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September 3, 2015

3 Things in My Kitchen that Made My Birthday Cake Delicious!

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So my birthday was August 13th and I made myself a cake...well 2 actually.  

My Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake was delicious and my Pastry Blender from World Kitchen helped me mix some extra chocolate chips and vanilla extract into it!

Then this beautiful baby!  I made a Funfetti Cake with Funfetti Icing for my actual birthday celebration with my family.   I loved using my Wooden Spatula and Nylon Whisk from World Kitchen!

The end result...was DELICIOUS!

I love baking! It's so easy and relaxing for me! It probably isn't good for my waistline but it's something I actually enjoy doing.   I love the different baking accessories, utensils, and tools that help make it so much more simple!

World Kitchen has so many more great products so be sure to stock up! 

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How To Make Music the Soundtrack to Your Life

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They always say that music is the soundtrack to life but I'm the kind of person who literally wants it to be a soundtrack to my life, playing in the background no matter what I'm doing!   

There are many ways to take music with you but I like to have a hands free way of playing music that doesn't involve me wearing headphones or having to have my cell phone attached to me 24/7.  That's where the Infinity One Portable Speaker comes into play.   I'm going to show you how it can be used in all aspects of your day to day life.

|1| Wake Up
Starting my day with music makes it that much more positive.   It's a great background noise as I get ready for my day and I can choose to listen to songs that make me happy right away.

|2| At the Office
The only way to get through a big workload is for me to have some enjoyable music as I work.  Sometimes I choose relaxing sounds that don't distract me from focusing on the task at hand, but other times I like to have some motivating lyrics to help me keep going through the day.

|3| Break Time
If you can find a nice private spot outside for lunch you can have your Infinity One Portable Speaker right by your side just like I do. It's a nice escape from the workd ay. 

|4| Working Out
What's a good workout without a great soundtrack? This is when you need to use your most exciting playlist to keep you going while you break a sweat! 

|5| Tidying the House
There are plenty of evening chores everyone has to do like cleaning for instance and let me tell you - cleaning is more fun when you can dance along to your favorite tunes.  

Heck you can even walk your dog with the Infinity One Portable Speaker!

|6| Shower Time
Yes, I sing in the shower, and no I'm not ashamed of it. How can I not sing when my favorite playlist of pop music is on?   It definitely makes shower time more fun!

|7| Bed Time
Some people need to fall asleep to music and if you are one of those people like me, it's nice to put a relaxing playlist on to help you fade away to dream land.  

Are you feeling stuck with how much of a music lover you may or may not be?  Well, Infinity has a Sound Style Quiz that should help you figure it all out! I took the quiz and my result was a Sonic Sophisticate.  So true because I'd rather hear music than people talking whenever I'm on a long road trip!

You can buy an Infinity One Portable Speaker on the Infinity website here.

And enter to win 1 of 5 5 Harman Infinity One Portable Speakers in a special sweepstakes running now until 10/23/2015.
Harman Infinity One Portable Speaker - 5 winners!

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September 1, 2015

Enhancing a Look

 When many people think about enhancing a look, they may immediately think about overhauling their wardrobe or getting a new hairstyle. While both of those ideas can be very beneficial, there are many times when it is not needed. One of the best ways that an individual can enhance a look is to invest in new jewelry. When women and men invest in jewelry and similar accessories, they can enhance their personal look.

A True Ring
People notice when a woman wears an engagement ring for the first time. There is something special about having a ring that glistens and sparkles on the hand of a newly engaged woman. In a way, the ring tells people that someone tremendous treasures the engaged woman, she is worth the financial investment and she is off the market from other interested suitors. People are not limited to one type of ring they can wear. There are many other kinds of rings that can be worn on both hands, and each one can display worth and value. Some rings and interchangeable and work out well when an individual is going to work or a special party.

Earrings that Matter
Earrings can be purchased practically anywhere, but people notice when women wear earrings that are truly valuable. Furthermore, quality earrings can look good and last more than just a couple of months. Remember that earrings draw the notice of people to the face of an individual. While they may immediately be drawn to her earrings, the interest can transfer to her charming smile or her intriguing eyes. There are earnings that are ideal for a special occasion or an evening out with that certain someone. Getting multiple sets of earnings for her can give her the flexibility that she deserves. After all, she is not limited to one or two outfits she can wear on any given day or occasion. In a similar way, she should not be limited to only a few earnings that may not compliment a specific outfit. A woman who has a number of pairs of earrings can have the flexibility that she deserve and can enhance her look.

