August 19, 2014

3 Ways I Get My Protein

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Sooo I have a fitness update and it's good and bad.  

Last week I was dealing with Achilles Tendonitis.  It was terrible and I only ran one day! But thanks to heel wedges, icing, heat pads, and keeping my foot wrapped, I think I'll be okay for the 5K this weekend!  Anyone have any experience with achilles pain?

On to my diet...

One of the big changes I've made in my life aside from running almost daily is making sure I get enough protein.  The thing about that is I'm picky.   I hate protein bars that you  have to choke down and I can't stand protein shakes that don't taste good so Cascadian Farms and their new line of Protein products has worked wonders for me!
So here are my 3 ways to get protein:

1. Honey Roasted Nut Chewy Bars
Not only are these great because they are chewy so they are easier to eat but the flavor is amazing!  And of course like everything else from Cascadian Farm it's organic.  I get 9g of protein per serving too!

2. Snacking on Dark Chocolate Coconut Granola
Sometimes I just grab a handful and go!   I love the flavor of the Dark Chocolate Coconut Granola. It's crunchy enough to satisfy my craving but it doesn't cut the inside of my mouth like other granola's have in the past.

3. Apple Crisp Granola Cereal
Well, I love cereal so when I add some milk to Apple Crisp Granola I get a lovely crispy snack!   It's great in the evening or even on a morning where I need to run and I want some protein beforehand.

This coming weekend is my 5K!  I am so excited and can't wait to see how I do!  I've been running 3 miles for weeks now, pretty much at 10 minutes per mile so I will update you after this weekend!

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5 Ways to Be More Productive

I've been asked several times now how I am able to do it all.  I work full time Monday-Friday, I run a blog that is very successful, I have 4 dogs, a boyfriend, and I regularly exercise.  There's way more than that but it's true that I could easily become overwhelmed and I definitely used to.  Now, everything is in a fantastic balance of time and energy so I wanted to give you guys 5 tips that I use to be productive every day of my life. 

1. Write EVERYTHING Down.
I have a Filofax personal organizer that I have a weekly calendar in and I use it for EVERYTHING.  Each day I have a little to do list with check boxes so I can cross each item off as I do it.   The trick is to write EVERY task down.  You're more likely to remember to do it and not procrastinate, if the task is written down.

I write down everything from brushing my dog's teeth everyday to making my sandwich for the next day. 

2. Keep a Routine.
A routine is key especially because it helps you not make excuses.  You may not feel like working out but every Thursday is your 5 mile run, so the more you do it on a regular routine basis the easier it becomes to keep up with.

I have a daily routine as well as a weekly and monthly routine.  My daily routine basically goes like this:
5:45 Wake up, check email, feed dogs, eat breakfast
7-7:30 Check other blogs and do some surveys before work starts.
7:30-4 Work
4-5 Exercise
5-6 Daily tasks (sandwich, taking photos, taking care of dogs)
6 is Dinner
7-9 Surveys, Shower, Cleaning

Remember it takes 21 days to form a habit so keep at your routine and it'll become so natural eventually.

3. Keep the TV off.
I used to come home and turn on the TV and I would immediately get sucked in and felt like doing nothing else.   Now, I keep the TV off in the morning and I don't even turn it on in the evening until all of my daily tasks are done.  it's kind of like my reward for being productive.

4. Set a Time Limit to Shut Your Computer Down.
By 9pm every night I try to have my computer emails checked and everything caught up for the next day so I can shut down my computer and just relax.  Once you get into the habit of turning it off around the same time, it'll be easy and you'll look forward to disconnecting.

5. Keep it Simple.
I own less stuff, I buy less stuff, and I consume less stuff electronically via the internet.  Living a more simple life without clutter and annoying unneccesary phone notifications helps me stay focused on the task at hand!

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Fashion + Function + A Giveaway

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JLeer is an independent brand that offers quality goods, with functional designs. By combining innovative design with quality apparel, JLeer strives to create functional fashionable clothing. 

For quite some time we have been frustrated with the classic 5 pocket denim design. The challenge was to change the way we think about the classic jean. After scouring the market and trends we were not able to find an alternative. So JLeer was born! JLeer embodies new designs and has been many years in the making. Our brand is perfect for anyone who carries a wallet, keys and a phone. Our smart pockets are 6.25" long and 4" wide and can hold most smart phones and most wallets. If you are ready to try something new, Jleer is perfect for you. 

With the help of @FemaleBloggerRT, JLeer is giving away $50 Paypal Cash & a free pair of jeans!

The giveaway will close September 2! Giveaway open to US residents only. Use the widget below to enter!

And make sure to check out the great bloggers helping to spread the word! 

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A Girl + Her Honda

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I already blogged about 15 reasons I love my Honda Civic so it's no surprise that I had to do an outfit post for it!

