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Monday, October 16, 2017

My First Post As A Married Woman

I'm back and I'm married!

As you know, last Thursday was our ceremony and over the weekend was our reception party.   The official photos aren't ready yet but I wanted to share some unofficial ones with you since I'm sure you're all excited to see.

Everything went great and I am so glad we chose to do things the way we did!  We saved money, stress, and time.  In the end, we have no regrets and it was a perfect day which is how it's supposed to be.

If you want to take a look back at my wedding planning journey go here.

I hope to have some of the official photos by next week.  Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Set Up a Bedroom for Twins: 5 Tips for the Perfect Sleeping Space

Setting up a baby’s room requires attention to detail, but does the process become twice as hard when you’re dealing with twins?

Not necessarily. Two bundles of joy are certainly a handful, but setting up their room to share doesn’t have to be a headache. That said, there are some major points to note during setup that every new parent of twins should consider.

Looking to set up your twins’ room minus any hassle? Keep these five tips in the back of your mind.

Create the Perfect Sleep Conditions
Here’s some for thought: in you want both of your bundles of joy to get a good night’s rest, you can’t afford for either of them to be uncomfortable during bedtime. This means taking extra measures to make sure that the conditions in your twins’ room are optimal for sleeping snuggly.

But how do you create the ideal environment for getting some shut-eye? Consider the following three elements for starters

·       Lighting: soft lights and shading solutions such as wooden blinds can keep harsh light out and help you make sure that it gets just dark enough when it’s time to put the twins to bed
·       Temperature: don’t run the risk of letting your babies get too warm during the night by investing in fans and the softest sheets you can find
·       Humidity: to ensure that your twins breathe easy, considering a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the climate of your area

Know the Basics of Babyproofing
It doesn’t matter how many babies are sharing a room: babyproofing is crucial for any small child’s room to guarantee their safety and give you peace of mind. The bare minimum of babyproofing for your twins’ room include…

·       Strapping furniture to the wall to avoid any potential falling accidents
·       Steering away from any decorations with small pieces of dangling parts to avoid choking hazards
·       Eliminating any sharp furniture with the help of rubber edge protectors

Don’t Crowd the Room
Perhaps this seems obvious, but it’s to your benefit to take a “less is more” approach in order to give your twins ample room to roam as they get older. You don’t have to double-down on extra toys or furniture just because you have two babies, after all. To optimize space, make the room seem bigger by pushing furniture against the walls to create a less claustrophobic room for your children.

Figure Out Your Crib Situation
While there’s still some debate over whether or not your babies should sleep in the same crib, the choice is ultimately up to you. Two cribs means taking up more space, but it also decreases the likelihood of your children waking each other up. If you go the single crib route, investing in a crib divider is a smart move to saving space without having to buy a separate crib.

Think About the Long-Term
When you’re deciding on exactly where you’re going to set up your twins room, bear in mind whether or not your long-term plan is to have them share a space as toddlers. You might be a bit cramped in your current space; however, many parents do indeed opt for separate rooms as their twins age.

Either way, start thinking today what will eventually become of your twins’ current room and brainstorm furniture needs or arrangements you’ll need to make in the distant future to set up their rooms as toddlers.

Setting up the perfect bedroom for your twins doesn’t have to mean double trouble in terms of the work you put it in. By sticking to these tips, you can set up their sleeping space without breaking a sweat.

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We Are Getting Married This Week!

So obviously if you've been following along you know that our wedding is this week. Actually, our ceremony is tomorrow and our reception party is on Saturday. 

I can not wait!!! Tomorrow we will be at the judge's office by 10 am and then we're going to lunch afterwards with our parents.   Then I think we'll just relax the rest of the day because Friday will be nuts. 

The rental chairs and tables are being delivered Friday and that's the day for me to make all final arrangements.  Setting things up, moving stuff out of the garage into the basement, and cleaning the house and garage from top to bottom.  

I can not wait to share photos with you guys and I have a post coming up next month about how I got married on a budget and I'll break down the cost for every little detail. Let me just say, I didn't want to go over $2,500 and we stayed under that so YAY!!!!

This will be the last post until after the wedding. Thanks for following along and supporting me on my journey to do things different. 

Follow along on social media if you wanna see some pics and videos over the next few days!  I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (EllenR886).

