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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

3 Simple Ways To Overcome Gym Injuries

If you are a gym bunny and love nothing more than pumping some iron, feeling like your going to throw up after a particularly strenuous spin class or venturing onto the treadmill for a 10k run, the chances are you hate it when an injury prevents you from pursuing your passion for exercise. A torn muscle, a niggling knee or an achy joint can stop us getting the workouts we crave. Because you can’t put in the maximum effort, you might rather stay at home. While injuries can be a pain (no pun intended), they are rarely long lasting and shouldn’t be used as an excuse to see your mojo wither away. Take a look at these simple ways to overcome gym injuries fast so you can get back to your active routine.

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Back Spasms

Most people who suffer from back pain see their aches originate in the lower portion of the back just above their buttocks. This is where you can place the most strain on your vertebrae when you are lifting weights, pulling the rower or running. The impact can cause soreness, tenderness and all-out spasms. While you could choose to rest up, you might want to take a more proactive approach to your recovery. The chiropractic element of occupational therapy means that you can receive a soft tissue massage from specialists who can manipulate your back and spine without causing further pain. While initially you may feel sore, the morning after a good night’s sleep should see you waking up with much less pain. Any knots or tension in your muscles should be alleviated meaning that you can head back to the gym quicker. Bear in mind you won’t be able to go full pelt with the weights but the pain that was preventing you from even setting foot in the gym should have subsided.

Shin Splints

If you are one of those runners who often suffer from aching, throbbing or shooting pains in your shins mid-jog, the chances are that you suffer from shin splints. If severe, this pain can see you immobile as the searing throbbing can be unbearable even when walking. While there is little you can do but rest up when suffering, there are more ways to ensure that you are afflicted much less often and less severely. Firstly, you need to fix the way that you run. If your posture means that your heel is striking the ground flat every time you take a step, the shock on your tibia can cause pain. You also need to consider taking a rest day between each run to lessen the intensity of your workouts. Stretch well before and after each jog or run and always stay hydrated. By ensuring that you take these preventative measures, you may be able to banish shin splints forever.

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Sprained Ankle

The key to a speedy recovery from a sprained ankle is ensuring that you don’t weight bare on it and that you seek treatment immediately. Don’t power through an exercise and make the injury worse. Get home, put your leg up, alternate cold and heat packs, take painkillers and rest. Although the monotony of being still may be depressing, you may speed up your recovery time by two or three days simply by taking action quickly. If in doubt as to the severity of the injury, see a medical professional.

As an active person, anything that stops you from getting to the gym can be crushing. However, follow this advice, and you will recover from injuries more quickly and be back in the gym in no time. photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

5 Tips for Healthy Dogs

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Spring is here and lots of people seem to catch a little bug this time of year in addition to allergies getting worse.  For me, I always take a lot of different steps to keep my own health in tip top shape but I also do the same with my dogs.  It's not actually hard for me but there are just a few things I make sure I prioritize when it comes to keeping my dogs healthy and happy.

Avoiding Other Dogs
This may sound odd at first but let me clarify what I mean.  If I know the dog and the owner then I usually don't worry about germs and bugs but if it's a stranger's dog, I try to keep my dogs away from them.  I don't know if they currently have a bug or what might be going on with them.  Dogs can definitely catch germs from each other and for me, if one dog gets sick, they can all get it then it's a huge hassle.  If I go to the veterinarian with any of my dogs I never let them touch noses with other dogs.  I don't know what the other dog is there for and what issues they could have.  I also don't do doggy daycare because I actually am afraid of the germ potential (I sound like a nutty mom don't I?) but also my dogs are well socialized with dogs already  and I obviously have more than 1 dog so that helps too.

Strict Treat Options
Some people give their dog any kind of treat they can find.  I tend to stick with the same brands and ingredients of the highest quality.  Then I never have to worry about anything upsetting their little tummies and resulting in a huge mess for me to clean up if something doesn't sit well with them. 

Immune System Boosters
Just like some of us take vitamins everyday to help build our immune system, there are things that you can give your dog everyday to help boost theirs.

Solid Gold SeaMeal Boosters from Chewy are a really good way to give your pooch a big dose of USA-sourced seaweed which is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.  This helps support healthy skin and coat as well as immune health.  Stomach and skin issues often go hand in hand so digestive enzymes are added to these soft chews which are gobbled up by my dogs at every meal. It's always so important to take simple little steps like this to make a big impact in the long run when it comes to your dog's health.        

Avoiding Human Germs
People can't really catch "dog germs" but dogs can catch people germs.   When I'm sick or if someone that's sick comes to my house I make sure they know to not let the dogs lick their dirty hands or lick their mouth or face.  And if I'm sick I make sure my dogs never have even the slightest opportunity to get ahold of dirty tissues or any germ laden items of mine.

Even in the cold weather, Rocky gets a short walk while he wears a warm jacket.

Exercise, Eating, and Water
My dogs are always well hydrated and I make sure to engage them in physical activity every day whether it's them chasing each other around or me taking them for short walks.  And when it comes to food they are always fed a high quality dog food brand with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that they need for everyday health.

Do you take steps to keep your dog healthy and away from germs or am I just a crazy dog lady?

Monday, March 19, 2018

Clearing The House Out For Charity

Doing things for good is one of the greatest things a person can accomplish in life, and everyone is capable of it. Clearing the house out is a well known spring activity, but the clear out doesn’t have to stop there. Instead of simply throwing everything you don’t want anymore away, try donating it. It’s a lot more productive, and will leave you with a warm feeling inside as soon as you’re finished the last spot of dusting. With that in mind, here’s a couple of steps to take before you bag everything up.


Pick Your Organization

Who you’re donating your used goods to is going to be a big decision and have a real impact on that charity. You can go local, which would be the most useful option, or you can send off your items to further afield, depending on the kind of charity you really want to help at that point. Some are in a little more need than others, so be sure to research this if you want to your donations to go as far as you can.

With a local store, it’s simple enough: pack your stuff into the car and go down to the shop (if you don’t know where the warehouse is), leave your stuff with them, and then the volunteers themselves will take it from there. But if you’ve got your heart set on a cause that isn’t close to home, check out their website. Something like will have plenty of ways you can donate to help their efforts out.

Pick Your Junk

Your junk is definitely going to be someone else’s treasure, and because of that you need to be donating only the top quality stuff you find lying around your house. Junk can be quite a lucrative market after all, considering the low, low prices people are going to get on anything in a charity store, so bulk out your bags as much as possible and take a trip.

Your old clothes are going to be a big hit with the charity shops, as people always want more vintage clothes compared to what’s on the market nowadays. These shops are also a good place to pick up some business wear, so if you have any old suits, take them on down too.

Similarly, if you have any old technology lying about, like that old video game console that hasn’t seen use in years, take it down too. People go crazy over old electronics like that, and you might actually own a collector’s paradise that has just been sitting around in your attic! People can get these pieces of tech working all the time, so if you’re not sure it works just test it out. You can find some handy tips on this at

Clearing the house out for charity is going to be a good use of your time, and will also mean you’re finally putting all that junk to good use.

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