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October 24, 2014

What You Need to Know About Diet Supplements

There are many diet supplements out there promising weight loss and fat burning. We’ve all tried more of them than perhaps we should. The trouble is, if they were working, we wouldn’t still be looking for another one! Some of them are more realistic than others in their claims. They emphasise the need for a change in lifestyle and approach to physical activity. Other diet supplements suggest they are meeting your body’s nutritional requirements while you are taking on fewer calories.

So what does the body need most when you are withholding up to 1000 calories that it is used to enjoying? Vitamins and minerals are essential to cell generation. Calcium, in particular, is often missing in low-calorie diets because it is found in the fattier foods we’re trying to avoid. Calcium that we usually get from dairy products should be included in the supplement you are taking.

Another essential is vitamin C, widely used to stave off colds. Most diets recommend you eat citrus fruits, but some ask you to stay away from fruits because of the sugar content. If you are cutting out red meat be sure to find another source of iron or check your supplement includes it. Without enough iron in your body, you can become anaemic and fatigued.

Some diet supplements come in the form of milkshakes or other liquid foods. Drinking plenty of water has always been in the dieter’s handbook to help stop those hunger pangs. Thick drinks like milkshakes or soup do make you feel full, but most dieters miss the feeling of eating something solid.

Other diet supplements contain stimulants to help provide you with a feeling of energy. In some people, this gives them headaches or cravings for other short term energy boosts like fizzy drinks or sweets. They can help boost the metabolism and is believed to burn fat easier.

Thanks to social media and a wealth of diet websites, it is easy to find information on the latest diet supplement available. Users are happy to share their results online, and those with experience in diet fads take to blogging to review each of them. To find the right diet for you may take trial and error. Reading online reviews, like the plexus slim reviews 2015 will help give you a broad view of other users’ experiences.

When you are thinking of trying something new, think about how it will affect your day-to-day life. Will you need to find a good multivitamin to supplement the program? Can you handle a long day in the office without dipping into the donut box? Can you still meet up with the girls for brunch if you are restricted to a diet milkshake from home?

Whichever diet supplement you choose to try next, do take a look in the mirror first and ask yourself if you really need it. Some diets don’t work well because we are built to be the shape we are. If you need to slim for health reasons, make sure the supplement you take is a healthy one.

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Bucket List Check// Finished My Tattoo

One of the things on my 30 Before I'm 30 Bucket List was to get my paw tattoo finished. I already had Pixie and Grace's pawprints so I wanted to get Stella and Rocky's added.

I went to Anali Delaney at Never Say Die Tattoo in Harrisburg, PA.   It was super fast and she did a great job!   I even had her touch up the 2 pawprints I already had.

This tattoo means a lot to me because my dogs are obviously like my children.  And I want to have them with me forever wherever I go, so this is just one symbolic way of doing that.

Do you have any tattoos? What do they mean to you?

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Where Is The Love? Surprising Ways To Bring The Love Back To Your Relationship

When you have been in a relationship for a while, it can be difficult to maintain a level of satisfaction. Over the years, people tend to lose the fire in their relationship. You could begin to find the relationship dull and boring. If you love your partner, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you save the relationship. That means that you need to work hard to find ways to improve your relationship and make sure that the two of you are happy together. Sometimes people ignore the signs that their relationship is failing. If you are aware that there is an issue, it is time to sort it out. Here are some surprising ways you can bring the love back into your relationship.

Confront the elephant in the room

Every couple has it. There is one killer argument that always turns nasty. Over the years, you have likely learned to ignore the subject. You avoid talking about the issue so that you can avoid an argument. You might think that you are dealing with the situation well, but you are not. If something bothers you, you need to sort it out. Try talking to your partner about the subject when you are both calm. You might find that once you have cleared the air, you feel closer in your relationship.

Consider taking a break from one another

If you live with your partner, it is only natural that you begin to get on each others' nerves. There is no shame in admitting that you annoy one another from time to time. You might want to consider taking a short break from each other so that you remember how much you need one another. It might sound a little bizarre, but having some time away from each other will mean that you realize that you need each other.

Tackle any small issues

If there are small issues in your marriage, you need to tackle them. Many people will tell you to ignore small habits or mannerisms that irritate you. You should not do that. Over time, you will start to resent your partner for their annoying habits. The best thing you can do is tackle these issues head on. If your partner snores all the time, get him a snorewizard to solve the problem. If there is something he always does that you hate, tell him to stop. These small changes will change the way you feel about your partner.

Socialize without each other

When you go out, do you usually go together to see your friends? You are not one person. You need to lead separate lives sometimes. If you have the same group of friends, take turns to go out with them. That means you get to relax without your partner and know that he will be at home waiting for you. Make plans with different people so that you can socialize without your partner. When you are in a relationship for a long time, you miss being alone now and then.

Remember who you were before the relationship

When you are with someone for a long time, you start to lose your sense of identity. You don't want to become one person or merge identities with your partner. He fell in love with the person you were before you got together. Of course, people mature as they grow old, but it is important that you hold onto your sense of self. Without that, you become part of your partner. Take up hobbies that you enjoy and indulge your selfish side now and then. That will make a huge difference to your partner when you see him, as you'll seem like a new woman.

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A Fall Must Have + A Giveaway!

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Jackets are a must in the Fall and that's why my new favorite is the Tab Collar Faux Leather Jacket from CoffeeShop Coats.  It's so soft and comfortable.  

This jacket is perfect. It's lightweight but it's still heavy enough to keep me warm on a chilly day. 

