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Friday, January 20, 2017

Snow Safety Tips for Dogs

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Ahh winter.  Some of us love it and some of us hate it.  Either way if you live in an area where it snows in the Winter than it's inevitable that you and your fur kids will have to deal with it.  Keeping that in mind, here are some tips for snow safety and dogs.

1.  Salt Hurts.
When salting your sidewalk, driveway, and walkway make sure you look for a pet-friendly salt.  Salt can burn your pooch's poor paws and if it's toxic and gets stuck in their fur, they can lick it out and get sick.  So make sure you opt for a pet-friendly salt brand and I assure you there are plenty of them out there.  I use Safe Paws for my dogs.

2. It's COLD on their Feet!!
If it's freezing cold outside but you just have to take your dog for a walk and you wonder why they don't like it, perhaps YOU should stand outside in YOUR barefeet! So if possible allow your pet to stand in the grass rather than the cold concrete sidewalk. And if your dog lets you put little snow booties on him, then more power to ya!

3. Meal Time is Important.
If your dog loves the snow it's not hard to notice they can expend all their energy running around in it so before they head outside make sure they've had a decent meal.  I like Blue Buffalo Healthy Starts for my gang! It's a complete balanced meal packed with protein to give them the energy they'll be needing outdoors! Plus it's full of minerals to boost their immune system.

4.  They Can Still Get Dehydrated in the Cold.
Even though we tend to think of dehydration in the summer, you still need just as much water in the Winter and the same goes for your pooch. Make sure he has plenty of water available before and after snow play time!

5. Brush that Snow Off!
Snow and ice can get caked onto their fur and in between their toes so make sure you check them all over upon entering the house and be sure to brush them off and get them dry.  No one likes the feeling of being wet and cold!

Does your dog love the snow or do they prefer to watch it from INSIDE the house?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Hidden Powers of Human Beings - When Magic Becomes Real

Science can’t explain everything. Naturally, there is no denying that in one hundred years’ time or more the human grasp of science will have changed and will be able to explain more than it can today, but there is also the conviction that there are certain things that even science will never be able to explain. Indeed, there are people who have what you might call super powers. They can’t fly with a fancy cape, nor can they turn themselves into green muscle giants when they are angry, but they have abilities that are superhuman. It could be difficult to explain at first but bear with it. Maybe you too have hidden powers! Here’s how to find out what your secret weapon might be.

You Always Have A Special Luck

Are you that type of person who can always find a free space in a crowded town to park the car? And, when people ask you how you do it, all you can find to reply is that you simply knew you would because you believed in your lucky. This could be your super power! For many like you, this is called visualizing, and it’s part of building a happier life for themselves. For others, this is the eternal power of luck. You may well be the luckiest person they know! But how do you do it? For a start, you believe in your luck. On a side note here, you should know that in old English the word for luck and the word for happiness were the same. There was no conception of one without the other, and this is what your belief in luck intuitively is based on. Being grateful for what you have in life is also a key element of luck, or happiness if you prefer - remember that these are the same thing. But luck goes beyond this simple behavior. There is no luck without a plan, however silly that might sound: Indeed, having a plan for everything that happens to you means that you are prepared for all possibilities. This might be the first time that organization is synonymous with happiness, but there is some truth in it. It also implies that you naturally can accept whatever life throws at you and to turn it into something better. Bitter lemons can always become a delicious lemonade for happy-lucky people! Finally, while you have plans for all the most possible events, you still live your life day after day, making the most of the present in ways that others envy.

You Seem To Have A Special Knowledge

Have you already gone to the door and knew who was ringing before you had to open? Don’t let people call you a freak, for you have a super power: You might be psychic. If you have ever wondered about it and how to tell if you have psychic abilities, you might want to look at the facts. There is a variety of psychic abilities. You could experience visions or dreams that tend to come true, for example. Or maybe you can read people’s minds: You might not have noticed it, but if you find yourself finishing your friends’ sentences and being able to answer questions before they even ask, this is because you’re psychic. Or you might have a feeling of déjà vu even when you go to places that you have never visited before. All of these can indicate the presence of a super power. So don’t fear it and embrace your abilities!

You Always Have A Special Feeling About Things And People

Do you have the impression that you are made only of emotions, and that you can understand people’s pains and feelings at a deeper level than anybody else? This may be true. Being highly sensitive is nothing to be ashamed about: This is your superhuman power. When others think that you get upset too easily or that you are too sympathetic, they don’t realize that you can process deeper emotions and higher sensorial information than they have access to. Your nervous and emotional systems can get overstimulated if compared to the rest of the population, but the emotional reactivity and empathy that inhabit you make you a better person. Being highly sensitive, to sensations and emotions, means that you can get more easily in touch with others and with the life all around you. You are in perfect tune with what people need, and consequently, it’s no surprise that most people like you find pleasure in careers that are artistic, educational, or caring.

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4 Qualities Of The Ideal Home (& How To Develop Them)

If you are someone who is particularly house proud, then there are probably a number of things that you are always trying to achieve with your home. For many of us, there is always a new improvement to try, a different colour of paint that needs a splash, and so on. While it might seem to our loved ones as if there is no end to it, we in fact know that we are simply seeking that eternal ideal - perfection. If you are always keen to pick up tips on how to bring your home closer to that perfect state of bliss, then this article should be of no small help to you. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the many ways in which you can improve your home. We will do this by thinking about what the ideal qualities of any home are, and then discussing how you might bring those qualities into existence in your own home. Without further ado then, let’s take a look at the five qualities of the ideal home, and how to develop them properly, easily and quickly in your home.