I've had my car (I call her Cupcake and Cuppy for short) since 2006.  I actually got her on 6/6/06 at 6pm.  HAHA!    She's at 93k miles right now and she runs like a champ.  I am a loyal Honda girl and I plan to keep Cuppy till she can no longer run.  I'm honestly hoping to get like 300k out of her! 
My friend Michael actually sent me this shirt from I Love My Honda and I love the fact that it looks good, fits perfect, and says exactly what I think about Honda!  Not only can you get clothing like this at I Love My Honda but you can actually purchase car parts too.  It's important to maintain your car as best you can and while you're at it investing in some quality performance parts is a great idea!
The only things I've really done to Cuppy is that I bought her 17" wheels (they were stock Civic SI Wheels) and plastidipped them black as well as plastidipped the emblems and the grill black.   

As for future plans for my dear sweet Cuppy....anything I need I'll be getting from I Love My Honda!

So What I Wore:
Top - I Love My Honda; Leggings - Kohls; Shoes - Just Fab.

What kind of car do you own and how many miles does it have?

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August 18, 2014

Sh*t My Dad Said // BRILLIANT Life Advice Summed in 5 Sayings

Of all things to remember that a parent tells you, it's usually the ones that were kind of funny to hear come out of their mouth, but then you find yourself replaying them in your head years later when they've proven true. 

So, without further ado... straight from the mouth of my dad... here is some brilliant life advice.

On Relationships
I was crying one day a few years back telling my parents they must think I'm a huge slut because I've had several boyfriends and I'm still not married and it seems like everyone else is already settled down... and...
"You wanna know what I think?   I think that you didn't find what you wanted but you sure as hell found out what you didn't want."

BOOM!   Look at the bright side of everything even the mistakes you've made.  And learn from them.

On Hardships of Life
I really can't remember every specific event where my dad said this to me, but it generally was after a complaint from me about something that was difficult or unfair that I was facing. 

"It's called LIFE.  Life's hard, tough shit."

Yup, complaining isn't going to do anything. Accepting that no where in any way, shape, or form has it ever been written or promised that life is easy.   Actually if I had to define life I would say it's a series of events that you endure, some good and some bad.

On Mistakes
Obviously as a kid it's normal to make mistakes.  But in order to not repeat them you actually have to comprehend the meaning behind Oops, I'm sorry!

"Don't sorry me, Just don't do it again!"

Great advice especially when it comes to shit we continuously make excuses for.  Oops, I forgot to turn the oven off again.... too bad, if you know it's a regular mistake, start using sticky notes to remind yourself to turn it off.   Too often we use sorry as a bandaid to get someone off our case after we know we muffed up.

On Advice from Elders
You know how sometimes you know your parents may be right but you still try to prove why you think YOU are right?

"Trust me, I have a lot more years of experience on this Earth than you do so I think I know what I'm talking about."

Enough said. Point taken.

On Money
My parents have had their fair share of money problems so I would rather take advice from someone in their position than anyone else.

"Money doesn't solve everything."

It doesn't.   If you have relationship issues, being wealthy won't change that. You'll just be wealthy WITH relationship issues.  If you have a crappy work ethic but your parents pay your way, you might have money but you won't  be able to land a good job. 

And there you have it.  Straight from the mouth of my dad!

What kind of sh*t did your dad say?

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Natural Beauty from Skinue + A Giveaway

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When it comes to natural beauty you want to look for a line of products that give you simple skin care whether you have acne prone skin or healthy skin.   Skinue is a natural skincare line that combines various natural and safe components to care for skin without affecting the natural balance of the body.  It's active ingredient is derived from nature which allows the products to give you great benefits like fighting skin pathogens, reducing redness, and rejuvenating your skin so you have a bright and healthy face!

I was lucky enough to try out some of these fine products.  And here's what I thought.

Brightening Cream - This is meant to lighten your dark spots and give you bright healthy skin.  I love how smooth it went on.  I did notice a significant change in the brightness of my skin after several weeks of use.

Massage Gel - This stuff is awesome! it's great for sore achy muscles especially since I work out.  It really helped my skin feel energized!  It wasn't greasy and it absorbed quickly.  I love it!

Facial Wash - So easy to use.  It didn't leave my skin too dry but didn't make it greasy. 

Gel-  I love that this is non-greasy and that it helps prevent acne by cleaning my skin quickly and powerfully.

Serum - The lightweight serum product soaks right in and is great for acne breakouts.  

Dry Skin Lotion - This is great for rough patches of skin on my hands, arms, and elbows.  I even use it on my feet! It makes my skin soooo soft!

Use this coupon code for 10% off your purchase at Skinue!
The code is: 10%OFF

And one lucky winner will get the same set of products I did!

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