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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dealing With A Picky Eater Dog

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I always gasp when I walk into a house that has multiple dogs and a food bowl that is always sitting out, filled with food.  That is completely unheard of in my house, especially with 3 of my 4 Chihuahuas being completely food-oriented.  There is no way I could pull that off. 

Pixie would eat all the food each time.  Even when Rocky finally finishes his bowl, all 3 of the girls swoop in to eat the rest or lick the bowl.  They bonk heads and grumble and growl at each other. 

Rocky has never been food-oriented.  If he's laying with me and someone shakes the treat jar, he still keeps laying with me unless I tell him to go get a treat.  Rocky is the oldest, at 13, and he's also the one with a heart condition that he takes medicine for.  That being said, we usually don't have problems getting him to eat his 2 meals a day.  But every couple of months he gets super finicky for a few days and sometimes wants to skip both meals.  He is a tiny thing as it is and the vet never wants him losing weight.  So today I wanted to go over a few things I do when Rocky gets picky.  Hopefully these things help you guys if you ever have to deal with a  picky dog.

[1] Don't Rush Them
Pixie scarfs her food down within seconds, seriously.   It's horrendous to hear the snarfling sounds she makes.   Rocky on the other hand takes his good old time and carefully takes bite after bite.  Being the slow eater means that when the girls finish their meals, they immediately go to his bowl and wait for him to leave and see if there's anything left behind.  That upsets Rocky and sometimes causes him to scarf his food down and then gag it up a few minutes later.  So I always make sure to either block off the dogs with a baby gate or I will shoo them away and hold Pixie so she can't circle his bowl.   Sometimes I even feed him first so that by the time the girls finish, he's basically done.

[2] Create a Quiet Area for Food
The girls have food bowls in a row because they respect each other's space and don't mind being near each other.  Rocky gets to eat in two places - the kitchen (the others are in the dining room) or in the dining room at my feet when I sit at the table.  And when I keep the other dogs at bay he has a nice quiet spot to eat.  There are times when I've even brought his food bowl to the couch when he's sleeping and he'll calmly eat it there.  I do cater to him only because it's important that he always eat.

[3] He Can't Resist Delicious High Protein Food
So I normally feed Rocky little trays of standard dog food shredded chicken but for the times he's really picky I have to break out something even more appetizing.  My go to solution for this issue are Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Trays from Chewy.  You get chicken and duck which means Rocky gets two of his favorites.  He's a bird-guy obviously! They're easy for Rocky to chew and eat because they're soft and they're also grain-free which is great for dogs with sensitivities. The first ingredient is real duck or real chicken and there are no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.  Rocky absolutely loves these trays.  I even stir some of his regular dry kibble in with them and he eats it so fast and I can see him skip away afterwards with his full tummy.  These trays are from the Blue Buffalo Wilderness line which has extra protein which is great for picky eaters.  Whenever Rocky struggles I give him these so I can ensure he won't drop weight and he'll have the energy he needs to play with his sisters everyday. 

[4] Water EVERYDAY!
Even when Rocky is finicky I make sure he drinks water every day even if he skips a meal.  Dehydration is dangerous and water is more crucial than food when a dog doesn't feel like eating.  Sometimes when I leave for work and he's in his cage I'll even leave a tiny bowl of water, just to make sure he gets a couple licks.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November POPSUGAR Must Have Box

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You should know by now that my weakness is subscription boxes, especially the big ones packed full of goodies.  The POPSUGAR Must Have Box is one of my absolute favorite boxes ever.  I've got a few before but I started back up again and wanted to take you guys through what you'll get if you sign up.

For just $39.95 I got all of the awesome goodies you see here.

Knot & Bow Holiday Mint Newsprint Gift Wrap
Fun and festive, this paper is made with recycled paper and you get three huge paper sheets that were designed and printed just for this box! ARV: $6 

Tarte Cosmetics tarteist PRO Glow to Go Highlight & Contour Palette
I love this mini palette. It's perfect for highlighting and contouring even on the go! It's a great travel size but most of all I just love the shades. ARV $23

Hester & Cook Chalkboard Paper Placement Pad & Set of 4 Chalk Style Pencils
This is so cool especially for holidays because you can use it to decorate and label each place at your dinner table.   The pencils are really nice quality and makes for easy cleanup afterwards! ARV $25

Chloe + Isabel Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Split Headband
This headband gives you a great modern look whether you have your hair slicked back or in a volumized ponytail.  Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin designed this and it can be worn 2 ways - the traditional top of head look and the more modern look towards the back of your head. ARV $22

Fatty Sundays Peppermint Chocolate-Covered Pretzels
Not only does this come with a coupon for more but these were delicious! They are covered with 70% dark chocolate and peppermint candy and it's perfect for this time of year! ARV $3.49

BLOOMTHAT $25 Gift Card
This is a great way to gift a hostess or even a loved one with a lovely bouquet.  If you're in the LA, SF, or NYC area you get same day delivery and if you're anywhere else it's next day delivery.  I was super impressed with the selection and love that they have an iOS app to make it even quicker to do this while on the go. ARV $25

I think it's sooooo cool that they included a book in this box.  Anna Faris recently released this hilarious book full of personal stories and life lessons.  I love the advice she gives too! ARV $28

So yes, I got all of that awesome stuff for just $39.95.  This box is TOTALLY WORTH IT! Sign up for the next box here.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Stella's 8th Birthday

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Last weekend Stella turned 8! I can't believe my youngest little pup is already 8.  She's so sweet and shy.

So to celebrate, in the typical style of Stella and her low-key personality I gave her special food and a treat.  The food was Alligator! How cool is that? She loved it! And of course we shared with the other dogs.

Seriously she gobbled it down.

It's always nice to spoil her with something out of the ordinary on a special day.

She spent the evening lounging around exhausted from her yummy treats!

Stella isn't big on toys so as a gift I got her Liquid Longevity. Just like with humans, probiotics are extremely important to your GI system and overall health.  If a properly balanced and nutritious diet is consumed you can generally get a lot of the bacteria you need, however just like with humans, some dogs seem to struggle with that.  Stella is the dog in my wolfpack that seems to have the most GI issues.  She usually gets 1-2 stomach bugs a year and it's not fun.  Liquid Longevity is a spray that goes directly on her food, no pill or powder to deal with.

Liquid Longevity contains 10 probiotics with each strain selected with a specific benefit to support healthy digestion in dogs.  It's formulated specifically for dogs and geared to survive in a low pH environment aka a dog's stomach. 

I no longer have to worry about Stella having GI issues all the time and it gives me major peace of mind.

So Stella had a fabulous birthday. Do you celebrate doggie birthdays in your home?

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