Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fashion Books Make Great Decor

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I don't collect many books (except on my Kindle) but when I do I love for them to be something I can display on a coffee table in my home.   And Schiffer Publishing has a great selection of books that will look fantastic on display and be a great browsing book for yourself and your guests.

And one of the best parts about Schiffer Publishing is that they have a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week LookBook! It's great because I can't make it to MBFW but now I don't have to!  I can enjoy the beautiful crisp photos from the show in the comfort of my own home.

The book I have from Schiffer Publishing is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring 2014 Collections. 

I love that it's organized alphabetically by designer.   It's like taking the runway experience home with you!

Schiffer Publishing actually has over 400 books on apparel, textile, accessories, technique, and fashion history.  Their whole mission is to provide inspiration, historical reference, and isntruction to all areas of the fashion community.
Honestly, I love browsing this book and finding inspiration for my outfits!
Everything is so luxurious with this book, from the photos, to the thick pages, to the quality craftsmanship and binding!
A book like this would be a great gift idea for a fellow fashion lover.  I plan to get some more from this publisher because these books are fantastic and I've always wondered where to get them!   

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Outfit of the Day: Simple + Classy + $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway

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This outfit was on a day I wanted to keep it simple and classy.  You can't go wrong with Black and White right?

The top is actually the Haley Heart Tee from The Girl That Loves and I love it because it's comfy and casual but doesn't actually look like a tee!

I decided to keep it black and white even with my earrings so I threw on these gorgeous Classic Hoops in Black Tone from The Carolyn Collection. They are perfect for any situation whether it be casual or formal! 

If you look close you'll also see my adorable Golden Initial Necklace from The Carolyn Collection. It's 14k gold bonded and so perfectly dainty for any ensemble! 

So What I Wore: 
Haley Heart Tee- The Girl That Loves; Leather leggings - Zara; Shoes - JustFab; Necklace and Earrings - The Carolyn Collection

And you can win a $50 gift certificate to The Carolyn Collection! 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Ways Negativity Pushes People Away


Whether it’s a relationship or a friendship, the people close to you are greatly affected by your negativity.   “But I’m not negative”!    Maybe you aren’t  and if that’s the case then good job and thank you for being what the world needs more of! But maybe you don’t realize you ARE negative, for example:
Responding with a “downer” response when asked how you are doing i.e. “I’ve been better” or “I’m alright… I guess”.


Complaining about common aches and pains ALL THE TIME.  These are things that other people have as well like sore muscles, a minor headache, or being tired.
Those are just a couple of minor ways that people spread negativity.

 Imagine negativity as an arrow, and you are the bow.   The people you come across on a daily basis are moving targets.   And the people that are intimately involved in your life through a relationship or close friendship are moving targets at close range. 

 Now, what happens when you shoot an arrow at a moving target?  They try to get away because it hurts.   If being hit by an arrow is unpleasant, why would they willingly continue to subject themselves to that pain?  Perhaps that’s a great explanation for why people distance themselves from you. 

When you come across these targets at any given moment, you have the choice to shoot a negative OR a positive arrow at them.  

While some people say that being nice to others in order to make them feel good isn’t a good enough reason, it actually benefits YOU because you won’t cause people to avoid you.   Your relationships will thrive and your friendships will too.  People will WANT to be around you and include you in on things. 
In case you STILL aren’t convinced as to why you should stop shooting negative arrows from your bow, here are 5 ways that negativity pushes people away from you.

1. Being negative drags other people down.
When someone asks you how you are doing and you respond with a negative answer or even a so-so answer (Alright, Okay, I’m alive), they immediately feel deflated.  It’s a natural response to a negative energy wave.  Even if it only lasts a few seconds, it’s still an unpleasant feeling so in order to prevent it, the person will start avoiding even small conversations with you. 

How to Reverse This:
Bring people up by responding with a positive answer (Great, Good, Just Fine)! If you don’t see why you should respond that way well here is one good reason that you are doing great… You’re Alive!

2.It makes others feel guilty.
If you complain about your trivial everyday issues to someone ALL THE TIME, it can make them feel guilty that they are having such a great day or that they are being more positive.  And no one wants to feel guilty, so to avoid feeling that way, they’ll avoid you.  Why should they have to squash their joy just because you are such a downer?  
How to Reverse This:
See above!

3. It can add stress to their life.
Trust me, as someone who gives advice on a regular basis, I know that there is a fine line between letting someone vent and letting someone drag me down with negativity.  I have taught myself how to let things go so that when I give people advice I just address the issue but I don’t let it weigh down on me.   However in my real life and personal life, I can attest to the fact that I am more stressed when I am surrounded by negativity.  If you love those around you, stop stressing them out.  

