can really do much about and most of us just have to learn to live with them. The most obvious and significant of these that just about everyone is almost certainly going to find themselves dealing with is, of course, money. Money, as much as many of us would rather otherwise, really does make the world go round and there are very few ways in which your life can carry on comfortably without it. However, staying on top of your finances can often be a whole lot easier said than done. Of course, just because something is sometimes difficult that certainly doesn't mean that it's impossible. With that in mind, here are just a few things that you can do take better care of your finances.

Purge Your Wardrobe with my FREE Step-by-Step Guide!

Monday, May 6, 2019

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Purge Your Wardrobe with my FREE Step-by-Step Guide!

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe is out of control? Not only is your closet unorganized but even your dresser drawers are stuffed to the brim.  You end up wearing the same selection of outfits because they're easiest to access and you don't really even know every item you truly own. 

Well, what if I told you that with my FREE Step-by-Step Guide to Purging Your Wardrobe, you would be able to see all of your clothing and know what you own?  You'll be able to put together outfits quick and conveniently and by having your wardrobe in order, you'll feel like your life overall is a bit more in order. 

That's why I'm going to help you walk step-by-step through the process of purging your entire wardrobe and you can get my FREE printable guide to help you along the way! 

What You Can And Cannot Keep In A Safety Deposit Box

Friday, May 3, 2019

Many people have valuable items including paperwork, jewellery, cash, gold bullion, and others stored inadequately in their homes. When you keep precious things such as these insecurely in your home, you are leaving them open to theft, loss, or damage, which could see you significantly out of pocket.

Why My Book, Fixing Your Finances, Makes a Great Gift for Graduates

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Why My Book, Fixing Your Finances, Makes a Great Gift for Graduates

Graduation season is right around the corner and there are many high school students preparing for their future.   Unfortunately, it seems many teens and young adults go out into this world without some basic knowledge and understanding of personal finance.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to instill some great values and knowledge on budgeting, saving, proper use of debt, and responsible purchase decisions into those kids? Well, you can!  My book, Fixing Your Finances, is designed for people of any age and is a realistic and practical guide to living a debt free life, having a healthy savings fund, and learning how to properly budget for every type of expense you'll have. 

So what will my book teach them? 

How To Find A Hobby

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Have you ever had one of those lulls in life where you straight up tell yourself that you need a hobby?  Well, I have and I know a lot of people around me have said the same about themselves.   A hobby is a great thing because it's a way to productively spend your time doing something you enjoy.  There are so many hobbies out there based on what you're looking to do.  Here's how to find the right hobby for yourself. 

Are You Using the Right Kind of Software for Your Business?

One of the main things I hear people complain about with their business is the struggle to get things done efficiently and having the right tools to do so.   If you don't have an efficient system and the right tools in place, you will definitely be struggling to run your business and reach your highest level of productivity.  Because this is so important for ANY business, big or small, I wanted to go over the types of software you may need for YOUR business. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Every year I do the same thing....I make a blog post about all the different ways to spoil your mom on Mother's Day.  And guess what? This year is no different.  So if you're feeling stuck and uninspired, check out some of these gift ideas. 

The Health Boosts You Have To Try

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

If you’re reading this article, you might have got to the point where you just feel like your body can’t cope anymore. Where you just think to yourself, ‘i’m so tired and drained all of the time!!’. Trust us, you’re not the only one thinking that! Everyone gets to the point in their where they feel like this. It’s because we spend so much time rushing around, and we barely take any time for ourselves. We’re always so busy doing something for everyone else, or working, or trying to sort the house out, that by the time that Sunday comes, it might not even seem like you’ve had any time to relax at all. So your health takes a knock, and it keeps taking a knock until you do something about it. So, we’re going to try and show you some of the health boosts that you really need in your life, so that maybe you can start to feel a little human again!

Books I Recommend You Read [April]

Monday, April 29, 2019

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So Spring has sprung and I've been enjoying sitting outside to read.   Enjoy some of the books I've read this month and highly recommend! 

Easter Recap, Getting Organized, + A New Outfit

Friday, April 26, 2019

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The Easter holiday is over and I wanted to share some shots from our Easter as well as what's going on with my lately...including edible cookie dough, a workout attire subscription box, and organizing my cubicle at work! 

Health Problems Nobody Wants To Discuss (& How You Solve Them)

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Everybody appreciates the need to keep their bodies in great health. While we’re all happy to discuss healthy eating and how to combat back aches, there are other issues that nobody wants to admit they have. Whether it’s through shame or embarrassment, it’s understandable that you don’t want to open up to friends. Nonetheless, this should not be a sentence to suffer in silence.

