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Friday, February 24, 2017

How to Provide Financial Security for You and Your Family

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Every parent wants to provide freedom and security for their family. Financially, we want to find the best way to ensure a happy, stable household, but we don’t always know how. To ensure stability for your loved ones’ futures, here’s some tips to keep in mind.

Have an Emergency Fund

Sometimes in life, things happen that are beyond our control. Cars break down, teeth need fixing and home appliances need replacing. Don’t let incidents like these set you back. Setting aside some emergency money will allow you to handle these situations as stress free as possible. Start by saving $200 a month for your emergency fund, or at least save 3-6 months wages. Easy access accounts are great for emergency saving plans. Always make sure you’re debt free before you begin setting any serious money aside.

Take Out Life Insurance

Although saving up is incredibly important, it just doesn’t cut it when it comes to family security. You need a plan B for extra support. Protect your family from some of the worst case scenarios by taking out insurance. Trusted and long time servicing companies like Banner Life insurance will cover your family in the worst situations. Having life insurance will mean your debts will be paid off. With insurance support your family won’t have to be liable for financial responsibilities like mortgage payments.

Have a Retirement Plan

When it comes to retiring and old age, you want to start planning for your future, so that you’re financially independent from your kids. Start by making a simple retirement plan to figure out how much money you should be saving for things like health care. Make a clear assessment of your income and expenses. Think about where you want to live your retirement years.

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Spend Less Than You Earn

This might seem like an obvious statement to make, but it’s crucial if you want to ensure your family’s financial stability. Avoid credit cards and interest free loans that lead you to lose control of your outgoings. Live within your means so you won’t end up in a tricky situation where you’ve landed yourself in debt. One way to make some extra earnings is to set up an eBay account and sell any unwanted items and clothing. Start collecting vouchers and coupons where you can, when planning family days out. Look for areas where you can afford to cut down on your spending. Take a packed lunch to work, or start bulk cooking your meals.

Ask the Experts

If you’re not very efficient at money handling, then it might be a good idea to seek a specialist. Working with a financial expert will help you to gain control of your finances and work out a financial plan to suit you and your family’s needs. Before requesting the help of a family financial advisor, make a quick list of all your needs. Whether you want to focus on retirement planning, or saving for your children’s future, they will provide you with the advice you need.

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A Delicious Surprise Each Month!

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I may be watching what I eat, but that doesn't mean I can't indulge once in a while.   And thanks to Sweets Gift Box, I can indulge on 4-5 goodies each month.  And these aren't just any goodies, they are things like artisan candies and gourmet chocolates!   I mean if you wanna embrace your sweet tooth you should do it with a touch of luxury right?  Each month there's a theme for the boxes.  The one I got was a New Year's Resolution theme - with the resolution being to eat more sweets!  


I love how everything was packaged so secure and carefully.  Inside I was so impressed by the treats I got.

Chocolate Brownie Crispy Cake - This was a fantasy of mine.  It was full of chocolate and marshmallow with the crunchy texture of a rice treat.  I seriously indulged in this one.

Peanut Butter Cups - These really hit the spot for my chocolate peanut butter craving.  I can't believe how delicious these were!

Bobo's Bites: Apple Pie - This would be a nice treat in the mornings with my coffee.  It was basically an apple pie snack with a hint of cinnamon.  I even added some vanilla ice cream to it. 

Lovely Caramel Chews - Okay, Lovely makes delicious candy so I was expecting these to be good but didn't realize how addicting they are.  It was impossible for me to have just one.  They are super buttery soft caramels and they are a nice after- dinner treat.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips - Need I say more/ This is my favorite snack in the world and it goes great with a tall glass of milk!

Seriously, check out this monthly box.  It is SO WORTH IT!

PLUS - If you use the code SWEETSTUFF for one a one month box you get 40% off but if you use it for a full subscription you will get 50% off!!

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Guarantee a Good Night Out

Everyone loves a good night out with their friends. Whether you take things slowly with dinner and a few drinks at your favorite bar or decide to hit the clubs, it's always fun to spend time together. But any night out has the potential to go wrong, especially when there's alcohol involved. If you're not careful, someone will get bored and go home, someone will be sick everywhere and have to be taken home, and someone will ditch you and go home with someone else. If you don't want your night out to go south, there are some things you should do to make sure everyone has fun and stays safe.

Plans and Backup Plans

There's something to be said for being spontaneous, but sometimes you need to have a solid plan. If you're going out with a group of friends, it's often best to decide what to do in advance. Trying to reach a consensus on the spot when there are more than two or three of you can be tough. Not only can it be a good idea to have a plan A, but a plan B can't hurt either. If your original plan falls through, it can end the night before it even begins. If you have a backup, your fun won't be ruined.


Staying Safe

Staying safe on a night out is essential, so it's important to watch out for yourself and your friends. Every woman has heard plenty about how to keep herself safe on a night out, but it's always worth reminding yourself. Keeping a close eye on your drink and sticking together are second nature for a lot of women. But don't forget to stay safe on your journey home too. If you've been drinking, never drive home. Have someone pick you up, use public transport, or book a licensed taxi to take you home.

