Biohacking: What You Should Know

Friday, May 29, 2020


You may have heard the phrase ‘biohacking’ before and thought nothing of it. However, if you’re into health, fitness, and getting things done, it should really be something that you consider. Biohacking is something that many successful entrepreneurs use to feel great and perform optimally. If you do it right and find out what works for you, you could become healthier and more productive than ever before.

Biohacking, also sometimes called DIY biology, is a broad term that can cover many activities. It could involve tracking your own diet and sleep, or it could even involve performing science experiments, if you’re that way inclined.

Let’s talk more about biohacking and what you should know below:

It Could Help You Live to 180

Ok, maybe not - but one person is determined to try. Dave Asprey, the entrepreneur behind the company ‘Bulletproof’, is doing the most to live to the ripe old age of 180. He says biohacking is all about changing the environment inside of you and outside of you so that you can have full control over your biology. He takes lots of supplements each day, has had stem cells injected into his joints, and even bathes in infrared light. He loves experimenting on himself all in the name of living a longer, higher quality life.

People like Dave use as many devices as possible to learn what they can about their body’s mechanical functions - sleep trackers, for instance. Some even go as far to implant chips into their hands, allowing them to open doors without a fob, and even monitor their glucose levels.

People Just Want To Feel Better

You might be thinking that biohacking all sounds a little crazy. Why would anybody want to do this? Put simply, why any of us do anything: to feel better. Some want to see how far they can push the human body, while others just want to feel happier and healthier. Some want to become smarter and stronger. Others want to save as much time and optimise every single function of their lives.

In its simplest form, biohacking is a way for people to experiment with different ways to energize and enhance the body. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all about how we can become faster, smarter, and stronger as human beings.

Good news: you don’t need to have a chip implanted in your hand to start biohacking. You can take a few really simple steps that could enhance your body and the way you live/feel. Here are some ideas that you can use to begin biohacking. You might already use some of them!


Use Music

This one might sound simple enough, but the effect of music on the brain cannot be overemphasized. It can be really hard to focus on what you need to get done when you have so many other thoughts floating about in there. A consistent sound, like the music you listen to, can actually change your brainwaves. Binaural beats and tones, for example, can be used to synchronize with your brain waves and induce a meditative, relaxed state.

Adopt A Sustainable, Healthy Diet

If you don’t have a balanced diet already, figure out what changes you need to make. Your mood and productivity levels can be greatly affected by what you eat. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods, as it will be different for everybody. In general, heavy meals that are too full of one thing (such as grease or sugar) will make you crash or feel lethargic.

Use Supplements

Supplements won’t do much for your body alone if you’re not eating right and taking other steps to live a healthier lifestyle. However, when you are doing the rest of the work, supplements can work in tandem to help you focus, increase energy, and help your body benefit from the most bioavailable forms of nutrients available.

You can look into nootropics, which are designed to improve cognitive function and focus, as well as supplements like vitamin D, turmeric, and B vitamins.

If you don’t currently take any supplements, it might be a good idea to start with one at a time and give it a chance to work so that you can see how they work for you. If you begin taking too many at once you’ll never know what your body responds to best and what ‘stack’ you should be taking in the long run. As well as supplements, you can Buy kratom and use drinks like coffee and yerba mate to get the energy and focus you need.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is touted as a great way to lose fat, but other people swear it’s only because of the calorie deficit we are no doubt in when doing it. We’re not here to talk about that - there are other benefits to intermittent fasting.

When your body is allowed to rest during the fasted state, you experience a number of benefits. You will increase levels of growth hormones by 5 times their normal rate, boosting your metabolic rate. Fasting can also result in improved cognitive function, cancer prevention, and increased cellular autophagy.

As intermittent fasting involves tracking your calories and sometimes restricting them, it is not a good idea for those who do not already have a healthy relationship with food. If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, you may end up developing an eating disorder. This is a lifestyle, not just something you can do a few times and hope to get benefits. It’s hard - don’t do it if you could struggle with your mindset.

Go Hard On Gratitude

Mood is everything when trying to biohack for productivity. How we view what is going on around us has a huge effect on our mood and how we interact with others. If you have a grateful attitude towards even the ‘unfortunate’ events in your life, you will find more to be grateful for.

Changing your mindset means doing the hard work of constantly refocusing your brain. You will find yourself thinking old thoughts and going through old belief systems, but the key is that you acknowledge them and correct yourself. Don’t punish yourself: just gently remind yourself of your new way of thinking. Remind yourself why your old belief systems are no longer true or useful.

