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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Have Yourself A Merry Little Giveaway ($20 Francesca's Gift Card)

 This hop is hosted by and today you have so many chances to win so many cool prizes!!

I've teamed up with all these awesome bloggers with a giveaway hop which means once you're done entering MY giveaway, you can head on over to the other blogs in the linky below!!  

Today I'm giving away a $20 Gift Card to Francesca's! They have so much cool stuff from clothing to home d├ęcor.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Get A Fresh Start By Sweeping Away Your Debt

Debt can be a huge weight on your shoulders; it invades every aspect of your life and can cause a ridiculous amount of stress. With the average household owing upwards of $12,800, excluding mortgages and student loans, debt is very real and can seem impossible to pay off. However, there are ways to manage your debt, pay it off and start again with a fresh start.

Manage Your Debt

The first step is to get your debt under control. If you have multiple debts and so have multiple payments throughout the month, it might be easier to apply for a consolidation loan so that you just have make one payment each month. This won't suddenly clear your debt, but it lessens the stress by organizing your affairs. Plus you will only be gaining interest on the one debt at one set rate which means that you could be paying less in the long run. Another way to manage your debt - particularly if it is a smaller amount - is to contact a debt management charity. They can help you create a budget, and, in certain cases can manage the payments for you, so that you pay them one set amount and they split it equally between your debtors. This doesn't mean that your debt still won't gain interest, but in some cases, it can be frozen for a period of time.

Regain Your Credit Score

Start immediately, don’t wait until your debt has been paid off. In fact, paying off your debt in time will help your credit score. To do this, you need to make sure you’re paying all of your bills on time. When you need to pay any big bills that you can break down on a monthly period rather than paying it annually, then do. These bills might be your car insurance, health insurance or home insurance.

Pay for big things you can afford on your credit card, like flight tickets, and immediately pay it off. This helps your credit both at the bank and with your credit card provider. Plus some credit cards come with extras like flight miles, so you build up your money off without getting into more debt.

Cancel Subscriptions

Look at your outgoings and see which bills aren’t necessary, can you cancel your gym membership, or find a cheaper one? Can you simplify your TV package by removing sports or movies? You may find that you’re paying for something you haven’t thought of for years, like a magazine subscription., or, as horrible as it sounds, a charity donation? Saving money doesn’t have to mean you can’t have luxuries, it just means moderating what you can have. Start switching take-away night for a new recipe night, or a cinema trip to a home movie night.

Lose Contact With Credit Cards

When you have paid off and finished with a debt, then say goodbye to that credit card, cut it up and close the account. It will feel like such an accomplishment. If you want to keep a credit card to rebuild your credit score, then do, but keep the allowance small, and be 100% sure that you won’t dip into temptation. Think about switching to a new company, check out these ratings for help, this way you are less likely to be offered a high amount, and you have no history with them, which might seem small but can help you start again mentally.

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A List of People to Remember Over the Holidays....

So every year I make sure to get something for certain people in my life that I may not know very well yet they play a major role in it every single day.   Today I wanted to make a quick post about these folks so you can add them to your list.  You don't have to do much - buy them so cookies/chocolates, or a $10 gift card to somewhere.   I was inspired to make this post because this week I gave one of the custodial staff at work a gift bag with chocolates, Milano cookies, and some other goodies in it and I've never seen his face light up so big.  He gave me a hug and thanked me a million times and told me how much he appreciates it.  People think you forget about them - prove them wrong.

[ ] Mailmen
[ ] UPS
[ ] FedEx
[ ] Custodial staff
[ ] Security staff
[ ] Bus drivers
[ ] Local fire department
[ ] Local police department
[ ] Groundskeepers
[ ] Receptionists
[ ] Store clerks at places you frequent
[ ] Pet groomers
[ ] Veterinarians and their staff
[ ] Hair stylists

Tis the season - spread the joy.

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