Keeping Your Behavior in Check

Someone behaving unbearably is a quick way to end a good night out. If you're aware that having too much to drink can make you belligerent, emotional, or just plain annoying, it's up to you to know your limits. However, keeping an eye on your friends' behavior is also sometimes part of a night out. If you want everyone to have a good time, you might sometimes have to make sure your friends are behaving themselves. If emotions are running high, it might be a good time to go home before the night is ruined.

Preparing for the Morning After

Even if you've had a great night out, the morning after can make you regret it. One way to prevent a terrible morning is, of course, not to drink so much. But if you're determined to enjoy yourself, you might be looking for a hangover cure instead. There are some that are meant to prevent you getting a hangover in the first place, which you can take the night before. Other cures can help you feel better when you wake up so you can get back to normal.

Going out with your friends is meant to be fun, but there are things that can ruin it. If you're prepared, you can make sure everyone has a good night out.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

3 Tips to Prevent Night Time Snacking

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 By far, one of my biggest struggles with a healthier lifestyle is avoiding snacks at night time.  It's become such a habit for me that I don't know what to do with myself if I don't get to snack. 

There are so many reasons to avoid eating at night.  Obviously it can cause weight gan and make it difficult for you to get a night of restful sleep.    It can also cause acid reflux since when you lay down with food iny our belly it can spill out more easily.  Plus late night noshing messes with your internal clock.  So I put together a few tips for those of you that have struggled with this same issue. 

Tip #1 Drink Water
Sometimes when I start to get cravings, I remind myself that I could be dehydrated and my body just wants water.  If I drink enough water, it really does seem to fill my tummy enough that I can quit obsessing over food.

Tip #2 Keep Busy
Sometimes it's sheer boredom that makes me start craving junk food at night so if I can find something else to do that takes my mind off it, I'm usually okay.  Reading a book, looking through a magazine, playing a game on my iPad, or just tidying around the house helps a lot for me.

Tip #3 Qurb Shot PM
Qurb™ Shot PM is a great way to help avoid late night snacking.  It's been formulated to work effectively at night and doesn't contain any caffeine.  It actually contains Theanine which has been scientifically shown to relax the body and mind.  It contains ingredients that help reduce hunger and increase the level of two key hormones that regulate appetite.   This shot was actually designed with a fast-acting delivery system to help burn fat and make you feel fuller longer.  I just added it to my daily routine by taking it in the evening and I can't believe how much this along with the other tips above have actually put a stop to my cravings at night.  

Have you ever struggled with late night snacking? ? How did you overcome it?

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Bone Up On Your Skeleton Knowledge

If they’re in good working order, we don’t tend to think of our bones very often. They’re such a fundamental part of us that we’re dismissive. Yes, it’s the internal skeleton that holds up what would otherwise be an undignified sack of muscle and fat - but unless you break a bone, you have the luxury of forgetting about them.

Nevertheless… bones are important. They protect vital organs and, if we don’t take the care to look after them, then we can find our lives severely contracted. So why not bone up (a pun so good it’s worth making twice? Perhaps not…) on your bone knowledge and make sure you’re keeping your skeleton smiling.

1. Your Skeleton Isn’t Responsible For Your Smile

Just to clear up that little throwaway statement at the end of the sentence, there. And now onto the real stuff…

2. There are 206 bones in the human body.

That’s a lot of bones - and the largest amount are in the hands (54) and feet (52). That’s not surprising, given our hands are arguably the single most important evolutionary change in human history.

3. The femur is the strongest bone in the human body.

The femur - the thigh bone - is the strongest in the human body, and it’s also the thickest. If you hear someone has fractured their femur, then they’re going to have gone through a severe accident to do it.

4. The clavicles are the most commonly fractured bone.

The clavicles - the collarbones - are both relatively weak and in a prominent position, so it’s no surprise they take the worst damage in the event of an accident.

5. There’s no difference between a fracture and a break; but there are different types of fracture.

The terms “fractured bone” and “broken bone” are interchangeable. Fracture is the term most commonly used in the medical profession, but it means the same thing. However, fractures do come in different forms. A hairline fracture shows a break on an X-Ray; whereas a compound fracture is when bone breaks through the skin. Which is a lovely thought. Gulp.

6. Bone density decreases as we age.

As with most things related to human health, your bones begin to weaken as you age. This can lead to easily-sustained fractures, as well as the hip replacements that are so commonplace in old age. There are several things you can to do counter the loss of density, from weight-bearing exercises to calcium supplements such as AlgaeCal, which can help keep your bones in tip-top condition.

7. Hormone therapy may weaken bones prematurely.

There is scientific evidence which suggests hormone therapy may cause premature loss of bone density. This includes use of the contraceptive pill (and the other forms of hormonal contraceptive, such as the implant) and Hormone Replacement Therapy for postmenopausal women. The benefits to your health from these medications tends to outweigh the risks, but if you use them, pay particular care to doing all you can to aid your bone density.

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