Learning to be grateful for the goings on in your life whether perceived as good or bad can be tough, but there’s a lesson in everything. Find that lesson and you can be grateful for it. Below you’ll find more tips on how to be grateful no matter what:

Make gratitude lists before bed.

Set the intention to be grateful for everything you encounter at the start of the day.

Go for a walk and notice all of the little things, being grateful for all of it.

Write a letter of gratitude each week to somebody important to you.


Good Quality Sleep

Simple enough, but quality sleep is still elusive to many. This is usually because we’re all trying to get more done, burning the candle at both ends - and we’re staying stuck to screens all day every day. It’s not enough to be in bed for 8 hours - you need to get as much restorative sleep as you can in that time. Here are some pointers that could help you:

Don’t stare at your screen for too long, especially in the evening. Have a cut off point for your phone, TV, and other screens.

Use essential oils.

Take a warm bath.

Avoid caffeine after 3pm.

Don’t exercise too close to bed time.

Make sure your room is suitable for sleep in terms of bedding, temperature, and light.

Move Your Body

Exercise can massively improve cognitive function. Many people decide to do a short work out in the morning so that they can enjoy the benefits for the rest of the day. Getting into the habit is the hardest thing, but once you’ve done this, you’ll love how it makes you feel! You could go for a jog or walk, or even just do a little yoga. Intense exercise usually gives the greatest ‘high’, however!

Meditation And Breathing Exercises

Meditation and breathing exercises can help with stress and focus. When we’re stressed, we can have bad memories, poor judgement, and other issues. Meditation allows us to be more mindful, so we can better choose the thoughts that are conducive to our new way of being.

As well as feeling more capable of choosing the thoughts to focus on, you can also choose how you respond to your feelings instead of immediately reacting to them. It isn't about not feeling them, just deciding how you react and observing them. Where have they come from? Where do you think they originated?

Controlling your breathing is another tactic altogether, but still very effective. Practicing is important, because it’s actually harder than it sounds. It’s a great way to help your mind relax alongside increasing concentration!

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New Home Tech That Streamlines Your Household Chores

If you run a home, you’re used to chores. It comes with the territory.

But did you know there are now a bunch of tools and gadgets that can make cleaning, tidying, and organizing easier?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the new home tech that promises to streamline your household chores and make your life more convenient. So, what’s out there?

Wi-Fi Kitchen Appliances

Pixabay - CC0 License

Imagine being able to control all of the appliances in your kitchen from your phone. Well, that possibility is now a reality, thanks to companies like Hoover and Bosch. Manufacturers are equipping hobs, ovens, and grills with internet connectivity, allowing customers to send instructions to them via their phones.

No - your appliances won’t do your cooking for you. But you can adjust them from your handset, instead of hovering around them, changing them manually. It means that you can leave the roast lamb in the oven and turn the temperature down halfway through cooking.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Pixabay - CC0 License

Vacuuming is a chore that we all must do every week to keep our carpets and floors in good condition. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time, even if you have a cordless vacuum.

Robot vacuum cleaners, however, provide you with an alternative. Instead of manually moving around your home, appliance -in-hand, they do all the hard work for you. You just set them off from your phone, and then they learn your environment, eliminating the need for any labor whatsoever.

On-Demand Cleaning

Pixabay - CC0 License

Getting cleaning services in the past was relatively easy. You just rang them up and told them what you want. But thanks to the internet, we’re now witnessing the rise of on-demand services - facilities you can use when you’re at the end of your tether.

App-Controlled Washing Machine

Both Google and Apple are very keen proponents of the smart home. Now, both tech giants offer software that allows customers to connect to their app-controlled washing machines and dryers, setting them off remotely or changing their cycles.

Automated Grocery Deliveries

Strictly speaking, automated grocery deliveries aren’t a form of home tech, but they can make your life considerably more comfortable. Imagine not having to head out to the store every time you need supplies. It could make an enormous difference to your quality of life.

Now, there is a range of services, including Amazon Subscribe and Save, that automate the delivery of certain essential goods and items to your home. You still have to work out how often you need to replenish products, but once you understand how often you need something, you can pretty much “set and forget.”

If you’re really keen on automating the process, you can use services like ePantry. These go a step further by monitoring your current inventory and then making suggestions for what to buy next. So, for instance, if you're running out of cleaning products, the software will recommend that you order more or do so automatically.