So What I Wore:
Scarf - Gentle Fawn; Jacket - CoffeeShop Coats; Jeans - Second Clothing; Boots - Guilty Soles; Cami - Maurices from Rockvale Outlets Lancaster

Psssst... you can get 20% over at CoffeeShop Coats if you use code ASKAWAY20!

One lucky winner will get a coat of their choice from CoffeeShop Coats!

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October 23, 2014

Health Care Advice: It's Time to Ditch the Diet

With Christmas just around the corner, many women are concerned with how they are going to fit into a gorgeous little black dress. Of course, the thought of dieting is the first thing that springs to mind. But, dieting is not entirely useful. Scales and diets can make people feel low. You want to feel fabulous, not defeated. With this in mind, it’s time to consider how you can lose weight for the long term. It’s not about undertaking faddy diets and shunning cake at every opportunity. It’s time to take the helm of your health and diet for the long term.

There are many different supplements and nutritional experts on the internet. They claim that you should lower your calorie intake to 500 per day. Even worse, they advise that you use shakes to lose weight. Let's be honest; this is unhealthy. What is more, you will only lose weight for a short while. Once you stop juicing and shaking, you will pile the pounds back on and some.

With this in mind, it’s time to ditch the diets. Wave goodbye to the scales. Let’s get you fighting fit for the long term.

Make Positive Changes: You’re Eating Habits
Do you eat breakfast? If not, it’s time to start eating in the morning. Many people don’t like eating in the morning. But, it’s an excellent way to ensure that you are accelerating your metabolism. What is more, you will feel fuller for longer. This will leave you less prone to the three pm snack attack. Eating breakfast will speed up your metabolism and actually help you burn calories. Speeding up your metabolism is vital to long-term weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia pill reviews can help you make an informed decision on supplements. This supplement can aid with the speeding up of your metabolism.
Do not skip meals. While slashing, calories may seem like a quick way to lose weight this can be dangerous. Cutting calories down completely will result in your body going into starvation mode. This is when the body starts storing fat around the middle and thighs. Let’s be honest, muffin top and thunder thighs are not appealing on anyone. Eat three meals a day, with two mini snacks in between. Healthy, balanced meals are the way forward. You don’t have to ditch meals entirely. Ensure that you are snacking on seeds, nuts and fruit. Avoid chocolate, unless it is dark and has a high cocoa count, like the plague. Get savvy with your food for long-term success.
Not only will your LBD fit better, but you will have boundless amounts of energy too!
It’s Time to Move It, Move It
Okay, so thought of pounding the treadmill can be something of a horrifying thought. But, you don’t have to be a slave to the gym in to lose weight. There are many fun ways that you can get fighting fit and beat the flab. Zumba, dancing, yoga, Pilates. They are all great ways of losing weight and toning up. Indulge in exercise that you like. Try different classes and see which one feels good for you. The key to a good exercise regime is to enjoy what you do.

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3 Ways to Stay Organized On The Go + A Giveaway

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While I don't take many big vacations, I am always out and about running errands or going on day trips.  Sometimes it's for work and other times it's for fun.  Either way, organization is  key to having a smooth trip. 

Here are 3 ways I stay organized on the go!

1. An Organized Bag

This is the Portagio Smart Satchel. I love this bag! It is so lightweight and very comfortable to carry.  There are 5 pockets on the outside for things like phones, pads, pens, and sunglasses.   Inside there are 2 compartments.   There are also 7 card sleeves so you don't need a wallet.  

I love the electronic tablet pouch.  It's perfect for my ipad mini and it protects it from getting scratched. And if you don't want to use the shoulder straps you can remove them and use the Smart Satchel from a shoulder bag to a handbag.  The nylon trim and full grain leather gives this bag a stylish look that's still very functional. 

Portagio Bags is a great line of bags for organizing your life especially when you are on the go.

Look at all those card slots!   I still need to pick the cards I want to store there. There is no need for a wallet if you have one of these bags! The card slots will hold EVERYTHING!

2. An Organized Car

See this little gem?
This awesome thing is the High Road GearNormous Trunk and Cargo Organizer from High Road Organizers. It has so much room inside! 
It expands, obviously, and you can put all your cargo in it! I used to have everything loose in my trunk and it would slide everywhere and then when I would need to put groceries in my trunk, there was no smooth clear area to sit them down at!
You can organize tools, groceries, equipment, or sporting goods.  There are 3 divided compartments and 3 zippered side pockets. In my side pockets I put my flashlights and screw drivers and other tools for emergencies.   In the one compartment I put my cleaning supplies (it's all in that box in case something leaks). And in the other compartment I put the dog car seats.   I also used the 3rd compartment for my ice scraper.  Everything is protected with the interior padding.  This folds to a flat and compact 10x15" for convenient storage.  

Seriosly I love the fact that everything is open now.  I have my organizer, the main dog carseat, and my fabric floormats. I keep these handy because I often switch the rubber backed mats that are currently down, for these.  I like to have options, I guess.

3. Be Prepared and Safe

When I say prepared and safe I mean don't be a hot mess! In order for me to be sane when on a road trip, I need to have everything right near me but not falling all over the place. When I use my radar detector (keeps me in check with my speed) or even have my cell phone out for the GPS, I like to set it on my dash. Normally it slides all over the place which is super dangerous and can cause an accident but now I use the High Road Super Grip Dash Pad Sticky Pad from High Road Organizers. 

There's no hastle of installation because this just sticks onto your dash by clinging (no sticky tape or adhesive to ruin your car interior) and when you're done you can take it off and pt it away.  It's washable and reusable. I love it! It's really made my road trips safer!
And one lucky winner will get all the items above for themself!

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