Whether people decide to invest in gold, platinum, silver or genuine opal jewelry, there are great options to consider. Whatever people decide to do, an individual can look great wherever she or he goes. Jewelry makes a wonderful difference.
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Making Your Bridal Party Stand Out with Color-Coordinated Beauty

 Every bride wants her bridal party to look its best. As you near your wedding preparations, you probably already have your bridesmaids dresses all picked out and ready to go. What you may not have yet are essentials like wedding accessories that can make each one of your attendants look over-the-top beautiful. Rather than select dime store jewelry for your bridesmaids or go into debt choosing jewelry that is way too expensive, you can keep your wedding on budget and still find elegant accessories by shopping online. The online site will give you an array of items from which to choose that will make your bridal party look even better.

You already know that it is important that none of your attendants overshadow you on your big day. If they are wearing splashy or gawdy jewelry, it will take your guests' attention away from you and put it onto your bridesmaids. Still, you may not want your attendants to look too plain and boring because it may reflect poorly on you as well. You can make your attendants look great and also keep the attention on you where it should be by choosing from among these elegant, but understated earrings.

As you browse the earrings, you may notice that they are available in a wide assortment of colors. This selection can be ideal if your bridesmaids are wearing patterned dresses that have a lot of different colors in them. You could even have each bridesmaid wear a different color of earrings to give them each a unique look. You can also choose earrings that are all the same color if you prefer a more uniform look for your bridal party.

Along with earrings, you can also find other items like necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories. When you shop online, you can be assured that you will get the quantity of accessories that you need without having to go a bunch of different stores or having to mix and match items. You also can be assured of getting the items you need in the colors you want. Some of the final touches for your bridal party can come with accessories like purses or small clutches. Once you order these items online, you can have them shipped directly to your home or workplace. You can also use the contact details online for questions.
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Making Doggie Day Care a Positive Experience

 If you're among the many pet owners who think of their dog as a "fur-child", you will have some of the same questions and concerns as any parent does when contemplating day care settings. There are a number of things you can do to assure that spending time at doggie day care is a positive experience for you and your dog.


Socializing your dog should be high on your priority list when you bring home a new puppy. Attending training sessions with your puppy is one way to improve their behavior and socialization skills. Having a well-trained, appropriately socialized puppy will make it feasible for your dog to accompany you on a variety of adventures. It will also make it possible for your dog to enjoy fun experiences such as trips to the dog park or visits to doggie day care.

Adult dogs

Dogs get accustomed to your routine. If a change in your schedule or lifestyle occurs that results in your pet spending more time alone, you might want to consider doggie day care for it. Having an opportunity to interact with other dogs and people can take away some of the loneliness your pet feels when you're away. If interacting with other dogs and people is a new experience for your dog, you will need to determine if doggie day is something that they are comfortable with.

Choosing a day care

To be certain that doggie day care will be a positive experience for you and your dog, it's advisable to consult with professionals such as those at
doggie day care michigan
to get a full understanding of what doggie day care involves. Having the opportunity to view your dog on a web cam could give you peace of mind. You'll also feel comfortable providing your dog with an opportunity to play while you work when you know that the playgroups are being continually supervised by trained staff members. You shouldn't hesitate to ask to see the indoor and outdoor day care area or to discuss any specific concerns you might have with the day care manager.

Regular visits to day care can be a good way for your dog to get some exercise regardless of the weather. Getting plenty of exercise can make your dog calmer and more well-behaved. That is a benefit for both of you.
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A Good Relationship Read

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I recently read an awesome book called 90-Seconds To A Great Relationship by Jim Fannin.  He wants everyone to know that it takes less than 90 seconds to change your mind and positively reverse your course of action in any aspect of life. 

For 40 years Jim was a mental performance coach to many professional athletes and executives at Fortune 500 companies.  Now he's put some of his his methods into a book!   This book covers several things like the power of the 90-second rule and how a few 90-second investments each day can bring you more happiness, connectivity and passion in your professional and personal life.  He talks about why some of the best athletes and executives make decisions quickly and how we can learn from them.   He uses his S.C.O.R.E. Success System in this book which is a formula to help people live, work, and playin in the champion's mind-set called the ZONE!

I love this book because it’s an easy read and it gets straight to the point.   It’s so true that relationships take a lot of time, money, effort, and emotion in order to function properly.  Most of us want positive results from our long term investmant but sometimes when the other person feels like you are settling, the dynamic of the relationship can wither and it needs some rekindling.  But by dedicated a few minutes each day to embrace positivity you can actually have a better relationship now and in the future.  Let’s be honest – our days are filled with work and responsibilities so we don’t have tons of time to focus on this stuff. That’s why Jim says it takes just a few minutes a day.  I don’t want to spoil it with the details and explanation of this system but trust me when I say it’s worth a read to see for yourself! It’s an easy to understand concept and it’s easy to practice it if you truly want to!    Definitely check out this book today!

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