So, will you use home tech to make cleaning and organizing your property easier?

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Things I Miss About My Childhood

Nostalgia is a crazy thing. Sometimes all it takes is the mention of a word, the smell of a scent from your past, or a song that comes on the radio. Suddenly, you’re transported back to a time when you were a kid, so carefree and filled with joy. Memories are amazing and I get very nostalgic thinking about my childhood. At times it almost makes me sad because I miss it so much. I really did have a great childhood and so today I decided to put together some of my favorite memories.

Hearing the Ice Cream Truck

It was always the same. We’d be splashing in our neighbor’s pool or inside playing video games, and we’d all jerk to a stop because we’d hear what sounded like the ice cream truck. Then chaos broke out as all the neighbor kids rushed to get cash from their parents. My mom left a small amount of bills pinned to the bulletin board on the fridge so we always had some money to buy ice cream. Sometimes the neighborhood kids would have no money on them and they lived too far down the road, so my mom covered their ice cream too. We LOVED the ice cream truck. Sometimes we felt tortured because we couldn’t tell where he was but we knew he was coming. Then it was the GREAT choice of what awesome treat are you going to get? My favorite was the Choco Taco and the baseball mitt. Which by the way, if the baseball mitt was missing the gumball in the middle I always felt so bummed. We’d eat our ice cream and then resume our regularly scheduled carefree fun.

Playing in the Creek

We were blessed to move into a home when I was 6 that had a creek in our backyard and I don’t mean a little stream, I mean a full-blown creek. Every day as long as it was warm enough, my brother and I would spend our days out in the creek with any and all neighborhood kids. It was usually always shallow so we’d wade in ankle-deep and catch crayfish, minnows, mussels, and tadpoles. As we got older our neighbor would let us borrow their canoe and we would go out and wade through the middle of the creek. We also went tubing. We weren’t afraid of snapping turtles, snakes, and anything else that was in there. In fact, we swam under water when the water was high enough and I remember even opening my eyes underwater. Who does that? Ignorance was total bliss and I loved watching the eagles, hawks, ducks, geese, and other critters we could observe while out in the creek. I am so grateful to have had that experience my entire childhood.

Playing in the Snow

When it snowed we went ALL OUT. We made igloos and forts that we actually chilled in to keep warm. We wouldn’t come inside until it was dark out or we were soaked through and freezing. Then our mom would make us hot chocolate and we’d watch Nickelodeon and sip to stay warm. We had a golf course up the road and we even went up there and made igloos. Our neighbors across the street had a huge hill and they let us play on it anytime we wanted to. We would sled down it for as long as possible, making ramps to hit along the way. When the creek would freeze over completely we’d go walking on it and sometimes even ice skating.

Horseback Riding

My mom had me signed up for horseback riding lessons when I was 6 and then later when I was maybe 10. It was amazing to go every week or so and ride a horse. I loved it so much and was obsessed with horses. I still kind of am. I am so grateful that she gave me that experience as a child.

Grandma’s House

I loved going to my grandmother’s house on my mom’s side to explore in her backyard and play with the toys she had. She always had Price is Right on TV and she always had these big cinnamon pastries called Elephant Ears. I loved her house. I’d sneak upstairs and explore too. There were a few times I had sleepovers with her and I had such a blast. She passed away about a decade ago and I miss her dearly.

Disney Channel Original Movies

Man, me and my brother loved Disney Channel Original Movies and as corny as some of them were, we made inside jokes out of them by repeating random funny lines. To this day, if either of us says one, we both bust out laughing.


For some reason it was super fun to sneak out of my house when I had a girlfriend sleep over and do nothing but simply explore the neighborhood. Sometimes we would sneak onto the golf course and we would just lay and look up at the stars. Sometimes the sprinklers came on and we would play in them before the overnight groundskeeper chased us off into the woodline in his golf cart.

So really, I could go on with sooo many but I would be writing ALL day!

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

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Supreme Court Verdicts to Watch for This Year

Thursday, May 28, 2020


The efforts of local court systems and judges like Judge Mike Tawil help keep order and justice within your local community. The Supreme Court, with its presidential appointments, hear cases from all across the country, often issuing a final verdict in highly charged disputes that have already wound through local and state court systems. The most recent cases to be heard have garnered attention for issues of LGBT rights within the workplace, the potential deportation of undocumented immigrants, and the reach of Second Amendment rights. There is a docket full of explosive cases to be heard this year, with the following being some of the most anticipated awaiting verdicts.