Let’s take a look at five common health issues that people are afraid to discuss, and how you can seek help for them.

3 Denim Themed Outfits for National Denim Day

3 Denim Themed Outfits for National Denim Day

It's National Denim Day and that means it's time to inspire your own outfit picks using some of my favorites but this time, they're themed around denim! 

Finding The Perfect Balance For A Happy Body And Mind

Monday, April 22, 2019

Picture by Free-Photos

There’s one goal that most people can resonate with. This is the aspiration for happiness. This is something that can be affected and determined by several factors, two of these being our mind and body.

How To Be A Better Human on Earth Day

How To Be A Better Human on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!!  That means it's a day to show support for environmental protection and conservation.   But what exactly does that mean and how can you give back to this awesome planet that has sustained your life? Well, here are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day on a small scale.  

Simple Ways To Care For Your Body

As stupid as it may sound, taking care of yourself can often be pretty hard as it’s usually way down on the list of priorities and easy to put other people first instead of yourself. So what do you need to do to take care of your body?

My BEAUTIFUL Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello Bag

Friday, April 19, 2019

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Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello Bag Review

Can I just tell you how absolutely OBSESSED I am with my newest handbag?  I am so obsessed AND impressed that I've decided to do a full review of this bag and the brand as a whole.  

So this is the Eliza Vitello 12" Bag from Teddy Blake.   Who is Teddy Blake? Teddy Blake is a brand of luxury handbags that have been handmade in Italy since 1958.  They keep up with the reputation of Italian products with high quality construction, attention to detail, great design, and the perfect shape and durability.  All of this can give you your perfect handbag! And if you take care of a Teddy Blake bag properly, it should last a very long time! 

Now it's time to see my Teddy Blake bag up close and personal from the moment I took her out of the box. Here's my official Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello Bag review!

6 Overlooked Tasks You Need in Your Cleaning Routine

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Keeping your home clean will keep your family healthy by removing dust and allergens from their environment. Here are six areas in your home that are likely to get missed when you go on a deep-cleaning spree.

How To Style A Bar Cart

How To Style A Bar Cart

Whether it's a bar cart or a wine rack, either one can be a great decorative accent in your home while serving double duty as a practical solution for alcohol storage.  Plus bar carts with wheels can easily be moved into the room you're entertaining in.   But have you ever seen those perfectly styled bar carts on Instagram? Well, you can do that too! 

Natural Ways to Combat Anxiety

Monday, April 15, 2019

Anxiety is a mental illness that affects three million people in the United States every year. Like a broken bone or any other physical condition, mental health disorders need to be treated properly. If it is not tended to, it can affect your sleep pattern, brain function, physical tension and can even manifest into physical illnesses. Implementing these natural steps have minimal negative effects and will improve your quality of life.

How To Achieve A Successful 'No Spend Month'

How To Achieve A Successful 'No Spend Month'

You may have seen others talking about a No Spend Month so today I'm going to explain to you what it is and how you can successfully commit to your own No Spend month.  

Basically a No Spend Month is when you commit to only shopping for the essentials you need without any recreational or extra spending.  This means your gas, groceries, medications, and anything else that's a basic essential need that you budget for each month.  This also means no eating at restaurants, no shopping for clothing, no impulse buys, and no fun purchases.

So how exactly do you do this successfully? on.  

What To Do If You're In Trouble With The Law

Saturday, April 13, 2019

As an advice blogger, I often give advice on a variety of unique topics, and while they're unique, they can actually happen quite often.  Today I want to talk to you about what to do if you break the law and get in trouble.  Obviously, you shouldn't break the law.  But, this post is about what to do if that ends up happening.  This can apply to anything from a traffic ticket to something WAY more serious.  So what do you do if you break the law?

Give your Garage a Makeover

Friday, April 12, 2019

If you feel like you don't have enough space in your home or need a room of your own, consider converting your garage. Garages are no longer for just parking cars. They can double as a workshop or storage area, or they can be turned into something else completely. If you're willing to park your car in the driveway instead, your garage can function as just about anything you desire. Here are some ideas to get your started. 

Windy Days, Hard Candy Makeup, and Shoes that are Basically Socks

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I have so many exciting finds for you today.  But first let me explain this windy day when I took these photos.   As if it's not already difficult to set up a tripod in a spot in my backyard that gets ideal lighting, I had to also battle the winds.   It was so bad I literally almost lost my tripod to the wind.   But I did my best.   Anyways, I can't wait to show off this outfit!

