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What's The Hype About Hemp?

Monday, September 16, 2019

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I'm sure you've heard people talk about how amazing hemp is but I'm really trying to educate you about hemp in this post so I'm going to try to explain what it is, what the benefits of hemp are, and how you can use hemp by showing you how I use it. 

Does Grime Have Your Home Under Siege?

Thursday, September 12, 2019

What even is grime? Grime is dirt that has become ingrained onto a surface. It's a very hard substance because dirt and debris has lost all it's water content and overtime it's become more and more solid. That’s why it sticks to the surface and really requires elbow grease to get rid of. It comes in all shapes, colors and sizes, it's pretty much everywhere in the modern home. From your kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and of course even outside on the exterior of your home, it's made itself at home. The trouble is the longer you leave it the more sticking strength it has. So here’s how to jump into action and break the siege in your own home.

Every Girl Needs a Blue Handbag | Teddy Blake Vanessa Palmelatto Handbag

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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You may recognize the brand Teddy Blake from a few months ago when I did my Teddy Blake Eliza Vitello handbag review.  Well, I'm back with another bag to review and this one has me super obsessed!  I have always been obsessed with Teddy Blake! I love working with them, I love their customer service, I love their bag options, and I love their social media feeds. 

So let's look from the inside out, at my new Teddy Blake handbag, the Vanessa Palmelatto!

6Tips for Influencers

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Whether you are a blogger or your area of focus is social media, as an influencer, you need to do your best work to grow your brand and get access to new opportunities for partnering with bigger and bigger companies.  As an influencer, I've worked for years and years to grow my brand, gain followers, and network with others in my field. 

Today, I'm sharing some tips that can help you do better whether it's as a blogger or an Instagrammer! 

Couponing Tips For Pros

We all like this age money now and again and as adults this is something which can drive a lot of the decisions in our life. Money saving tips are super important to find and use in life and there are a lot of things we need to consider when budgeting and saving our money.

This is why when you get a Macys Coupon you might jump at the chance to save 50p on your favourite cheese and honestly, this can be a big thing when you accumulate these coupons and us them right. Today we are going to take a look at some handy couponing tips which will be useful for you today.

Get In, Get Out
The biggest tip you can utilise when shopping using a couponing scheme is to have a list of the items you plan to get before you go into the shop and don’t stray from it. It is important not to start walking down aisles for the sake of it because this is where you can pick up things you simply don’t need. Get in and get out quickly.

Use coupons to make meals
When you go shopping at a store and get some coupons, a lot of the time the coupons are a bit random. You might end up with money off potatoes, cheese, and chicken and this is why sometimes you might simply throw these out without using them. However if you start to think about meals, you can create many meals with these ingredients such as a chicken curry, chicken pie with mash or even a jacket potato with chicken on top. Think about ways to use coupons for meals and this will allow you to create a good shopping list that works.

Know Your Price Points
When we head shopping on a busy weeknight each week it is easy to forget to check the prices of staples such as bread and milk and cheese. However, it is important to know how much things like this cost because you could be getting ripped off if you don’t check. Make sure you don’t let yourself overpay for house staples and ensure that if a price is high, you shop somewhere else instead.

Present Your Coupons in a Certain Order
Not all coupons are made equally and it is important for you to build your coupons on top of each other for the best savings. For example if you have a coupon which gives you money off an item and one which gives you a percentage off your shop, you should do the former before the latter: this way you will get the percentage taken off the reduced price instead of the full price. Make sure when couponing that you always look for ways to order things in a smart way and this will make your life a lot easier.

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