Obtaining Trump’s Financial Records

There have been several efforts by New York state prosecutors and House Democrats to get their hands on several years of President Trump’s tax returns. Trump’s accounting firm has been issued a subpoena for records, as well as Capital One and Deutsche Bank. Trump has struggled to retain privacy in this area, fighting to prevent disclosure. This has made him the first president in U.S. history to avoid revealing this information. The Supreme Court is expected to come to a decision in this matter by early summer.

Scholarships and Religious Schools

Church-state issues are continually brought before the Supreme Court, with the case of Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue being one of the earliest cases brought in 2020. The Montana Supreme Court invalidated a scholarship program that was deemed to be out-of-compliance with a Montana constitutional provision that prohibits state tax dollars from funding sectarian school. Several parents brought the suit looking to solve whether or not the ruling violated the religion or equal protection clause found the U.S. Constitution.

Abortion Law in Louisiana

The additions of more conservative Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh should see a potential shift from past rulings concerning abortion rights. On the docket is a challenge to a Louisiana law that gives abortion-performing doctors the right to admit patients into local hospitals. Most hospital facilities deny admitting privileges when the physician does not supply a steady stream of patients to the institution. This case will be the first to be heard concerning the hot topic of abortion since Trump’s new appointees have taken the bench.

Discrimination Suits and Religious Exemptions

The Supreme Court is hearing another case on religious liberty, with the justices having to weight in on whether two Catholic schools can be exempt from employment discrimination suits that are being brought by former teachers at the institutions. The schools are claiming ministerial exception, which is a First Amendment principle that prohibits lawsuits from workers that are considered “ministers.” The former teachers are claiming their work was indeed religious but not ministerial, leading the case to the Supreme Court for ruling over safeguards for free expression of religion and the legal protection of workers.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, deciding some of the most contentious and divisive cases in the country. Keep an eye on the rulings that are read this year, as these become groundbreaking and pivotal in deciding American liberties.

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How to Enjoy Your Yard More During the Summer

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

There’s a lot to love about the summer months, but perhaps the best thing of all is that enjoyment can come so easily. Indeed, when the sun is shining, we don’t have to travel a long distance to enjoy the day. We don’t even need to leave our home. If our yard is ready to provide fun, we can enjoy a memorable day right on our own property. But of course, it’s not as if the good times will just come automatically. We’ll have to get our yard into shape to make it possible. Below, we take a look at a few useful tips that’ll have you enjoying the summer months at home.

8 of the Best Things About Spring

Spring is such a great time of year because it’s basically a rebirth of the outdoors. But there’s also a reawakening within each of us that naturally seems to happen as our animal friends come out of hibernation and the flowers begin to bloom. Here are some of the best things about Spring.

Always Eat After 7 PM | Why I Chose This Book

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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I was financially compensated for this post however the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

I am so stoked to share with you guys a new challenge I’m doing for myself. It’s from the book Always Eat After 7PM: The Revolutionary Rule-Breaking Diet That Lets You Enjoy Huge Dinners, Desserts, and Indulgent Snacks – While Burning Fat Overnight by Joel Marion. The reason I’m doing this challenge is because I have tried many things that haven’t resonated with me but this book resonated with me so much that I’m feeling so energized and excited about it. Speaking of energized, one of the main reasons I’m doing this challenge is for more energy. I work full time, have a blog, 4 dogs, a house to run, and I volunteer weekly doing pet therapy, so I could use ALL the energy possible. I also want to rebalance my fat burning hormones and lose some weight.

Finding Happiness in Your Body

Monday, May 25, 2020

The world is full of pressures; to have a good job, to raise a family well, to engage with your community. However, the most intimate and stressful pressures are those surrounding our bodies. We are bombarded with requirements to be toned and slim, with great hair, wrinkle-less skin, and hairless bodies. The pressure can be overwhelming - so how can you find happiness in your body in the midst of all these outside messages?

Books I Recommend You Read [May]

Check out my two favorite reads for this month!