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Quality Grill

Thursday, April 11, 2019

It's finally here! The weather is warm, the sun is out, the grass is turning green, and everyone's getting together for food, drinks, and fun.  There's nothing I love more than grilling out on the patio with friends but there was a time when I couldn't do that because I had a terrible grill. 

As someone who blogs about personal finance quite often, I notice many people always want to purchase whatever costs the least amount of money.  But I always remind those people that there are some things in life you need to make a smart investment on and a grill is one of those things.  

Here are 3 big reasons you should invest in a quality grill

5 Ways to Better Prepare for Next Tax Season with Mountain Ridge

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

5 Ways to Better Prepare for Next Tax Season

The one thing you can look forward to every year that will ALWAYS happen, is the process of filing your taxes from the previous year.  Whether you owe money or get a refund back, it's inevitable that you will have to deal with taxes at some point between January and April 15th.  But for some reason, we tend to struggle with that fact and many of us are unprepared.  As a result, we spend the beginning of every year rushing to gather receipts, proof of side hustle income, and making a payment to Uncle Sam.   So I put together some tips to be more prepared for next year's tax season. 

4 Reasons Why Purchasing Your Home Essentials Online Makes Sense

Many people spend a significant amount of time and energy running around looking for the perfect house or apartment, and have a great thrill when they are handed the keys. Walking into the new home is when many realise that the place looks a little empty, and realisation strikes home that there is much shopping to be done, which can be very time consuming indeed.

Healing Properties of Crystals

Monday, April 8, 2019

Crystals are viewed in a controversial light and have been for quite some time. If you run a query for crystals, you will find many uses for these beautiful stones. While scientists claim to have not seen any existing healing properties, this does not necessarily eliminate the possibility of effects. When seeking alternative means of re-balancing oneself, you should use your best judgment. For example, there are many organic supplements which provide value but have not passed specific tests. Depending on your openness to experience; healing crystal stones can add value to your life.

Comfy + Stylish

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People always ask me what my clothing style is, and honestly...I really don't know.  I wear whatever I want and whatever I can feel comfortable in.  Of course leggings and a built-in bra cami aren't appropriate for going out in public, so I do my best to find comfortable clothing but adding fun patterns and prints in order to keep it stylish.  

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite outfits that makes me feel good and (in my opinion) look good. 

3 Reasons You NEED A Cash Spending System

Friday, April 5, 2019

3 Reasons You NEED A Cash Spending System

When it comes to knowing how to get on a budget, one of the most important aspects is the idea of cash spending.  This is because a cash spending system allows you to control our money more since it's in a physical form.  Some people don't feel like dealing with cash  but yet they still struggle with their finances.  So if you need some more convincing, here are 3 good reasons you NEED a cash spending system. 

The Beginner's Guide To Starting A Vegetable Garden [FREE Garden Planning Printables]

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Beginner's Guide To Starting A Vegetable Garden [FREE Garden Planning Printables]

Gardening is an AMAZING way to enrich your life and you can do it in your own backyard!  Once you get started it's relatively cheap to maintain every year and you can grow your OWN FOOD which not only saves you money (how often does produce from the grocery store go bad in your kitchen before you can eat it?) but you also are connecting with nature and your environment.  It's very rewarding.   A lot of people that recently have moved into a house with a yard have asked me where to start when it comes to a vegetable garden so here's some advice to get you started. 

Healthy Living: What's The Secret To It All?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The hardest part of living healthily isn’t necessarily finding the motivation to do so but finding the right routine to follow. People often disagree as to the healthiest way in which we should all live our lives. You might find yourself wondering: what’s the secret to it all? Well, in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the simple things you need to remember if you want to take care of yourself and enjoy a healthy life in the long-term.

How To COMPLETELY Turn Around Your Financial Situation for just $37!!!!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Yes you read that correctly - $37 to flip your financial situation around.   But how? Because there's this VERY limited time collection of resources and for just $37 you can get $1,206.41 worth of help in the form of 13 eBooks, 9 printables and workbooks, 12 eCourses, and 11 videos. 

FREE Printable Blogging Binder

FREE Printable Blogging Binder

I'm completely stoked today because it's time to reveal another great FREE printable for my readers!!   If you're a blogger or influencer - you're gonna love this one! 

Simple + Budget Friendly Wedding Planning Tools

Friday, March 29, 2019

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Planning your Wedding does NOT have to be an expensive nightmare.  All you have to do is plan it out and do so within specific time frames.  The only way to successfully accomplish that is to have a planning system set up that keeps you organized and motivated.  Trust me, I know because I planned my own wedding for under $2,500. So today, I have a super fun Wedding Planning Box to show you! 

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