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NEW Nutrisystem Contest - You could win $10,000 or be swept away to a photo shoot on the beach!

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There are so many benefits to losing weight and getting on a healthy diet and routine.  Not only do you look great and feel better but you can even win $10,000!  That's right... Nutrisystem  giving you the chance to share your best photos of your weight loss story and enter to win $10,000!   Wow, I can think of so much to spend that on especially because you will need a new wardrobe for your slimmer figure!  

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There will be 4 grand prize winners in the Nutrisystem Great Escape $40,000 Giveaway!!! It runs through June 11, 2014 so be sure to get your amazing stories submitted! 

If you are still in the middle of your weight loss journey it's not too late for you to enter the  Nutrisystem Giveaway as long as you keep with your program! With the Fast 5 kit you'll get 7 extra days of specially selected breakfasts, lunches, and dinner as well as 7 Energi-ZING shakes and 7 Craving Crusher shakes. 

You'll also get a unique meal planner which will help you get maximum weight loss your first week.  Once you get a jump start you will want to keep on the road to looking and feeling great and getting $10,000 if you win! 

Don't know where to start?  The Nutrisystem® My Way® Program and Fast5™ Kit is a great way! asdfasdf With the purchase of a 28-Day My Way program you can receive (depending on the promotion offered) the Nutrisystem Fast 5 kit.  it helps you jump start your weight loss by dropping five pounds your first week! 
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What My Life Equals + A Giveaway

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As I've gotten older I've been more mindful of my health and how vital it is to take care of yourself on a daily basis.  We are very fortunate to have resources available to us to keep ourselves healthy, like health insurance for regular check ups, and money to afford vitamins.  But what about those who aren't as fortunate as us? That's where Life Equals comes into play! 

Here's the thing... currently in the world there are 2 billion people (1 our of every 3) that lack essential nutrients.  1 in 3 children across the world die due to malnutrition.   And this crisis is THE #1 most addressable issue facing humanity today. 

So it makes sense that this scary yet realistic circumstance is why Kyle FitzGerald (CEO of Life Equals) quit his day job to help chase his dream of helping American's life healthier and providing children with vitamin products when they can't afford it.  

Their first product was Focus & Energy (which I actually tried) and it was designed to give you calm energy without sugar and calories.  For every bottle you buy Life Equals actually matches that amount by giving children's multivitamins to malnourished children worldwide. 

And now, Life Equals has given out over 250,000 children's multivitamins!  I am so impressed with how effective the two vitamins I tried out were.  The first was the Focus and Energy.  It really was great for someone like me who works all day and then comes home to my next job of blogging. I need to be able to stay focused and alert.  The pill was easy to swallow and dissolved quickly.   There was no side effects or anything aside from feeling focused but not on edge! 

It's full of a special blend of ingredients including B-Vitamins, Herbs, and Amino Acids.  These have been shown in scientific studies to assist your mind and body with focus and energy.   It's a natural source of caffeine that's gentle and subtle but long lasting!  No jitters, energy spikes, or crashing!   I love everything about this product. 

I also have been taking the Women's Multivitamin which is a blend of vitamins and minerals in the most bioavailable form to increase absorption.  Everything is herbal and organic.  There are plant-source enzymes for improved digestion and these vitamins are gentle on the stomach.   Taking a multivitamin is super important since it's very hard for us to get all our daily required amounts of vitamins and minerals just through what we eat.  

And if you love subscription programs, this is perfect for you... If you sign up for the Life Equals monthly subscription program you'll get 15% off and free shipping.   And for the first month you even get 75% off their products. You can cancel at any time with no obligation! 

And 2 lucky winners will each get a bottle of their choice from Life Equals! 

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Outfit of the Day: A Stripe of Navy

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What's my favorite accessory in the world?  HANDBAGS!   And I'm totally loving the navy striped handbag in today's outfit from Nila Anthony

 Nila Anthony is a great place to go online for all your handbag needs.  There are so many patterns, prints, colors, and styles.  I liked the chain strap on this bag. It's petite but still holds all my essentials. 

 And it was the perfect color and pattern to go with my solid pink blouse and solid olive pants. 

I love all the little details of this bag too! 

It's definitely a sturdy little gem. 

So What I Wore: 
Shoes - JustFab; Pants - Zara; Blouse - Target; Bag - Nila Anthony.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3 Tips to Remaining Friends With An Ex (Yes, It's Possible)

It's crazy how there are some people out there that consider every single ex of theirs a sworn enemy.   Sometimes you have good reason, which is fine, but other times you need to look at the facts..plain and simple. 

Sometimes people just aren't meant for each other and they end the relationship.  
"Yea but we argued all the time."
"But we couldn't stand each other."
"He liked to part and I liked to stay home."

EXACTLY! Those are all some signs that you may not be right for each other if you can't settle and adjust to your differences. 

So why is it so necessary to HATE someone that it didn't work out with.

Maybe one of you did some shady things because you weren't happy.. blah blah, in the end you both went your separate ways and you probably learned some things from the experience.  So let's all relax and stop the hating.

Besides, everytime I hear someone refer to a "long ago" ex as "D***head, D**chebag, A**hole, F***head" I assume they must not have been able to get over them easily or maybe still aren't.  Now sometimes it's just a fun nickname and I know that but a lot of times it's not really necessary. 

Furthermore, remember that as much as you want to paint someone else as the bad guy, you clearly thought they were okay at some point, especially if you took the liberty to marry them for several years, so you can't just dismiss them as a POS forever in every single case without understanding that sometimes people change and grow apart!

Before you insist that it's impossible to stay friends, consider this... I'm living proof.   I may not be friends with every single ex, but I'd say 90% I am, and the other 10% I could be polite and civil with if we ran into each other in public.  

So here are the tips I have for you, tried and true, and tips that I have actually used myself and they have worked for me.
Whether you want to get over them so you can eventually be friends without hard feelings, or you just don't want to have enemies; here are 3 tips to remaining friends with an ex.

1. You need a clean break so that hard feelings fizzle out.
Out of sight, out of mind is so so true in this case.  I tell this to every friend of mine that has ever asked for advice for getting over an ex. 

When you end a relationship you need a clean break.... because after a couple of months, hard feelings do fizzle away and a lot of the negative thoughts you have fade a bit.   By clean break I mean:
-No texting, calling, or talking in person

-Stay off of their social media pages by blocking, unfriending, or hiding from your feed

After several months it's easier to be civil with your ex, because everything's not fresh in your mind (the little things that pissed you off) and you gave yourself time to go through all the stages of a breakup. 

2. Don't try to play investigator.
I know, it's fun to creep around to see who "d**kface" is dating now (she's gonna be such a troll right?!) but you HAVE to let it go.  You can't control who they talk to or hang out with and the more you keep asking friends to tell you what they know, the more this person stays in your mind and the more you stay attached to them emotionally.

3.Remember what you have in common.
You obviously had something in common when you started dating, maybe you liked each other's personalities or how one of you could always come to the other for advice.  That can still be the grounds for a future friendship.  

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Outfit of the Day: Leopard + Camo

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Camo - you can't go wrong with it.  That's why I let it stand out in the outfit below!

So What I Wore:
Pants - Target; Shoes - Hotter Shoes;  Blouse - Body Central; Necklace - Urban Philosophy.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Vote for Pixie and I in the Doggy Look-alike Contest!

Me and Pixie are finalists (1 of 5) in the Dogster Doggy Look-alike Contest!   Please vote for us!

It's easy! Just follow this link:

And select the check box next to our photo (the last one!).

Thanks guys!

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