Get Rid of Debt with Neon Funding

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Debt is one of the worst feelings ever because it makes you feel guilty when you spend money on something other than paying off your debt, it feels like a weight on your shoulders because you owe someone else money, and it makes you feel insecure about your finances as a whole. The thing is, you aren't alone.  Many people struggle with debt, but luckily for you, there's a few solutions. I was once in a lot of credit card debt and I felt like there was no way out.  That's not the case no matter how bad your situation is.  The hardest part is sitting down to face reality and tackle it.

The Importance of Online Certifications

Whether someone goes to college or not, there are many times in any given career path where you can benefit from certifications for your field specifically.  Maybe it's for job skills for your current job or maybe it's for skills that will help you get a promotion, but either way, online certifications are a great thing these days.  Rather than having to go away for a trip to take a week long class followed by an exam, you can actually do it all from the comfort of your own home by getting an online certification such as one from Scrum Institute.  The International Scrum Institute is an independent education provider that has affordable online certifications.  So what are the benefits of this type of certification? Well, let's take a look.

Living With An Illness


When you have an illness that you know is going to last for a long time, it is hard to ensure that you are going to live with it well. The truth is that it is often difficult to know what to do in order to manage it, and that often becomes just as much of a factor in your life as the illness itself. There are of course going to be many specific things which you need to be aware of for each specific illness, but also some more general advice that you can follow in order to ensure that you live with it well. In this article, we will take a look at some of that, so that you can hope to learn how to live with your illness much more effectively.

10 Home Maintenance Chores To Keep You Busy During The Lockdown

Friday, May 22, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic goes on, many of us are either in lockdown or not too keen to leave the house. With all this free time at home, why not get around to those important home maintenance chores?

Life Lately - May

I mean what in the world?! Life has been crazy.  I tried very hard to not even reference COVID-19 or Coronavirus in any posts to try to keep some normalcy but oh man I gotsta let it out now.

How Your Household Can be Less Wasteful

Thursday, May 21, 2020

If you feel like you’re wasting a lot of money or other resources in your home, now is the time to do something about that. There are lots of ways to ensure you can start being a little less wasteful in your home and that’s what we’re going to discuss today. It’s not about making life more difficult for yourself; it’s simply about making sensible changes that’ll work for you over the long-term. Find out more below.

Guaranteed Ways To Reduce Your Cleaning Time Each Week

Love it or hate it (and let's face it, it's probably the latter), you do have to commit some of your time to cleaning each week.

When your home is devoid of mess and nasty germs, you will have a healthier environment to live in. You will be less prone to dust allergies and infections caused by dirty work surfaces, and you will feel mentally better too, because as the saying goes, a tidy home leads to a tidy mind.

Make Cooking Way More Fun with These Top Tips

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

If you think that cooking is a chore and just takes up far too much time, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find out how to make cooking fun while also being able to make the most out of your space overall.

Cook a Themed Dinner

Themed dinners are all the rage in this day and age. If you want to try and make your menu fun and exciting, then why not try and assign a theme to each day. This could mean having Mexican on Tuesdays or even a US-style BBQ on Wednesdays. Either way, it gives you some inspiration for the food that you might want to cook for the days ahead and this can really work in your favour overall if you are having a hard time meal planning.

Tips On Residing Your House

Photo by David Veksler on Unsplash

The exterior of your home is very important. So much time is spent perfecting our interiors, it’s easy to neglect the outside. A well maintained home is nt only something for you to enjoy, but will also increase your property’s curb appeal, making it more appealing to potential buyers when you come to sell.

How I Spend My Money | A Look At My Monthly Budget

I always like posts by bloggers that show a day in the life or how they do certain things, especially if it’s something I take their advice on. So in keeping with that theme, since I’m always doling out personal finance tips, I wanted to share an up close and personal look at my monthly budget.

4 Ways to Accentuate Your Eyes

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The world of beauty is constantly changing, with new trends and new products arriving every day. Despite these changes, however, the eyes remain a key focus and fascination for beauticians and makeup enthusiasts everywhere. Makeup can be used in many creative ways to bring out each person’s individual eye color and eye shape. If you are looking to bring attention to your eyes, consider adding these makeup techniques to your repertoire.

Tips for Starting Your First Garden at Home

Monday, May 18, 2020

Gardening is a great way to bring the beauty of nature into your home. Having plants in your home can create a beautiful aesthetic, relieve stress and even help purify the air inside! You can even grow your herbs and vegetables to use in the kitchen. Getting started can be daunting since there are dozens of plants to choose from and each one requires slightly different care routines. Use this guide to help you choose the kind of plants that are best for you!