Space is a big thing for anyone who wants to make more of their home, and that is why we are listing it first here. A spacious home is much more likely to feel welcoming and relaxing, and more to the point - the more space you have, the easier it is to hide things away. This ultimately means that your home does not need to look quite so cluttered as you might think - and that is definitely good news for us all. The more spacious your home is, the more relaxed you feel, and in certain rooms it is likely to be particularly important. People often look for a spacious kitchen, for example, as this makes it a lot easier to cook meals on the fly. Of course, the bedroom is another area where an excess of space is never going to go amiss. Of course, bringing more space into the home is not easily achieved without upgrading the home itself. But there are many tricks and tips you can take on board for providing the illusion of space. Working those into your home’s interior is bound to make everyone in it feel much more at home.

Safe & Secure

The security of the home is incredibly important, especially if you have a family with you at home. These days, it is becoming more and more common for the likes of burglaries and break-ins to occur, and it can sometimes seem as though there is no real way to avoid them for good. Truly, the best that you can do is to deter such individuals from even attempting, and there are fortunately a huge number of ways to do just that. One of the most popular and common methods is to use a top home alarm system to protect your home. These alarm systems work wonders in both deterring criminals, and helping to catch them even if they are not deterred. If you are considering stepping up your home protection, then an alarm system is the best way to go. The best even allow you to control your home’s locks and cameras remotely via an app, allowing you full control wherever you are in the world!

Great Design & Layout

There is no one right way to design the interior of a house, but it is always worth trying to make it fall in line with your own aesthetics. That way, you can be sure that you will be happy with how your house looks at all times, and being happy with how it looks makes a huge difference in terms of how content you feel when you are at home. If you are keen for something of a makeover in your home, then make sure that you have one at the earliest opportunity so as to avoid disappointment.

Inviting Atmosphere

Above all, you want to try and forge an atmosphere which is inviting, so as to make the whole house feel a lot nicer to both residents and guests alike. Working on the atmosphere is probably the most difficult element of all, as it is something which is far more nebulous than any other concerns. However, with a little practice, and understanding of how it works, you can soon improve your home atmosphere in no time at all. When you do, your guests are bound to want to return as many times as possible.

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Outfit of the Day with LuLaRoe

Today's just a short and simple post - an outfit of the day from my new wardrobe which really needed some upgrades.   It's all from LuLaRoe in fact!

This is a Large Irma and OS Leggings.   I love the Irma because it's basically a tunic top.   I love the sizing because it's flowy and super comfortable but still gives a nice flattering look when worn with something that's more form fitting on the bottom!  

The leggings are super warm so it's perfect to wear on an overcast rainy day like today!

I will have several more outfit posts for you from my new wardrobe so stay tuned!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Queen Of Fitness: Level Up Your Fitness Program For Better Results

For many, the new year started with fitness resolutions, or maybe continued with the resolutions of the previous year combined with a stronger sense of motivation. Getting fit is hard work indeed! Even though you might think that you are already doing everything to take back control over your body, there may be more things that you could be doing to achieve better results. Here are some of the best fitness tips around to help you reach your goals.

Find Food Supplements To Support Your Fitness Goal

There is no denying that a significant part of fitness resolutions come back to the choice of a healthy diet. You probably know that getting rid of sweet temptations, such as biscuits and little snacks, is one of the first steps that you should take. It is likely that you have already gone through your cupboards and remove any naughty packet. You are probably already focussing your diet on healthier portions too. But it is now important that you look at how to help your body control your sugar level in blood. This is especially important if you were used to a less healthy diet in the past. Indeed, fitness diets are often built around the consumption of lean protein, vegetables and fresh fruits, and insist on reducing processed foods that are full of fat and sugar. However, what they fail to mention is that the absorption of calcium, and especially calcium supplements, actively help reduce your level of sugar in the blood by helping to control your insulin level. You can research what people say about effective supplements online, such as AlgaeCal reviews, for example, to get a better idea of this process.

Release Your Full Fitness Power

When you’ve decided to start a fitness program. It is essential that you fully accept it and do everything in your power to get the best possible results. In short, if you are going for a fitness-friendly lifestyle, you should make the most of your fitness resolutions. Just exercising while eating healthy foods is not enough to reach your goals. You should make sure that you have the best possible support around you. For example, most people who work with a personal trainer to coach them tend to not only find more motivation in their program, but also achieve better results in a faster time. This is because you suddenly become accountable for your performance and that you are more likely to work harder. When it comes to working harder, high-intensity trainings and weightlifting are a must do for all fitness addicts. They are hard to maintain, but this is an effort that will pay rapidly!

Get A Fitness App

While there are plenty of fitness apps around, it’s good to understand what they bring to you. More than a way to monitor your efforts, especially if you are using a device such as a Fitbit watch for example, an app can keep you motivated by allowing you to monitor the evolution of your performance as well as by comparing yourself to your friends. This is the best way to staying focussed! Additionally, for many, the gamification solution that serves as a reward system is a great motivation: Indeed, everybody likes to receive a medal, even if it’s via an app!

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