Signing off from my last blog post as an unmarried gal!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Managing your Child’s Asthma: Tips to Reducing Asthma Triggers

Children at times seem like magnets; it seems they can catch any cold or virus strain within 100 miles. What parent doesn’t wonder why they don’t have their own parking spot at the pediatrician’s office. They spend so much time in waiting rooms they should have their mail forwarded there.
As agonizing as these pesky illnesses are, at least they are short-lived. For the one in 10 kids who suffer with asthma, it’s a whole different ballgame. Asthma is a life-long problem that children and their parents must face. Simple tasks like inhaling and exhaling exercises can be overwhelming. Numerous lifestyle changes are necessary but they can be accomplished relatively easy.
These little ones may have chronic inflammation in their lungs, but that typically doesn’t lessen their desire to want to run to the playground, take gymnastics or play ball. Exercise is vital for good health in anyone, especially children. Experts believe that the most effective way to keep your child’s asthma in check is to follow a strict medication regiment – and not limit physical activity. Exercise in moderation strengthen the lungs. Keeping an eye on pollen is recommended. On those days, it may not be advisable to participate in prolonged outdoor activities. And when outside, children with asthma should breathe through their nose instead of their mouth.

The Air we all Breathe

Our atmosphere is packed with an infinite number of particles that don’t drastically impact the respiratory system for most children. But for others, it can quickly spark an asthma attack. While living in a pristine bubble isn’t an option, there are ways to help your child avoid certain environmental pollutants by eliminating these common triggers that are in your control.
 5 Allergens your Child may be Allergic to
1.     Dust Mites in the house
2.     Pet dander
3.     Mold
4.     Cockroaches
5.     Pollen
5 Irritants to Avoid
1.     Smoke from cigarettes or cook-outs
2.     Air pollution
3.     Cold or dry air
4.     Various odors, fragrances
5.     Aerosol sprays and cleaning products

While you want to make your child’s life as normal as possible, you will certainly want to maintain regular appointments with their pediatrician and allergist. If your child is currently taking prescribed medication for asthma, encourage him or her to always keep it at hand.
Ideas to Improve Air Quality in your Home
1.     Mattress Covers
One of the most important and effective ways to protect your child’s mattress and pillows is to cover them with allergy-proof zippered encasing. Also, wash the bedding every one or two weeks in hot water.
2.     Wash stuffed animals frequently
3.     Vacuum and dust often
4.     Prohibit anyone from smoking in your home
5.     If possible, do not allow pets to sleep in your child’s bedroom
6.     Avoid fragrant candles or scented cleaning products

By keeping a journal of your child’s breathing activity, you can relay this information to the proper healthcare provider. Monitor the dates and time when the child is wheezing, coughing and being awakened during sleep due to breathlessness. Also note how often the child needs rescue meds.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Regular Exercise Is Essential for Your Cat’s Physical and Mental Health

Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, there is a good chance it sleeps about 16 hours a day. This is normal, but when your cat is awake, it should be active to help maintain a healthy weight. Cat toys are one way to liven up your cat’s life, and there is a wide range of toys available that your cat can play with alone, with another cat or with you. Here are five of the main benefits of play for your cat.


A cat can get exercise in a variety of ways. Unlike a dog that may need to run for a while every day, a cat can get enough exercise by chasing string, fighting with siblings, or tackling a catnip mouse, feather boa or another specially designed cat toy. An indoor cat especially needs to use the skills it is born with, so it doesn’t become fat and lethargic and at risk of developing many diseases. Outdoor cats may have constant stimulation from different smells, insects, animals, leaves and other natural things.


Cats are naturally curious and like to examine their environment. They can get bored and lethargic if they don’t have enough to do, which is one reason they may sit on your keyboard when you have important work. Of course, it may also mean they want a treat, but cats need challenges in their lives. Cats can focus intensely even on the simplest toy, which helps keep them alert and interested especially if they have bouts of boredom.

Relieve Stress

Cats can be stressed too, and exhibit some symptoms such as urine marking, biting, scratching and aggression. Play, especially with toys that fascinate them like a perpetually spinning ball or a catnip mouse, relieves stress and helps stop anxiety from developing. It is natural for cats to hunt, hide and explore. When they don’t experience these outlets for energy, they can become stressed. Toys are designed to let cats use all their natural hunting skills.


Having fun lifts anyone’s mood and it is no different for cats. They enjoy playing with other pets, their owners and toys. If you are not available and don’t have any other pets, one or two toys may be just what the cat needs to stay active and engaged.

Interactive Play

Some toys are designed for you and your cat to play together. These are mainly used to simulate the hunt. You can control the toy to entice the cat to chase it and try to catch it. While always moving the toy away from the cat, you can judge when it is time to let the cat catch the prey. There is a wide variety of interactive toys available and your cat may have its favorite. It may help maintain the challenge to have a few different ones to vary the rules of the game.

Play is an important part of your cat’s physical and mental health, and to keep the excitement high, you should put the toys away after playtime. If they are left where the cat can find them whenever it wants, the toys will lose their thrill aspect. These are general tips for playing with your cat, but each cat has its own personality and individual playing style.

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