Four Tips for Home Improvements to Help Sell Your House

While it’s been a great run, you’re ready to move on and find a new place to live. Whether it’s due to professional changes or the needs of a growing family, your current residence won’t cut it. In order to buy a new home, you’ve got to sell your current one. You may be able to sell quickly, but it’s worth checking to see if you can get top dollar with a few carefully selected upgrades. Here are a few tips for your consideration.

4 Important Steps to Becoming an Esthetician

Have you been wondering how to become an esthetician? Here are 4 steps to guide you through your journey.

1. Find an Esthetician Program

This is an important step. Picking the right esthetician program can be crucial to your learning and success. When searching for the right school, be sure to consider only those that are licensed by your state. You'll want to visit a couple of schools to gauge which one you think would be a good fit for you. The goal is to feel comfortable and confident that you will be receiving a quality education to lay the foundation for a rewarding career.

Five Simple Tips To Make A Small Room Feel Big


Not every home is blessed with hundreds of square feet, and even if you are lucky enough to live in a spacious home, nearly all of them have one – the tiny box room. And that’s ok!

Large spaces can be overwhelming and mean that there is more to clean, so sometimes cosy works best. But when you are working with a small area you still want to make the most of it so that it feels as big as possible.

Here are five straightforward, yet effective, ways to make a small room feel and look much bigger.

How To Use A Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals

Vision boards have been around basically forever and can be used by anyone for any reason. A vision board is literally just that – a vision on a board. You use it to map out your goals and hopes for the future whether it’s the current year, your entire life, or just the next week. Traditionally, vision boards are made around January when people typically look ahead at what they want to manifest and achieve but you can do it any time of the year. Here’s how to get started.

4 Elements Of Lockdown You Didn't Know Were Unhealthy

My OCD Habits

We all have a little bit of OCD in us whether we want to admit or not and it’s fascinating when you really sit down and think about the things that you get really obsessive or compulsive over. I figured it would be an interesting read if I made note of all the stuff I am super strict with myself about, little habits I just can’t break. Who knows, maybe you and I have more in common that we thought!

7 Day Summer Maintenance Plan

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to check everything off your summer maintenance list in just 7 days? If you stick to this 7-day maintenance plan you can spend the rest of the summer relaxing. Everything is included from your bathroom to your kitchen to your yard. Keep your family safe this summer by carrying out all the necessary inspections in just one week. Here is a basic 7-day plan for summer maintenance.

Day 1 - Safety first

Check all alarms, and smoke detectors, air conditioners, and fans. This is a good one to start off with because it’s quick and easy. Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms work. Replace the batteries if necessary. Go round and dust air con units and fans. Replace any filters and make sure they’re in working order. You’ll need them this summer.

Day 2 - Refrigerator check

Turn off the fridge and clean the coil with a vacuum cleaner, and wipe down the range hood and filter. Use an all-purpose cleaner made from water and lemon juice. You can make your own fridge cleaner at home from simple ingredients.

Day 3 - Bathrooms

Tackle those drains and blockages. Take all removable shower parts and soak them in vinegar overnight. In the meanwhile pour caustic solution down the drains to clear any blockages. If you’re struggling to clear your drains try out some other solutions.

Day 4 - Clean your BBQ

This is a quick and easy job actually. Turn on the grill for half an hour to let the grease soften. Use a brush to clean it afterward, turn the grill off first. You’ll then be ready to start cooking outside again. Check out some fantastic BBQ recipes to try out with your family and friends.

Day 5 - Deck inspection

Check the decking in your yard and porch for any hazards such as loose nails or rotten wood. Spray the decking with water to test if it needs resealing. If it absorbs the water then it will need to be stuck down again. After you finish, sweep and mop thoroughly. Have a look at this video tutorial on how to clean, renew, and seal decking in one day.

Day 6 - Tidy your yard

You can work on gardening projects all summer but make sure you clear out your yard to make some space first. Fill up a wheelbarrow with excess mulch and topsoil, and rake up any leaves. Do a bit of pruning on some neglected shrubs and flowers. De-head any dead flowers but leave the stems to regrow. Get rid of weeds with these simple tips.

Day 7 - Look for leaks

Telltale signs of leaks include patches on the walls, drips, and mold. If you notice any of these then you might have a problem with your water heater. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a plumber as you might need a Hot Water Tank Replacement.

So there you have it, after 7 days work, your house is pretty much in order.

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