 How to Reverse This:
Think before you speak.  Is it really necessary to complain about something?   Will the negative thought in your head matter in 2 years or even in a week? Then relax and just let it go.  Tell yourself it’s no big deal and that it’s not worth stressing your loved ones out by complaining about something so minute.

 4. It makes people feel helpless.
When you complain about issues that you (or they) have no control over, on a repeated basis, it makes the people close to you feel helpless.  No one likes to feel helpless especially after they try numerous times to tell you to be positive, cheer up, or how to fix your issues.   So in an effort to feel better they’ll distance themselves from you. 

 How to Reverse This:
If it can’t be remedied (You don’t like the new person they hired) because you have no direct control over the situation, try to reword how you want to complain.  Instead of saying that you can’t stand the new girl and she makes you angry (This makes the person you’re talking to instinctively wonder how they can help you feel better), simply make a comment that you noticed they hired a new girl and you’re interested to see how it pans out.  There’s no HELP ME undertone to a comment like that.

 5. It takes an emotional toll on them.
It’s emotionally draining to be around negativity.  Have you ever turned off the news because after 10 depressing headline stories, you just couldn’t take it anymore?   That’s EXACTLY how it feels to be around a negative person or a downer.  Sometimes, it can even take a physical and mental toll on people when they are so upset or brought down that they weaken their immune system or their mental state of mind. 

This is EXTREMELY common in relationships… one partner has to soak up the others negativity and it brings them down to a point where they have to get away from the other person in order to make themselves happy. 
How to Reverse This:
First ask yourself if YOU would want to be in a relationship with yourself?  Are you grumpy and miserable or a pessimist in even the best situations?   Well, stop.. because if you don’t want to be around yourself, no one else does.   Refer to all of the above to stop!

Okay so now you’re probably asking how you are supposed to deal with your bad days, complaints, and everyday issues.  Well, you can use the 48 hour rule – where if it’s something you have control over  and can change in 48 hours you NEED to take action or else you can’t bitch about it.  Or you can limit yourself to one or two times a week where you can vent your frustrations out to someone.  Don’t make it a habit of doing it every day even if it’s just a negative response when asked how you are doing, because it will certainly bring those people down.

 And before you ask “Then who can I vent to or who do I talk to about my problems?” I’ll tell you either see a therapist, OR ask yourself if your problems are even real problems or if you are just pessimistically creating them out of regular situations.


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Outfit of the Day: Floral + Chambray

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So I am breaking out the floral print whether it snows again or not.   SPRING!!!! It's in the air. And it's in my outfit below!

How cute are the shoes? I found those for $19.99 at Target.  They are super comfy and go great as a neutral shoe with a variety of outfits and color combos!

So What I Wore:
Bag - Hotter Shoes; Shoes - Target; Pants - Romwe; Shirt - Urban Philosophy.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Your Pores with Biore

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Ever since they first came out, I've been obsessed with using Biore strips to clear my pores!  There's something exciting about seeing what they actually remove.  Now they've taken it once step further by developing new packaging and a product that goes extra deep.   Biore Pore Cleansing Strips remove pore-clogging build up and pave the way for clearer healtheir skin. 

These strips are twice as effective as the leading pore cleanser when it comes to getting rid of build up.  They have a selective bonding ingredient that works like a magnet by locking onto and removing the dirt.  And when you use them regularly they can reduce the appearance of pores.  I love how refreshing I feel after I use these.  I can't believe the icky stuff that was left behind! Even after I cleansed my fave with another product, there was still clogged pores.

I love the Cleanser.  It totally soothed my skin and I loved that it's self heating.  It definitely has improved the skin on my face and I have so few breakouts now!

I highly recommend both of these products!!!


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Friday, April 11, 2014

I Smile Brilliant with Brighter Teeth + A Giveaway

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If you love coffee and wine like I do, you already are at risk of having stained teeth, and let's be one wants that, right?   That's why I started whitening my teeth.  I actually use an LED Teeth Whitening Kit from Smile Brilliant

Don't get it twisted, teeth whitening will not alter the natural color of your teeth, instead it removes stains from your enamel which allows the true color of your dentin (white) to show. It's a lot more affordable to do at home when you can, rather than paying your dentist to do it.

In the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System you'll find everything you need to give yourself  a beautiful smile and a happy wallet.  It's competitively priced compared to popular whitening strips sold in stores.   It's also more effective than those because it's 22% carbamide peroxide tooth whiteneing gel and high strength LED.  These accelerate the whitening process.

Inside the kit you will find a carbamide peroxide gel pen.  It's so easy to use and releases the gel into a smooth brush tip applicator.  You then put in the included cheek protector, turn on the light, and you can just relax for 20 minutes!

It was so quick and convenient for me to do this everyday and I actually saw results after a few weeks.   My teeth didn't even become sensitive!
And one winner will get an LED Whitening kit for themselves!

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